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vrm.4.42 "On their coming to that unique mountain Mountain Meru Saavarni at vespers Vishvedeva s, Vasava s, Marut s, and the other tribes will bide their time for the dusking Sun, and when they all have worshipped him, the Sun goes to the Mountain Astagiri, the Dusking Mountain, and evanishes for all beings for that day.
vrm.7.5 On being asked thus the celestial architect replied: "Do you repair unto Lanka, where I had formerly built a great city with a magnificiant palace for Vasava.
vrm.7.6 Thereat Sumali and Mali, hearing the words of Malyavan, said unto their eldest brother, like the Aswins addressing Vasava, We have studied, performed sacrifices, practised charity, and obtained riches ;and attaining long health and long life, we have established sterling righteousness in our path.
vrm.7.8 And that night ranger delighting in battle, dealing a box at Vasava s younger brother, moved away to a distance measuring a bow s length.
vrm.7.35 Thou wast then imprecated by him, enraged and gifted with great efulgence saying, O lord of the Devas, thou hast attained to a change of circumstances for which, O Vasava, thou hast fearlessly ravished my spouse.
vrm.7.35 For that curse and nothing else, O Vasava, thou hast been brought under the grasp of enemies.
vrm.7.37 And the conflict went on between them like the encounter between Bala and Vasava in the days of yore.
vrm.7.40 What I have seen myself performed by Hanuman in the conflict is above the power of Kala, Vasava and even the lord of riches.
vrm.7.40 And repairing to the house of Indra, Sinhika s son, in wrath and with frowns, said to him encircled by the Devas "O Vasava !O slayer of Bala and Vritra to remove my hunger thou didst give me both the sun and moon; why thou hast then given them to another ?On account of the Parva I came to devour the sun but another Rahu came and possessed him.
vrm.7.40 Like unto Vasava distressing all creatures by putting a stop to the showers, the wind too put all animals into unbearable sufering by obstructing all execrations.
vrm.7.84 Raghava, O foremost of men, being present in theassemblage of Vasava I duly witnessed your combat.
vrm.7.89 fearing the words of Rama, the great saint Agastya replied saying "O Rama, O son of Dasaratha, at the beginning of the golden age, people had no king; but Vasava was the ruler of the Devas.
vrm.7.98 O highly generous deity, do thou now make Vasava powerly by infusing thy own energy.
vrm.7.99 And Vasava being installed again on the throne, the whole universe was at rest.
vrm.7.114 Having reared up those two cities within five years, Rama s younger brother, the mighty armed Bharata, son of Kaikeyi, returned to Ayodhya, And like unto Vasava saluting Brahma he adored the high souled Raghava the very personation of virtue and communicated unto him duly the destruction of the Gandharvas and the establishment of the two cities.

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