Vanaras 3

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Continued from Part 2

vrm.6.59 While Prahasta the Army chief of Rakshasas was slain in the battle by Nila the foremost among the Vanaras, Ravana s army possessing terrible arms took to flight with the speed of a tide.
vrm.6.59 As a forest is consumed by blazing fires, so shall I scorch that army of Vanaras now along with Lakshmana and Rama with a multitude of arrows.
vrm.6.59 Today, I shall satiate the earth with the blood of the Vanaras.
vrm.6.59 Ravana who was endowed with extraordinary energy, issuing all at once from the city, observed a ferocious army of Vanaras with trees and rocks in their hands, ready for combat and roaring like a vast ocean and a mass of
vrm.6.59 Learning of my presence along with you here, taking this to be a weak point and storming this desolate city which is otherwise difficult to be overpowered, the Vanaras when united may destroy it by surprise.
vrm.6.59 Having dismissed those counsellors and as the Rakshasas departed as ordered, Ravana thereafter began to split under the waters of the sea of Vanaras, in the same way as a gigantic fish would rend the entire expanse of the sea.
vrm.6.59 Seeing Ravana with his radiant bow, in the battle, Sugreeva the Lord of Vanaras tearing up a huge mountain top, ran towards that king of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.59 That Lord of Rakshasas, with hundreds of arrows, possessed of sharp points, rendered their projectiles fruitless and pierced those leaders of the Vanaras with a multitude of marvellous golden shafted arrows.
vrm.6.59 army of Vanaras with a shower of arrows.
vrm.6.59 Lakshmana then saw Ravana with arms as large as the trunks of Elephants, who was brandishing his dreadful and fiery bow, covering those Vanaras whose bodies he had severed with a close rain of darts.
vrm.6.59 But Vanaras are a danger to you.
vrm.6.59 Beholding Ravana struck in the fight by Hanuma s palm the sages, Vanaras, Siddhas, along with Asuras and Devas raised a resounding approbation.
vrm.6.59 Nila, the Army General of Vanaras, tormented by that hail of arrows, with one hand hurled a great rock at Ravana the king of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.59 Thereafter, those Vanaras who felt rejoiced to see Ravana disconcerted at the agility of Nila and had found an occasion for jubilation, shouted joyously.
vrm.6.59 Then, provoked by the shouts of the Vanaras, his heart possessed with confusing, Ravana did not know what to do.
vrm.6.59 Lakshmana of indomitable courage spoke to that Ravana who was lifting up his unfathomable bow as follows: O, King of Rakshasas! Now enter into combat with me cease from fighting with the Vanaras!
vrm.6.59 Ravana the Lord of the country of Rakshasas hurled with strength on Lakshmana, that blazing spear, emitting smoke and as bright as fire, frightening the Vanaras in the fray.
vrm.6.59 Seeing Ravana despite his redoubtable strength swooned on the battle field, sages and Vanaras began to shout in triumph as did also Devas and the Asuras.
vrm.6.59 Beholding the great army of Vanaras whose great warriors were overthrown on the battle field, Rama rushed on Ravana.
vrm.6.59 Thereupon, seeing Hanuman the Tiger among the Vanaras getting wounded by Ravana, Rama was transported with anger.
vrm.6.59 Devas and Danavas returned to Lanka, Rama arranged for drawing out arrows from Vanaras and from Lakshmana too, in the forefront of that vast battle field.
vrm.6.60 "The mighty armed Kumbhakarna, the foremost of all Rakshasas will kill the Vanaras and the two princes at once in the battle.
vrm.6.60 Vanaras", whose forms are as large as mountains, are besieging Lanka.
vrm.6.60 "O, Yupaksha! Now itself, after conquering the entire army of Vanaras with Lakshmana and Rama on the battle field, then only I shall see Ravana.
vrm.6.60 "I shall satiate the Rakshasas with the flesh and blood of Vanaras and, as for Rama and Lakshmana, I shall drink their blood myself.
vrm.6.60 Seeing that slayer of his foes on the royal high way, that monster as high as the peak of a mountain, those Vanaras stationed outside the city, as also their leaders, were frightened suddenly.
vrm.6.60 Seeing that colossus appearing like a great peak, having a diadem who seemed to touch the sun with his brilliance, the Vanaras were seized with terror and had grown immensely in size, fled hither and thither.
vrm.6.61 Beholding him again, who was appear like a rainy black cloud and wearing a golden bracelet as an ornament on his upper arm, that huge army of Vanaras took to their heels in full speed.
vrm.6.61 Who is he?" "He alone with a huge body here on this earth, is appearing like a solitary meteror, by seeing whom all the Vanaras are running away hither and thither.
vrm.6.61 The highly enraged Kumbhakarna devourincg the Vanaras on is way, is running towards us.
vrm.6.61 "Even on merely seeing Kumbhakarna, the Vanaras have now fled away.
vrm.6.61 How can the Vanaras check him, who is thus enraged in battle?" "Let all the Vanaras be told that it is a kind of machine, advancing forward.
vrm.6.61 On hearing Vibhishana s words, which were well founded to make the Vanaras well inclined to fight the battle, Rama then spoke the follwoing words to neela, the chief of army:
vrm.6.61 Let all the Vanaras with their weapons and rocks in hand, stand ready.
vrm.6.61 As directed by Raghava, Neela the commander in chief and the foremost of the Vanaras, ordered the Vanara troops suitably.
vrm.6.61 On hearing Rama s words, the fearless Vanaras started their operation.
vrm.6.61 The heroic Vanaras began to torment the enemy troops with uplifted trees.
vrm.6.61 That terrific army of Vanaras, with uplifted rocks and tress in their hands, shone like a big collection of gigantic clouds, hanging close to a mountain.
vrm.6.62 "Alas! See! Coming happily by a bridge, the forests and groves have been covered with an ocean full of Vanaras.
vrm.6.62 "The Vanaras killed very important Rakshasas in battle.
vrm.6.62 I do not envisage, in any way, the destroyable of Vanaras on the battle field.
vrm.6.62 It seems the Vanaras were not even defeated at any time before, in a combat.
vrm.6.63 "See today, O mighty armed king, the fleeing army of Vanaras and Rama along with his brother being killed by me in the fore front of the battle field.
vrm.6.63 "See today in battle, the mountain like Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras, looking like a cloud illuminated by the sun, thrown about, dissipated.
vrm.6.63 "I shall devour the Vanaras in battle, which is near at hand.
vrm.6.63 Having killed Rama along with Lakshmana, I shall devour all the chiefs of army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.65 Devour the Vanaras and the princes whose splendour is like that of the sun.
vrm.6.65 "By seeing your very form, the Vanaras will run away.
vrm.6.65 Being angry with hunger, I shall devour those Vanaras now.
vrm.6.65 "The Vanaras, with their huge bodies, valiant, with a much determination and with their teeth, will destroy anyone who is either alone or off one s guard.
vrm.6.65 Kumbhakarna with his colossal body and a huge mouth, looking like a scorched hill, approaching the Rakshasas and laughing loudly, spoke as follows: "Charged with anger, I shall burn up those troops of the foremost of Vanaras, in lots today, as a flash of fire would burn up the moths.
vrm.6.65 "The Vanaras who are in the habit of roaming about in the woods, have not offended me of their own accord.
vrm.6.65 That race of Vanaras serves as an embellishment for the urban gardens in a city like ours.
vrm.6.65 Kumbhakarna, looking like a mountain, traversing the rampart with his feet alone, saw a wonderful army of Vanaras, looking similar to a thick coverage of clouds.
vrm.6.65 Seeing that Kumbhakarna, the excellent among Rakshasas, looking equal to a mountain, the Vanaras then ran away to all directions, as clouds are driven away by the wind.
vrm.6.65 Looking towards that highly fierce army of Vanaras, running away to different quarters, as a net work of broken clouds, that Kumbhakarna with the hue of a black cloud, highly rejoiced, repeatedly emitted a roar like thunder.
vrm.6.65 Hearing his terrific roar, similar to the rumbling of a cloud in the sky, many of those Vanaras fell down on the ground, like Sal trees cut up by the roots.
vrm.6.65 Wielding a large iron rod for the destroyable of the enemies, that gigantic Kumbhakarna looked like Yama the lord of death armed with a rod of punishment, waiting upon him as his attendant at the time of dissolution of the world and caused a great terrific fear to the troops of Vanaras.
vrm.6.66 Seeing that Rakshasas of terrific eyes who could not be destroyed either by Indra or by Yama the lord of death or by Varuna, the Vanaras ran away.
vrm.6.66 Seeing them running away, Angada the prince spoke to Nala, Neela, Gavaksha and the mighty Kumuda as follows: “Where do you go, forgetting your own dignities as also nobilities of birth and trembling with fear like common Vanaras?” “O auspicious Vanaras! Please return! Why do you so fully guard your lives? This Rakshasa is not competent for a combat.
vrm.6.66 “O Vanaras! By our prowess, we shall destroy this giant toy produced by Rakshasas.
vrm.6.66 Come back!” Reconciling themselves with some difficulty, the Vanaras, from all sides, assembled together at a place and snatching some trees, the Vanaras for their part, towards the battle field.
vrm.6.66 Like Elephants in rut, those Vanaras, having came back, hurriedly hit Kumbhakarna, very much enraged as they were.
vrm.6.66 Kumbhakarna too, very much enraged, crushed the ranks of Vanaras though they were greatly energetic, with his extreme exertion even as a rising fire would consume the woods.
vrm.6.66 Many of the foremost among the Vanaras lay on the ground, bathed in blood as they were, fallen like trees with crimson flowers, when tossed up by the Rakshasa.
vrm.6.66 Some Vanaras, while jumping and running away, did not look back.
vrm.6.66 While that Rakshasa was killing some warriors of Vanaras playfully, some others ran away by the same route, by which they earlier crossed the ocean.
vrm.6.66 While some Vanaras becoming pale faced due to fear, inhabited the mounds and the low grounds, some Rikshas ascended the trees.
vrm.6.66 Seeing those Vanaras disorderly retreated, Angada spoke these words, "Stay.
vrm.6.66 "O valiant Vanaras, moving without hindrances! Your wives, seeing you running away leaving your weapos aside, will mock at you.
vrm.6.66 Where to you go frightened, like ordinary Vanaras? As you are running away with fear, leaving all your valour, you are indeed unworthy of honour.
vrm.6.66 "O Vanaras! We shall obtain glory by killing our enemies in battle or if killed on the other hand, we shall enjoy the heaven, attained by the warriors.
vrm.6.66 Then, those fleeing Vanaras spoke the following words, which were contemptible by the warriors, to that valiant Angada, who was adorneed with golden armlets.
vrm.6.66 Thereafter, with the coaxing words and inferential arguments by Angada, all those fleeing commanders of Vanaras turned back.
vrm.6.67 Hearing the words of Angada, all those large bodied Vanaras who came back, having arrived at a firm resolution, were waiting for the battle.
vrm.6.67 Restored to confidence by the words of the mighty Angada, those Vanaras, whose energy was well augmented and prowess well elevated, restored to a thrill of rapture and as they were determined to die, marched forward to fight.
vrm.6.67 Lifting up trees and very large mountain rocks, the large bodied Vanaras thereupon briskly ran towards Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 Seven hundred, eight hundred and thousands of Vanaras struck by Kumbhakarna, lay scattered on the ground.
vrm.6.67 That highly enraged Kumbhakarna, putting in his mount, as many as sixteen or eight or ten or even twenty or thirty Vanaras by his hands and devouring them like.
vrm.6.67 Restored to confidence with difficulty, the Vanaras assembling together from all sides, stood in the battle front, with trees and rocks in their hands.
vrm.6.67 Pulling out a mountain and looking like a hanging cloud, Dvivida the foremost among the Vanaras, ran towards Kumbhakarna, who resembled a mountain peak.
vrm.6.67 The Rakshasas who fight from the chariots, with their terrific roar, at once discarded the heads of the clamouring chiefs of Vanaras, with their arrows, which were resembling at the time of universal dissolution.
vrm.6.67 Uprooting large trees, the mighty Vanaras too began to destroy the chariots, Horses, Camels and Rakshasas.
vrm.6.67 Then, taking the dreadful spike in his hand, Kumbhakarna ran towards that terrific army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 The Vanaras, on their part, felt restless and being oppressed with fear, ran away from the battle field.
vrm.6.67 The five excellent Vanaras, viz.
vrm.6.67 Those five mighty Vanaras struck the large bodied Kumbhakarna from all sides, with crags, trees, palms of their hands, feet and fists in battle.
vrm.6.67 Squeezed by Kumbhakarna s arms, the awful Rishabha, the foremost among the Vanaras, fell down with blood coming out of his mouth.
vrm.6.67 Perturbed by the blows given by Kumbhakarna, those Vanaras being moistened with blood, were bewildered and fell down on the ground, like chopped off Kimsuka trees.
vrm.6.67 Seeing those mighty chief commanders of Vanaras falling down on the ground, thousands of Vanaras ran towards Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 All those champions of Vanaras, looking like mountains, jumping up on Kumbhakarna who was looking like a mountain, ascended him and bit him with their teeth.
vrm.6.67 Those mighty armed excellent Vanaras encountered that Kumbhakarna with their nails, teeth, fists and arms.
vrm.6.67 Covered by thousands of Vanaras that foremost among Rakshasas looking like a mountain, stood out in a crowd, as a hill overgrown with trees.
vrm.6.67 Seizing all the Vanaras with his arms, that mighty Kumbhakarna devoured them like an enraged Garuda devouring the serpents.
vrm.6.67 Hurled by Kumbhakarna in his mouth which was looking like a hole in the earth, the Vanaras again came out from his nostrils and ears.
vrm.6.67 Kumbhakarna, the best among the Rakshasas, looking like a mountain, was very much enraged and mutilated the Vanaras angrily, before devouring them.
vrm.6.67 Making the earth dampened with flesh and blood, that Rakshasa, like an excited fire at the time of dissolution, strolled among that army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 That Kumbhakarna scorched away that army of Vanaras in the same way as the fire scorches away the dried up forests in summer.
vrm.6.67 Those Vanaras, without a commander, having their troops killed and terrified with fear they were being destroyed by Kumbhakarna, roared with rebellious voices.
vrm.6.67 While Kumbhakarna was destroying them in many ways, the agitated Vanaras sought refuge in Rama, with their distressed minds.
vrm.6.67 Seeing the Vanaras defeated in that great battle, Angada the son of Indra, ran rapidly towards Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 Frightening all the Vanaras with his great roar, the mighty Kumbhakarna hurled his spike at Angada with anger.
vrm.6.67 Knowing that the spike is going to fall on him, the mighty Angada, the chief of the Vanaras, who was skilled in war fare, avoided it with his alacrity.
vrm.6.67 When that Angada the foremost among the Vanaras fell down unconscious on the ground, Kumbhakarna ran towards Sugreeva, taking that spike in his hand.
vrm.6.67 Then, seeing the mighty Kumbhakarna coming suddenly towards him, the valiant Sugreeva, the king of the Vanaras, sprang up all at once.
vrm.6.67 Seeing that Sugreeva coming rapidly towards him, Kumbhakarna, with all his limbs braced, stood facing the king of Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 Seeing Kumbhakarna who stood devouring the Vanaras and with his body smeared with the blood of the Vanaras, Sugreeva spoke as follows:
vrm.6.67 "You struck down eminent Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 "Leave that army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 Then, the Vanaras were suddenly distressed.
vrm.6.67 Holding firmly the spike, which was emitting a flash of lightning, he hurled it to kill Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras and Rikshas.
vrm.6.67 Seeing Hanuma breaking the spike, that army of Vanaras was rejoiced, roared several times and came back quickly from all quarters.
vrm.6.67 Those Vanaras were rejoiced and made a lion s roar.
vrm.6.67 Seeing the army of Vanaras running away hither and thither and Sugreeva the Vanara even being taken away by Kumbhakarna, the intellectual Hanuma, the son of Vayu thought as follows: "While Sugreeva is being taken away in this way, what is to be done by me? I shall certainly do that which is justifiable to be done by me.
vrm.6.67 "Let all the Vanaras be delighted while Sugreeva the king of Vanaras is liberated and the mighty Kumbhakarna, with his body crumbled by the blows of my fists, killed by me in battle.
vrm.6.67 "Regaining his consciousness within a moment in this great battle, this Sugreeva will do what is good for himself and for his Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 Meanwhile, I shall cheer up the scattered army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 Thinking in this way, Hanuma the son of Vayu, then again brought firmness to the large army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 The great souled Sugreeva, who was interposed between Kumbhakarna s shoulders, regaining his consciousness with great difficulty and observing the royal highway of the city, repeatedly thought as follows: "Having been captivated in this way, what should I do now? I have to do a proper act now which is desirable and beneficial to the Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 Starting from the city quickly, that mighty Kumbhakarna then devoured that huge army of Vanaras in battle, like the devour of people by the augmented fire at the time of dissolution of the world.
vrm.6.67 Penetrating that huge army of Vanaras, Kumbhakarna who was greedily desirous of flesh and blood in hunger, due to his deep bewilderment in battle, ate away even the Rakshasas, Vanaras, Pisachas and Rikshas.
vrm.6.67 He devoured the principal Vanaras just as the death devours people at the time of the end of the world.
vrm.6.67 The enraged Kumbhakarna, quickly taking with his single hand, the Vanaras and Rakshasas, in one s two s, three s or in many and hurled them into his mouth Struck with mountain peaks, by the Vanaras, the mighty Kumbhakarna, then, gushing forth his flesh and blood, devoured the Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 Thereupon, those Vanaras, who were being devoured, sought Rama as their refuge.
vrm.6.67 The very much enraged Kumbhakarna, while eating away the Vanaras, marched forward.
vrm.6.67 Grasping a hundred, a seven, an eight, a twenty and a thirty with his arms, Kumbhakarna was devouring the Vanaras and running about in the battle field.
vrm.6.67 Having his entire body besmeared with flesh, marrow and blood together with wreaths of tangled viscera hung over his ears, the Rakshasa with his very sharp teeth, rained spikes on the Vanaras, like Yama, the god of death, risen to power at the end of the world cycle.
vrm.6.67 That foremost among Rakshasas, struck by Rama s arrow, roaring terribly with rage, making the Vanaras to run away in battle, ran himself towards Rama.
vrm.6.67 He roamed about, devouring the Vanaras, Rakshasas and Rikshas.
vrm.6.67 That mountain peak, in the form of a peak of Mount Meru, as if shining with splendour, while falling, caused two hundred Vanaras to fall.
vrm.6.67 "O king! He is not able to recognize who the Vanaras are and who the Rakshasas are.
vrm.6.67 "Let the foremost of Vanaras ascend well upon his body from all sides.
vrm.6.67 "If we do in that way, that evil minded Rakshasa would be harassed by the huge weight, making him to crawl on the floor and cannot kill the other Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 Hearing those words of that intelligent Lakshmana, those Vanaras were rejoiced and mounted on the body of Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 Kumbhakarna, when climbed upon by the Vanaras, was enraged and shook them off with violence, as a vicious Elephant would shake off its mahout.
vrm.6.67 Seeing the Vanaras shaken down, Rama on his part understanding that he was enraged, jumped up speedily towards the Rakshasa and took an excellent bow.
vrm.6.67 Taking in his hand, a terrific bow with a firmly fastened cord looking like a snake and looking variegated with its crust of gold, with a quiver full of excellent arrows fastened on his back and fully restoring the Vanaras to confidence, that Rama quickly marched forward.
vrm.6.67 That mighty and heroic Rama, who was highly unconquerable, accompanied by Lakshmana, duly marched forward, surrounded by those troops of Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 Rama saw the angry Kumbhakarna, chasing all, like the mythical Elephant guarding one of the quarters, searching for the Vanaras, enraged as he was and surrounded by the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.67 Rama saw that Kumbhakarna, who was licking the corners of his mouth which were bathed in blood, all they way trampling the Vanaras and resembling Yama in the form of all destroying time.
vrm.6.67 Coming to know that he was Rama, Kumbhakarna laughed in a rebellious tone and ran up enraged towards the Vanaras, driving them away in the battle field.
vrm.6.67 That Kumbhakarna of great splendour, as though bursting the hearts of all the Vanaras, laughed unnaturally as also awfully and spoke the following words to Rama: I am neither to be considered as Viradha nor Kabandha nor Khara nor Vali nor Maricha.
vrm.6.67 Those arrows, which chopped off the Sala trees and killed Vali the foremost of Vanaras, could not torment Kumbhakarna s body which was like a thunderbolt.
vrm.6.67 Then, flourishing that hammer which was smeared with blood and which can frighten the great army of Devas, in terrific speed, that Rakshasa scared away the army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 That Kumbhakarna s arm, identical to a mountain peak, which was chopped off by Rama s arrow, fell along with the hammer on that army of Sugreeva and killed that regiment of Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 Those Vanaras who had escaped being broken and slain by that arm, though dejected with their tormented limbs and taking recourse to the sides, witnessed a highly terrific encounter between Rama and Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 Wallowing hither and thither, it dashed with trees, rocks, Vanaras and Rakshasas.
vrm.6.67 Creating a resound everywhere in all directions, even in hill caves, in the great ocean, in Lanka as also in the armies of Vanaras and Rakshasas, Kumbhakarna s feet fell down.
vrm.6.67 Having destroyed Kumbhakarna in battle, that Rama shone in the midst of the army of Vanaras, in the same way as the sun shines in the midst of the celestial world, having destroyed darkness, duly getting delivered from the mouth of Rahu.
vrm.6.67 Several Vanaras were highly rejoiced, with their faces flowing like full blown lotuses.
vrm.6.68 Seeing that the great souled Rama killed Kumbhakarna, the Rakshasas reported the matter to Ravana, the king of Rakshasas as follows: "O king! That Kumbhakarna, looking like Yama driving away the army of Vanaras and devouring some Vanaras, met with death, the time s act.
vrm.6.68 "It is doubly sure that the Vanaras, having achieved their purpose, will be rejoiced and now itself will ascend the inaccessible door ways of Lanka here from all sides.
vrm.6.69 Those mighty leaders of Rakshasas, having set out, were delighted to see the army of Vanaras having uplifted rocks as their weapons.
vrm.6.69 The mighty Vanaras too saw that army of Rakshasas, which appeared like a black cloud but blazing like fire and sun on all sides, abounding with Elephants, Horses and chariots, made to resound with hundreds of small bells and wielding well raised great weaponry.
vrm.6.69 Seeing that army which arrived and as they got the target for their fight, the Vanaras, having the great mountains uplifted, roared again and again.
vrm.6.69 The Vanaras, not tolerating the Rakshasas, thus shouted, standing opposite to them.
vrm.6.69 Hearing the enhanced noise of the leaders of the army of Vanaras, the troops of Rakshasas who were terrible in might, not tolerating the rejoice of the enemies, then made a noise more terribly.
vrm.6.69 Some Vanaras entering the sky and some others enraged, staying on earth with trees and rocks as their weapons, wandered among the army of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.69 The foremost among the Vanaras, holding trees, having extensive branches, roamed about in the battle field.
vrm.6.69 That battle front, filled with Rakshasas and Vanaras, looked terrific.
vrm.6.69 Those Vanaras, of terrific prowess, though impeded by a flood of arrows, initiated a matchless rain of trees, rocks and mountains.
vrm.6.69 In the battle, the Rakshasas and the Vanaras made a noise of lion’s roars.
vrm.6.69 The Vanaras pounded the Rakshasas with rocks.
vrm.6.69 The enraged Vanaras killed Rakshasas wearing armours and ornaments.
vrm.6.69 Valiant Vanaras struck the Rakshasas vehemently.
vrm.6.69 Those Rakshasas also pierced the foremost of Vanaras with sharp arrows, striking them with spears mallets, swords, javelins and lances.
vrm.6.69 There, the Vanaras and Rakshasas having their limbs smeared with the blood of their foes, mowed each other with a desire to conquer each other.
vrm.6.69 Thereupon, within an instant, the battle field became dampened with blood and covered by the mountains and swords thrown by the Vanaras and Rakshasas.
vrm.6.69 The Rakshasas, already thrown down and still being thrown down, with their spears broken by the Vanaras at that time, approached the Vanaras and carried out a wonderful combat with their limbs, arms and legs.
vrm.6.69 Those foremost of Rakshasas struck the Vanaras with their own corpses and the Vanaras also struck the Rakshasas with their own dead bodies.
vrm.6.69 Then, grabbing the rocks and mountains, those Rakshasas struck the Vanaras with them.
vrm.6.69 The Vanaras too, snatching away their weapons, struck the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.69 The Vanaras and Rakshasas fractured each other with crags and made a noise with lion’s roars.
vrm.6.69 The Rakshasas, having their armours broken, as struck by the Vanaras, emitted blood at that place, like trees oozing their sap.
vrm.6.69 Some Vanaras in the battle front destroyed chariot with chariots, Elephants with the very Elephants and Horse by the very Horses.
vrm.6.69 The battle field, filled with those mountains, broken trees and dead bodies of Vanaras and Rakshasas, became difficult to be traversed.
vrm.6.69 Reaching the battle field and abandoning their fear, all those Vanaras, with their thrilling martial arts full of pride, nay, who were having various weapons like trees, rocks, teeth and nails and unrepressed in spirit, carried out battle with the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.69 Seeing the Vanaras rejoicing in that tumultuous battle which commenced and the Rakshasas falling down, the great sages and troop of Devas emitted shouts of triumph.
vrm.6.69 Meanwhile, mounting on a Horse having speed equal to the wind, and taking a barbed javelin, Narantaka entered the terrific army of Vanaras, as a fish entering the ocean.
vrm.6.69 That valiant and mighty Narantaka, the enemy of Indra, single handedly within an instant, rent asunder seven hundred Vanaras with that shining javelin and killed that army of the foremost of Vanaras.
vrm.6.69 Vidyadharas, the super natural beings and great sages, saw the mighty Narantaka, seated on the back of a Horse and hacking a path way for himself through the army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.69 His path way was covered with a mire of flesh and blood, along with heaps of fallen down dead bodes of Vanaras, looking like hills.
vrm.6.69 Whenever the foremost of the Vanaras thought of showing their valour, so often Narantaka overtook and cleaved them.
vrm.6.69 He burn away the army of Vanaras, as the fire burns away the forests.
vrm.6.69 Even before the Vanaras get time to uplift the trees and mountains, the javelin struck them and they fell down, as mountains riven by lightning.
vrm.6.69 Those Vanaras were unable to tolerate the down onslaught of the javelin, which was similar to the striking of a thunderbolt and they shouted with a great uproar.
vrm.6.69 The images of the falling Vanaras were flashing like those of falling mountains, with their peaks shattered by a thunderbolt.
vrm.6.69 Those great souled and the foremost of Vanaras, who were earlier thrown down by Kumbhakarna, regained their self and approached Sugreeva.
vrm.6.69 That Sugreeva, while looking on, saw the army of Vanaras running away hither and thither, as they were tormented of the fear of Narantaka.
vrm.6.69 After seeing Narantaka, the vastly splendoured Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras spoke thus, to Angada, the valiant prince, having a prowess equal to Indras’ as follows: “Go out and quickly detach the lives of this valiant Rakshasa, who is riding a Horse and consuming the army of his enemies.
vrm.6.69 Angada the excellent of Vanaras, resembling a rocky mass, wearing bracelets on his upper arms, looked brilliant like a mountain with its metallic streaks.
vrm.6.69 Angada the son of Vali, bereft of arms but only nails and teeth besides having a great splendour, approached Narantaka and spoke the following words: “Stop! What can you do with these common Vanaras? Throw your javelin, having the sensation equal to a thunderbolt, towards my chest.
vrm.6.69 When that Narantaka of great prowess was killed by Angada in battle, the chiefs of Devas and the Vanaras too then emitted a great roar of triumph in the sky.
vrm.6.70 Thereupon, that foremost of Vanaras streamed forth trees and rocks.
vrm.6.70 Then, Hanuma the foremost of Vanaras, while jumping up, struck on the head of Devantaka rushing upon him with his fist equal to a thunder bolt.
vrm.6.70 Thereupon, by the rain of a multitude of arrows, the body of Neela the commander of the army of Vanaras became blown up.
vrm.6.70 Capturing that spear coming like a meteor in the sky, Hanuma the foremost of Vanaras broke it, even without its descending on him and roared too.
vrm.6.70 When that Trishira, the enemy of Devas, having a prowess equal to that of Indra was killed, the Vanaras made a loud noise.
vrm.6.70 Taking that mace, the enraged Matta, the foremost of Rakshasas, went quickly to the Vanaras like the blazing fire at the end of the world.
vrm.6.71 That Atikaya, the enemy of Indra, mounting a chariot shining like a cluster of thousand suns, ran towards the Vanaras.
vrm.6.71 By that lion like roar, making his name loudly heard and by that terrific sound of the bow string, it created terror to the Vanaras.
vrm.6.71 Seeing the bulkiness of his body, all the Vanaras, thinking that Kumbhakarna woke up again, took refuge with each other, afflicted as they were, with fear.
vrm.6.71 When Atikaya was to be attacked, the Vanaras were bewildered in mind and sought in the battle, a refuge with Rama, who affords protection.
vrm.6.71 Seeing that Atikaya, having a colossal body, Rama for his part was quite surprised and after consoling the Vanaras, spoke to Vibhishana as follows: “Who is he, resembling a mountain in size, armed with a bow, brown eyed and seated in a spacious chariot yoked with a thousand Horses?”
vrm.6.71 “O the long armed! Tell me who this foremost of Rakshasas is! On seeing him all the Vanaras, afflicted with fear, are running away in different directions.
vrm.6.71 Otherwise shortly, he will bring in destruction for our army of Vanaras, with his arrows.
vrm.6.71 Entering the army of Vanaras, the strong Atikaya then stretched his bow and roared again and again.
vrm.6.71 Seeing him with a terrific body, seated in the chariot, as the excellent one among the charioteers, powerful chiefs of Vanaras rushed towards him.
vrm.6.71 That strong and skilled Atikaya with a terrific body, struck all those Vanaras, facing in front of him in battle with arrows fully made of iron.
vrm.6.71 Those overthrown Vanaras, injured with their blown out bodies, by the shower of Atikaya’s arrows in that great battle, were unable to retaliate on him.
vrm.6.71 When the dangerous Rakshasa with the terrific strength was killed, the multitude of Vanaras then were endowed with a great delight, with their faces looking like full blown lotuses and worshipped Lakshmana who got his desire fulfilled.
vrm.6.71 Throwing down in battle, that Atikaya who was exceedingly strong and looking like a cloud, Lakshmana was greatly delighted and while he was being worshipped by the multitude of Vanaras, thereupon quickly hastened towards the proximity of Rama.
vrm.6.72 “All of those valiant Rakshasa warriors set out for battle, at my command, were killed by those exceptionally mighty Vanaras.
vrm.6.72 The various positioning of those Vanaras are to be watched.
vrm.6.72 Indifference“ should not be shown to Vanaras in any way at any time, either at evening or at midnight or at dawn.
vrm.6.73 They killed the Vanaras in the battle field with many wonderful and ornamental arrows, possessing great velocity as also lances and goads.
vrm.6.73 Seeing those Rakshasas, the most enraged Indrajit on his part spoke to them as follows: “All of you fight enthusiastically with an intent to kill the Vanaras.
vrm.6.73 Roaring with a desire for victory, all those Rakshasas thereafter terribly rained showers of arrows on Vanaras.
vrm.6.73 That Indrajit, on his part, along with his Rakshasas in the battle field, destroyed the Vanaras with Nalika broad headed arrows, steel arrows, maces and clubs.
vrm.6.73 Those Vanaras, wielding trees as their weapons, being struck in the battle field, quickly rained mountains and trees on Indrajit.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit the son of Ravana, on his part, possessing great splendour and great strength, was enraged and wounded the bodies of the Vanaras.
vrm.6.73 Bringing enormous delight to the Rakshasas that enraged Indrajit severed off the Vanaras by nines, fives and sevens with a single arrow.
vrm.6.73 That most invincible chief of Rakshasas, with arrows decked with gold, having brilliance equal to the sun, destroyed the Vanaras in battle.
vrm.6.73 Those Vanaras, tormented by the arrows in battle, with their limbs severed, fell down with their aspirations shaken, like the great Asuras fallen down by the Devas.
vrm.6.73 Those excellent Vanaras with anger attacked Indrajit, who was tormenting them like the sun with his terrific ray like the sun with his terrific ray like arrows.
vrm.6.73 Then, all the Vanaras, with their bodies severed, having lost their consciousness and perturbed as they were, having their limbs dampened with blood, took to their heels.
vrm.6.73 Those Vanaras, wielding mountains as their weapons, roaring in the battle field, without turning back, abandoned their lives, showing their courage for the sake of Rama.
vrm.6.73 Continuing to stay in the battle field, those Vanaras rained trees, mountain peaks and rocks on Indrajit.
vrm.6.73 Thereupon, the capable Indrajit with his arrows, identical of fire and looking like serpents in battle, split the armies of Vanaras.
vrm.6.73 That enraged Indrajit, then looking like an excited fire that is to destroy the world, tormented other chiefs of Vanaras too with many arrows.
vrm.6.73 He harassed the armies of Vanaras’ fast moving arrows looking like the sun in their splendour.
vrm.6.73 That enthusiastic Indrajit, with a great pleasure, saw that exclusive army of Vanaras, drenched in blood and tormented by a multitude of arrows.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit, the son of Ravana, possessing a great splendour power and strength, again generating a terrific rain of arrows and weapons, destroyed the army of Vanaras from all sides.
vrm.6.73 Leaving off his army from that great battle field and becoming invisible, Indrajit advanced towards the Vanaras and quickly rained terrific hail of arrows on those armies of Vanaras, as black cloud downpours the rain.
vrm.6.73 In that battle, those mountain like Vanaras as victims of conjuring tricks with their bodies torn into pieces by Indrajit’s arrows and roaring as they were with discordant notes, fell down on earth, like mountains struck by Indras’ thunder bolt.
vrm.6.73 Those Vanaras in battle saw only arrows with pointed tips falling on the armies of Vanaras.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit excessively rained on the army of Vanaras’ pikes, swords and axes, shining like augmented and flaming fire and shooting forth incandescent flames with sparks.
vrm.6.73 Those excellent Vanaras, torn asunder by that chief of Rakshasas, approaching at each other and roaring in a discordant tone, fell down on the ground.
vrm.6.73 Banged in the eyes by arrows, some Vanaras looking up towards the sky, joined each other and fell down on the floor.
vrm.6.73 With lances, spikes and sharp arrows, charged with sacred texts, Indrajit the excellent Rakshasa struck all those foremost of Vanaras, namely Hanuman, Sugreeva, Angada, Gandhamadana, Jambavan, Sushena, Vegadarshina, Mainda, Dvivida, Nila, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Kesari, Hariloma, Vidyuddamshtra, Suryanana, Jyotimukha, a Vanara called Dadhimukha, Pavakaksha, Nala as also a Vanara named Kumuda.
vrm.6.73 Ignoring that showering rain of arrows, as though they are mere showers of rain, that Rama of the most wonderful luster, looking around thoroughly, then spoke to Lakshmana as follows: “O Lakshmana! This Indrajit, by a great missile, is throwing down our army of Vanaras and tormenting us incessantly with his sharp arrows.
vrm.6.73 Thus causing the army of Vanaras along with Rama and Lakshmana to become despondent in battle, that Indrajit, getting eulogized by the Rakshasas, quickly reached the city of Lanka which was being protected by Ravanas’ arms.
vrm.6.74 Seeing the entire army looking worried, Vibhishana, the best among the intelligent ones, spoke the following matchless words, consoling the warriors of Sugreeva, the lord of Vanaras: “Honouring the spell sacred of Brahma the creator, the two sons of the venerable Dasaratha have actually lost their free will and became dejected and have allowed themselves to be knocked down by the missiles of Indrajit.
vrm.6.74 Then, the intelligent Hanuma, the son of Vayu, paying honour to the missile presided over by Brahma and hearing the words of Vibhishana, spoke the following words: “Let us restore to confidence whosoever is in this army of energetic Vanaras, after having been struck by the missile.
vrm.6.74 Hanuma and Vibhishana saw the battle field, covered on all sides, with mountain sized Vanaras fallen with heir tails, arms, thighs, feet, fingers and heaps of heads fractured with blood oozing from their limbs and urine flowing out.
vrm.6.74 Sixty seven crores of powerful Vanaras were struck down by the cherished missile of Brahma, the self born creator, in the fifth and last period of the day.
vrm.6.74 “O Vibhishana, of good manners! Does Hanuma, the foremost among Vanaras, because of whom, Anjana his mother and the wind god are his blessed parents survive, holding his life any where nearby?”
vrm.6.74 Hearing the voice of Hanuma, Jambavan, the foremost among Vanaras, with perturbed senses, considered himself as though born again.
vrm.6.74 Thereafter, that Jambavan of great splendour spoke to Hanuma as follows: “Come on, O foremost of Vanaras! You ought to protect the lives of Vanaras.
vrm.6.74 “You are the great companion for these Vanaras, by your copious prowess.
vrm.6.74 “Cheer up the martial warriors of both Vanaras and Rikshas.
vrm.6.74 “O foremost of Vanaras! Sprouted on the head of that mountain, are four blazing herbs.
vrm.6.74 O son of wind god! Bring succour to the Vanaras, by injecting lives into them.
vrm.6.74 The Vanaras were unable to stand on that excellent mountain, which started to reel, while being pressed severely by Hanuma, as the trees standing on it and the rocks got broken.
vrm.6.74 By his velocity, he carried away a multitude of trees, mountains and some ordinary Vanaras.
vrm.6.74 With a great speed of wind, reverberating the four quarters with sound, Hanuma the foremost of Vanaras, hastened towards Himalayas.
vrm.6.74 Then, seeing Hanuma, the Vanaras made a noise.
vrm.6.74 Thereupon, the great souled Hanuma descended on that prince of mountains Trikuta in the midst of that army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.74 Having offered salutation to the illustrious Vanaras there with his head bent low, he then embraced Vibhishana By inhaling that fragrance of those great herbs, both Rama and Lakshmana became healed of their wounds then and there.
vrm.6.74 From the day the Vanaras and Rakshasas began to fight in Lanka, from that day onwards, under the orders of Ravana, all those Rakshasas, who were being killed by the foremost of Vanaras were being thrown away into the sea as and when they were killed, merely or the sake of honour so that their number may not be known to the Vanaras.
vrm.6.75 Then, Sugreeva of great majesty, the king of Vanaras spoke the following meaningful words to Hanuma, in order to inform him what they should do next.
vrm.6.75 “Let those dexterous Vanaras, possessing the strength of Lions, taking torches in their hands, rush towards Lanka quickly, in order to set ablaze the abode of Ravana.
vrm.6.75 Then at the sunset of that awful evening, those foremost of the Vanaras, went towards Lanka, with torches in their hands.
vrm.6.75 When the troops of Vanaras, with torches in their hands, attacked Lanka on all sides, the diversely eyed Rakshasas who were holding the position of guards, suddenly fled away.
vrm.6.75 Those Vanaras, feeling gladdened, threw fire to the towering gates, attics, streets, various byways and mansions.
vrm.6.75 That City burnt by the Vanaras, within a short time, became transformed like the earth burning at the time of terrific dissolution of this world.
vrm.6.75 Then the Vanaras, eager to fight, bounced suddenly upon the other Rakshasas, whose bodies had been severely burnt and who rushed out to save their lives.
vrm.6.75 The loud noise made by the Vanaras and the cry of the Rakshasas caused resounding of all the ten quarters, the ocean and the earth.
vrm.6.75 The sound of the Vanaras and the cry of the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.75 The raised voice of the Vanaras, the cry of the Rakshasas and even the twang of Ramas’ bow string these three sounds pervaded all the ten quarters.
vrm.6.75 The Vanara chiefs were commanded by Sugreeva as follows: “O Vanaras! Approaching the nearest gate, begin to wage the war.
vrm.6.75 By the gleams of ornaments worn by their own natural splendour, those Rakshasas and Vanaras with their fires, made the sky fluorescent on all sides.
vrm.6.75 The effulgence of the moon, the splendour of the ornaments and the fluorescence of the blazing planets made the armies of Vanaras and Rakshasas glitter on all sides.
vrm.6.75 Seeing the army of Rakshasas, which came crowded with gallant warriors, thundered like a huge cloud which was difficult to assail, the army of Vanaras marched forth and made a loud noise.
vrm.6.75 Thereafter, the Vanaras desirous to fight there, striking the Rakshasas with trees, rocks and fists, jumped up as though frenzied.
vrm.6.75 Likewise, the Rakshasas with their terrific prowess instantly tore off the heads of those Vanaras bouncing upon them, with sharp arrows.
vrm.6.75 Even so, some Rakshasas with terrific form struck those chiefs among the Vanaras, with sharp swords, on all sides of the battle field.
vrm.6.75 Why do you take pains?” In that very terrific war between Vanaras and Rakshasas, some weapons were made futile.
vrm.6.75 In the battle front, the Rakshasas killed Vanaras in tens and sevens.
vrm.6.75 The Vanaras too threw the Rakshasas down in tens and sevens.
vrm.6.75 Catching hold of the army of Rakshasas, whose hair and raiment’s were kept in order with difficulty and whose armours and standards were thrown away, the Vanaras surrounded them on all sides.
vrm.6.76 Angada the foremost of Vanaras the sword into the flat surface of his shoulder and cut him from left to right diagonally.
vrm.6.76 Angada, the chief of Vanaras, between the two warriors, Shonitaksha and Prajangha, shone like a full moon between the two asterisms known as Vishakhas.
vrm.6.76 The mighty Rakshasas with their colossal bodies retaliated and rushed in anger, wielding swords, arrows and maces, towards the Vanaras.
vrm.6.76 In the battle field, the Vanaras, seizing hold of trees, hurled them against the Rakshasa chiefs.
vrm.6.76 The Vanaras in the battle field hurled trees and rocks towards chariots and Horses.
vrm.6.76 Those two Rakshasas, Shonitaksha and Yupaksha, who were full of violence, carried on a keen contest with the two Vanaras in the battle field, by pulling and overthrowing them vehemently and severely.
vrm.6.76 Mainda, the foremost of Vanaras, was enraged and pressed Yupaksha with his arms.
vrm.6.76 Then, seeing the army of Rakshasas whose chief warriors were thrown down by the most powerful Vanaras who could fulfill their aim, the powerful Kumbha then performed a great feat which was very difficult to do in a battle.
vrm.6.76 Hearing of Angada being seized with anguish in that great combat, Rama sent out for help, leaders of Vanaras, headed by Jambavan.
vrm.6.76 Hearing Ramas’ message, those excellent Vanaras were very much enraged and quickly rushed towards Kumbha who was wielding a bow in his hand.
vrm.6.76 Seeing those troops of Vanaras being tormented by a flood of arrows, Sugreeva the king of Vanaras, keeping Angada his brother’s son in the rear, rushed headlong towards Kumbha in the battle, as a swift lion would bounce upon an Elephant walking along the slopes of a mountain.
vrm.6.76 Uprooting many large trees beginning with Ashvakarna and many kinds of trees, Sugreeva the king of Vanaras hurled them on Kumbha.
vrm.6.76 Thus struck by Kumbha there, that mighty Sugreeva, the chief of Vanaras, tightened his fist which appeared like a thunderbolt.
vrm.6.76 When Kumbha was killed in battle by Sugreeva the chief of Vanaras, possessing a terrific prowess, the earth with its mountains and forests trembled.
vrm.6.77 Like the death dealing rod of Yama, it seemed causing dismay to the Vanaras and nerving the Rakshasas with courage.
vrm.6.77 The Rakshasas and the Vanaras too, out of fear, were unable even to make the slightest movement.
vrm.6.77 When it was clear that Nikumbha had expired, the Vanaras shouted with glee, the quarters thundered with satisfaction, the earth rocked with joy, the heaven appeared to crumble and fear seized the army of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.78 “I am commanding you! Accompanied by an army, go my son! Kill Rama, Lakshmana and the Vanaras.
vrm.6.78 Today“, I will kill Rama, Lakshmana, Sugreeva the Vanara and the other Vanaras with my excellent arrows, O Rakshasas!” “By hurling the spears, I will destroy completely the huge army of Vanaras who arrived today to the battle field, as the fire destroys the dry wood.
vrm.6.79 On seeing Markaraksha come out, all those chiefs of Vanaras, leaping all at once, took their positions, with intent to give fight.
vrm.6.79 Thereafter, a very great battle ensued between Vanaras and Rakshasas, which caused one s hair to bristle, like the encounter between Devas and Danavas.
vrm.6.79 The Vanaras and Rakshasas then, by hurling trees and spikes and by throwing maces and clubs, began to crush each other.
vrm.6.79 Those Rakshasas, who were prowlers of might, made a slaughter of the Lions among the Vanaras, by means of their javelins, swords, maces, spears, lances, sharp edged spears, Bhindipalas slings for throwing stones, nooses, mallets, staffs, missiles and other weapons and by throwing arrows on all sides.
vrm.6.79 Tormented by Makaraksha with a multitude of arrows, all the Vanaras were bewildered in mind, agonized with fear and ran away.
vrm.6.79 On seeing those Vanaras fleeing, all the arrogant Rakshasas roared like Lions, assuming a triumphant feeling.
vrm.6.79 While those Vanaras were fleeing on all sides, Rama then, with a shower of arrows, intercepted those Rakshasas on that occasion.
vrm.6.80 "By making the earth bereft of Vanaras today and by killing Rama and Lakshmana, I will create a great spleasure".
vrm.6.80 Both the princes, having mighty prowess, looked like three hooded serpents in the middle of the Vanaras.
vrm.6.80 Struck down by him, the Vanaras were killed.
vrm.6.80 The Vanaras dropped dead in hundreds on the earth s surface there.
vrm.6.80 Speaking highly meaningful words in the aforesaid manner, the great souled Rama, surrounded by the foremost of Vanaras, started to reflect on the speedy means of killing the furious Indrajit, the Rakshasas of cruel deeds.
vrm.6.81 Making up his mind to purposefully confuse all, by playing a trick to kill Seetha s illusory image, the exceedingly evil minded Indrajit sallied forth towards the direction of the Vanaras.
vrm.6.81 Seeing him coming forth towards their direction, all those Vanaras were enraged and bounced towards him, with rocks in their hands and with an intent to fight.
vrm.6.81 Hanuma, the foremost among the Vanaras, taking hold of a very large mountain peak, which was difficult to be reached by others, marched in front.
vrm.6.81 Beholding that army of Vanaras, Indrajit was excited with anger, pulled Seetha by the hair on her head and unsheathed his sword.
vrm.6.81 While those Vanaras were seeing, Rakshasa began to strike that woman who was placed in the chariot by the dint of his conjuring trick and who was crying Rama"! Rama!" On seeing her seized by the hair Hanuma the son of Marut was confounded with affliction and shed tears, in agony from his eyes.
vrm.6.81 Thus speaking, Hanuma surrounded as he was by Vanaras with their weapons and very much enraged, rushed headlong towards Indrajit.
vrm.6.81 The Vanaras standing in vicinity heard his roar, even as he shouted with his mouth wide open, while comfortable sitting in that tower of the aerial chriot, which was actually difficult of access for others.
vrm.6.81 Seeing him exceedingly pleased, the Vanaras looked dejected and suddenly ran away.
vrm.6.82 Hearing that terrific roar, similar to the sound of Indra s thunderbolt, the Vanaras looking hither and thither, ran away in all directions.
vrm.6.82 Then, Hanuma the son of Marut spoke as follows to all those Vanaras, who were running away widely apart, looking dejected, miserable and frightened.
vrm.6.82 "O, Vanaras! Why are you running away, looking dejected and leaving your zeal to fight? Where has your valour gone?" "Come along closely behind me, while I am marching ahead in the battle.
vrm.6.82 Hearing the words of that wise Hanuma, the Vanaras in a cheerful mood, took hold of mountain peaks and trees in a great fury.
vrm.6.82 The foremost of Vanaras, while roaring, rushed towards the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.82 That Hanuma, accompanied by his army of Vanaras, brought about the destruction of Rakshasas, as Yama the lord of death does at the time of universal dissolution.
vrm.6.82 Hundreds of Vanaras with their colossal bodies, lifting up trees and mountain peaks, rushed roaring towards Indrajit.
vrm.6.82 Those Vanaras of terrible prowess, threw trees and mountain peaks towards Indrajit in battle.
vrm.6.82 While shooting a large deluge of trees and rocks, the Vanaras caused destruction of their enemies.
vrm.6.82 Beaten forcibly with trees, by those highly terrible Vanaras, those Rakshasas of frightful appearance, rolled about restlessly in the battle field.
vrm.6.82 On seeing his army tormented by the Vanaras, that enraged Indrajit, taking hold of his weapons, sallied forth, facing towards his enemies.
vrm.6.82 That Indrajit, of firm fortitude, accompanied by his army, by releasing a multitude of arrows, killed a very many number of Vanaras.
vrm.6.82 In the battle, Indrajit s soldiers too killed the Vanaras with spikes tips of missiles, swords, sharp edged spears and concealed weapons similar to mallets.
vrm.6.82 Keeping the hostile army back, that Hanuma spoke to those Vanaras as follows: "Retreat! This army need not be conquered any more by us.
vrm.6.82 Thus speaking and keeping back all the Vanaras, Hanuma the chief of Vanaras, with absence of fear, along with his army, gradually turned back.
vrm.6.83 On hearing that great tumult of battle between Rakshasas and Vanaras, Rama spoke to Jambavan as follows:
vrm.6.83 Thereupon, Jambavan saw Hanuma, coming with Vanaras, who had given fight and were sighing on account of grief caused by the destruction of Seetha.
vrm.6.83 On seeing that Rama, who with the semblance of god, falling on the ground, the chiefs of Vanaras came bouncing from all sides and rushed towards him.
vrm.6.84 That Vibhishana, surrounded by four warriors, wielding many types of weapons, and who were chiefs of troops, looking like heaps of black collyrium and who were appearing like Elephants, approached Lakshmana who was totally engrossed in sorrow and saw the Vanaras also, whose eyes were filled with tears.
vrm.6.84 Fixing his gaze on Vibhishana’s face and looking at Sugreeva and those Vanaras, Lakshmana with tears pouring down, spoke the following words, with a splendid meaning: “O gentle Sir! Just on hearing through the words of Hanuma, saying that Seetha was killed by Indrajit, Rama entered into a swoon.
vrm.6.84 “That Indrajit for his part retracted, by hoodwinking the Vanaras.
vrm.6.84 “Certainly, this conjuring trick in the form of killing an illusory living effigy of Seetha was exhibited by him, who was employing his magical art, expecting interruption by the prowess of the Vanaras there.
vrm.6.85 Then, Rama the conqueror of the cities of enemies, leaning upon his courage, spoke to Vibhishana who was sitting nearby and in front of the Vanaras as follows:
vrm.6.85 Then, Hanuma accompanied by many a thousand of Vanaras and Vibhishana along with his counsellors went behind Lakshmana.
vrm.6.85 That Lakshmana, quickly surrounded by a large army of Vanaras, saw the army of Jambavan also stationed in the way.
vrm.6.86 "Let this army of Rakshasas which is seen here, dark as a cloud, be quickly engaged in battle, by the Vanaras using rocks as thier weapons.
vrm.6.86 Rikshas and Vanaras, who fight was gigantic trees, rushed towards that army of Rakshasas, drawn up in battle array.
vrm.6.86 The Rakshasas too, with an intent to kill the Vanaras in battle, attacked them with sharp arrows, sowrds, spears and javelins.
vrm.6.86 That tumultuous battle between the Vanaras and the Rakshasas rendered Lanka noisy on all sides with its great uproar.
vrm.6.86 Those Rakshasas of ugly faces and arms, hurling weapons on the Vanaras, created a great fear.
vrm.6.86 Even the Vanaras too struck and killed all the Rakshasas in the battle, with various types of trees and mountain peaks.
vrm.6.86 A great fear developed among the Rakshasas who were fighting with mighty leaders of Rikshas and Vanaras endowed with colossal bodies.
vrm.6.86 That Indrajit saw Hanuma, the foremost of Vanaras, looking like a mountain, fearlessly killing his enemies.
vrm.6.88 Indrajit hurriedly spoke to those foremost of Vanaras and to this Lakshmana, who ascended Hanuma’s back with a splendor of the sun shining on Mount Udaya and also with Vibhishana as follows: “You behold my prowess now.
vrm.6.89 Vibhishana, who knew the timing, spoke to the Vanaras, who cherished to destroy the Rakshasas, the following opportune words duly inspiring them.
vrm.6.89 "O cheifs of Vanaras! Here stands before you, one who is the last support of Ravana.
vrm.6.89 "O Vanaras! Only this much of army remains yet to be conquered here.
vrm.6.89 O Vanaras! All of you, together, kill his servents standing beside him.
vrm.6.89 Then, those Vanaras cheifs, roaring time and again, emitted various kinds of sounds resembling the sounds of peacocks at the time of seeing the clouds.
vrm.6.89 Even Jambavan and those Vanaras, accompanied by all those, who belong to their identical troops, began to strike the Rakshasas with stones, nails and teeth.
vrm.6.89 That tumultuous and terrific battle accompanied by a great noise, occured between the Vanaras and the Rakshasas as between enraged Devas and Asuras.
vrm.6.89 Blood started flowing from the mouths of those Horses pressed under the weight of those Vanaras, as huge as mountains.
vrm.6.89 After killing his hrses, those Vanaras also crushed that great chariot and jumping up again with speed, they stood by the side of Lakshmana.
vrm.6.90 Those Rakshasas and Vanaras, rushing from all sides, destroying each other, did not desert their masters in battle.
vrm.6.90 “You courageously fight, so as to stupefy the Vanaras.
vrm.6.90 “You act in such a way so that these evil minded Vanaras do not carry on their fight with me while enter the city.
vrm.6.90 Thus speaking, Indrajit the annihilator of enemies, having deceived the Vanaras, entered the City of Lanka for the sake of getting anther chariot.
vrm.6.90 Seeing Indrajit seated in the chariot, Lakshmana, the mighty Vanaras and Vibhishana the Rakshasa then were very much surprised on recalling the alacrity of the intelligent Indrajit.
vrm.6.90 Stretching his bow to a circle, that enraged Indrajit the conqueror in battle, exhibiting supreme agility, began to kill the Vanaras.
vrm.6.90 Thus being killed by steel arrows, those Vanaras of terrible prowess sought refuge in Lakshmana, as people would take refuge in Brahma the Lord of Creation.
vrm.6.90 Surrounded by many surprised beings in that terrible battle taking place between Vanaras and Rakshasas, yielding terrific noise, the sky sparkled.
vrm.6.90 As Indrajit was killed, all those Vanaras together with Vibhishana roared in rejoice, as the Devas did, when Vritra was killed.
vrm.6.90 Seeing him fallen, that great army of Rakshasas, being struck by Vanaras shining with victory, sought the quarters.
vrm.6.90 Abandoning their weapons, while being struck by the Vanaras, those Rakshasas went towards Lanka, running fast stupefied.
vrm.6.90 Tormented by the Vanaras, some were scared and entered Lanka.
vrm.6.90 The Vanaras, who accomplished their aim, roaring, jumping with joy and emitting thundering sounds, stood encircling Lakshmana.
vrm.6.90 Wagging their tails and lashing them, the Vanaras then gave forth the slogan, “Victorious is Lakshmana!”
vrm.6.90 Embracing each other with rejoiced minds, the Vanaras indulged in good conversations about Lakshmana and his manifold qualities.
vrm.6.91 Having offered salutation to Jambavan, Hanuma and all those Vanaras, that valiant Lakshmana of great brilliance then quickly came from there to the place where Sugreeva and Rama were there, by leaning himself upon vibhishana and Hanuma.
vrm.6.92 Looking fixedly with blood red eyes on all those Rakshasas, who were making miserable sounds, that very awful Ravana for his part, who had assumed a terrible appearance, though feeling distressed, spoke to them as follows: "In order to hoodwink the Vanaras, something which had been killed there, was shown, by taking recourse to conjuring tricks, as Seetha, by my child Indrajit" "I shall make that hoax into a hard reality, which is pleasing to me.
vrm.6.93 The Vanaras too hurled trees and mountains towards the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.93 Towards sun rise, that very terrific battle became tumultuous between Rakshasas and Vanaras.
vrm.6.93 Those Vanaras and Rakshasas then began to strike each other with multi coloured maces, darts, swords and axes in the battle.
vrm.6.93 With Elephants and chariots as their river banks, with Horses as their fish and with flag staffs as trees, rivers of blood gushed forth, carrying dead Then, all those Vanaras were drenched in streams of blood.
vrm.6.93 With their sharp teeth and nails, the Vanaras tore off the hair, ears, eye brows and noses of the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.93 Then, the Rakshasas resembling mountain in size, struck down the terrific Vanaras with large maces, darts, swords and axes.
vrm.6.93 The huge army of Vanaras, being struck down by the Rakshasas, sought refuge in Rama, the son of Dasaratha, who affords protection.
vrm.6.93 Then, the virtuous Rama spoke also to Sugreeva, Vibhishana, Hanuma the Vanara, Jambavan, Mainda the foremost of Vanaras and even Dvivida, who were in close proximity to him as follows "Such wonderful power of this missile exists either with me or with the three eyed Rudra the lord of destruction.
vrm.6.95 "By mounting on a chariot, having a speed equal to that of wind, I will destroy today the armies of Vanaras, with waves of arrows arising out of the ocean of my bow.
vrm.6.95 "Like an Elephant, today I will destroy ponds in the form of troops of Vanaras shining like the filaments of lotus, with their faces resembling full blown lotuses.
vrm.6.95 "With each arrow released in battle today, I shall tear one hundred full of Vanaras, the most furious of their troop, fighting with trees.
vrm.6.95 "With the Vanaras pierced with my arrows, lying scattered in the battle field and bereft of their lives today, I shall cover the earth so fully, that it would be possible to see its surface only with effort.
vrm.6.95 Hearing that sound suddenly, the Vanaras ran away in fear.
vrm.6.95 On hearing the sound of the chariot of those mighty Rakshasas, that army of Vanaras too returned for the fight.
vrm.6.95 A tumultuous battle ensued between those Vanaras and Rakshasas, who were fond of victory and summoning each other for combat with rage.
vrm.6.95 Thereupon, the enraged Ravana, with his arrows decked with that army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.95 Some Vanaras had their heads chopped off by Ravana.
vrm.6.96 The battle field there, on its part, was strewn on that occasion with those Vanaras whose bodies had thus been torn asunder by Ravana with his arrows.
vrm.6.96 Those Vanaras could not bear that irresistible descent of arrows loosed by Ravana, any more than moths would bear a blazing fire.
vrm.6.96 Those Vanaras tormented by sharp arrows, fled away roaring, as Elephants run away, when enveloped in flames of fire and getting scorched by them.
vrm.6.96 Ravana was marching forward swiftly in that battle field, blowing away the army of Vanaras, like the wind blows away large clouds.
vrm.6.96 Having brought about with his might the destruction of those Vanaras in battle, Ravana quickly approached Rama on the battle field.
vrm.6.96 Seeing those Vanaras running away in defeat in that battle, Sugreeva kept Sushena in charge of his army and quickly threw his mind into the fight.
vrm.6.96 That mighty Virupaksha, mounting that Elephant, then roared a terrific noise and rushed towards the Vanaras.
vrm.6.96 Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras, when he was struck severely with sharp arrows by that Rakshasa, shouted loudly.
vrm.6.96 The Vanaras saw Virupaksha, bathed in foaming blood, with his eyes rolling through anger and as such rendered all the more deformed.
vrm.6.96 The Vanaras saw their enemy, bathed in blood, turning to and from as also throbbing on his sides and roaring piteously.
vrm.6.96 Confronting together in the battle field in that way, those two violent and terrific armies which were extensive as oceans, of Vanaras and Rakshasas, roared like two large oceans which had burst their bounds.
vrm.6.96 Beholding that mighty Virupaksha killed by Sugreeva, the army of Vanaras and Rakshasas together looked like the agitated river of Ganga.
vrm.6.97 He felt restless to find his own army diminished while being killed by the Vanaras and to see the reversal of his fate.
vrm.6.97 Emboldened by the words of his master, that mighty Rakshasa, with full of energy, destroyed the Vanaras by dint of his own valour.
vrm.6.97 Taking hold of huge rocks and penetrating the terrific army of enemies, those highly strong Vanaras too started killing all the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.97 In that great battle, the highly enraged Mahodara, with his arrows decked in gold, chopped off the hands, feet and thighs of Vanaras.
vrm.6.97 Then, among all those Vanaras who were tormented by the Rakshasas, some ran away into ten directions.
vrm.6.97 Seeing the large army of Vanaras defeated in the battle, Sugreeva rushed towards Mahodara who was immediately close to him.
vrm.6.97 Seeing that highly terrible mace, falling on him in that great battle, the mighty Sugreeva, the King of Vanaras, was enraged with red eyes and struck that mace, by lifting up the iron rod.
vrm.6.97 In the same way, the highly swift Sugreeva the foremost of Vanaras took hold of a large sword together with a shield, lying there.
vrm.6.97 Having killed Mahodara, Sugreeva made a rejoicing roar with his Vanaras.
vrm.6.98 Moreover, that Rakshasa very quickly chopped off the arms of some Vanaras with his arrows and struck down the region of the ribs of others.
vrm.6.98 Tormented by the flight of arrows of Mahaparshva, all those Vanaras were downcast with despair and lost heart.
vrm.6.98 That highly profound lion s roar of the rejoiced Vanaras, by its noise, was well like the loud sound of the Gods along with Indra the lord Celestials, nay, by its vibrations breaking asunder as it were the City of Lanka with its attics and town gates.
vrm.6.98 Hearing the loud noise of Vanaras, as also of the Devas in the battle field, the enraged Ravana the adversary of Indra, then stood prepared for a battle again.
vrm.6.99 "Killing those two princes, Rama and Lakshmana, I will remove surely the sorrow caused to me on account of the ministers who have been killed and the city which has been laid siege to by the Vanaras.
vrm.6.99 He employed very highly terrific and exceedingly frightful mystic missile called Tamasa, which began to consume all the Vanaras, who started falling down on all sides.
vrm.6.99 Dust began to fly up from the earth, while those frustrated Vanaras were fleeing away for they could no longer bear that missile built by Brahma himself.
vrm.6.99 Having driven away the army of Vanaras, Ravana the foremost among the Rakshasas then saw Rama, the annihilator of his enemies, who was endowed with long arms and eyes as wide as lotus petals standing unconquered with his brother Lakshmana like Indra is seen with Vishnu, the supreme lord of preservation holding up his great bow as though scraping the sky.
vrm.6.99 Seeing the disappointed Vanaras and Ravana advancing, the mighty Rama who was endowed with a great splendour and accompanied by Lakshmana who were born in Raghu dynasty, then pleasingly seized his bow at the middle.
vrm.6.99 Rejoiced to see that missile struck down by Rama, who was unweary in action, all the valiant Vanaras, who were capable of changing their form at will, then encompassing Rama, raised a clamour, facing Sugreeva.
vrm.6.99 Striking down with force that missile which came forth from Ravana s arms, the great souled Rama, then was filled with rejoice while the chiefs of Vanaras, full f joy, shouted loudly.
vrm.6.100 Even before the spear reached Vibhishana, Lakshmana tore it with three of his arrows and a loud cheer then arose from the Vanaras in the battle field.
vrm.6.100 Even with an exertion to pull out that spear hurled by the mighty Ravana, those foremost of the Vanaras could not those foremost of the Vanaras could not do it because they were being tormented by Ravana the foremost of Rakshasas with a stream of his arrows.
vrm.6.100 Ignoring those arrows and having embraced Lakshmana, Rama spoke to Hanuma and Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras, as follows: "O the chiefs of Vanaras! Remain just encompassing Lakshmana.
vrm.6.100 "I take this vow in truth before you, at this moment, O Vanaras, that without delay, you will see the world devoid of Ravana or Rama myself.
vrm.6.100 "That sinful Rakshasa, for whose sake, this army of Vanaras has been brought by me, Sugreeva has been anointed on the throne after killing Vali and for whose sake the ocean has been crossed and a bridge built on it, has come within the range of my sight in the battle field now.
vrm.6.100 "O the foremost of the Vanaras who are so difficult to conquer! Seated on the mountain peaks, you witness at ease, this battle between myself and Ravana.
vrm.6.101 The Vanaras saw that Rama, thus lamenting with his mind reeling and distressed in grief and pitiably sighing his breath repeatedly.
vrm.6.101 Thinking thus, the mighty Hanuma the excellent of Vanaras, having gone quickly and approaching that excellent mountain, taking that mountain peak with his arms, shaking it violently for three times and uprooting the mountain peak, which was endowed with many trees in bloom, lifted it up, so mighty as he was.
vrm.6.101 Arriving with a great speed, Hanuma putting down the mountain peak and resting for a while, spoke the following words to Sushena: "O the excellent of Vanaras! I have brought the entire mountain peak, as I could not identify those herbs.
vrm.6.101 Eulogizing Hanuma, who was thus narrating his trip, Sushena, the excellent of Vanaras, pulling out the herbs, took hold off them.
vrm.6.101 Then, crushign that herb, Sushena the excellent of Vanaras, having a great splendour, administered it through Lakshmana s nose.
vrm.6.103 While being struck by volleys of stones hurled by the Vanaras and the showers of arrows coming from Rama, Ravana felt bewildered at heart.
vrm.6.107 The Rakshasas beholding Ravana and the army of Vanaras seeing Rama with their eyes in amazement appeared as though they were paintings.
vrm.6.107 Leaving alone Rama s chariot, Ravana released arrows on the army of Vanaras on all sides, thus wholly covering the sky.
vrm.6.108 The Vanaras, who fought with trees, fell upon the Rakshasas from all sides.
vrm.6.108 Seeing the killing of Ravana, the Vanaras assumed a triumphant appearance.
vrm.6.108 Tormented by the Vanaras, the Rakshasas rushed back with panic towards Lanka, with faces looking miserable and tears flowing down, their supporter having been killed.
vrm.6.108 Roaring shouts of joy, quite rejoiced as they were, and proclaiming Rama s victory and the killing of Ravana in his hands, the Vanaras behaved like conquerors.
vrm.6.110 "This destruction of the Vanaras, your Rakshasas as also yourself, in the battle, has happened at the juncture of the Providence alone, O the great armed!"
vrm.6.111 "The day when the terrific Vanaras built a bridge on the great ocean, that day itself I believed that Rama was not an ordinary mortal.
vrm.6.111 But for Indra, where is the capacity even to behold you in battle? "This Rama is certainly a great ascetic, an eternal person, having no beginning middle or end, greater than distinguished universal spirit like Brahma, the one beyond ignorance, the nourisher, wielding a conch, a disc and a mace, wearing the Srivatsa mark on his chest, of lasting beauty, incapable of being conquered, a perpetual one, being the constant soul of the universe, truly mighty, the lord of all the worlds, the prosperous one having a great splendour and Vishnu, with a wish to benefit the worlds, assuming a human form surrounded by all the Gods in the form of Vanaras, Rama killed you, surrounded by Rakshasas.
vrm.6.112 Chatting themselves about the awful destruction of Ravana, the terrific prowess of Rama, the admirable combat of the Vanaras, the counsel tendered by Sugreeva, the affection and valour of Lakshmana the son of Sumitra the loyaltyof Seetha to her husband and about the strength of Hanuma, the illustrious Devas and others rejoicingly returned as they had come.
vrm.6.112 Thereupon, those excellent Vanaras, with the swiftness of thought, moving very quickly from that place, returned, having obtained the water from the sea.
vrm.6.112 Then, all the Rakshasas as well as the Vanaras consecrated Vibhishana.
vrm.6.112 "O Hanuma the master of Vanaras! Making clear this favourite news to Seetha, you ought to return, taking back her message.
vrm.6.113 “O Seetha! Rama is well, together with Sugreeva and Lakshmana, along with Vibhishana as his supporter and collectively with the army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.113 Rama and Lakshmana, with the support of Vibhishana and the Vanaras, killed the valiant Ravana.
vrm.6.113 Thus spoken by Hanuma, that Seetha the daughter of Janaka spoke as follows: “O the foremost of Vanaras! I long to see my husband.
vrm.6.113 Then, Hanuma the excellent of Vanaras speedily narrated, in order of sequence, the message given by Seetha, to Rama who was equal to Indra.
vrm.6.114 Crowds of Rikshas, Vanaras and Rakshasas, dispersed on all sides, bounced for a distance, from their nearness to the palanquin.
vrm.6.114 Let these Vanaras see Seetha in my presence.
vrm.6.115 In the midst of Vanaras and Rakshasas, Rama spoke as follows to Seetha, whose eyes resembled the petals of a lotus, who wore dark curly hair and was endowed with fine hips.
vrm.6.116 While she was entering deeply into the fire, a loud sound, which appeared strange, uttering Alas, Alas rose both from the Rakshasas and the Vanaras alike.
vrm.6.120 "Let all the Vanaras, who reached the abode of death, after displaying their energyfor "O the bestower of honour! I wish to see all those Vanaras, who for my sake, were removed from their sons and wives, be delighted at heart.
vrm.6.120 "O bestower of honour! I wish to see the Vanaras and Rikshas, free from wounds and pains, with augmented strength and valour.
vrm.6.120 "Wherever the aforesaid Vanaras live, let there be rivers with crystal clear water, flowers, roots and fruits even in an off season.
vrm.6.120 "Let all those Vanaras and Rikshas along with long tailed Monkeys, who have been killed in battle, by the Rakshasas and whose heads and arms have been severed, be alive and active again.
vrm.6.120 "Without any ill health andwounds and with boosted strength and valour, the Vanaras will srise again, as those fallen asleep would do at the end of their sleep.
vrm.6.120 All the Vanaras felt surprised, saying to one another "What miracle is this?" Seeing Rama, whose wish has been fully realised, all the foremost of Devas, with a great delight, spoke praisingly to Rama and Lakshmana: "O monarch! Proceed to Ayodhya from here and disband the Vanaras.
vrm.6.120 having respectfully saluted all those Devas, Rama along with Lakshmana his brother, then instructed all the Vanaras to take rest in their respective places.
vrm.6.121 Hearing the words of Vibhishana, Rama replied as follows: “You invite the Vanaras headed by Sugreeva for the bath.
vrm.6.121 Hearing those words, Rama replied to Vibhishana as follows, while all the Rakshasas and the Vanaras present there, listened: “O destroyer of enemies! O hero! I stand honoured by you by your valued counsel, your efforts put forth with your whole soul and more so by your friendship.
vrm.6.122 “Let all these Vanaras and Rikshas ie.
vrm.6.122 denizens of forests, who performed tasks of exertion, be honoured with tasks of exertion, be honoured with precious stones and riches of various kinds, O Vibhishana!” “O Vibhishana the king of Rakshasas! Lanka has conquered by you, in collaboration with these Vanaras, who never turned their backs in battles and fought joyfully, ignoring all risk to their lives.
vrm.6.122 “All these Vanaras, without exceptions, have accomplished their task.
vrm.6.122 Hearing the words of Rama, Vibhishana honoured all those Vanaras, by dispersing precious stones and gold to them.
vrm.6.122 Bestowing attention on all the Vanaras as well as Vibhishana and the mighty Sugreeva, Rama remaining in the aerial car, spoke as follows:
vrm.6.122 “O the foremost of Vanaras! This work of a friend has been accomplished by you.
vrm.6.122 Hearing the words of Rama, the Vanara chiefs, the Vanaras, Vibhishana the Rakshasa and all of them there, with their joined palms, spoke as follows: “We also wish to proceed to Ayodhya.
vrm.6.122 Hearing those words of the Vanaras and Vibhishana, that pious minded Rama spoke to those Vanaras, Sugreeva and Vibhishana as follows: “Something more dearer than everything dear will be achieved by me, if I reach Ayodhya with the host of my friends along with all of you, for, I shall feel delighted.
vrm.6.122 “O Sugreeva! Mount the aerial cars quickly, along with the Vanaras.
vrm.6.122 Thereupon, that Sugreeva along with the Vanaras gladly ascended that wonderful Pushpaka, the aerial car.
vrm.6.122 All those mighty Vanaras, Rikshas and Rakshasas sat comfortably and spaciously in that wonderful aerial car.
vrm.6.123 “O Seetha! Look at this great battle field, covered with a mud of flesh and blood as also a cause for the death of Vanaras and Rakshasas.
vrm.6.123 "O the king of Vanaras! Instruct all the Vanara chiefs to come to Ayodhya in the company of their wives.
vrm.6.123 "O the mighty Sugreeva, the King of Vanaras! You too hasten to depart, taking the wives of all the Vanaras "we shall proceed.
vrm.6.123 Hearing the words of Rama of great splendour, that illustrious Sugreeva, the lord of Vanaras accompanied by all those Vanaras, quickly entering his gynaecium, spoke to Tara as follows:
vrm.6.123 "O the beloved lady! You have been permitted by Rama to proceed to Ayodhya, in the company of the wives of the great souled Vanaras, with an intent to gratify Seetha.
vrm.6.123 "You hurry up, to proceed to Ayodhya, with the wives of the Vanaras.
vrm.6.123 Hearing the words of Sugreeva, Tara, who was charming of every limb, called all the spouses of the Vanaras and spoke to them as follows:
vrm.6.123 "Duly permitted by Sugreeva and all the Vanaras, hurry up to proceed to Ayodhya.
vrm.6.123 Duly permitted by Tara, all the wives of the Vanaras, wearing their costumes as per rule and going round the aerial car clockwise, ascended it with an intent to see Seetha.
vrm.6.123 Seeing the aerial car having risen quickly, after having taken the wives of Vanaras too, Rama again spoke to Seetha at the vicinity of Mount Rishyamuka as follows:
vrm.6.123 "O Seetha! Here did I meet Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras and an agreement too was made by me for the killing of Vali.
vrm.6.123 Thereupon, all those Vanaras and the rejoiced Rakshasas along with Vibhishana, at that time, bounding again and again to have a glimpse of it saw that City.
vrm.6.123 Thereupon, the Vanaras along with the Rakshasas beheld that Ayodhya, having rows of white palaces, intersected with wide roads, and crowded with Elephants and Horses, looking like Amaravati, the City of Indra
vrm.6.125 Having thus contemplated, the sagacious and the glorious Rama then cast his glimpse on the Vanaras and spoke to Hanuma, the Vanara as follows: “O the foremost of the Vanaras! Going with all speed to Ayodhya, find out whether the people there, are safe in the royal palace.
vrm.6.125 “O gentle Hanuma! Inform to Bharata, of me as having come near Ayodhya, along with Vibhishana and Sugreeva the lord of Vanaras.
vrm.6.125 Going quickly for a long distance, that foremost of the Vanaras reached trees in flowering, near Nandigrama and looking like those comprised in the garden of Kubera known by the name, Chitraratha and frequented by women along with their sons and elders, charmingly adorned as they were.
vrm.6.126 "This common saying sounds to me good, that bliss comes to a surviving man, even if it be after a hundred years!" "How and on what ground, an alliance has been concluded between Rama and the Vanaras and at what place? Tell the truth to me, enquiring as I am.
vrm.6.126 "Then, in surprise, some Vanaras who was staying on a mountain peak, looking like mountain, saw, with astonishment writ large in their faces, Ravana the king of Rakshasas, passing that way, taking away Seetha.
vrm.6.126 Sugreeva", who was established in his kingdom with all, his Vanaras, had given his pledge to Rama, to commence a search for Seetha the princess.
vrm.6.126 Ten" crores of Vanaras were accordingly commanded by the great souled Sugreeva and sent to all the four quarters.
vrm.6.126 "Then, on reaching the ocean, he got a bridge constructed by Nala and through that bridge, the army of the valiant Vanaras crossed the ocean.
vrm.6.126 "Having been granted boons, Rama for his part flew to Kishkindha in an aerial car called Pushpaka, along with the Vanaras who gathered there.
vrm.6.127 “Indeed, I hope the fickle mindedness which constitutes the peculiarity of Vanaras, has not been resorted to by you.
vrm.6.127 “A formidable roar of rejoiced Vanaras is being heard, for, they are seeing on the way, trees which continually, yield fruit, adorned with blossom, flowing with honey which is drunk by bees, making reverberant humming sounds all due to the grace of Sage Bharadwaja O Bharata, the destroyer of adversaries! A boon was conferred by Indra, by virtue of which a hospitality rich with all excellences was earlier extended by Bharadwaja to you, with your entire army.
vrm.6.127 I presume that the aforesaid army of Vanaras is crossing the rivers, Gomati.
vrm.6.127 I presume that the Vanaras are shaking the beautiful grove of Sala trees.
vrm.6.127 He also embraced Sushena, Nala, Gavaksha, Gandhamadana, Sharabha, Panasa and the surrounding Vanaras.
vrm.6.127 Then, those Vanaras, who can change their form at will, assumed the form of humans and rejoicingly asked about the welfare of Bharata.
vrm.6.127 Seeing that Bharata, speaking thus with affection with his brother, Vibhishana the Rakshasa and the Vanaras shed their tears.
vrm.6.127 Placing Bharata on his lap with delight, Rama thereupon flew with his army of Vanaras and Rikshas in that aerial car to the hermitage of Bharata.
vrm.6.128 Bharata, having bathed first, the mighty Lakshmana, Sugreeva the lord of Vanaras and Vibhishana the king of Rakshasas took bath.
vrm.6.128 Thereupon, the delightful Kausalya, who was affectionate of her sons, adorned with zeal all the wives of Vanaras.
vrm.6.128 Thereupon, Sugreeva, the foremost of Vanaras, possessing a great splendor, mounted an Elephant named Shatrunjaya, looking like a mountain.
vrm.6.128 Assuming human forms and adorned with all types of ornaments, Vanaras sallied forth, mounting on mine thousand Elephants.
vrm.6.128 Then, Rama narrated about his friendship established with Sugreeva, the power of Hanuma and the great act of Vanaras to his ministers.
vrm.6.128 Hearing the well known achievement Vanaras and the commonly known strength of the Rakshasas, the citizens of Ayodhya were astonished.
vrm.6.128 After recounting it, the resplendent Rama entered Ayodhya crowded with happy and rejoiced people, together with the Vanaras.
vrm.6.128 Sugreeva then gave four golden jars encrusted with jewels, to four leaders of Vanaras.
vrm.6.128 "O Vanaras! Get ready in such a way that you await my orders tomorrow at dawn, with your water jars filled with water from the four oceans respectively.
vrm.6.128 The great souled Vanaras, resembling Elephants and going speedily like Eagles, thus ordered by Sugreeva, leapt quickly into the sky.
vrm.6.128 Then, Shatrughna, accompanied by the counsellors, reported to Vasishta, their chief priest and his friends, about that water intended for Rama s coronation brought by those foremost of Vanaras.
vrm.6.128 Shatrughna held over him, a white and charming Parasol Sugreeva the king of Vanaras, a white whisk and vibhishana the lord of Rakshasas, another whisk shining like the moon.
vrm.6.128 Looking towards Hanuma the Vanara, Seetha, daughter of Janaka, having taken off the pearl string from her neck, repeatedly caught the glimpse of all the Vanaras and her husband.
vrm.6.128 Hanuma, the foremost among the Vanaras, by wearing that necklace, which was as white as a heap of moonlight beams, shone brilliantly as a mountain silvered by a white cloud.
vrm.6.128 All the elder ones among the Vanaras and others, who were foremost among the moneys, were honoured suitably with raiment and ornaments.
vrm.6.128 Rama, who was unwearied in action, then suitably honoured Vibhishana, Sugreeva, Hanuma, Jambavan and all other eminent Vanaras with desired objects and abundant gifts.
vrm.6.128 Thereafter, all those excellent great souled Vanaras, offering their salutation to Rama and getting permission from him, returned to Kishkindha.
vrm.6.128 Having seen Rama s coronation ceremony, Sugreeva the chief of Vanaras, after getting honoured by Rama, entered the city of Kishkindha.
vrm.7.16 Thereat, growing enraged, the reverend Nandi Sankara s other body spoke unto that Raksha Dasagriva present there; As O Dasanana, deriding me for my monkey like form, thou hast indulged in a laughter resembling the bursting of thunder, so Vanaras endowed with prowess, and possessed of my form and energy shall be born for compassing the destruction, of thy race.
vrm.7.35 Hearing the words of Agastya, Rama, Lakshmana, Vanaras and Rakshasas all said "wonderful it is"; and Vibhishana, who was by the side of Rama, said: After a long time, the old recollections have come to my mind.
vrm.7.39 Behold, O Dasanana, there lie the bones of all those, like conch, who came here to fight with the powerful king of Vanaras.
vrm.7.39 Rising high op into the sky where even the birds cannot reach, Vali, the lord of Vanaras and gifted with great velocity, by and by finished his Sandhya rites above the oceans.
vrm.7.39 And having recited his prayers there also, Vali, the son of Indra, and the king of Vanaras, carrying Ravana, returned to the city of Kishkindha.
vrm.7.39 Having got out Ravana from his arm pit, the foremost of Vanaras, laughing again and again said: Whence art thou coming?" Thereupon being surprised greatly, Dasanana, the king of Rakshasas, with eyes, shaking with exhaustion, said to the king of Vanaras: O king of Vanaras, resembling Mahendra, I am Ravana, the king of Rakshasas; I came here to fight: but I have beeen defeated by thee.
vrm.7.39 But now I wish, O king of Vanaras, to make friends with thee for ever before fire.
vrm.7.39 O king of Vanaras, from to day, wife, sons, city, kingdom, enjoyment, cloth and food shall be our common.
vrm.7.39 Thereupon having lighted up fire the king of Vanaras and the king of Rakshasas, embracing each other, became friends.
vrm.7.40 What more, had not Hanuman, the friend of the king of Vanaras Sugriva, been in my company who could have brought Sita s intelligence ?Why did not Hanuman, although wishing welfare unto Sugriva, reduce Vali to ashes like so many creepers on the occasion of his quarrel with Sugriva ?Methinks, Hanuman was not cognisant of his own prowess then ?And therefore he did stoop to witness the miseries of Sugriva the king of Vanaras who was dearer than his life.
vrm.7.41 O foremost of Vanaras, living upon many a fruit and root in that picturesque mountain thou shouldst always live by me.
vrm.7.41 Brahma having said this, O Raghava, the foremost of Vanaras saluted that god of gods, placing his head at his feet and said to that Primaeval deity, the creator of beings and the lord of the universe.
vrm.7.42 Thus the two highly powerful Vanaras being born, Indra went back to his region having conferred upon Vali an un ending garland of gold.
vrm.7.42 Having thus regained his Vanara form he made his two highly powerful sons, leading Vanaras, assuming shapes at will and having twany eyes, drink honey like nectar.
vrm.7.42 There live many thousand Vanaras besides others assuming shapes at will.
vrm.7.42 Do thou place there Riksharaja, the foremost of Vanaras, with his sons ;and having invited the leading Vanaras and others and received them courteously do thou install him on the throne.
vrm.7.42 And being sprinkled according to theceremonies of installation, and adorned with a crown and various other ornaments he, with a delighted heart, engaged in governing the Vanaras.
vrm.7.42 I have duty described to thee at length all events and bare recounted the stories relating to the bith of the Kings of Vanaras and Rakshasas.
vrm.7.43 I am not the least surprised to learn, O twice born one, that those two sons of the Devas would be two highly powerful leading Vanaras since their origin is divine.
vrm.7.46 And having their eyes expanded with delight the Vanaras, with Sugriva, the Rakshasas with Vibhishana, the kings with their councillors, and all other assembled pious Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, and Sudras, delightedly espied Rama.
vrm.7.46 The sun set, Rama, the foremost of men, gave farewell to Vanaras and their king and duly went through the Sandhya rite.
vrm.7.49 Having delightedly accepted those gifts Rama in return made presents of them unto the successful king Sugriva, Vibhishana and other Rakshasas and Vanaras by whose help he had achieved victory.
vrm.7.49 And those highly powerful Vanaras and night rangers wore on their heads and arms those jewels conferred on them by Rama.
vrm.7.49 For thee, therefore, O king of Vanaras, I should honor them in various ways.
vrm.7.49 Thereupon having welcomed and casting loving looks upon the highly powerful and leading Vanaras such as Neela, Kesarin, Kumuda, Gandhamadana, Sushena, Panasa, Mainda, Dvivida, Jambavan, Gabaksha, Dhuara, Baleemukha, Prajaghna, Saunada, Dariimukha, Dadhimuka, Indrajanu and others, he addressed them all in sweet accents, saying: You are all my friends like unto my limbs and brothers.
vrm.7.49 The Vanaras lived there all happily feasting on fragrant honey, well cooked meat and various fruits and roots.
vrm.7.49 He, too also spent his time happily with Vanaras assuming shapes at will, the highly powerful Rakshasas and the mighty Rikshas.
vrm.7.49 In this way the delighted Vanaras and Rakshasas spent the second winter month.
vrm.7.50 In this wise, the Vanaras, Rikshas and Rakshasas spent their days in Ayodhya.
vrm.7.50 Do thou, O Sugriva, protect lovingly the highly powerful Hanuman, Nala, thy father in law Sushena, the mighty Tara, irrepressible Kumada, the powerful Neela, the heroic Satabali, Mainda, Dvivida, Gaya, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sarava, the irresprcssible and powerful king of Rikshas Jambavan, Gandhamadana, valiant Rishava, Supatala, Kesari, Sarabha and Sumbha these and other heroic Vanaras who dedicated their lives to my service.
vrm.7.50 Hearing the words of Rama, the bears, Vanaras and Rakshasas repeatedly exclaimed glory unto Rama and said "O Rama, having long arms, thy understanding resembleth that of the Self Sprung, thy prowess is equally wonderful and thy beauty is also par excellence.
vrm.7.50 The Vanaras and Rakshasas having said this, Hanuman bowing, said unto Rama "May my loving reverence be always in thee, O king; may my devotion unto thee remain unshaken, O hero; and may my mind be not attached unto any other thing.
vrm.7.50 After Hanuman had said this, Rama rose up from his throne and having embraced Hanuman afectionately said, "O foremost of Vanaras, what thou hast said, shall undoubtedly be caried out into action.
vrm.7.50 Like unto the mountain Sumeru beautified by the rising of the moon on its summit, Hanuman, the foremost of Vanaras, appeared graceful with the chain placed on his breast.
vrm.7.50 And hearing the words of Raghava, the highly powerful Vanaras, one by one, saluted Rama, touching his feet and went away.
vrm.7.50 And other Vanaras and Rakshasas were all moved with tears and sorrow to take leave of Rama.
vrm.7.50 Having received favours thus from the high souled Raghava the Vanaras went away to their own houses like unto bodied creatures leaving of their bodies.
vrm.7.50 Thereupon the Rakshasas, bears, Vanaras, having bowed unto Rama, the glory of the Raghu family and with their eyes full of tears consequent upon his separation, went away to the countries from which they had hailed.
vrm.7.51 Having bade adieu unto Rikshas, Vanaras and Rakshasas the long armed Rama began to live happiiy in the company of his brothers.
vrm.7.53 Indeed Rama hath accomplished a wonderfully hard work; our ancestors, the Devas, the Danavas none heard of constructing a bridge over the ocean Rama? hath slain the irrepressible Ravana with his army and brought over the Vanaras, Rikshas and Rakshasas to his own side.
vrm.7.104 And according to their desire he said to Lakshmana "O thou having long arms, do thou soon send an emissary to the high souled Sugriva, communicating unto him Do thou come here to enjoy festivities in the company of all those highly powerful Vanaras and bears, under thee ;may good betide thee.
vrm.7.104 And the highly powerful Vanaras with Sugriva and Brahmanas engaged in the work of distribution.
vrm.7.105 The high souled Vanaras, with Sugriva, being self controlled engaged in attending upon the Brahmanas.
vrm.7.105 Indeed before words came out from the lips of the beggars, Vanaras and Rakshasas satisfied them with gifts.
vrm.7.105 And being present everywhere the Rakshasas and Vanaras gave away enough of riches and clothes even unto them who did not want.
vrm.7.108 Rama heard that highly sacred theme for many long days in the company of ascetics, kings and Vanaras.
vrm.7.109 The highly powerful Rakshasas and Vanaras also came there out of curiosity.
vrm.7.111 Sita having entered Rasatala, all the Vanaras and Rishis repeatedly eulogised her before Rama.
vrm.7.112 Having conferred various gifts upon the kings, Rakshasas, Vanaras, and leading Brahmanas, Rama sent them away and meditating upon Sita s absence entered Ayodhya.
vrm.7.112 And being under his subjection, Rikshas, Vanaras, Rakshasas and kings always aforded delight unto him.
vrm.7.121 Immediately after Rama had said this, Vanaras assuming shapes at will Rikshas and Rakshas, began to assemble there.
vrm.7.121 Apprised of Rama s determination of going to heaven, Vanaras, born of the Devas, Rishis and Gandharvas taking Sugriva before them, came there to see Rama.
vrm.7.121 Hearing the words of Vanaras, Rama said that their desire would be fulilled.
vrm.7.121 Having thus addressed them all Kakuthstha said to Rikshas and Vanaras.
vrm.7.122 Bathed and delighted all the Vanaras, healthy and joyous following Rama, created a continued tumult.
vrm.7.122 Rikshas, Vanaras and Rakshasas and all the citizens, followed him with great devotion and collected minds.
vrm.7.123 The Vanaras and bears shall enter into their respective celestial forms.

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