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vrm.1.27 "Oh, Rama, like that I will be giving three nooses called Dharma paasha and kaala paasha and Varuna paasha, Virtue noose and Time noose, Rain god s noose as well as an unequalled missile called Varuna astra, Rain god s missile.
vrm.1.45 "Oh, descendent of Raghu, then the heaven sent damsel Vaaruni came up from Milky Ocean searching for her espousal, who is the daughter of Varuna, and who incidentally is the presiding deity of hard liquors and also called as Sura.
vrm.1.56 Vishvamitra, the son of Gaadhi then rancorously fusilladed the missiles regulated by Gods like Varuna, Rudra, Indra, Pasupata, and even a missile which is projectile through grass blade called Ishiika.
vrm.2.1 The mighty Dasaratha was also often remembering his sons Bharata and Satrughna who were out of his state and who were equivalent to Indra and Varuna.
vrm.2.14 "Oh, Dasaratha born in Kakutsa dynasty! May the Gods Sun and the Moon Shiva and Kubera, Varuna, Agni and Indra bestow you victory!" "Oh, the best of the kings The holy night has gone by.
vrm.2.15 "Oh, king Dasaratha! Let sun and the moon, guardians of the world like Shiva and Kubera, Varuna, Agni and Indra grant victory to you!" "Oh, the best of kings! The venerable night has gone.
vrm.2.16 "May Indra the holder of Vajra in the east, Yama in the south, Varuna in the west and Kubera the god of riches and treasure in the north, protect you".
vrm.2.25 Let all mountains oceans, king Varuna, heaven and earth, the intermediate space between them rivers astrological mansions including Devas presiding over them, day and night, the morning and evening twilights may protect you while you reside in the forest
vrm.2.31 "Oh, Lakshmana! At a grand sacrifice perfomed by Janaka, the great souled Varuna personally gave heavently bows which are dreadful to look at, divine impenetrable pices of armour, quivers containing an inexhanstible stock of arms, two swords decked with gold and with spotless lustre like that of a sun all these were kept at the residence of our receptor Vasishta, after paying due reverence.
vrm.2.67 Hence, Yama, Kubera, Indra and the very mighty Varuna are outstretched by the a high and eminent conduct.
vrm.2.91 "I further invoke the three Gods Yama, Varuna and Kubera the guardians of the worlds with Indra as their king.
vrm.2.118 "In ancient days, Janaka received with affection from Varuna, an excellent bow with two quivers that should never lack arrows.
vrm.3.12 b, a Rama entered inside the hermitage and saw therein the sanctus of Brahma, Agni, Vishnu, Indra, Vivasvat the Sun god, Soma the Moon god, Bhaga, and the sanctusms of Kubera, are seen and passed by the three of them, sanctums of Dhaata, Vidhaata, santucm of Vayu, and also like that the sanctum of great soled Varuna the wielder of noose, and the sanctum of Gayatri, sanctum of Vasus, and the sanctum of Naga king, and even the sanctum of Garuda and the sanctum of Kaartikeya and the sanctum of Dharma b, a Then encircled by disciples the sage Agastya came out quickly, and Rama saw him who is glowing brilliant before all the other sages.
vrm.3.37 "Definitely you do not apperceive Rama who is decidedly dynamic and exaltedly adept, for you are impetuous and desultory in dealing with your spies, but that Rama is identical to the thunderous Mahendra and tempestuous Varuna.
vrm.3.50 a Rama", the son of Dasharatha, is the master of all the world, one similar to Mahendra and Varuna and the one who is connected with the well being of all the world.
vrm.4.42 "That villa is brightened by amazing trees, on which diverse Birds will be twittering musically, belongs to the great souled Varuna, who wields a tether.
vrm.4.42 On hearing the sentences of Sugreeva sedulously, then Sushena and the other important fly jumpers took leave of the king of fly jumpers, namely Sugreeva, and proceeded along with their individual troops to that western direction which is well cloistered by Varuna.
vrm.4.45 b, The commander of fly jumpers and a tigerly Vanara Sushena started out towards the horrifying western direction that is ruled by Varuna.
vrm.5.1 That Hanuma, equal to Garuda in speed, neared the ocean which is the abode of Varuna, entered the sky and went in His original path.
vrm.5.9 Whatever was the fortune of Kubera the King of Yakshas, of Yama and of Varuna, the same fortune or even greater treasure was at this house of Ravana.
vrm.5.13 Devas together with ascetics will make success to me here, self born Brahma the divine one and devas and Agni and Vaayu, Devendra wearing the weapon of Vajra and Varuna with Pasha in hand and also the Sun and the moon and the aswinis.
vrm.5.21 "Killed by time even if you go to the mountain of Kubera or to his house or if you go to the assembly of King Varuna, without doubt you will not be relased from Rama like a great tree from thunderbolt.
vrm.5.40 "How are you, the valiant man equal to Indra and Varuna, ignore Seetha who was taken away and now staying in the midst of these Rakshasas?"
vrm.5.50 Are you, the one who has entered our city, assuming the guise of a spy, sent by Kubera or by Yama or by Varuna or whether sent by Vishnu, as a messenger, longing for a victory?
vrm.5.50 Hearing the words of Prahasta, Hanuma spoke to Ravana the Lord of Rakshasas as follows, "I am not a messenger of Indra or Yama or Varuna.
vrm.5.54 He is either Indra wielding a thunderbolt, or Yama, or Varuna, or Vayu or Agni or Rudra or Arka or Kubera or Soma.
vrm.5.59 In the battle, I can blow out the missiles presided over by Indra Brahma the creator, Rudra the god of destruction, Vayu the wind god, Varuna and even those missiles even if they are difficult to be looked at, employed by Indrajit Ravanas eldest son.
vrm.6.2 Without building a bridge across the sea, the dreadful abode of Varuna Lanka cannot be defeated even by Devas and Danavas including Indra.
vrm.6.2 Once we have crossed the sea the abode of Varuna by whatever the means employed, Ravana is as definitely killed in my eyes, Oh exterminator
vrm.6.4 Oh, Sugreeva! We have reached the abode of Varuna.
vrm.6.4 Seeing the sea, the abode of Varuna, which was boundless and having the opposite shore far off, inhabitd by a number of Rakshasas, the Vanara troups sat down there.
vrm.6.4 That sea, the abode of Varuna was filled with Nagas bestowed with flaming hoods, plunged with mighty aquatic creatures, abounding in various types of mountains, too difficult to cross, with an inaccessible path, suffocationly fathomless and an abode of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.12 I shall do battle with the two brothers, even if they are Indra and the Surya or the Agni and the Vayu or Kubera and Varuna.
vrm.6.13 Even Devendra with thousand eyes or Varuna can not conquer me in battle.
vrm.6.19 Hanuman and Sugreeva asked Vibhishana as follows: How can we cross the imperturbable ocean, the habitation of Varuna, by all of us along with our army of Vanaras possessing a great splendor? In what manner shall we along with the army swiftly cross the sea, the lord of streams and rivers, and arrive at that strategy?
vrm.6.19 O, Rama the tiger among men! Why not Vibhishanas words, which are soothing at this time of crisis be agreeable also to us? Without constructing a bridge across this fiery ocean, which is an abode of Lord Varuna, even the Devas and Asuras along with Indra cannot reach the city of Lanka.
vrm.6.24 Let Sugreeva the king of Vanaras protect the rear guard of the army, resembling Varuna who remains encircled with splendour and protects the western quarter of the earth.
vrm.6.24 Neither by the thousand eyed Indra nor by Varuna in person in a combat, nor by Yama with the fire of his arrows, nor by Kubera in person, can I be able to be attacked in a great battle.
vrm.6.26 "This Angada, a worthy son of Vali and always dear to Sugreeva, is coming forwards for Rama s interests, as Varuna is to Indra s.
vrm.6.30 Here too is the virtuous Lakshmana, resembling the most excellent Elephant among Elephants, in the path of whose arrows, even Indra himself could not survive Sweta and Jyotimukha, the sons of the sun god, a Vanara called Hemakuta, another son of Varuna, Nila the son of Visvakarma the strong and the best of Vanaras, as well as that mighty and swift Durdhara the son of Vasus are all here.
vrm.6.41 O, Vanara of great strength, equal to Indra and Varuna! If you have not returned, though I am conversant with your valour, this was my pre determined resolve that having killed Ravana in fight with his sons forces and chariots, I should have installed Vibhishana as king of Lanka, placing the kingdom of Ayodhya in the hands of Bharata and renounced my life.
vrm.6.41 Who else but Rama is capable of protecting the army besieging that gate, regulated by Ravana, as an ocean, regulated by Varuna, guarded by awful Danavas on all sides and creating fear to the weak as Patala is guarded by Rakshasas?
vrm.6.48 Rama" and Lakshmana surely knew the use of the arrows of Varuna, Agni, Indra and Vayu, as also the Brahmashira weapon.
vrm.6.60 "What was predicted by Parvati the consort of Shiva, Nandishvara the attendant of Shiva, Rambha the wife of Nalakuvara and Punjikasthala the daughter of Varuna has come to pass! The words of the sages never prove false.
vrm.6.63 I can engage in combat with all those persons, whether he is Indra or Yama or the Agni to the wind god or even Varuna.
vrm.6.66 Seeing that Rakshasas of terrific eyes who could not be destroyed either by Indra or by Yama the lord of death or by Varuna, the Vanaras ran away.
vrm.6.70 Springing suddenly after regaining his consciousness, that Rakshasa, whose colour resembled his consciousness, that Rakshasa, whose colour resembled an evening cloud, struck that Rishabha, the son of Varuna.
vrm.6.71 He struck down the noose of Varuna, the seizer of transgressors.
vrm.6.76 O Kumbha, the compeer of Prahlada, Bali, Indra the destroyer of Vritra, Kubera and Varuna! You alone are born with a likeness of your father Kumbhakarna who was exceedingly strong.
vrm.6.85 He is so mighty that he can render unconscious in battle even the Devas along with Varuna.
vrm.6.90 Getting excited, Lakshmana took hold of a missile presided over by Varuna.
vrm.6.90 By that Rudra missile, that very wonderful Varuna missile was struck.
vrm.6.105 "He is Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Skanda, Prajapati, Indra, Kubera the bestower of riches, Kala, Yama, Soma the moon god and Varuna, the lord of waters.
vrm.6.117 Thereupon, Vaisravana, the King of Yakshas, Yama together with the Pitris, Indra the lord of Devas, Varuna the lord of waters, the illustrious Shiva having three eyes, Brahma the creator of all the worlds and the best among the knowers of sacred knowledge all these together reaching the City of Lanka in aerial cars, shining like the sun approached Rama.
vrm.6.123 "O Seetha! See this roaring imperturbable and seemingly boundless ocean, the habitation of Varuna, which is teeming well with couches and oyster shells.
vrm.6.125 Tell him about the bestower of boons by Indra by brahma the lord of creation, and by Varuna, my meeting with my deceased father, through the grace of Shiva the Supreme Deity.
vrm.6.126 "The illustrious Rama, the destroyer of enemies, happened to meet Indra, Yama, Varuna, Maheshvara, Brahma the self born as also Dasaratha and was bestowed boons by them.
vrm.7.3 Thereat, Brahma along with the deities gladly said in a gratified spirit, Very well I am about to create the fourth of the Protectors of creatures Yama, Indra and Varuna, the position which is sought for by thee.
vrm.7.6 I am Vishnu, I am Rudra, I am the king of the Devas, I am Yama, I am Varuna, I am the Moon, I am the Sun, flattering themselves in this fashion, Mali and Sumali and the Rakshasa Malyavan as well as those going before them, are annoying the gods, breathing exhilaration of martial spirits.
vrm.7.15 And then the bestower of riches discharged a fiery weapon at him ;and thereat the lord of Rakshasas resisted it with a Varuna weapon.
vrm.7.18 And Indra became a peacock and the king of righteousness, a crow, and the bestower of riches a lizard, and Varuna a swan ;and, O slayer of foes, others also became other beasts.
vrm.7.18 Then Varuna addressed that lord of bird.
vrm.7.19 And coming to the most powerful crowned heads resembling Mahendra and Varuna, the Rakshasa king said: Give me battle; or declare we have been defeated.
vrm.7.23 And then the Raksha entered the regeon of waters the abode of Daityas and Nagas, well protected by Varuna.
vrm.7.23 And then the lord of Rakshasas saw the grand abode of Varuna resqmbling a mass of white clouds, and effulgent like unto Kailasa itself; and also saw the milk conserving Surabhi stationed there ;from the streams of whose milk was produced the ocean named Kshiroda.
vrm.7.23 Having gone round this wonderful cow, Ravana entered the exceedingly dreadfulabode of Varuna guarded by various kinds of forces.
vrm.7.23 And then he beheld Varuna s splendid mansion, streaming with hundreds of torrents, resembling a mass of autumnal clouds, and always wearing a delightful aspect.
vrm.7.23 In the meantime the sons and grandsons of the high souled Varuna, as well as those of Pushkara issued foth.
vrm.7.23 And in a short while that entire host of Varuna was brought down by the highly powerful councillor of that Rakshasa Dasagriva.
vrm.7.23 And seeing their own forces brought to straits in the conflict and driven back in the fight with networks of shafts, and down on the ground and seeing Ravana in Pushpaka, Varuna s sons swiftly shot into the welkin with their fleet footing cars And after they had attained a station of equal vantage with Ravana in the sky, great was the encounter that then, took place in the sky, resembling the encounter of the Devas and the Danavas.
vrm.7.23 And smit with his mace by Mahodara, Varuna s sons coursing at will and resembling the wind in velocity, dropped down to the ground.
vrm.7.23 And having slain those warriors and also those horses of Varuna s sons Mahodara seeing them lying down deprived of their cars swiftly sent up a tremendous cheer.
vrm.7.23 And then forsaking their cars, the sons of the high souled Varuna, stationed in the sky, did not experience any pain by virtue of their native power.
vrm.7.23 Beholding Varuna s sons thus worn out and overwhelmed the highly powerful Ravana roared in delight like unto clouds.
vrm.7.23 Thereupon emitting loud cries the Rakshasa, like unto a cloud, with a downpour of diverse shafts, destroyed the ofspring of Varuna.
vrm.7.23 Do ye communicate this to Varuna.
vrm.7.23 "Whereto his minister Prahasta replied unoRavana saying "O great king Varuna s sons are slain and the lord of waters, whom thou art inviting for battle, hath gone to the region of Brahma, to hear songs.
vrm.7.23 While the king is away, what is the use of taking trouble, O hero? And all these heroic sons of Varuna have been vanquished.
vrm.7.23 Hearing these words and spreading his own name the lord of Rakshasas expressing sign of joy, issued out of Varuna s abode.
vrm.7.24 And not beholding that Purusha there, the night ranger issued out of the abode of Varuna, shouting with joy.
vrm.7.26 Hearing the words of Mandhata, Ravana said Ravana did not experience any affliction from Varuna Kubera or Yama ;why should he experience fear from thee, who art a man ?"Having said this, the lord of Rakshasas as if burning in fire, ordered the Rakshasas irrepressible in battle.
vrm.7.34 I shall slay Indra, Kubera, Varuna and Yama what to speak of more I shall soon destroy all the Devas and place myself above them.
vrm.7.66 "O great one, do thou enter into the vital energy of Mitra and Varuna; and even then, O foremost of twice born ones, thou shalt not be born of a woman and being greatly pious shalt attain to the rank of a patriarch.
vrm.7.66 The Patriarch Brahma having said this, Vasishta, saluting and circumambulating him, repaired to the region of Varuna.
vrm.7.66 At that time Mitra in conjunction with Varuna was reigning in Varuna s kingdom being worshipped by all Devas.
vrm.7.66 Beholding the frolicsome and beautiful Urvasi, Varuna attained to an excess of delight.
vrm.7.66 Being stricken by desire Varuna said to Urvasi "I shall discharge my vital energy into this pot if thou dost not wish to live with me.
vrm.7.66 Hearing those sweet words of the Patriarch Varuna, Urvasi was highly pleased and said "Do what thou hast said.
vrm.7.66 Urvasi having said this, Varuna discharged his vital energy into the pot.
vrm.7.67 "O foremsot of Raghus, there spang up two foremost Brahmin saints, from the vital energy discharged by the high souled Mitra and Varuna into the pot.
vrm.7.67 Before the vital energy of Varuna was thrown into the pot Mitra discharged his own on Urvasi s account which was the source of Agastya s birth.
vrm.7.67 Thereupon after some time from the energies of both Mitra and Varuna sprang up the effulgent Vasishta the priest of Ikshwakus.
vrm.7.70 The assembly of Rama, of unwearied, actions appeared like that of Mahendra, Yama and Varuna.
vrm.7.70 He is the moon, death, Yama, Kubera, the giver of riches, fire, Indra, the sun and Varuna.
vrm.7.72 He who does give reply to a question under the influence of passion, anger or fear, binds himself with a thousand nooses of Varuna, and at the expiration of full one year he is released from a single sin.
vrm.7.74 And forsaking this world, he entered the region of Varuna ;and making over the dart unto Lavana, communicated to him all about the boon he had obtained.
vrm.7.89 By virtue of the portion of Indra s energy the king Khshupa brought the earth under his control ;by that of Varuna s energy he fostered his own body :by Kubera s portion he conferred riches upon his subjects ;and by that of Yama he governed them.
vrm.7.96 O slayer of foes, by celebrating Rajasuya, Mitra attained to the dignity of Varuna.
vrm.7.105 The ascetics said: We have never seen before a sacrifice like this, Indra s, Soma s, Yama s or Varuna s.

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