Vanaras 2

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Continued from Part 1

vrm.5.56 Rama", accompanied by the leaders of Vanaras and Rikshas, will come soon and after conquering the enemies in battle, will take away your grief.
vrm.5.56 Thereafter, that Hanuma the foremost among the Vanaras, and the annihilator of enemies, with an anxious desire to see his lord, ascended the Mount Arishta of excellence.
vrm.5.56 Hanuma, the foremost among the Vanaras and the son of the wind god, entered the sky towards northern direction, like a wind, from southern direction.
vrm.5.57 All those Vanaras, who were distressed in mind for not having heard the news of Seetha hitherto, heard Hanuma s roar similar to the roar of a rumbling cloud.
vrm.5.57 The Jambavan, the foremot among the Vanaras and Rikshas, with his mind thrilled with joy, having summoned all the Vanaras, spoke the follwoing words:
vrm.5.57 Hearing the sound of the dashing movement of the high souled Hanuma s arms and thighs, the Vanaras moved by jumps with joy from their respective places.
vrm.5.57 Those Vanaras with joy, longing to see Hanuma, took off from the top of one tree to the tops of other trees as also from one mountain summit to the other summits.
vrm.5.57 Those Vanaras, grasping the boughs at the tops of trees, and standing there firmly, joyously waved the twigs, as if they are their raiments.
vrm.5.57 Seeing that Hanuma then rushing like a dense cloud, all those Vanaras stood there, joining their palms in salutation.
vrm.5.57 Then, all the foremost of those Vanaras, with their pleasing hearts, stood surrounding the high souled Hanuma.
vrm.5.57 All those mokeys with their delightful faces, taking roots and fruits as their presents, honured Hanuma, the foremost among the Vanaras, who came back hale and healthy.
vrm.5.57 Then, Hanuma the excellent one among the Vanaras, on his part, offered his salutation to venerable persons and elders like Jambavan in the first place, as also Angada, the prince.
vrm.5.57 The other Vanaras also made him gracious.
vrm.5.57 Then, the pleased Hanuma spoke the following words to those excellent Vanaras: I saw that Seetha, the duaghter of Janaka, who was staying in Ashoka garden, guarded unblemished by highly dreadful female Rakshasas and wearing a single braid, young woman, as she was, longing to see Rama, thoroughly fatigued due to her fasting, with her hair twisted together, wearing soiled clothes and looking emaciated.
vrm.5.57 Hearing from Hanuma that important and nectar like word to the effect that Seetha had been seen all the Vanaras became delighted.
vrm.5.57 Some mighty Vanaras made a lion s roar.
vrm.5.57 Some eminent Vanaras, with joy and with their tails lifted up, waved their distended curved tails.
vrm.5.57 Descending from the mountain tops some other Vanaras, with delight, fondingly touched Hanuma who resembled an Elephant.
vrm.5.57 After hearing the words of Hanuma, Angada spoke the follwoing excellent words in the midst of those eminent Vanaras.
vrm.5.57 Very much delighted, the Vanaras then sat on extensive flat rocks
vrm.5.57 Longing to hear about crossing of ocean and the seeing of Lanka, Seetha and Ravana, all those excellent Vanaras waited with their joined palms, in anctipation of Hanuma s words.
vrm.5.57 The auspicious Angada encircled by many Vanaras there, waited like Indra who was waited upon by Devas in heaven.
vrm.5.58 Thereafter, the mighty Vanaras, headed by Hanuma and others, experienced a great joy on that summit of Mount Mahendra.
vrm.5.58 "O excellent of Vanaras! The Devas have shown you as my eatable.
vrm.5.58 The divine Surasa, in her native form, spoke to me again, as follows: O gently Vanara! O the foremost among Vanaras! Go happily for the fulfillment of your purpose.
vrm.5.58 "Hearing the words spoken by me, which are adored by the assemblies of royal sages, Seetha the princess, with her eyes filled with tears, spoke to me, as follows:" O the foremost among the Vanaras! Who are you? Why did you come here? How did you come? What type of friendship do you have with Rama? You ought to tell me all this?" "Hearing those words of Seetha, I spoke the following words: O princess! There is a courageous king of Vanaras, by name Sugreeva, who is a mighty companion to your husband, possessing a terrific prowess.
vrm.5.58 Killing Vali by a single arrow in combat, Rama made Sugreeva lord of Vanaras an emperor of Vanaras
vrm.5.58 Even before the heroic Vanaras destroy your army, bring Seetha quickly and give her back to Rama
vrm.5.58 To whom is this strength of the Vanaras not already known, who go even to the presence of Gods, when invited by them for help? Sugreeva the king of Vanaras has sent the foregoing message to you.
vrm.5.59 It is indeed proper to see those two princes Rama and Lakshmana along with Seetha, after taking permission from all the great Vanaras headed by Jambavan.
vrm.5.59 “These two illustrious sons of Ashvini Kumaras, Mainda and Dvivida are the foremost among the Vanaras.
vrm.5.59 In the battle field, I do not find anyone who can fight against these two Vanaras.
vrm.5.59 "Proud of having received boons from Brahma the creator and their grandfather and abiding in a supreme haughtiness, these two foremost among all the Vanaras live on Amrita the nectar.
vrm.5.59 "By the pride of those boons, those two heroic Vanaras harassed a great army of Suras and thereupon drank up Amrita, excited as they were with joy.
vrm.5.59 "Let all the other Vanaras stand aside.
vrm.5.60 "O the best of Vanaras! No one is equal to us even in our prowess nor indeed anyone who can leap like us in the worlds either of Devas or Daityas.
vrm.5.61 Thereupon, the heroic Vanaras like Angada and others as also Hanuma, the great one among the Vanaras accepted the words of Jambavan.
vrm.5.61 Then, the excellent Vanaras, resembling Meru and Mandara mountains, like Elephants in rut, as if covering the sky, having huge bodies and colossal strength, keeping Hanuma in their front, leaving Mount Mahendra, went ahead leaping delightfully.
vrm.5.61 Then, those Vanaras, leaping into the sky and floating in the air, reached a garden looking like Nandanavana the divine grove filled with trees and creepers.
vrm.5.61 Reaching that huge grove, which was very dear to the heart of Sugreeva, those Vanaras became highly excessive in their behaviour.
vrm.5.61 Then, seeing that large Madhuvana, the garden abounded in honey, those Vanaras, whose colour was as yellow as honey, were delighted and solicited Angada the prince for permission to taste the honey.
vrm.5.61 Thereupon, Angada the prince, taking approval from those elders like Jambavan and others, gave the Vanaras a liberty to drink honey there.
vrm.5.61 Thereafter, all those Vanaras, thus permitted to drink honey, were exceedingly pleased.
vrm.5.61 Then, those excited Vanaras felt glad and began dancing.
vrm.5.61 That army of Vanaras, moving in excessively honey drunken state, became highly excited.
vrm.5.61 leaves and flowers the Vanara named Dadhimukha who was incharge of the grove then angrily interrupted those Vanaras.
vrm.5.61 Threatened by those Vanaras who were behaving excessively, Dadhimukha who was endowed with a terrible energy, the care taker of the grove and an elderly hero of the Vanaras further contemplated the means to protect that grove from the Vanaras.
vrm.5.61 That Dadhimukha was dragged, after coming into collusion with him by those Vanaras, who were being forcibly hindered by him, eventhough those Vanaras overpowered him with unrestrained emotion arising out of their intoxication, those who had abandoned their fear disregarding any bad consequence of their act.
vrm.5.62 Hanuma, like a bull among the Vanaras and the foremost among them spoke to them as follows: "Cherish the honey with a cool mind, O Vanaras! I will keep off your opposer who is standing in your way.
vrm.5.62 Hearing the words of Hanuma, the gracious minded Angada the principal among the Vanaras repeated the words: "Let the Vanaras drink the honey.
vrm.5.62 Wherefore then, moreover, on such an occasion?" Hearing the words coming from the mouth of Angada, those Vanaras who were like bulls among the Vanaras were delighted and answered with reverence, saying good, good!
vrm.5.62 Reverencing Angada the foremost among the Vanaras, all the Vanaras rushed towards Madhuvana, the grove abounding in honey, like the rush of a river towards a tree.
vrm.5.62 Because Hanuma had seen Seetha and others had heard of her and because of the grant of permission from Angada, all those gifted Vanaras entered Madhuvana the grove, overpowered the guards with their prowess, drank honey and the partook juicy fruits there.
vrm.5.62 Then, all those Vanaras jumped on the guards of the grove, who came there in hundreds together and banged them.
vrm.5.62 All those Vanaras together took vessels of honey in their arms and drank them.
vrm.5.62 Some Vanaras, with their skin colour as yellow as honey, after drinking vessels of honey, also threw some honey away.
vrm.5.62 Those Vanaras, who were intoxicated by drinking the honey, became inebriated and started pushing one another cheerfully and some others began to stumble.
vrm.5.62 Some Vanaras, inebriated as they were by drinking honey, simply slept on the floor.
vrm.5.62 The honey keepers, who were there as messengers of Dadhimukha in that Madhuvana, were warded off by the terrific Vanaras and they fled to different directions.
vrm.5.62 Dragged by their knees and tossed up in the air by the Vanaras, those honey keepers were very much depressed, went to Dadhimukha and complained as follows: "The Vanaras, as permitted by Hanuma, violently destroyed Madhuvana.
vrm.5.62 Hearing that Madhuvana was damaged, Dadhimukha, the grove protector there was enraged and thereafter consoled those Vanaras as follows:
vrm.5.62 "Come here let us go there and prevent by our force, the Vanaras who are arrogant of their strength and are consuming the honey.
vrm.5.62 Hearing these words of Dadhimukha, the foremost of those Vanaras who displayed their heroism, quickly went again to madhuvana along with him.
vrm.5.62 Grasping a tree, Dadhimukha speedily took up his position in the middle of those Vanaras in Madhuvana.
vrm.5.62 All his follower Vanaras also ran with him.
vrm.5.62 Those enraged Vanaras, taking rocks, trees and even mountains, went to the place wehre those foremost of Vanaras were there.
vrm.5.62 Those heroic Vanaras, keeping the words of their master in mind, briskly ran with Sala trees, palm trees and rocks as their weapons.
vrm.5.62 Then, the valiant guards of the grove running in thousands invaded the Vanaras who were on trees, at the foot of the trees and who were arrogant of their strength.
vrm.5.62 Seeing Dadhimukha coming with anger, Hanuma along with eminent Vanaras ran towards him with speed.
vrm.5.62 That Dadhimukha, the valiant Elephant among the Vanaras, who was afflicted with his broken arms, thighs and shoulders, drenched as he was in blood, lost his consciousness for a moment.
vrm.5.62 That Dadhimukha, Sugreeva s maternal uncle, quickly recovering his breath, was enraged and resisted those Vanaras, who were highly intoxicated because of drinking of honey, by a proper reprimand.
vrm.5.62 Somehow released by those Vanaras that Dadhimukha the foremost among the Vanaras, went to a solitary place and spoke to his messengers who came there as follows: "Let these Vanaras stay here.
vrm.5.62 We will go to the place where the thick necked Sugreeva, our lord of the Vanaras stays together with Rama.
vrm.5.62 Hearing my words, the enraged king will get the Vanaras killed.
vrm.5.62 "The longevity of these Vanaras got reduced, as they were very much lustful of honey.
vrm.5.62 That Sugreeva can get these Vanaras together with their companions, killed as a matter of punishment.
vrm.5.63 Just on seeing Dadhimukha, who fell touching his feet with his head, Sugreeva the chief of Vanaras, with an agitated mind, spoke the following words: "O valiant Vanara! Stand up, rise! Why have you fallen on my feet? I grant you immunity from fear.
vrm.5.63 That Madhuvana has been consumed away by the Vanaras.
vrm.5.63 "When these guards of the grove obstructed the Vanaras, they disregarded the guards and continue to eat the fruits and drink the honey too.
vrm.5.63 "When these guards of the grove became angry and tried to keep them off from the grove, those enraged Vanaras threatened them.
vrm.5.63 "O chief of Vanaras! Then, those valiant Vanaras in large numbers, having their red eyes in anger, drove away these Vanaras.
vrm.5.63 "Those Vanaras struck some of the guards with their hands.
vrm.5.63 "While you are in the position of a king, those Vanaras have beaten these valiant guards and are eating away the entire Maduvana too.
vrm.5.63 Lakshmana, the killer of hostile heroes and a very wise man, asked that Sugreeva, the excellent of Vanaras as follows while Dadhimukha was thus reporting to him: "O king! Why has this Vanara the garden protector, come here? Pointing out what matter has this Vanara in grief, spoken these words to you?"
vrm.5.63 Hearing the words of the high souled Lakshmana, the eloquent Sugreeva replied to him as follows: "O esteemed Lakshmana! Dadhimukha, the valiant Vanara is informing that the foremost of Vanaras, who returned from the southern direction, after searching for Seetha as also Angada and other heroes consumed honey.
vrm.5.63 "By seeing the manner in which these returned Vanaras overpowered, destroyed and behaved towards Madhuvana, we can deduce that the Vanaras would not have indulged in such an exploit, had they not accomplished my purpose.
vrm.5.63 "When those Vanaras have overpowered Madhuvana, then it means that our task has been accomplished by the Vanaras.
vrm.5.63 In that Hanuma, the foremost among the Vanaras, capacity to accomplish any object intelligence strenuous, vigour effort and learning are well established in his life.
vrm.5.63 "O the long armed Lakshmana! Perceive the truth that Seetha has been seen and see that all Vanaras, getting together, are drinking honey.
vrm.5.63 "O Lakshmana, the foremost among men! If the renowned Vanaras have not seen Seetha, they would not have abused the charming grove which was granted as a boon.
vrm.5.63 Hearing those words of Dadhimukha, Sugreeva with a charming neck, was very much pleased and further spoke to Dadhimukha, the guardian of the grove as follows: "I am happy that Madhuvana has been enjoyed by those Vanaras, who have accomplished their act.
vrm.5.63 Since the act damage to the grove done by those Vanaras, who have accomplished their purpose is fit to be forgiven, I pardon them.
vrm.5.63 "I, together with Rama and Lakshmana, soon desire to see those Vanaras, with Hanuma as their chief, who having acquired the pride of a lion and who attained his purpose and also to hear about their effort in finding out Seetha.
vrm.5.63 Seeing Rama and Lakshmana with their eyes filled with ecstatic delight, the princes, who were thrilled with joy and who accomplished their aim, Sugreeva that king of the Vanaras was very much delighted, knowing that accomplishment of their work is coming close to their hands and his limbs were thrilled with joy.
vrm.5.64 After offering salutation to Sugreeva and to the mighty Rama and Lakshmana, that Dadhimukha accompanied by his valiant Vanaras, sprang into the air.
vrm.5.64 That Dadhimukha, after entering Madhuvana, saw all the chiefs of Vanaras, who were free from their intoxication, having passed off the honey and who were inwardly excited.
vrm.5.64 We have done a mistake "O faultless Angada! After going there, I indeed informed your uncle about the arrival of all these Vanaras here.
vrm.5.64 "Hearing your arrival along with these leaders of Vanaras, your uncle was exceedingly pleased.
vrm.5.64 Sugreeva“, your uncle, the lord of Vanaras and the king was pleased and told me, send all the Vanaras here
vrm.5.64 Hearing these smooth words of Dadhimukha, the eloquent Angada, the foremost among the Vanaras, spoke to those Vanaras as follows: "O the foremost of Vanaras, the tormentators of enemies! I assume that Rama might have heard the news of our arrival.
vrm.5.64 "The Vanaras are taking, rest, after drinking the honey to their heart s content.
vrm.5.64 What is there remaining, except to go to the place where Sugreeva my uncle is there?" "I shall do whatever all the leaders of Vanaras together tell me.
vrm.5.64 Hearing the indeclinable words spoken thus by Angada, the Vanaras with their pleased minds, spoke to him as follows: "O prince, the foremost of Vanaras! Who would speak like this, while he is the lord? Every one indeed thinks one s supremacy with an excited arrogance and says I, I
vrm.5.64 "All of us, who reached here, are waiting for the right moment to go to that place where Sugreeva, the imperishable king of the heroic Vanaras, is.
vrm.5.64 "O the excellent of Vanaras! Without your command, it is not possible for the Vanaras anywhere, even a step forward.
vrm.5.64 The mighty Vanaras then sprang into the air.
vrm.5.64 Those Vanaras with speed, sounding forth a loud noise, sprang into the sky, like clouds driven by the wind.
vrm.5.64 Even before Angada landed there, Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras spoke to the louts eyed Rama, who was afflicted with grief as follows: "Be pacified! Happiness to you! The princess has been seen.
vrm.5.64 Angada", the long armed prince and the most excellent of Vanaras does not make his appearance before my vicinity, if the work is ruined.
vrm.5.64 "Even if such an exploit may be possible by these Vanaras who have not been able to accomplish their work, Angada would have worn a sad face and felt perplexed and scattered in mind.
vrm.5.64 "If Angada the lord f the Vanaras is not rejoiced, he would not have damaged my madhuvana, which belongs to my father and grandfather as well as protected by my forbears.
vrm.5.64 "O Rama, of unlimited prowess! Do not encounter troubled thoughts now!" Meanwhile, when the Vanaras, who are proud of Hanuma s performance and who are making noise as though they are proclaiming about the accomplishment of their act are approaching Kishkindha Sugreeva heard certain sounds expressing joy, in the vicinity of the sky.
vrm.5.64 Then, hearing that clamour of the Vanaras, Sugreeva the chief of the Vanaras became rejoiced at heart, duly stretching and curling up his tail in joy.
vrm.5.64 Keeping Angada and Hanuma in front of them, those Vanaras too arrived with their eagerness to see Rama.
vrm.5.65 Keeping Angada the prince in their forefront those Vanaras, on reaching Mount Prasravana having forests of variegated appearance, offered their salutation by bowing their heads in reverence to Rama and the mighty Lakshmana, greeting Sugreeva respectfully.
vrm.5.65 Those Vanaras started to narrate, in the presence of Rama, about, the female Rakshasas, and frightening Seetha in Ravana s gynaecium, her complete affection towards Rama and the time limit of two months given by Ravana.
vrm.5.65 Hearing of Seetha being alive, Rama on his part replied, "Where is Seetha, the princess? How is she disposed towards me? O Vanaras! Tell me all that about Seetha.
vrm.5.65 Hearing the words of Rama, the Vanaras urged Hanuma to tell, in the presence of Rama, all the incidents because he knew them better, about Seetha.
vrm.5.65 Hearing the words of those Vanaras, the eloquent Hanuma, the son of Vayu saluting towards the direction of the Seetha the princess by bowing his head, spoke the following words, explaining how he saw Seetha.
vrm.5.67 O best of heroes among Vanaras! Approaching Rama, tell this horrible gush of my grief and the threats of these female Rakshasas.
vrm.5.68 O best among the Vanaras! O valiant one! In the matter of Vanaras and Rikshas who are your helpmates, this very grave doubt stands before me
vrm.5.68 How indeed can those troops of Vanaras and Rikshas or Rama and Lakshmana can cross that great insurmountable ocean?
vrm.5.68 "Hearing that appeal of Seetha, that was somewhat good in its meaning, courteous and duly furnished with reasons, I gave then my remaining reply as follows: O Seetha the princess! Sugreeva, the lord of the troops of Vanaras and Rikshas, the excellent one among the Vanaras and endowed with strength, is firmly determined to rescue you.
vrm.5.68 "So many Vanaras, endowed with prowess, perseverance great strength and who can rush to any place as they wish, are intensely committed to Sugreeva s command.
vrm.5.68 Those Vanaras with unlimited splendour are not indolent in performing any great task.
vrm.5.68 "Those illustrious Vanaras, proud of their strength and following the path of wind, circumambulated the entire earth several times.
vrm.5.68 In them, some of the Vanaras are superior to me and some are even equal to me.
vrm.5.68 Those leaders of Vanaras will reach Lanka by one single leap
vrm.5.68 You can see soon those valiant Vanaras, with their claws and tusks as weapons, having the prowess of Lions and Tigers and looking like lordly Elephants, coming here together
vrm.5.68 You will hear within a short time, the clamour of the excellent of Vanaras resonating like a mountains and clouds, on the peaks of Mount Malaya in Lanka
vrm.6.1 After reflecting a while, Rama the great scion of Raghus, again spoke as follows, Sugriva the ruler of Vanaras too listening attentively.
vrm.6.1 How can these Vanaras put together will reach the southern bank of the ocean, which is so difficult to cross and which contains voluminous water?”
vrm.6.1 “Having received the tidings of Sita, what can now be done to take the Vanaras to the farther side the sea?” Thus speaking to Hanuman, Rama the destroyer of enemies and the mighty armed, was filled with apprehension and then became absorbed in thought.
vrm.6.2 “Know that when the whole of my army crosses the sea as a bridge is built across it, they will come out victorious, because these Vanaras
vrm.6.2 “I do not indeed see any one who can withstand you in a battle filed in the three worlds, when you are armed with a bow, Oh Rama!” “You work duly entrusted to the Vanaras will not be spoiled.
vrm.6.2 assured!” “These Vanaras, the courageous soldiers who are able to change their form at their volition, will crush their opponents with an avalanche of rocks and trees.
vrm.6.3 Saying so, Hanuma the foremost among Vanaras, who knew the truth narrated as follows.
vrm.6.3 The city of Lanka should be assumed then as destroyed by the Vanaras.
vrm.6.4 Then Rama the virtuous man versed in moral law, who was well adored by Sugreeva the king of Vanaras and Lakshmana, again spoke as follows: “Let general Nila accompanied by strength of hundred thousand warriors go before the army, to explore the way.
vrm.6.4 “Let the Vanaras jump into law grounds, into places made inaccessible by forest grores and into thickets and notice whether any rival forces are stationed there.
vrm.6.4 “Let the best of Vanaras with great strength in hundreds and thousands lead the formidable of the army, which is akin to an oceanic stream.
vrm.6.4 “Let Gandhamadana, with a strength unconquerable like an Elephant in rut, proceed duly guarding the left side of the army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.4 “Hearing the words of Rama, Sugreeva with great valour, the commander of forces and the lion among Vanaras gave orders to the Vanaras accordingly.
vrm.6.4 Then, all those troops of Vanaras with great speed together raised up and quickly bounced from caves and mountain tops.
vrm.6.4 At that time, Rama went surrounded by Vanaras, looking like Elephants, numbering in hundreds, hundreds of thousands and crores.
vrm.6.4 That extensive army of Vanaras followed Rama who was marching in the lead.
vrm.6.4 All those Vanaras maintained by Sugreeva were rejoicing with delight.
vrm.6.4 The Vanaras, jumping overwhelmingly with roaring sound and jest fully playing musical instruments like trumpets marched towards southern direction.
vrm.6.4 Wild Vanaras would lift up and throw one another all of a sudden.
vrm.6.4 Some other Vanaras were throwing down others.
vrm.6.4 Vanaras close to Rama were thus shouting, “To us, Ravana is worthy of killing and also the entire Rakshasas.
vrm.6.4 Rishabha, Nila, and the courageous Kumuda along with many Vanaras were clearing up the path ahead.
vrm.6.4 Sugreeva the king of Vanaras, Rama and Lakshmana the destroyers of enemies were moving in the centre along with many robust and terrible Vanaras.
vrm.6.4 The heroic Vanara satabali who was accompanied by ten crores of Vanaras, standing alone firmly, guarded the whole army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.4 Kesari with a retinue of a hundred crore, Panasa, Gaja and Arka along with many Vanaras were protecting one flank of that army.
vrm.6.4 Nila their chief of the army, the brave and the best among Vanaras, the self controlled and the foremost among movable beings, was protecting atha army in every direction.
vrm.6.4 Valimukha, Prajangha, Jambha and Rabhasa the Vanara were moving on all sides, urging the Vanaras forward.
vrm.6.4 Those foremost among the Vanaras, proud of their strength, thus marching with the army, saw the Sahya mountain the best of mountains joined with many small mountains, lakes fully abounding in flowers and eminent ponds.
vrm.6.4 That large army of Vanaras, terrific like an ocean flood cognizing the command of Rama which is frightfully enraging, having terror stricken, abandoning the vicinity of towns and even villages, marched like a highly dreadful ocean with a great hoaring sound.
vrm.6.4 All those prominent and valiant Vanaras were overwhelmingly jumping ahead, like fine Horses being whipped, at the side of that Rama.
vrm.6.4 Rama and Lakshmana the best among men being carried on shoulders by Hanuman and Angada the two Vanaras, were effulgent like the Moon and the Sun having come together in contact with two large planets Jupiter and Venus.
vrm.6.4 “The armies of Vanaras formed into different squadrons are looking highly splendid like the armies of Devas in the battle in which Taraka was killed, Oh venerable one! Be pleased to see these good omens in this manner.
vrm.6.4 Then, the army of Vanaras consisting of excellent Bears and Monkeys having their very nails and teeth as weapons, marched ahead, covering the entire earth.
vrm.6.4 The aweful dust raised by nails and claws of Vanaras obscured the splendor of the sun and also covered the earth comprising of mountains forests and the atmosphere.
vrm.6.4 For the sake of Rama, the Vanaras with fully elevated pace vied with each other in high spirits, vigor and prowess.
vrm.6.4 Some wild Vanaras there walked very speedily.
vrm.6.4 Some Vanaras lashed their tails.
vrm.6.4 Some Vanaras ascended mountain peaks and uttered huge noises.
vrm.6.4 Some Vanaras were crushing many webs of creepers by the jerks of their thighs.
vrm.6.4 The valiant Vanaras also played with rocks and trees, by stretching their limbs.
vrm.6.4 In that place, the land was covered splendidly by hundreds of thousands, by thousands and crores of Vanaras, who were looking very dreadful.
vrm.6.4 All the Vanaras ruled by Sugreeva were exceedingly pleased and cheerful.
vrm.6.4 Those Vanaras desirous of Seetha’s release, did not halt even for a moment anywhere.
vrm.6.4 Then, those Vanaras reached and climbed up a mountain called sahya with a full canopy of trees and filled with many kinds of beasts.
vrm.6.4 The Vanaras enjoyed the fruits of Champaka, Tilaka, mango, Praseka, Sindhuvara Timisa and Karaveera trees.
vrm.6.4 The Vanaras enjoyed Ashoka, Karanja, Plaksa, Nyagrodha, Jambu, myrobalan and Naga trees.
vrm.6.4 Various kinds of forest trees standing on enchanting plateaus, being shaken by gust of winds, poured out flowers on those Vanaras.
vrm.6.4 On the lovely mountain slopes, in blossom on all sides, Ketaki and Sindhuvara trees, the charming Vasanti, Madhavi creepers with flowers full of scent, clumps of jasmine, Chiribila, Madhuka, Vanjula and Vakula, Ranjanka and Tilaka, Nyavriksha all in flower, Mango, Patalike, Kovidara in flower, Muchulinda, Arjuna, Simsupa and Kutaja, Hintala, Timisa, Chirna and Nipa, blue Ashoka, Sarala, Ankola and Padmaka all these trees were crawled in excitement by the Vanaras who were delighted.
vrm.6.4 Vanaras bathed in water, drank those waters and played.
vrm.6.4 Vanaras in mad rut plucked sweet smelling fruits, roots and flowers there.
vrm.6.4 Those Vanaras, in reddish brown colour like honey, drinking honey from honey combs weighing about a maund each, went on cheerfully.
vrm.6.4 Those foremost among the Vanaras marched, breaking off trees, pulling along creepers and throwing away excellent mountains.
vrm.6.4 Some other Vanaras, well pleased with honey got from trees, yelled loudly.
vrm.6.4 The earth filled with those excellent Vanaras, was like land filled with ripened fields of paddy.
vrm.6.4 Here, let us discuss the plan how this military of Vanaras will reach the other shore.
vrm.6.4 Let valiant Vanaras make a more and it should be known whether there is a hidden danger for us.
vrm.6.4 There, those foremost of Vanaras reached the woodlands at the shore and settled down, desiring to reach the other shore of the vast sea.
vrm.6.4 While all the Vanaras were halting there, the noise created out of their movement was dominantly heard, concealing the roar of the sea.
vrm.6.4 That army of the Vanaras ruled by Sugreeva, stationed as three divisios looked fully dedicated to the cause of Rama.
vrm.6.4 That army of Vanaras reached the mighty ocean and was delighted to behold the mighty ocean being diffused by the velocity of wind.
vrm.6.4 Those high souled Vanaras saw the sea lashed with winds, resonating with abundance of precious stones and water, rising high as if enraged in a grip of hurricane, filled with a number of aquatic creatures and tossed by them in the air by seemingly murmuring waves.
vrm.6.4 The standing Vanaras were struck with amazement to see the ocean seemed moving, full of resonance produced by a multitude of dashing waves rolling to and fro.
vrm.6.5 Both Maina and Dvivida the distinguished Vanaras there moved in all directions through that army, for the purpose of vigilance.
vrm.6.6 Rama“ surrounded by thousands of courageous Vanaras, is coming to the City of Lanka, for the purpose of besieging us.
vrm.6.6 The aforesaid act of enmity with Vanaras having commenced in this way, advise me everything that is good for the city and my army.
vrm.6.7 Oh, emperor! This Indrajit alone can destroy the Vanaras.
vrm.6.7 "Oh, Emperor! You send that Indrajit alone, so that the army of Vanaras together with Rama will be brought to an end.
vrm.6.8 “I shall make the entire earth extending upto the ocean, along with mountains forests and woods, bereft of Vanaras.
vrm.6.8 “Proceeding at this moment alone, I shall destroy those Vanaras, whether they entered the ocean or the subterranean region or the sky.
vrm.6.8 Thereafter the very strong Vajradamshtra, beset with great anger, took hold of a terrific iron club smeared with flesh and blood and spoke as follows: “What work for us with that pitiable and miserable Hanuma, when Rama along with Lakshmana and Sugreeva who are difficult to be conquered exist?” “Now itself, with this iron club, killing Rama, Lakshmana and Sugreeva after perturbing the army of Vanaras, I shall come back.
vrm.6.8 “Standing as groups in the sky and beating that army of Vanaras with a mighty hail of stones and missiles, we should send them to the world of Death.
vrm.6.8 I alone will kill there, Rama along with Lakshman, Sugreeva along with Hanuma and all the Vanaras also.
vrm.6.8 I alone will devour the entire army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.8 At this time I alone will kill Sugreeva along with Lakshmana Hanuma along with Angada and all Vanaras.
vrm.6.9 “Not so long as the huge army of Vanaras which is very dangerous and unconquerable attacks our Lanka, let Seetha be given away.
vrm.6.12 How the Vanaras or even Rama and Lakshmana can cross the unassailable ocean, completely infested as it was with sea animals?" "on the other hand, a huge destruction was done to us, by a single Vanara.
vrm.6.12 Knowing the whereabouts of Seetha, Rama and Lakshmana together with Sugreeva and other Vanaras reached the other shore of the ocean.
vrm.6.12 "I do not see any other s capability to cross the ocean even so with the Vanaras.
vrm.6.14 “Even before the Vanaras with their body size as mountain peaks, having their teeth and nails as weapons, rush full upon the city of Lanka, give back Sita to Rama.
vrm.6.17 Those leaders of Vanaras standing on the ground saw Vibhishana, resembling the peak of Mount Meru and shining like a thunderbolt in the sky.
vrm.6.17 Sugriva the valiant of Vanaras, who was difficult to be overpowered, having seen Vibhishana, the fifth one along with four others, became thoughtful along with Vanaras.
vrm.6.17 Having thought for a moment, Sugriva spoke these sterling words to all those Vanaras and to Hanuman in particular.
vrm.6.17 Hearing Sugriva’s words, all those excellent Vanaras lifted trees and mountains and spoke as follows: “Do you swiftly order us to slay these wicked doers, O, king? Let us strike these fools down so that they drop to the ground!” While the Vanaras were speaking thus among one another, Vibhishana had reached the northern shore and indeed coolly halted there.
vrm.6.17 That great and highly intelligent Vibhishana, halting in the sky itself, saw Sugriva and those Vanaras and spoke to them in a loud voice as follows: “There is a Rakshasa called Ravana, the king of Rakshasas, having a bad conduct.
vrm.6.17 The swift paced Sugriva, having heard the words of Vibhishana, spoke more hurriedly to Rama, in front of Lakshmana as follows: “Belonging to the enemy force, here is an adversary taking us unawares, who unexpectedly has come here to slay us at the first opportunity like an owl destroying Crows!” “O, annihilator of enemies! You ought to be aware of the design, distribution, leading of the army and the secret service of the Vanaras and also of your foes.
vrm.6.17 Hearing those words of Sugriva, the exceedingly strong Rama addressed as follows to the Vanaras in front of Hanuman staying near by: “The very reasonable words uttered by Sugriva about Vibhishana were heard by you too.
vrm.6.17 Thus asked by Rama, those Vanaras free from lassitude, wishing to do good and out of their politeness, spoke their respective opinions to Rama as follows: “O, Rama! Nothing is unknown to you in the three worlds.
vrm.6.17 Having spoken thus by the Vanaras, Angada the intelligent Vanara told Rama to arrange for examination of Vibhishana before hand.
vrm.6.18 His acceptance is irreproachable in the eyes of good men” Then, Sugreeva the chief of Vanaras closely analyzed and examined the aforesaid words of Rama and thereafter spoke the following most auspicious words: “What matters if this ranger of night is very dangerous or other wise, if he can desert his own brother at a time of peril? Whom will he not betray subsequently?”
vrm.6.18 “O, the excellent of Vanaras! The aforesaid dove indeed accepted as a guest, the fowler as he came, although he killed its wife
vrm.6.18 This is my solemn pledge” “O, Sugreeva, the chief of Vanaras! Let him either be Vibhishana or even Ravana himself I have given an assurance of safety to him.
vrm.6.18 Hearing Rama’ s words, Sugreeva the lord of Vanaras, overwhelmed as he was with cordial friendship, replied to Rama as follows: “O, Rama, who knows righteousness, the crest jewel among lords of the world! What surprise is there in thinking that you, duly endowed with true essence of life and established in a right path, speak these venerable words?” “My inmost spirit also feels Vibhishana to be a genuine person, he being well examined from all angles, by act of inference and by his appearance.
vrm.6.19 Hearing Ramas’ words, Lakshmana consecrated Vibhishana as a king, as per the royal instructions, amidst the leaders of Vanaras.
vrm.6.19 Perceiving that instant graciousness in Rama, the Vanaras cried, proclaiming “excellent, excellent” about the high soled Rama.
vrm.6.19 Hanuman and Sugreeva asked Vibhishana as follows: How can we cross the imperturbable ocean, the habitation of Varuna, by all of us along with our army of Vanaras possessing a great splendor?” “In what manner shall we along with the army swiftly cross the sea, the lord of streams and rivers, and arrive at that strategy?”
vrm.6.19 Then that highly illustrious Rama replied to Sugreeva, the ruler of Vanaras who was skillful in action and who was accompanied by Lakshmana.
vrm.6.20 That Rakshasa, the spy of Ravana the evil natured king of Rakshasas, coolly observed that army from all sides, speedily returned to Lanka and spoke to their king as follows: “Boundless and immeasurable like another ocean, this multitude of Vanaras and Rikshas is approaching Lanka.
vrm.6.20 O, lord of Vanaras! Nevertheless, you are like a brother to me.
vrm.6.20 “What does it matter to you, if I have embezzled the wife of a wise prince? Therefore return to Kishkindha” “This Lanka cannot be reached by Vanaras in any way.
vrm.6.20 It cannot be acquired even by Devas and Gandharvas, why to talk about men and Vanaras?”
vrm.6.20 As he was still speaking, the Vanaras bounded into the air to reach him at that moment quickly to tear off his wings and to smite him by their fists.
vrm.6.20 The Rakshasa thus attacked was forcibly seized by all the Vanaras and immediately brought down to the ground from the sky.
vrm.6.20 Shuka being harassed by Vanaras spoke the following words: “O, Rama! Messengers are not to be killed.
vrm.6.20 Let your Vanaras be restrained properly.
vrm.6.20 Hearing Shuka’s complaining words, Rama spoke to the foremost of Vanaras, who were beating him as aforesaid, saying “Do not kill him”
vrm.6.20 Perceiving no fear from Vanaras, Shuka became light winged, virtually standing in the sky and spoke again the following words.
vrm.6.20 “O, Sugriva, rich in courage and possessing great strength and valor! What am I to tell Ravana, whose nature is to cause world to cry?” Hearing the aforesaid words, the mightily strong Sugriva the king of Vanaras and the foremost among them, with a merciless mind then spoke to the blame less Shuka, Ravanas’ spy, as follows:
vrm.6.20 Thereafter, Angada the son of Vali and the foremost of the Vanaras spoke as follows: “O, Sugriva the highly intelligent! He is not an ambassador.
vrm.6.20 Commanded then by the king Sugriva, the Vanaras jumped up, seized and bound him, who without defence, wailed loudly.
vrm.6.20 Harassed by those Vanaras there, Shuka on his part cried loudly towards Rama, the high soled son of Dasaratha as follows:
vrm.6.20 Hearing that lamentation of Shuka, Rama did not allow his killing by the Vanaras.
vrm.6.20 Rama ordered Vanaras to release him, as he came as an ambassador.
vrm.6.21 I shall dry up this ocean, so that our Vanaras can cross it by feet.
vrm.6.22 “By a gush of arrows released by my bow, our Vanaras can proceed to the other shore even by foot O, ocean!”
vrm.6.22 I will arrange a place for the Vanaras to cross me and bear with it.
vrm.6.22 Nala, the more distinguished among Vanaras stood up and spoke the following words to Rama of great power: “The great Ocean disclosed a truth.
vrm.6.22 Hence, let the foremost of Vanaras build the bridge now itself.
vrm.6.22 Those army chiefs of Vanaras, who resembled mountains, broke the rocks and trees there and dragged them away towards the sea.
vrm.6.22 Those Vanaras filled the ocean with all types of trees like Sala and Asvakarna, Dhava and bamboo, Kutaja, Arjuna, palmyra,Tilaka, Tinisa, Bilva, Saptaparna, Karnika, in blossom as also mango and Asoka.
vrm.6.22 The excellent Vanaras, the forest animals lifted and brought, like Indras’ flag posts, some trees with roots intact and some others without roots.
vrm.6.22 From here and there the Vanaras brought Palmyra trees, pomegranate shrubs, coconut and Vibhitaka, Karira, Bakula and neem trees.
vrm.6.22 The huge bodied Vanaras with mighty strength uprooted Elephant sized rocks and mountains and transported them by mechanical
vrm.6.22 The bridge was built at that time with the cooperation of other Vanaras, of terrible doings.
vrm.6.22 Some Vanaras were holding poles for measuring the bridge and some others collected the material.
vrm.6.22 Reeds and logs resembling clouds and mountains, brought by hundreds of Vanaras, lead by the command of Rama, fastened some
vrm.6.22 Vanaras constructed the bridge with trees having blossom at the end of their boughs.
vrm.6.22 Some Vanaras looking like Rakshasas seized rocks resembling mountains and peaks of mountains and appeared running hither and thither.
vrm.6.22 On the first day, fourteen Yojanas of bridge were constructed by the Vanaras speedily, thrilled with delight as they were, resembling Elephants.
vrm.6.22 In the same manner, on the second day twenty Yojanas of bridge were constructed speedily by the Vanaras of terrific bodies and of mighty strength.
vrm.6.22 Thus, on the third day twenty one Yojanas of the bridge were constructed in the ocean speedily by the Vanaras with their colossal bodies.
vrm.6.22 On the forth day, a further of twenty two Yojanas were constructed by the dashing Vanaras with a great speed.
vrm.6.22 In that manner, on the fifth day, the Vanaras working quickly
vrm.6.22 The Vanaras taking long leaps and short leaps shouted in joy.
vrm.6.22 Those thousand crores of Vanaras in a great spectacle reached the other shore of the great ocean soon after building that bridge across the sea.
vrm.6.22 These Vanaras can hold both of you while flying in the sky.
vrm.6.22 Some Vanaras went along the middle of the bridge.
vrm.6.22 Some Vanaras entered the sky and aviated like Garuda the eagle.
vrm.6.22 The highly terrific sound of the ocean was covered up by the great sounds of the terrific Vanaras who were crossing the sea.
vrm.6.22 That army of Vanaras, which crossed the ocean by the bridge constructed by Nala, was encamped by Sugriva at a shore having many fruits
vrm.6.23 “I perceive an impending danger which will be terrific, causing destruction to the world, and torture to the eminent heroes among Rikshas, Vanaras and Rakshasas.
vrm.6.23 Earth“ will become a quagmire of flesh and blood, covered with rocks spears and swords hurled by Vanaras and Rakshasas.
vrm.6.23 “Abounding with all the Vanaras we shall attack the city ruled by Ravana, now itself at a quick pace.
vrm.6.23 All those excellent Vanaras, together with Vibhishana and Sugriva making roaring sounds surged forth for the destruction of the audacious enemies.
vrm.6.23 Rama on his part was pleased by the act and gestures of those very strong Vanaras, with their intention to gratify him.
vrm.6.24 That army of valiant Vanaras along with the King Sugreeva looked charming like a full moon night in atumn presided over by the moon and illuminated by bright stars.
vrm.6.24 Then, the Vanaras heard a great tumult arising in Lanka and noisy sounds of kettle drums and tabours which caused their hair to stand on end.
vrm.6.24 The leaders of Vanaras were rejoiced by that sound.
vrm.6.24 Those Rakshasas too heard the roaring of the wildly delighted Vanaras, which roar sounded like thundering of clouds in the sky.
vrm.6.24 Taking these troops of Vanaras from the army,let the valiant and the invincible Angada take up his position with Nila at the centre of the formation.
vrm.6.24 Let Rishabha along with the multitude of Vanaras take up his position, having recourse to the right side of the army.
vrm.6.24 an Elephant in rut, take his position, superintending the left side of the Vanaras troops.
vrm.6.24 Let Sugreeva the king of Vanaras protect the rear guard of the army, resembling Varuna who remains encircled with splendour and protects the western quarter of the earth.
vrm.6.24 That army with innumerable divisble being skilfully distributed, led by the foremost of Vanaras, resembled heavens with their mass of clouds.
vrm.6.24 With a desire to crush the Rakshasas in battle, the Vanaras, seizing peaks of mountains and gigantic trees, reached Lanka.
vrm.6.24 All the heroic Vanaras held the following resolve in their minds, It is with peak of mountains or with our bare fists even, we shall shatter this Lanka into pieces.
vrm.6.24 Hearing the words of Rama, Sugreeva the lord of Vanaras released Shuka the messenger, as per the order of Rama.
vrm.6.24 Shuka, who was herassed by the Vanaras before and released then as per the words of Rama, was trembling with great fear and reached Ravana.
vrm.6.24 Just on seeing me, the enraged Vanaras jumped on me and seized me.
vrm.6.24 O, Lord of Rakshasas! Those Vanaras are not capable of being spoken to, nor possible of being questioned in this matter.
vrm.6.24 Vanaras, by their very nature, are angry and ferocious.
vrm.6.24 Thousands of divisions of hordes of Rikshas and Vanaras
vrm.6.24 There is no more possibility of an alliance between these two armies the army of Rakshasas and the army of Vanaras than between a God and a Rakshasa.
vrm.6.25 While Rama, the son of Dasaratha, crossed the ocean along with his army, the illustrious Ravana spoke to Shuka and Sarana, his ministers as follows: "The entire army of Vanaras crossed the impassable ocean.
vrm.6.25 Certainly, that army of Vanaras is worth to be counted carried weight by me.
vrm.6.25 "Become unrecognisable to others, enter the army of Vanaras and make out the real quantum of their army, their prowess, as to which Vanaras are important among them, which ministers of Rama and Sugreeva have come together, which Vanaras are abiding in front, which Vanaras are valiant, how that bridge was constructed across the ocean full of water, how the encamping is done for those great souled Vanaras the determination, strength and the striking senses of Rama and of the heroic Lakshmana.
vrm.6.25 "Knowing also accurately who the Chief of Army of those high souled Vanaras is, you have to come back quickly.
vrm.6.25 Having thus been commanded by Ravana, the valiant Rakshasas Shuka and Sarana both in the disguise of Vanaras, entered that army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.25 Shuka and Sarana were not able to count then that inconeviable army of Vanaras, causing their hair to stand on end.
vrm.6.25 "Where the four eminent persons who are equal to the protector of the worlds, the valiant ones skilled in the use of weapons and of proven prowess namely Rama the son of Dasaratha, the illustrious Lakshmana, the great resplendent Vibhishana and Sgreeva whose valour is equal to Indra arestationed at the same place, they can pluck up the city of Lanka with its ramparts and arches and transplant it elswhere, even if all the Vanaras keep aloof.
vrm.6.25 "Now, the army of the mighty Vanaras, who are readily inclined to fight, consists of cheerful warriors.
vrm.6.26 "O, gentle one! As you were harassed very much by the Vanaras and hence fearful you are thingking of giving back Seetha now itself as good.
vrm.6.26 "Which enemy can defeat me in battle?" The illustrious Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, causing the world to cry, spoke harsh words as aforesaid and then from there ascended the roof of his palace which was shining white like his snow and which was equal to the height his snow and which was equal to the height of several palmyrah trees, with a desire to see the army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.26 Ravana, stupefied with anger, along with his spies, saw that ocean, the mountains and the forests and beheld the entire land completely filled with Vanaras.
vrm.6.26 Seeing that great army of Vanaras, which was boundless and intolerable, the king Ravana asked Sarana as follows: "Which Vanaras are important among them? Who are valiant ones? Who are the very strong ones? Who will stay in front at all places, with great energy?" "To whom Sugreeva will hear? Who are the generals of the commanders of the Vanara heads? What is the influence of the Vanaras? O, Sarana! Tell me all.
vrm.6.26 Then, Sarana who knew the chiefs of Vanaras, spoke the following words about the chiefs of the Vanaras i them, to the lord of Rakshasas who was enquiring about them.
vrm.6.26 "He, the valiant one, who holds his arms high, who tramples the earth under his feet as he marches, whose face is turned towards Lanka, who in fury is knitting his brows very much, who is resembling a mountain peak in stature, who is like filaments of a louts in hue, who is excess of anger continuously lashes out his tail and the swish of which is heard in ten regions, he is the prince named Angada, anointed by Sugreeva the king of Vanaras and is challenging you to the battle.
vrm.6.26 "He, the valiant one, who holds his arms high, who tramples the earth under his feet as he marches, whose face is turned towards Lanka, who in fury is knitting his brows very much, who is remsebling amountain peak in stature, who is like filaments ofa louts in hue, who is excess of anger continuously lashes out his tail and the swish of hwich is heard in ten regious, he is the prince named Angada, anointed by Sugreeva the king of Vanaras and is challenging you to the battle.
vrm.6.26 "This valiant Angada, bringing along with him innumerable cheifs of Vanaras, is approaching to crush you, with the help of his own army.
vrm.6.26 "These excellent Vanaras, numbering a thousand crores and eight lakhs, lodging in sandalwood groves, yelling with a lion s roar and having stiffened their limbs, are knitting their eye=brows raised in anger.
vrm.6.26 These valiant Vanaras, who are terrific and fierceful having a feroceous zeal are going after Nala.
vrm.6.26 "A Vanara called Sweta of sivlver hue who is quick witted and cleaver, of terricfic prowess and a warrior renowned in the three worlds, has come to Sugreeva swiftly, dividing the army of Vanaras and brining great delight to the troops, he goes back at once.
vrm.6.26 He is the leader for lakhs of Vanaras.
vrm.6.26 Three thousand crores of excellent Vanaras, who are formidable of impetuous valour and vigour, surround him who is marching ahead and follow in his goot sets to destroy Lanka.
vrm.6.26 "O, king! Look! The one who is yawning continuously and shaking his ears, he who does not have fear of death, he who never retreats from a battle, but violently moves with rage, who again sees obliquely, he who lashes out his tail and roars like a lion with great vigour, he who constantly dwells on the lovely Salveya mountain, he is Sarabha by name, the commander of Vanaras with immense energy and devoid of fear.
vrm.6.26 "The one who is like a great cloud, enveloping the space and who stays in teh middle of Vanara warriors like Indra the great voice of whose Vanaras wishing for battle is heard like the roll of drums, is the General named Panasa, who is always invincible in battle.
vrm.6.26 "He who is encamped with sixty lakhs Vanaras as his army strength on the sea shore like unto a second ocean is the commander called Vinata who resembles Dardura mountain in size and is positioned there lending charm to the formidable army marching ahead and moves about, drinking the water of River Vena, the foremost of all rivers.
vrm.6.26 "A Vanara called krathana, keeping the courageous, strong Vanaras and the army lieutenants in separate units, is inviting you for the battle.
vrm.6.26 "That resplendent Vanara who for his part nourishes his body having the hue of a red chalk and proud of his strength, stands facing you with anger despising all other Vanaras.
vrm.6.26 Seventy" lakhs Vanaras are attending on him.
vrm.6.27 “O, king! This Lord of Vanaras the commander of commanders on whom, whether he is in a hurried fury or leaping or standing still and all the Vanaras stand looking he is called Dambha who along with his bulky troops dwell on Sahasraksha mountain.
vrm.6.27 “He who, walking on all fours touches with his flanks, a mountain situated at a distance of one Yojana eight miles and reaching an object one Yojana high, obtains it with his body, whose huge form no other four begged animal is having, by which intelligent Vanara, battle was given earlier to Indra on a field of battle but no defeat was sustained by him, he is a commander of commanders and the grand father of Vanaras, famous as Samnadana by name.
vrm.6.27 It is near there, Krathana, that fortunate one, that powerful lord of the Vanaras, whose prowess in not confined to words in battles, sports.
vrm.6.27 “He indeed is standing, surrounded by a thousand crores of Vanaras.
vrm.6.27 “He who usually roams by the Ganges, sowing terror among leaders of herds of Elephants, remembering as he does the old quarrel between Elephants and Vanaras, thundering and uprooting trees, he is the commander and leader of Vanaras called Pramathim who dwells in mountain caves, subduing wild Elephants.
vrm.6.27 “This excellent one among the Vanaras and this army chief of Vanaras, taking shelter in Mandara the foremost of mountains and the mountain called ushirabija alongside the River Ganga, passes his life happily like unto Indra himself.
vrm.6.27 “A hundred thousands of Vanaras proud of their strength and prowess with their radiant fore arms, making a roaring noise, are following him.
vrm.6.27 “He is the leader of these high soled Vanaras.
vrm.6.27 Energetic and excited army of Vanaras is also stationed there along with Pramathi.
vrm.6.27 “O, monarch! One hundred lakhs of Vanaras with their black faces, with fearful appearance and with great strength, experiencing the crossing of the bridge, surrounds the troop leader by name Gavaksha, a Vanara and are making a roaring noise, ready to crush Lanka by their bodily strength.
vrm.6.27 “O, king! This army chief called Kesari, the chief of the commanders of Vanaras, wanders in Kanchana mountain wherein there are trees which yield fruits in all seasons, inhabited by large black bees, to which the sun circumambulates clock wise, the mountain shining with its own colour and splendour, by whose brightness, the animals and Birds ever shine with the same hue, whose table land on the top of the mountain the great sages do not leave, wherein trees, all mango trees laden with fruits on all sides and wherein inhabit honey bees of excellent variety.
vrm.6.27 In that mountain range there, in the last mountain these Vanaras reside.
vrm.6.27 Some of the Vanaras are tawny coloured, some are white coloured and with nails as their weapons having four tusks, with nails as their weapons having four tusks like Lions, difficult to be approached like Tigers, resembling fire, like unto serpents vomiting poison with their very long coiling tails, resembling Elephants in rut, equal to mighty mountains and making great thunderous sound like that of clouds.
vrm.6.27 “O, king! He who stands in the middle is the powerful leader of the Vanaras who ever faces the sun, who is a wise man, eager to conquer you and is famous in the world by the name, Shatabali.
vrm.6.27 “Besides, other excellent Vanaras residing in Vindhya mountain are quick paced and are impossible to be counted because of their multitude.
vrm.6.28 After listening to Sarana’s words Shuka, pointing out all that army of Vanaras, spoke the following words to Ravana the Lord of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.28 “O, king! Do you observe those Vanaras resembling huge Elephants in rut, rising like banyan trees on the banks of River Ganga or Sala trees on Himalayas? Those warriors, able to change their form at will, are irresistible, equal to Daityas and Danavas, and in a battle, are endowed with the valour of the Devas.
vrm.6.28 “There are twenty one thousand crores, a thousand Shankus and a hundred Vrindas of these Vanaras.
vrm.6.28 “These Vanaras, the attendants of Sugreeva born of Devas and Gandharvas, are able to change their form at will and always stay in Kishkindha.
vrm.6.28 “The other whom you see as an unshakable mountain and standing in the centre of Vanaras as a Lord of all chiefs of Vanaras, with a boundless energy and who, like a Himalayan hill, very much radiating the other Vanaras by his splendour, glory, wisdom, strength and his noble descent, who occupies along with the chiefs of Army Generals, a secret place called Kishkindha, with its forests and trees and the place inaccessible because of its impassable mountains, in which is established a good fortune of Devas and human beings, whose charming and golden coloured garland with hundred lotuses is beautifying, that person is Sugreeva.
vrm.6.28 This garland along with a lady called Tara as well as the permanent kingdom of Vanaras were presented to him by Rama after having killed Vali Sugreeva’s brother.
vrm.6.28 “This Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras, having great strength and valour, always surrounded by a colossal army, is approaching you to make war, accompanied by the valiant Vibhishana and the ministers, as also a hundred thousand crores of Shankas, a thousand Mahashankus, a hundred Vrindas, a thousand mahavrindas, a hundred padmas, a thousand Mahapadmas, a hundred kharves, samudras and Mahaughas of the same number, and a crore of Mahanghas wholearmy as such is identical of an ocean.
vrm.6.29 Beholding those foremost of Vanara leaders pointed out by Shuka the most valiant Lakshmana Ramas’ right arm, his own brother Vibhishana standing close to Rama, the terribly powerful Sugreeva the king of all Vanaras, the strong Angada grandson of Indra the wielder of thunderbolt, the powerful Hanuman, the imincible Jambavan, Sushena, Kumuda, Nila, Nala the excellent of Vanaras, Gaja, Gavaksha, Sharabha, Mainda and Dvivida that Ravana his heart became agitated a little, was enraged and then abused those two heroes Shuka and Sarana who had completed their report.
vrm.6.29 That Shardula also, who was going to be killed by the Vanaras, was got released by Rama.
vrm.6.29 Those Rakshasas, harassed by the courageous and the quick paced Vanaras, became insensible, heaved a sigh and reached back Lanka.
vrm.6.30 I hope that you have not fallen a victim to the enraged Vanaras.
vrm.6.30 “O, king! Those strong, bold and excellent Vanaras protected by Rama are not capable of being spied upon.
vrm.6.30 The entire path is being protected by the Vanaras looking like mountains.
vrm.6.30 “I was beaten on all sides with knees, fists, teeth and palms by the enraged Vanaras.
vrm.6.30 “While being plagued by the Vanaras and asked for protection with joined palms, I was saved fortunately by Rama, saying ‘stay!stay!’ Rama“ has filled the sea with boulders and rocks, taking up his position at the gates of Lanka and stands there, well equipped with weapons.
vrm.6.30 He is encircled on all sides by the Vanaras and is approaching towards Lanka.
vrm.6.30 After uttering the aforesaid words, the heroic Ravana again spoke as follows: “Has the army been espied by you? Who are the valiant Vanaras among them?” “O, the virtuous gentle Shardula! What radiance do the Vanaras, who are difficult to be conquered possess of? what kind? Whose sons and grandsons are they? You tell me that information.
vrm.6.30 Sumukha“, Durmukha and a Vanara called Vegadarshi are surely the personifications of death in the form of Vanaras, created by Brahma, the Lord of creation.
vrm.6.30 “The young Angada, Indras’ grandson, the strong and invincible one, both the mighty Mainda and Dvinda born of the two divinties of Ashvin as well as Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha and Gandhamadana the five sons of Yama all of them resembling Yama at the time of dissolution of the world, the valiant ten crores of Vanaras who are yearning for battle are all here.
vrm.6.30 “Here too is the virtuous Lakshmana, resembling the most excellent Elephant among Elephants, in the path of whose arrows, even Indra himself could not survive Sweta“ and Jyotimukha, the sons of the sun god, a Vanara called Hemakuta, another son of Varuna, Nila the son of Visvakarma the strong and the best of Vanaras, as well as that mighty and swift Durdhara the son of Vasus are all here.
vrm.6.30 “Thus, I have described about the entire army of Vanaras stationed on the Mount Suvela.
vrm.6.31 weapons, clubs and circular missiles, made use of them again and again in order to strike down the Vanaras.
vrm.6.31 Lakshmana along with the Vanaras were made to run away in all directions.
vrm.6.31 O, Seetha! Sugreeva the king of Vanaras with his neck broken and Hanuman with his jaw removed were laid down and killed by the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.31 Mainda and Dvivida those two great scourgers of their foes, the long bodied and the foremost of the Vanaras, groaning and breathless, their limbs bathed in blood were cut to pieces at the waist level, by a sword.
vrm.6.31 The Vanaras sleeping there were crushed by Elephants and multitude of chariots, like clouds are crushed to pieces by the velocity of
vrm.6.31 Some Vanaras fell in the sea and some sought shelter in the sky.
vrm.6.31 The Rikshas with the Vanaras climbed the trees.
vrm.6.31 By the Rakshasas with monstrous eyes, were killed a multitude of Vanaras, at the shores of the sea, in the mountains an in the woods.
vrm.6.33 “It is not possible to kill in this manner even Vanaras, who perform fighting with trees, in as much as they are fully protected by Rama, even as Devas are protected by Indra their lord” “O, Seetha! Rama, who is endowed with long and well rounded arms, an illustrious man, who is large chested, a man of great energy, an archer well known in the world, a man endowed with muscularity, a righteous minded man, a person of celebrity on earth, a man of eternal strength, a protector for himself and for others, while together with his brother Lakshmana, a man of high descent, a knower of doctrines of conduct and behavior, the killer of a stream of enemy forces, a man of inconceivable strength and valor, a venerable man and an annihilator of adversaries, has not been killed.
vrm.6.33 Rama“, along with his army of Vanaras, having crossed the ocean, reached its southern shore and is encamped there.
vrm.6.36 "How can you hold Rama, who is a mere human being, a small feeble man, taking help from Vanaras and dwelling in a forest having been abandoned by his father, to be a competent person?" "How can you hold me, the Lord of Rakshasas, terrifying Devas and possessing all powers in full, to be a weaker person?"
vrm.6.36 "Which learned man, understand the truth in the scriptures, would speak thus harshly to a mighty person in power, were it not to instigate him?" "Why should I give back Seetha, who is like Lakshmi the goddess of fortune without the lotus, having brought her away from the forest, through fear of Rama?" "See Rama killed within a few days by me, along with Lakshmana together with Sugreeva in the midst of crores of Vanaras.
vrm.6.36 "That Rama along with his army of Vanaras, having crossed the ocean, will not go back alive.
vrm.6.37 Meanwhile, Rama the king of men and Sugreeva the Sovereign of Vanaras, Hanuman the son of Vayu, Jambavan the king of the Rikshas, Vibhishana the Rakshasa, Angada the son of Vali, Lakshmana, Sushena along with his kinsfolk, Mainda, Dvivida, Gaja, Gavaksha, Kumuda, Nala and Panasa, all having reached the enemy s territory, assembled to take counsel together.
vrm.6.37 "Having set out these Vanara forces in battle array, you shall destryoy Ravana with this great army of Vanaras, composed of four divisions, which surround you.
vrm.6.37 "At the eastern gate of Lanka, Nila that lion among Vanaras for his part, surrounded by many Vanaras, should attack Prahasta.
vrm.6.37 "Let Hanuman that son of the Wind and of inscrutable spirit, surrounded by a multitude of Vanaras, enter the City through the western gate.
vrm.6.37 "Let the mighty Sugreeva the king of Vanaras, the valiant Jambavan the king of Riksha and Vibhishana, the younger brother of the Lord of Rakshasas occupy the central position of the army.
vrm.6.37 Vanaras" should not assume human form in the battle, for, in the army of Vanaras, this Vanara shape should serve as a sign of recognition among us.
vrm.6.37 "Among our own people also, the form of Vanaras will become a sign of recognition for us.
vrm.6.38 Hanuman, Angada, Nila, Mainda, Dvivida, Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha, Gandhamadana, Panasa, Kumuda, Hara, Rambha the chief of the troop, Jambavan, sushena, the greatly wise Rishabha, Durmukha of great splendour, Shatabali the Vanara and other hundreds of Vanaras which are fast moving, which can wander easily on mountains with a speed akin to that of wind, ascended that Suvela mountain which Rama ascended.
vrm.6.38 Those excellent Vanaras saw another rampart formed out of the black Rakshasas so standing together scribble on that existing exquisite rampart.
vrm.6.38 Seeing the Rakshasas who were craving for war, all those Vanaras made various types of noises, while Rama was witnessing the scene.
vrm.6.38 Thereafter, Rama along with Lakshmana as well as Sugreeva the Lord of Vanaras together with troops and captions of troops, duly greeted welcomingly and treated hospitably by Vibhishana, halted happily on the mountain resort of Suvela.
vrm.6.39 The valiant army chiefs of Vanaras stayed on Suvela mountain for that night and saw the garden and groves in Lanka.
vrm.6.39 Then, those Vanaras, thrilling with rapture, delighted, brave and assuming any shape at will, entered the aforesaid groves and gardens, with Birds ever excited with joy, wandered by bees, with clusters of trees occupied by Cuckoos, having variegated sounds of Birds and song of the large bees, abounding with sounds of Ospreys, with the music of Wagtails and cries of Canes.
vrm.6.39 While those mighty and splendid Vanaras were entering the groves a breeze with flowery fragrance, delightful to the nose, blew.
vrm.6.39 Some other troop leaders of the valiant Vanaras came out of their troops with due permission from sugreeva and went towards Lanka, the city adorned with flags
vrm.6.39 Those Vanaras, great in making noises causing the Birds to frighten and displeasing to the animals and Elephants, went, causing that Lanka to tremble, by their noises.
vrm.6.39 Those Vanaras with great speed marched ahead, making the earth flattened by their feet and the dust thus raised by their feet went up instant aneously.
vrm.6.39 The glorious Rama the elder brother of Lakshmana along with Vanaras saw that charming golden city of Ravana, graced with mountains picturesque with various minerals, splendid with gardens reechoing with songs of Birds of every kind, frequented by varieties of deer, richly endowed with various kinds of flowers, inhabited by Rakshasas of every degree and duly flourishing, having increased its wealth.
vrm.6.40 Then, Rama along with Sugreeva, together with the troop leaders of Vanaras, ascended the top of Suvela mountain which was having a circumference of sixteen miles.
vrm.6.40 On seeing Ravana, Sugreeva got up all at once, while Rama and the chiefs of the army of Vanaras were looking on.
vrm.6.40 Thus, the Lord of the Vanaras, acquiring fame as a warrior, reducing Ravana to exhaustion, ascended into the infinite sky and the offspring of the Sun then went to the side of Rama, who as in the middle of the mokye troops.
vrm.6.41 “I foresee a terrible calamity to come, boding universal destruction and death to the intrepid Rikshas, Vanaras and Rakshasas.
vrm.6.41 “The earth, crowded with rocks, darts and daggers discharged by Vanaras and Rakshasas, will become a slime of flesh and blood.
vrm.6.41 “Now surrounded by the Vanaras from all sides, let us make an attack on that invincible citadel ruled by Ravana quickly and swiftly.
vrm.6.41 Thereafter, fully covering a vast stretch of land, the great army of Rikshas and Vanaras, followed in the wake of Rama.
vrm.6.41 Vanaras, the annihilator of enemies, resembling Elephants, took hold of mountain peaks and hundreds of well grown huge trees.
vrm.6.41 The Vanaras, encouraged by the sound of Ramas’ voice and obedient to his command, halted before the city of Lanka, garlanded with banners, beautiful and splendid with pleasure gardens, having an unusual rampart which is inaccessible with its elevated arched door ways and invincible even by the Devas.
vrm.6.41 Nila, the valiant army chief of Vanaras together with Mainda and Dvivida reached and halted before the Eastern gate.
vrm.6.41 Sugreeva, along with all the chiefs of Vanaras equal to the strength of Garuda as well as Vayu the god of the wind, was stationed himself in the middle of the fort.
vrm.6.41 Thirty six crores of Vanaras, highly renowned generals stood besiezed, where the Vanara Sugreeva was there, having exerted pressure on the Rakshasas occupying that post.
vrm.6.41 Meanwhile, under Ramas’ command, Lakshmana along with Vibhishana distributed a crore each of his Vanaras at each gate.
vrm.6.41 Those Lions among the Vanaras, possessing the teeth of Tigers, taking hold of trees and rocks, waited delightedly for the signal to fight.
vrm.6.41 some others there were chiefs of Vanaras, having an immeasurable strength.
vrm.6.41 Marvellous and astonishing was the gathering of those troops of Vanaras there, like a swarm of locusts.
vrm.6.41 By the Vanaras who reached Lanka and by those stationed already beneath its walls, the air and earth seem to be completely filled.
vrm.6.41 A hundred divisions of one lakh each of Rikshas and Vanaras poured towards the gates of Lanka, while others proceeded to fight on every side.
vrm.6.41 Those Vanaras covered the mountain on every side.
vrm.6.41 Even winds were unable to penetrate Lanka being surrounded on all sides by heroic Vanaras holding tree trunks in their hands.
vrm.6.41 That army of Vanaras, guarded by Rama, Lakshmana and Sugreeva became even more invinceible than all the Suras and Asuras put together.
vrm.6.41 Angada, the foremost of the Vanaras, wearing golden bracelets, descended close to the king and stood there like a flaming torch.
vrm.6.41 Hearing these harsh words from Angada the lion among the Vanaras, Ravana the Lord of the Rakshasa tribe was infuriated.
vrm.6.41 Causing restlessness to all the Rakshasas but delight to the Vanaras, Angada approached close to Rama, who was stationed in the middle of the Vanara forces.
vrm.6.41 Surrounded by many Vanaras, roaring with delight, Rama on his part was proceeding ahead already for the battle, with an intent to wipe out the enemy.
vrm.6.41 Now, Sushena the highly valiant Vanara, was stationed there like the head of the mountain surrounded by innumerable Vanaras, who were bale to change their form at will.
vrm.6.41 Seeing hundreds of divisions of those Vanaras encamped under the walls of Lanka, marshaled on the shores of the sea, the Rakshasas were amazed and some others were terror struck while others, overjoyed at the prospect of fighting, leapt even in exultation.
vrm.6.41 Those miserable Rakshasas saw the entire extensive space between the walls and the moat being occupied by the Vanaras, like unto a second rampart.
vrm.6.42 Then, the Rakshasas there, approached Ravana and informed him that the city had been besieged by Rama along with his Vanaras.
vrm.6.42 That Ravana caught a glimpse of the city of Lanka, with its mountains, groves and forests all being covered by innumerable troops of Vanaras, waiting for war.
vrm.6.42 Seeing the earth made all brown with innumerable Vanaras, Ravana in great perplexity reflected: “How can they be exterminated?”
vrm.6.42 Having pondered for long, regaining his confidence and with his eyes widened by surprise, Ravana gazed on Rama and his troops of Vanaras.
vrm.6.42 Reflecting on Seetha being troubled, the virtuous Rama speedily issued a command to the Vanaras to destroy the enemies forthwith.
vrm.6.42 Hearing those words of Rama, who was unwearied in action, the Vanaras vying with one another filled the air with their roaring resembling those of lion.
vrm.6.42 Those Vanaras, of golden hue with coppery countenance, fighting with Sala trees and mountain peaks, marched ahead towards the city of Lanka, ready as they were to lay down their lives in Ramas’ service.
vrm.6.42 Those Vanaras demolished innumerable defensive walls and arches with blows from trees, mountain tops and fists.
vrm.6.42 The Vanaras filled the moats containing clear water with sands, mountain tops, grasses and logs of wood.
vrm.6.42 The commanders scaled the walls of Lanka, taking with them battalions of Vanaras in thousands, in crores and even hundreds of crores.
vrm.6.42 The Vanaras stood tearing up the golden arches and breaking down the gates that equaled the peak of Kailasa the mountainous abode of Shiva the Lord of Destruction.
vrm.6.42 The Vanaras who resembled great Elephants hurled themselves towards that Lanka, springing, leaping and roaring.
vrm.6.42 The Vanaras, who were able to change their form at will, shouting Victory“ to the mighty Rama and the valiant Lakshmana!” Victory“ of Sugreeva protected by Raghava!” and roaring, rushed towards the defensive walls of Lanka.
vrm.6.42 The mighty Kumuda, surrounded by a crore of Vanaras, who behaved like conquerors, stood besieging the eastern gate while remaining stationed in north east.
vrm.6.42 Surrounded by other Vanaras, a Vanara called Prasabha and the mighty armed Panasa too up their position, in order to assist Kumuda himself.
vrm.6.42 The strong and valiant Vanara, Shatabali accompanied by twenty crores of Vanaras, approached the southern gate while remaining stationed in south east and stood there, to obstruct the exit.
vrm.6.42 The mighty Vanara named Sushena, the father of Tara Vali’s wife, going to the western gate while remaining stationed in the south west surrounded by crores and croes of Vanaras, stood besieging that gate.
vrm.6.42 Rama along with Lakshmana and Sugreeva the mighty lord of the Vanaras, seeking the northern gate while remaining stationed in the north west stood besieging that gate.
vrm.6.42 Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha and Gandhamadana, galloping on all sides, defended the army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.42 Then, from every side a clamour, arose from the army of Vanaras, which filled Malaya mountain with its ridges, plains and caves.
vrm.6.42 In the meantime, a terrible struggle ensued between the Rakshasas and the Vanaras, as in the former times between Devas and Asuras.
vrm.6.42 Exhibiting their native prowess, the Rakshasas began to strike all the Vanaras with their flaming maces, spears, harpoons and axes.
vrm.6.42 Then, the gigantic Vanaras swiftly struck those Rakshasas with trees, mountain tops, nails and teeth “Victorious is king Sugreeva” thus arose a loud war cry.
vrm.6.42 While some Rakshasas standing on walls hacked at the Vanaras standing on the ground below with hooks and harpoons.
vrm.6.42 The enraged Vanaras, who wee standing on the ground, leapt into the air and dragged down the Rakshasas stationed on the walls by seizing them with their arms.
vrm.6.42 That tumultuous combat between Rakshasas and Vanaras transformed into a wonder, leaving a mire of flesh and blood.
vrm.6.43 The great army of Vanaras, also eager to triumph, marched opposite to those troops of Rakshasas of terrible acts.
vrm.6.43 Extra ordinary duels arose between those Rakshasas and Vanaras, who ran up towards each other.
vrm.6.43 Sugreeva the king of Vanaras confronted well with Praghasa and the glorious Lakshmana confronted with Virupaksha in the battle.
vrm.6.43 Those principal Vanaras Mainda and Dvivida confronted with those highly terrific Rakshasas.
vrm.6.43 Some other dreadful Vanaras, having finished their fight with many Rakshasas, swiftly got a duel with some other Rakshasas.
vrm.6.43 A very great tumultuous battle, which caused hair to stand on end, continued there between heroic Rakshasas and Vanaras, who were eager to triumph.
vrm.6.43 Streams of blood flowed from the bodies of Vanaras and Rakshasas, with turfs of hair and carrying bodies in the stream, like timber.
vrm.6.43 Those strong Rakshasas were destroyed thus by those valiant Vanaras there in a series of hand to hand encounters, as the Daityas were destroyed by the blows of the Devas.
vrm.6.43 The battle field became frightening with extra ordinary spears, other arrows, maces, javelins, lances and some other weapons with three points, shattered chariots and military steeds Elephants in rut, Vanaras and Rakshasas which had been killed, wheels axles and yokes broken and lying on the ground and frequented as it was by herds of Jackals.
vrm.6.43 The headless trunks of Vanaras and Rakshasas sprang up here and there in the midst of that tumultuous conflict, which resembled the war between Devas and Asuras.
vrm.6.43 Then, the rangers of the night, with their limbs anointed with blood after being attacked by the excellent Vanaras, longed for sun set and again with strength, assembled for a good combat.
vrm.6.44 While those Vanaras and Rakshasas were fighting, the sun sank below the horizon, setting in motion a night of carnage.
vrm.6.44 Then, a nocturnal was commenced between the terrific Vanaras and Rakshasas, who contracted hostility with each other, wishing for their victory.
vrm.6.44 “You are a Rakshasa” said the Vanaras “You are a Vanara” said the Rakshasas and killed at each other in battle during that dreadful darkness.
vrm.6.44 In that darkness, which was difficult to be overcome, the Rakshasas agitated as they were with anger, attacked with great speed, duly destroying the Vanaras.
vrm.6.44 Those strong Vanaras with a terrific rage leapt forward and tore asunder by their sharp teeth, the steeds with gold ornaments on their head, the serpentine banners and frightened the Rakshasa army.
vrm.6.44 Agitated with anger, the Vanaras dragged the Elephants and those mounted on them and also the chariots with their banners and flag staffs duly breaking them to pieces with their teeth.
vrm.6.44 There appeared a terrific sound resonated by Horses, Rakshasas and Vanaras being wounded.
vrm.6.44 The assassinated great Vanaras, spears, maces, axes and the slaughtered Rakshasas, who were able to change their form at will and with their bodies appearing like mountains were lying there on the battle field.
vrm.6.44 That fatal night became as calamitous to the Vanaras and Rakshasas, as a night of dissolution, which is difficult to be overcome by all beings.
vrm.6.44 Long tailed and black faced Vanaras with their gigantic bodies and dark like figure, crushed the Rakshasas with their arms and allowed them to be eaten by Jackals, Vultures etc.
vrm.6.44 Seeing the enemy defeated, those Vanaras along with Sugreeva and Vibhishana were delighted and praised Angada as an efficient warrior.
vrm.6.44 Then, the Vanaras saw the two warriors, those Lions among men, being wounded quickly by the serpentine arrows of that enraged Rakshasas.
vrm.6.45 Rama the scourger of his enemies ordered both the sons of Sushena, Nila the chief of Vanaras, Angada the son of Vali, the stron Sharabha, Dvivida, Hanuman, the very strong Sanuprastha, Rishabha and Rishabha skandha.
vrm.6.45 All those Vanaras, thrilled with enthusiasm, flung into the air brandishing huge trunks of trees in order to explore the ten regions.
vrm.6.45 Indrajit, the son of Ravana, who was skilled in the use of magic weapons, by means of his arrows with great speed, released from his most excellent of bows, arrested the impetuous outbreak of the Vanaras.
vrm.6.45 Those Vanaras of terrific bound, whose bodes were cruelly pierced by those shafts, were unable to see Indrajit in the darkness, as the sun is obscured when veiled in clouds.
vrm.6.45 Beholding that Rama, the Vanaras too were in great grief and wept terribly, with their eyes filled in tears, being afflicted as they were by sorrow.
vrm.6.45 Those Vanaras with Hanuman in first place gathered at a place and stood surrounding Rama and Lakshmana, who wee bound by a net work of arrows and lying down on the battle ground.
vrm.6.46 Thereafter, surveying the earth and the sky, the Vanaras beheld the brothers Rama and Lakshmana, covered with arrows.
vrm.6.46 Seeing the two Raghavas, pierced by a multitude of arrows, all the Vanaras along with Vibhishana became perturbed.
vrm.6.46 The Vanaras surveyed all the quarters in the sky, without being able to discover Indrajit the son of Ravana, who was veiled by his magic powers in the fight.
vrm.6.46 “As clouds are useless in the autumn, so are all the exploits of Rama, Lakshmana and all the Vanaras.
vrm.6.46 Indrajit, that strong and highly courageous Rakshasas, pierced those jewels among the Vanaras there with his arrows which resembled flames of fire and began to shout in triumph.
vrm.6.46 Tormenting them with a multitude of arrows and frightening the Vanaras, the mighty armed Indrajit heartily laughed and spoke as follows.
vrm.6.46 “O, Sugreeva the king of Vanaras! This is not the time to cling to despondency.
vrm.6.46 “O, the foremost of Vanaras! These Vanaras, having their eyes dilated due to fear, are signaling some words into each other’s ear, terrified as they were.
vrm.6.46 “Let the Vanaras cast off their fear, even as one would discard a used garland, on seeing me running about to activate the troops.
vrm.6.46 Having emboldened Sugreeva, Vibhishana the foremost of Rakshasas once again reassured that army of Vanaras, who were pushing away.
vrm.6.47 Indrajit, the son of Ravana having returned to Lanka, his purpose accomplished, the leading Vanaras surrounded Rama in order to watch over him.
vrm.6.47 Hanuman, Angada, Nila, Sushena, Kumuda, Nala, Gaja, Gavaksha, Panasa, Sanuprastha and the mighty Jambavan with Sunda, Rambha, Shatabali and Prithu all these Vanaras, armed with trees, reorganized their ranks, stood alert, surveyed the quarters of the sky up and down and on every side and, even if a grass stirred, they exclaimed, “It is a Rakshasa!”
vrm.6.47 Seetha saw the Rakshasas who were delighted at heart and Vanaras disturbed with grief, standing round Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.6.49 All those foremost of Vanaras who were exceedingly strong, including Sugreeva, plunged in grief, were standing around those two illustrious warriors.
vrm.6.49 "If Lakshmana returned to the five elements, he the increaser of Sumitra s joy, I will yield up my life breaths while the Vanaras stand looking on.
vrm.6.49 "I am fully satisfied by the great military exploit, done by Jambavan the king of Rikshas and the General of the Vanaras, which was impossible to any other in battle.
vrm.6.49 "By Gavaya, Gavaksha, Sharabha, Gaja and other Vanaras, who are willing to sacrifice their lives for me, the battle was carried on.
vrm.6.49 foremost of Vanaras! You have accomplished all this due to your friendship.
vrm.6.49 All the tawny eyed Vanaras, who heard Rama s lament thus, allowed tears to fall from their eyes.
vrm.6.49 Seeing him, who resembled a mass of collyrium, hastening towards them thus, all the Vanaras thinking him to be Indrajit the son of Ravana, fled away.
vrm.6.50 Meanwhile, Sugreeva the king of Vanaras, possessing a great splendour and a mighty power, enquired saying, "Why is this army agitated, like a ship driven out of its course in water?" Hearing the words of Sugreeva, Angada the son of Vali replied, saying "Do you not see the high souled Rama and Lakshmana of the great chariot, those two valiant sons of Dasaratha covered with darts lying all bloody in a bed of arrows?" Thereupon, Sugreeva the Lord of Vanaras said to his son Angada: "To my mind, there is some othere cause why the Vanaras are bewildereed.
vrm.6.50 "Here, these Vanaras are runnng away in all directions, with their eyes distended with terror, throwing down their arms and looking dejected.
vrm.6.50 Observing Vibhishana to be the cause of panic among the Vanaras, Sugreeva spoke to the illustrious Jambavan the king of Rikshas who stood near as follows:
vrm.6.50 On seeing him, the foremost of Vanaras seized with terror have fled, deeming him to be Indrajit, Ravana s son.
vrm.6.50 "You reassemble those Vanaras immediately, who in fear have scattered in many directions and inform them that it is Vibhishana who has come!" Thus spoken by Sugreeva, Jambavan the king of Rikshas called the fugitive Vanaras back and restored them to confidence.
vrm.6.50 Hearing the words of Jambavan the king of Rikshas, all those Vanaras, on perceiving Vibhishana, retraced their steps, shaking off their fear.
vrm.6.50 Then, Sugreeva the magnanimous King of Vanaras embraced that Vibhishana thus lamenting and spoke the following words: "O, knower of what is right! You shall certainly reign over Lanka.
vrm.6.50 Consoling and convincing Vibhishana thus, Sugreeva spoke to Sushena, his father in law, who was on his side as follows: "Taking these two brothers, Rama and Lakshmana with the troops of Vanaras who are strong, you go to Kishkindha, till these two scourgers of their foes have recovered their consciousness.
vrm.6.50 "Let the Vanaras Sampati, Panasa and others go quickly in speed, to the ocean of milk, to bring those herbs.
vrm.6.50 "These Vanaras are conversant with those efficacious mountianous herbs the celestial Sanjivakarani and Vishalya, which were created by a God.
vrm.6.50 Thereupon, all the Vanaras saw within a moment, a mighty eagle, Garuda, the son of Vinata, like unto a blazing torch.
vrm.6.50 "Even the most valiant Asuras or the exceedingly strong Vanaras or the Devas together with the Gandharvas having Devendra in their forefront are unable to untie this awfully terrific entanglement of arrows created through his power of sorcery by Indrajit of terrific deeds.
vrm.6.50 Having spoken thus, Garuda of swift flight, having beautiful wings, who had just healed Rama s wounds in the presence of Vanaras, having paid obeisance presence of Vanaras, having paid obeisance to him by circumambulation and taken him into his arms, entered the sky with the speed of the wind.
vrm.6.50 Seeing Rama and Lakshmana healed of their wounds, the cheifs of Vanaras haowled like roars of Lions and lashed their tails.
vrm.6.50 Thereupon, gongs were beaten, drums resounded, and couches were blown amid jumping in joy of the Vanaras as before.
vrm.6.50 Some other strong Vanaras who use trees as maces in battle, waving their arms and uprooting hundreds and thousands of various trees, stood there, ready for the battle.
vrm.6.50 Uttering great noises, frightning the Rakshasas and desirous to fight, the Vanaras reached the gates of Lanka.
vrm.6.50 Thereafter, a highly terrible and tumuluous sound arose among the leaders of the Vanaras, as, at the end of summer the roaring of thunder clouds in the mid night.
vrm.6.51 That tumultuous sound, set up by the Vanaras who were full of martial ardour, arrested the attention of Ravana and his Rakshasas.
vrm.6.51 "A great uproar, resembling the rumbling of clouds, has arisen from that horde of rejoiced Vanaras.
vrm.6.51 Having spoken thus to his ministers, Ravana the Lord of Rakshasas said to his Rakshasas who stood round him there as follows "You immediately discover from what cause this general rejoicing among all these Vanaras coming for the their present grievous situation! Thus commanded by Ravana, they mounted the rampart very briskly and saw the army lead by the high souled Sugreeva and also the highly fortunate Rama and Lakshmana who were relieved of the terrific shackle of arrow a and risen up together.
vrm.6.51 "You, with a terrific prowess, go quickly with a considerable force of Rakshasas and slay Rama, Lakshmana and his Vanaras.
vrm.6.51 Then, Dhumraksha, the highly terrible and strong Rakshasa, surrounded by a multitude of Rakshasas, eager to enter into combat, set out and beheld that army of a multitude of Vanaras, resembling a flood, protected by the arms of Rama.
vrm.6.52 Beholding the Rakshasa, Dhumraksha of terrible prowess coming forth, all the Vanaras waiting for the war, roared with joy.
vrm.6.52 A highly tumultuous battle was seen between those Vanaras and Rakshasas, who were slaying each other, with terrible trees, lances and maces.
vrm.6.52 The terrible Vanaras were moved down on all sides by the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.52 The Rakshasa too were levelled down to the earth with trees by the Vanaras.
vrm.6.52 Enraged with anger, the Rakshasas, on their part, paralyzed the Vanaras with sharp and frightful arrows, going as straight as wings of eagle.
vrm.6.52 While being torn asunder by the Rakshasas with terrible maces, spears, hammers, frightful iron bars and variegated tridents, the mighty Vanaras fearlessly accomplished their tasks with an excitement born of anger.
vrm.6.52 While their bodies were split up by the tridents and their limbs broken by arrows, those leaders of Vanaras took up trees and rocks there to fight.
vrm.6.52 Those terribly swift Vanaras, roaring aloud harassed the valiant Rakshasas at all places, by calling out their names.
vrm.6.52 That awful battle with all kinds of rocks and trees furnished with many branches between Vanaras and Rakshasas appeared wonderful.
vrm.6.52 Some Rakshasas were crushed by Vanaras, who conquered fear and some blood sucking Rakshasas vomited blood from their mouths.
vrm.6.52 Some others were crushed by stones and yet others torn to pieces by the Vanaras teeth.
vrm.6.52 Crushed by the great rocks of Vanaras, the earth was scattered with corpses of great Elephants resembling hills and Horses with their riders.
vrm.6.52 The Vanaras of terrific prowess rushed upon the Rakshasas, flinging themselves upon them with great bounds horizontically and vertically and scratching their faces with their sharp nails.
vrm.6.52 Some other Rakshasas of exceeding valour, who were enraged, very much, ran up towards the Vanaras to attack them with their palms having a diamond like blow.
vrm.6.52 The Vanaras, receiving that sharp shock, with even a greater ferocity, crushed the Rakshasas with blows of their fists, feet teeth and trees.
vrm.6.52 Seeing his army routed, Dhumraksha that lion among the Rakshasas, in his anger began to create a blood shed of the Vanaras wishing to fight.
vrm.6.52 Some Vanaras pierced with spears lost rivers of blood while others struck down by blows of axe, fell to the earth s surface.
vrm.6.52 Slain in battle by infuriated Rakshasas, some Vanaras, drenched with blood, fell on the ground and some others disappeared, having been driven away.
vrm.6.52 With pierced hearts, some Vanaras were made to lie down on one side.
vrm.6.52 That mighty battle assumed most awful proportions in that Vanaras and Rakshasas were crammed with rocks, trees and multitude of weapons.
vrm.6.52 Dhumraksha on his part, wielding a bow in his hand and laughing at the battle front, made those Vanaras to run away to all the quarters by a shower of his arrows.
vrm.6.52 Seeing Dhumraksha having been killed, the Rakshasas left surviving were frightened of being killled by the Vanaras and re entered Lanka.
vrm.6.52 That illustrious Hanuman the son of Pavana having destroyed his enemies, causing rivers of blood to flow, weary of slaughter of the enemies, with delight, received the cordial felicitations by the Vanaras.
vrm.6.53 Polluted by anger, with long and burning sighs, he addressed the cruel and mighty Vajradamshtra, a Rakshasa as follows "O, warrior! Go ahead as the head of the Rakshasas and slay Rama the son of Dasaratha, as also Sugreeva and his Vanaras!" "So it be" answered the leader of the Rakshasas who was a conjurer and departed with many divisions of the army that surrounded him.
vrm.6.53 The Vanaras, burning for victory, seeing their enemies advancing, made tremendous shouts which echoed every quarter.
vrm.6.53 Thereafter, a tumultuous battle ensured between the Vanaras and the Rakshasas, who were cruel, of ferocious form and desirous of each other s destruction.
vrm.6.53 The Rakshasas were beaten and their bodies made fragmented by the Vanaras of fighting arrogance, with their palms, feet, fists, trees and knees.
vrm.6.53 Tremendously frightening the Vanaras in the battle by his arrows, Vajradamshtra moved himself in the battle field like Yama moving at the time of dissolution of the worlds, wielding a noose in his hand.
vrm.6.53 The strong Rakshasas skilled in weaponry and wielding various kinds of weapons, killed the army of Vanaras in that battle, with their increased anger.
vrm.6.53 The earth then appeared fearful, it being covered with chariots, conspicuous flags, Horses, bodies of Vanaras and Rakshasas with streams of blood flowing there.
vrm.6.54 The Vanaras, those valiant bulls among the Plavagas, assembling on all sides, fought with rocks.
vrm.6.54 Then in that battle there, the Rakshasas abundantly hurled thousands of weapons on the foremost of Vanaras.
vrm.6.54 The Vanaras of mighty prowess, resembling Elephants in rut, showered down giant trees and huge lumps of rock on the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.54 Between those courageous warriors, the Rakshasas and the Vanaras, who never retreated in battle, a tremendous struggle ensued.
vrm.6.54 Some Vanaras and Rakshasas, with their shattered heads, but bereft of arms and legs, lay on the earth bathed in blood with their bodies wounded by weapons, a prey to Herons Vultures and Crows or devoured by troops of Jackals.
vrm.6.54 Vanaras and Rakshasas fell on the battle field headless trunks leaps up to the terror of all the fearful, their limbs hacked to pieces in the combat.
vrm.6.54 Seeing the Rakshasas terrified with fear and decimated by the Vanaras, that powerful Vajradamshtra, his eyes red with anger, bow in hand, penetrated the army of Vanaras, sowing panic among them.
vrm.6.54 Thereafter, in his fury, the vigorous Vajradamshtra dispatched those Vanaras with arrows resembling wings of an eagle that flew straight to their target and pierced seven, eight, nine or five of his opponents simultaneously, thus destroying them.
vrm.6.54 Witnessing the strength of Vajradamshtra, Angada that lion among the Vanaras seized hold of a large rock and emitting a shout, threw it on him.
vrm.6.54 Then, Angada the lion among the Vanaras, possessing a great splendour, uprooted a tree full with many flowers and fruits and stood waiting.
vrm.6.54 Thirsting for victory, the Vanaras and the Rakshasas, making roaring sounds, roamed about in different ways and collided with each other.
vrm.6.54 Angada, the foremost of the Vanaras, just after a moment, with his glittering eyes, rose up like a serpent struck with a stick.
vrm.6.54 Seeing Vajradamshtra having been slain, the Rakshasas, deluded with fear, fled panic stricken towards Lanka, harassed by the Vanaras with their down cast faces, their heads bowed in shame.
vrm.6.55 "There is no doubt that he will prove victorious and Rama, Lakshmana, the mighty Sugreeva and the other terrible Vanaras.
vrm.6.55 By hearing that clamour of the Rakshasas coming for the battle, the huge army of the Vanaras, brandishing trees and rocks, was frightened.
vrm.6.55 A highly fierce battle ensued between those Vanaras and Rakshasas, who were ready to lose their lives for the sake of Rama and Ravana.
vrm.6.55 All the Vanaras and Rakshasas, who were willing to kill each other, were very strong and valiant.
vrm.6.55 A highly terrific dust, in a thick coppery colour, raised by the Vanaras and Rakshasas enveloped all the ten quarters.
vrm.6.55 In the darkness, the greatly enraged Vanaras killed the Vanaras themselves and the Rakshasas killed the Rakshasas themselves in battle.
vrm.6.55 Those Vanaras and Rakshasas killing other and their own people then made the earth dampened with blood, anointing its body with mud.
vrm.6.55 The Rakshasas and the Vanaras vigorously struck each other swiftly with blows from trees, spears, maces, javelins, stones, bars and picks.
vrm.6.55 The Vanaras of dreadful deeds, resembling mountains, fighting with their arms appearing like iron bars, killed the Rakshasas in battle.
vrm.6.55 The enraged Rakshasas with darts and javelins in their hands, struck the Vanaras there with their cruel weapons.
vrm.6.55 The Vanaras however leaping upon them and snatching their weapons through their strength, crushed those Rakshasas with blows from large trees and stones.
vrm.6.55 Meanwhile Kumuda, Nala and Mainda the courageous Vanaras in an outburst of anger, displayed unsuprassed rashness.
vrm.6.55 Those exceedingly valiant chiefs of Vanaras, as in sport, in the battle front, with mighty blows of trees, created a great carnage among the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.56 Seeing that very great exploit executed by the chiefs of Vanaras in the battle, Akampana was seized with a fierce anger.
vrm.6.56 "Drive the chariot quickly to that place, for, those Vanaras are killing innumerable Rakshasas on the battle field.
vrm.6.56 "Those arrogant Vanaras of terrific ferocity, armed with trees and rocks, dare to affront me here.
vrm.6.56 "I wish to kill those andicious Vanaras, who are seen herassing all the army of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.56 Thereafter, in his chariot, drawn by fast moving Horses, Akampana the most skillful of chariot warriors, with a hail of darts, assailed the Vanaras from a distance.
vrm.6.56 The Vanaras were no longer able to maintain their formation, much less fight in the battle.
vrm.6.56 Seeing Hanuman their great leader, all those valiant and the best of the Vanaras together rallied and grouped themselves boldly round him.
vrm.6.56 Observing Hanuman s courage, those excellent Vanaras took shelter in his powerfulness and became powerfulness and became powerful indeed.
vrm.6.56 All those defeated warriors, throwing their arms, escaped in the direction of Lanka, terrified, pursued by those Vanaras.
vrm.6.56 When those Rakshasas had entered Lanka, all the mighty Vanaras approached Hanuman and paid homage to him.
vrm.6.56 That Hanuman, of noble nature honoured all those delighted Vanaras, in accord with their rank and the occasion.
vrm.6.56 The triumphant Vanaras shouted in accord with their nighty and once again dragged the Rakshasas who were still alive there on the battle field.
vrm.6.56 Then, the troops of deities along with Rama himself, the exceedingly strong Lakshmana, Sugreeva and other Vanaras and the mighty Vibhishana paid homage to Hanuman.
vrm.6.57 "Either myself or Kumbhakarna or yourself my army chief or Indrajit or Nikumbha and none else could undertake such a task!" "For that reason, taking a company of warriors, you quickly place yourself in their midst and set forth in order to triumph over all those Vanaras.
vrm.6.57 "Unsettled in no time on knowing your decision to enter the battle field, the army of Vanaras will run away on hearing the raring sound of the leaders of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.57 "The Vanaras are unsteady, mis behaved and fickle minded.
vrm.6.57 Beholding that Prahasta, renowned for his excellences and martial valour as he advanced to give battle, the army of Vanaras went forward to attack him.
vrm.6.57 Thereafter, an exceedingly tumultuous clamour arose among the Vanaras as they tore up the trees and seized hold of huge rocks.
vrm.6.57 Both the armies of the yelling Rakshasas and the roaring Vanaras were delighted, impetuous and powerful with impatience to slay each other and challenging each other with great shouts.
vrm.6.58 That huge and powerful army of Vanaras, who began to emit cries of defiance with fury, thereupon saw the terrible Prahasta of formidable exploits coming forth towards them.
vrm.6.58 Swords, lances, daggers, darts, spears, clubs, maces bars, barbed missiles, various kinds of axes and different bows glittered in the hands of Rakshasas, who were running up towards the Vanaras and seeking victory.
vrm.6.58 The Vanaras who were burning to fight took hold of trees in flower, rocks and lofty and thick stones.
vrm.6.58 In that battle, many of the Rakshasas killed several excellent Vanaras and several Vanaras killed many of the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.58 Some Vanaras were smashed by spears and some others by finer weapons.
vrm.6.58 Cut into two with the strokes of swords by those powerful Rakshasas, some Vanaras, trembling, fell on the earth, their sides torn open.
vrm.6.58 Even the flock of Rakshasas on all sides were crushed on to the earth by the furious Vanaras with tree and mountain peaks.
vrm.6.58 A tumultuous clamour arose among Vanaras and Rakshasas, as cries of pain and leonine roars were bellowed.
vrm.6.58 The Vanaras and the Rakshasas with anger, following the path of heroes, with their cruel and hostile eyes, accomplished their deeds with great courage.
vrm.6.58 Narantaka Kumbhahanu, Mahanada and Samunnata all these companions of Prahasta killed the Vanaras.
vrm.6.58 Dvivida, with a mountain peak, struck down Narantaka, the one among them who was rushing upon quickly and killing the Vanaras.
vrm.6.58 Not tolerating the aforesaid act, Prahasta having occupied his chariot with bow in hand, caused a terrible havoc among the Vanaras.
vrm.6.58 The Rakshasa Prahasta, who was hard to be subdued in battle, with full of anger, tormented the Vanaras by an immense avalanche of arrows in that great combat.
vrm.6.58 By the frightening corpses of Vanaras and Rakshasas, appearing like hideous mountains, a very extensive area of the ground is covered.
vrm.6.58 With the heaps of warriors for its banks the broken weapons its trees, the torrents of blood its huge waves, death appeared like an ocean receiving its floods, livers and spleens its mire, entrails its moss, severed heads and trunks the fish, and morsels of flesh the grass, the innumerable Vultures its lovely Swans, Herons its Geese, covered as it was with fat for the foam, the tumult the sound of its waters, the battle field resembled a river, incapable of being crossed by cowards, visited by water fowls at the end of the rainy season, those Rakshasas and the foremost of the Vanaras crossed over that impassable river, as Elephants lead their herds across a lake that the lotuses have covered with pollen.
vrm.6.58 Then, Nila saw Prahasta who was employing a multitude of arrows sitting in the chariot and annihilating the Vanaras swiftly.
vrm.6.58 Then, that huge and terrific rock hurled by Nila the leader of the Vanaras broke Prahasta s head into myriad pieces.

Continued to Part 3

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