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vrm.1.1 b, a "Then that woeful king of Vanaras Sugreeva woefully informed Rama about his saga of feud with his brother Vali in reply to Rama s query, in friendship and in its entirety.
vrm.1.1 "Then Rama solemnly promised Sugreeva to eliminate Vali in retaliation to his foul deeds in respect of Sugreeva and of probity as well, and then that vanara Sugreeva started to tell about the sinews of Vali.
vrm.1.1 b, a Sugreeva" always remained doubtful about the powers of Raghava and by reason of confiding in Raghava s prowess for himself, and by reason of making Raghava to confide in the powers of Vali, Sugreeva has shown him the massive remains of Rakshasa Dundubhi, which is similar to a great mountain.
vrm.1.1 "Then that best Vanara Sugreeva whose body hue is golden war whooped at the entrance of cave like Kishkindha, by which loud shouting there emerged Vali, the king of Vanaras, out of that cave like Kishkindha.
vrm.1.1 Vali" came out only on pacifying Tara, his wife, who deterred Vali from going to meet Sugreeva in a combat, as she doubted that Sugreeva must have come with Rama, and then Vali met Sugreeva head on.
vrm.1.1 and therein that duel Raghava eliminated Vali, only with one arrow.
vrm.1.1 "On eliminating Vali in combat upon the word of Sugreeva, then Rama established Sugreeva alone for that kingdom as its king.
vrm.1.3 Also going to Mountain Rishyamuka, meeting Sugreeva and generating confidence in Sugreeva, befriending him and the duel of Vali and Sugreeva.
vrm.1.3 Also thus Vali s elimination and establishing Sugreeva on throne of Vanara kingdom, grieving of Tara, the wife of Vali and empress of that kingdom, and as consented Rama s stopover during the days of rain.
vrm.1.17 Indra procreated the lord of vanara s, namely Vali, who by his physique is like Mountain Mahendra, and the highest humidifier among all the humidifiers, namely the Surya, procreated Sugreeva.
vrm.1.17 b, a All of the Vanaras stood by the brothers, namely the son of Indra Vali, and the son of sun Sugreeva, and even with the Vanara generals like Nala, Neela and Hanuma et
vrm.1.17 He who is adroit, extremely mighty, and highly indomitable, that Vali protected Rikshas, Gopucchaas, and Vanaras just by the strength of his arms.
vrm.3.72 Sugreeva, who is vengefully reneged by his brother Vali, the son of Indra.
vrm.3.72 Sugreeva is the son of Riksharaja, and the direct son of Surya, but Vali trespassed against him.
vrm.3.72 Wary of Vali s onslaughts Sugreeva is wandering around Pampa.
vrm.3.75 a Thereby, where Mountain Rishyamuka is beaming forth at its nearby, on which that right minded son of Surya, Sugreeva, is living along with four other vanara s, always frightened by the fear from Vali, we will go to her, to that spectacular Lake Pampa, come on, Lakshmana.
vrm.4.2 Here they come wearing jute cloths and move about in this impassable forest deceitfully, definitely Vali must have dispatched them.
vrm.4.2 Then Hanuma, the ablest sentence maker, said this sentence to Sugreeva who is dismayed with fear doubting Vali s mischief.
vrm.4.2 all of you discarded that great fear from Vali or his cruelty.
vrm.4.2 there is no scare from Vali here on this best mountain, for it is Mountain Malaya.
vrm.4.2 By whom you are bewildered at heart and running away, oh, the best Vanara Sugreeva, I do not see that cruel looking, cruel Vali here.
vrm.4.2 that Vali is not here.
vrm.4.2 those best of men are abetted by Vali to
vrm.4.2 for, the kings like Vali do have many friends and trusting them absolutely is an unpardonable mistake.
vrm.4.2 In exploits Vali is an ingenious one.
vrm.4.2 Begone to them oh, Vanara Hanuma, in a commoners form, for your Vanara hood is distinguishable by Vali s agents, and know the intentions of those two by their conduct, by their semblance, and by their conversation, as well.
vrm.4.3 one named Sugreeva, somebody virtuous and worthily one among Vanaras is expelled by his brother Vali, and he is roaming all over the world sorrowfully.
vrm.4.4 He who is made as an enemy, very muchinsulted, and abrogated from kingdom by his own brother Vali, that Sugreeva is roaming about forests
vrm.4.4 fearing him alone, his own brother Vali.
vrm.4.5 b, a "Oh, highly fortunate Rama, affirm fearlessness to me from Vali by who I am highly intimidated, and as to how there will be fearlessness to me from him, it will be apt of you to accomplish that, that way.
vrm.4.5 oh, great Vanara I intend eliminate that Vali, the abductor of your wife.
vrm.4.5 b, a "Unfailing are these arrows of mine, scorchers like sun, sharp ones tied with eagle feathers, similar to Indra s Thunderbolts, sharp are their point and straight is their egress, similar to enraged snakes, and these arrows of mine will be speeded up to fall on that vicious Vali.
vrm.4.5 b, a "You will see now itself the falling of Vali like a splintered mountain onto ground, when completely ruined by these cruel arrows that are similar to venomous snakes.
vrm.4.5 During the friendly conversation of Rama and Sugreeva, the left eyes of Seetha, Vali and Ravana that bear similitude with lotuses, golden orbs, and fireballs respectively have fluttered equally.
vrm.4.7 On hearing the word of that intellectual, highly capable one and the best king among kings, namely Rama, he that Sugreeva, the chief among the Vanara heroes, thought at heart that his manoeuvre to surpass his dominant brother Vali is accomplished.
vrm.4.8 "I am agonized by the fear from Vali, oh, protector of all the worlds, you protect me too for I am unprotected, and able are you to accord protection.
vrm.4.8 "You may see your malicious and intimidating brother, someone denotative by name Vali, eradicated with these very arrows and splintered down like a mountain.
vrm.4.8 "Earlier he that forceful Vali deposed me from my kingdom, oh Rama, and speaking harsh words he even banished me.
vrm.4.8 "He that very evil minded one tried many times to annihilate me, and Raghava, I killed those combatants Vanaras that are deployed by Vali to kill me.
vrm.4.8 my elder brother Vali is a renowned one for his intrepidity, and he that Vali alone is my enemy.
vrm.4.9 "Oh, great enemy destroyer Rama, my elder brother Vali is a very dear one to our father, and even for me too he was so, earlier.
vrm.4.9 There was a great enmity between this Mayavi and Vali owing to some female.
vrm.4.9 He that Mayavi arrived at the doors of Kishkindha in a night when the people are sleeping, and blared very much inviting Vali for a fight.
vrm.4.9 Though the females and myself bowed reverently to prevent Vali, he came out of palace in all his anger to kill that great Rakshasa.
vrm.4.9 But Vali spurned all of us away and forged ahead, and then I also have started to go along with Vali in all my predisposition.
vrm.4.9 Then Vali has gone into the enfoldment of fury on observing the entry of that Rakshasa into the hole, whereby his senses felt outraged, and he said this sentence to me.
vrm.4.9 Then Vali said to me, "Now you stay here on the alert, Sugreeva, at the entrance of this hole till I return on destroying the enemy in a fight on my entering this hole.
vrm.4.9 Then duly summoned by all of those ministers I was crowned, and while I was ruling the kingdom judiciously, oh, Raghava, that semi human Vali returned on killing that Rakshasa enemy.
vrm.4.9 b, Oh, lord Rama, though I bowed with the crown touching his feet, he that rancorous Vali showed no quarter towards me.
vrm.4.10 So said Vali to all the courtiers.
vrm.4.10 "I who am saddened by stealing my wife have entered this safest mountain Rishyamuka, which is impenetrable for Vali by another reason.
vrm.4.10 "Oh, Rama, the fear remover of all the worlds, it is apt of you to bestow me invulnerability from the fear of Vali, and oh, valiant one, as well as to rein him in.
vrm.4.10 "Admirable and sun like burners are these arrows of mine that are now mingled with my wrath, and they are bound fall on that evil minded Vali.
vrm.4.11 "That which is impetuousness of Vali, that which is his bravery and courageousness are there, they may be listened from me single mindedly, and later you impose that which need be imposed.
vrm.4.11 "Before the dawn of sun Vali unweariedly strides from western ocean to eastern, and even from southern to northern for offering water oblations to the rising sun.
vrm.4.11 "As a show his strength Vali used to personally fell many sturdy trees of diverse origin by his might.
vrm.4.11 "Oh, war expert Dundubhi, Indra s son is there, a brave and glorious one by name Vali, and he is now presiding over the matchlessly pompous city Kishkindha.
vrm.4.11 "Then on hearing Himavan s words he that Dundubhi is convulsed in anger and proceeded to Vali s city Kishkindha.
vrm.4.11 Vali" who by then went into his palace chambers became intolerant to hear that noise and fell out from there along with ladies, like the moon with stars.
vrm.4.11 Vali" being the lord of Vanaras, and of all the other forest dwellers as well, spoke a clearly worded brief sentence to Dundubhi.
vrm.4.11 Vali cautioned that Rakshasa that way.
vrm.4.11 "On hearing that sentence of Vali, the tactful lord of Vanaras, Dundubhi said this sentence with his eyes bloodshot in anger.
vrm.4.11 "It is inapt of you to speak words in the vicinity of ladies, oh, valiant Vali, give me a duel now and then I can appreciate your might.
vrm.4.11 Dundubhi incited Vali in this way.
vrm.4.11 "Then Vali laughed that Rakshasa off, discharged all the females namely Tara and others, and then he spoke to that stupid lord of Rakshasas in anger.
vrm.4.11 Vali said so to Dundubhi.
vrm.4.11 "Saying that way to that Dundubhi that highly enraged Vali heaved up the golden chest pendant around his neck on to his chest, which was given by his father Mahendra, and stood firm for fight.
vrm.4.11 "Then that elephentine Vanara Vali took that mountain similar Dundubhi by horns, and booming highly he whirled and bumped him onto ground.
vrm.4.11 Vali" while blaring highly with great sound repeatedly whirled him and thrown onto ground, and while Dundubhi was hurled and thrown to ground, blood gushed out of his two ears.
vrm.4.11 "There occurred a gruesome fight among those two, Dundubhi and Vali, who by their fury are impetuous and who aspired victory over the other.
vrm.4.11 "Then Vali who is similar to Indra in his fortitude fought with him with his fists, knees and feet, and like that with boulders and trees.
vrm.4.11 "While each is assaulting the other in that fight between that Vanara and Rakshasa, that Rakshasa is impaired and Indra s son Vali toughened.
vrm.4.11 "Then the hastiest Vali swayed that dead and inanimate Rakshasa with both of his hands and hurled him a Yojana distance in a single flick.
vrm.4.11 b, a "This forest of mine is always protected like my own son, and if the Vanaras of Vali wish to stay behind in this forest alone for further destruction of leaves or sprouts, or even for the non existence of fruits and tubers of this forest, defiantly they too will be cursed.
vrm.4.11 "Then those Vanaras on hearing the clear wording of the sage started out from that forest, and on their coming to Kishkindha, Vali saw them and spoke this way to them.
vrm.4.11 Why all of you dwellers of Matanga forest arrived in my presence, even so, are you the dwellers of that forest safe? Thus Vali asked all.
vrm.4.11 "Then all of those Vanaras have reported to Vali, the one with a golden chest pendant, all the reasons for their exit, likewise the curse to Vali.
vrm.4.11 "Then on hearing all those words narrated by Vanaras Vali approached that great sage and begged of him on becoming humble with palm fold.
vrm.4.11 "The sage inconsiderate of Vali s request withdrew into hermitage, and fearing to bear the brunt of the curse Vali was distraught and withdrew from that place.
vrm.4.11 "Then, dreaded by the fear of curse that Vanara Vali does not aspire to enter the great mountain Rishyamuka, oh, people s lord, Rama, or he does not even wish to look at it.
vrm.4.11 "This huge heap of bones that is shining forth like a mountaintop is that of Dundubhi, which Vali once hurled by the vanity of his valour.
vrm.4.11 "Also these are the seven enormous sala trees full with their branches, and Vali is capable to make each of them leafless by his vigour, of course, one at a time.
vrm.4.11 "Oh, Rama, I am apprising all this to tell about the unequalled vitality of Vali, and oh, king, then how is it possible for you to eliminate Vali in war.
vrm.4.11 When Sugreeva spoke that way Lakshmana a little smiled and asked him, "On performing which act do you confide in the possibility of Vali s elimination?" Then Sugreeva said to Lakshmana, "earlier Vali used to agitate each of the trees, one after the other, on many occasions.
vrm.4.11 "If Rama can rend one tree out of the seven with only one arrow, then on seeing Rama s valour I can construe that Vali is utterly dead at his hand.
vrm.4.11 Sugreeva paused for a while on saying thus to Rama, for Rama s eye corners are reddened with anger towards Vali, and then Sugreeva again spoke to Rama.
vrm.4.11 Vali" is a mighty Vanara, an intrepid one, who esteems his own intrepidity, and one who is well renowned by his might and tenacity, and in combats he is an undefeated one.
vrm.4.11 "Concluding that the lord of Vanaras Vali to be an unconquerable, unattackable, unsympathetic one I am not leaving this Mountain Rishyamuka.
vrm.4.11 "Oh, friend, at that time when my tired and tipsy brother Vali tossed this body it was unspoilt, wet with blood and full with flesh.
vrm.4.12 "You with your arrows, oh, best one among men, are capable of eliminating all the Gods including Indra, oh, lord, then why to speak of Vali.
vrm.4.12 ""Let us quickly go from here to Kishkindha, oh, Sugreeva, you move in advance, and on going there you invite that Vali, one redolent of your brotherhood.
vrm.4.12 They all on quickly going to Kishkindha, the city of Vali, hedged themselves in the thickets of forest trees and waited.
vrm.4.12 Sugreeva firmly tightened his girdle cloth for the duel and shouted boisterously for the purpose of inviting Vali for a duel, and his rapidity in shouting appeared as though to crack the sky.
vrm.4.12 On hearing his brother s shouting that great mighty Vali is infuriated and impetuously rushed out of his palace chambers, like the sun falling back onto sky from his dusking brink.
vrm.4.12 Then a very tumultuous and awful fight occurred between Vali and Sugreeva, which is like the awful fight between the planets Mercury and Mars in skies.
vrm.4.12 For which reason Raghava could not differentiate between Sugreeva or Vali, for the same reason did not make up his mind to release his arrow, otherwise it would have been a deadening arrow, as confusion is the only reason for Rama.
vrm.4.12 Meanwhile Sugreeva is unable to spot out his benefactor Raghava as Vali whacked him down, and thereby he immediately fled to Mountain Rishyamuka.
vrm.4.12 Sugreeva is debilitated and enervated by Vali s thwacking till his limbs soaked in blood, and he entered the great forest of Rishyamuka as Vali chased him.
vrm.4.12 On seeing Sugreeva s entry into the forest of Rishyamuka, Vali said to him "you are let off for now.
vrm.4.12 Seeing the arrival of Rama with Lakshmana, Sugreeva ashamedly turned his eyes down to earth and piteously spoke this without eyeing Rama "Showing your dexterity you encouraged me to invite Vali for fight, but you got me battered by my enemy, what is this done by you.
vrm.4.12 "You should have truly made it known at that time only, oh, Raghava, that you will not kill Vali, then I would not have come here, to Kishkindha.
vrm.4.12 "By ornamentation, attire, physicality and movements, you and Vali look alike.
vrm.4.12 a "Therefore, oh, Vanara, again you fight with him without doubting me, and I will render him ineffective at this moment only with a single arrow of mine, and you can see Vali squirming on the ground.
vrm.4.13 That righteous Rama readying his great bow decorated with gold, and on taking blazing sun similar arrows that are victory oriented in wars, proceeded from Rishyamuka along with Sugreeva to the city ruled by the valour of Vali, namely Kishkindha.
vrm.4.13 Having gone a long way from that hermitage of Seven Persons they have seen that unassailable and Vali ruled city namely Kishkindha.
vrm.4.13 Then Rama s bother Lakshmana, Rama, and other Vanaras wielding their weapons and flaring with their upsurged fiery again came to eliminate that enemy Vali to the city that is ruled by the brawn of the same Vali, the son of Indra.
vrm.4.14 They all on quickly going to Kishkindha, the city of Vali, hedged themselves in the thickets of forest trees and waited.
vrm.4.14 Then Sugreeva encompassed by his followers war whooped ghastlily, like a great cloud that emerged accelerated by gusty wind and that is thundering as though to rip the sky, inviting Vali for fight.
vrm.4.14 She whose arch way is decorated in gold, who is spread out with snares of Vanaras, and who is impregnated with flags and machinery, we arrived at such city of Vali, Kishkindha.
vrm.4.14 b, a Oh Brave one, you make happen the promise you earlier made regarding the elimination of Vali on time, like the time of sprouting that enables a creeper plant to bear a sprout on time.
vrm.4.14 b, a Oh Vanara, today itself I will set you free from the fear and enmity whipped up by Vali by releasing a single arrow in fight.
vrm.4.14 b, a Seven saala trees are rived with a single of arrow of mine in your presence, thereby be sure that Vali will be dispatched now, by my might.
vrm.4.14 b, a Thereby to invite that Vali with golden pendant, oh, Sugreeva, you
vrm.4.14 make such a war cry by which that Vanara Vali comes out.
vrm.4.14 b, a Vali is a willing fighter who shines forth by his victories and one who is given ovation for his triumphs, and undefeated by you as yet, such as he is he may be incited with war whoop so that he comes out without any hindrance.
vrm.4.15 Then the illiberal Vali has clearly heard that outcry of his plain spoken brother Sugreeva from his palace chambers.
vrm.4.15 On hearing Sugreeva s outcry that is shuddering all beings Vali s insolence is diminished as high furore superimposed on it.
vrm.4.15 Then, embitterment overspreading on all his limbs Vali with golden hue is immediately rendered non luminous like the eclipsed sun.
vrm.4.15 With asymmetrical teeth and with burning fireball like eyes Vali is reflective of a lake whose red lotuses are uprooted leaving stalks afloat.
vrm.4.15 That Vanara Vali then on hearing that intolerable noise bolted out of palace chambers thumping his feet as though to shatter the earth.
vrm.4.15 His wife Tara stepped in and showing goodwill and amity hugged him, for she is in fear and bewilderment, and said this word that is beneficial in its futurity if Vali heeds it.
vrm.4.15 Thus Tara spoke to her husband Vali.
vrm.4.15 Then, though Tara spoke beneficial and advisable words they are unimpressive to Vali for he is impounded by fatality and driven by time to his doom.
vrm.4.16 While Tara with a face that shines like the lord of stars is speaking thus, Vali dauntingly spoke to her with these words.
vrm.4.16 Said Vali to Tara.
vrm.4.16 She that pleasant articulator and talented Tara then hugged and circumabulated Vali, suppressing her moaning, as an honour to the braver.
vrm.4.16 Then she who is a hymnodist that Tara has performed a hymnal bon voyage wishing triumph to Vali, and entered palace chambers along with other females, disoriented by her own sadness.
vrm.4.16 On Tara entering her own palace chambers along with other females, Vali emerged out of the city hissing like an infuriated great snake.
vrm.4.16 He that highly rancorous Vali suspired with high audacity and spread his sight everywhere intending to sight his enemy.
vrm.4.16 Then that celebrated Vali saw Sugreeva who is in golden ochre hue, whose girdle cloth is tightened for a fight, and who is with an air of self confidence, blazing like fiery fire.
vrm.4.16 That strong armed Vali who is highly provoked has also tightened his girdle cloth on seeing proximately available Sugreeva.
vrm.4.16 He that formidable Vali strongly tightening his girdle cloth too, and proceeded towards Sugreeva in a well timed manner uplifting fists to fight him off.
vrm.4.16 Even Sugreeva has come at that imprudent Vali with golden pendant, on
vrm.4.16 tightening his fists, lifting them up at the ready, and aiming them well at Vali.
vrm.4.16 Vali spoke this word to that Sugreeva who is swooping down on him, whose eyes are reddened in fury, and who is an expert and expeditious in fighting.
vrm.4.16 So said Vali threateningly to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.16 Coming near instantaneously Vali hit him, whereby Sugreeva is enraged and became like a mountain streaming blood in its torrents.
vrm.4.16 But Sugreeva unhesitatingly uprooted a saala tree with his force and thrashed the limbs of Vali as with the thunderbolt thrashing a great mountain.
vrm.4.16 But Vali when thwacked with saala tree had staggered and looked like a tossing ship in an ocean filled with heavy weight of merchandise and brimming with merchants, but on the brink of wrecking.
vrm.4.16 Those two, Vali and Sugreeva, with their sensational energy, triumphing zeal, frightful physiques, swiftness as good as the Divine Eagle Garuda, vigilance in exploring perilous body parts of one another, ravagement of their own enemies fought frighteningly, like the sun and moon in the sky, which is inconceivable.
vrm.4.16 a But Vali being the possessor of might and vigour progressed and though greatly mighty is son of sun, Sugreeva, regressed.
vrm.4.16 b, a Sugreeva became retardant in aggression when Vali routed his pride and then he exasperatedly started searching for Raghava to counteract Vali.
vrm.4.16 On seeing the lord of Vanaras Sugreeva in a forlornness, then the refulgent and fearless Rama scanned for an arrow aiming to eliminate Vali.
vrm.4.16 The arrow released by Raghava that has the boom of thunderbolt s thunderclap and the flashes of a lightning fell on the chest of Vali.
vrm.4.16 Hit by the fleetness of that arrow then that highly magnificent and intrepid lord of Vanaras Vali fell onto the plane of earth.
vrm.4.16 Like the flag that will be raised in honour of Indra during the month of ashvin on a full moon day, but thrown onto earth along with its flagstaff after the festival, Vali with depleted energy and dissipated vitality slowly fell onto ground, and with tears blocking throat he moaned piteously.
vrm.4.16 That Indra s son Vali, dampened with blood and sweat, then looked like just felled Ashoka tree which has stemmed up and so far standing high on a mountain with fully bloomed clusters of its blood red flowers, and when his anima is undone he even looked like the flagstaff on which a flag is raised in honour of Indra, but which is altogether dislodged and abandoned on the ground.
vrm.4.17 When Rama s arrow hit him then Vali, the scourger in war, suddenly fell down like a hewed down tree.
vrm.4.17 He who glittered with pure golden ornaments, that Vali fell down on earth while all of his limbs sank to dust, like the flag of Indra when released from its ropes.
vrm.4.17 Though that great souled Vali fell onto earth, neither his brilliance, nor lives, nor resplendence, nor his bravery are unfettering from his body.
vrm.4.17 By still wearing that golden chest pendant around his neck, that brave general of Vanaras Vali appeared like a black cloud smeared with the colour of golden sunset all around its edges.
vrm.4.17 Even though Vali has fallen on ground his splendour is as though refulgent devising itself into three aspects, namely by his body, chest pendant, and the arrow of Rama, which arrow is given to strike the crucial body parts alone, and which is still stuck in Vali s chest.
vrm.4.17 That arrow which effectuates the pathway to heaven, now discharged from the bow of Rama has brought forth that redemption to brave Vali
vrm.4.17 a On seeing the brave Vali fallen like that, who by now is like fire with extinguished tongues of flames, and who is seeing droopily, those two valiant brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, neared him with due honour.
vrm.4.17 b, On seeing Rama and the great mighty Lakshmana as well, he who fell to ground flatly hurt by arrow, and whose energy and lives are trifling and vigour trivialised thereby, that Vali spoke these sarcastic words in his proper pride to Rama, who is taking pride in this conflict as a victor, which words at the same time have meaning, politeness, and self righteousness.
vrm.4.17 So said Vali to Rama.
vrm.4.17 That great souled son of a vanara king Vali, whom the arrow impaled and agonised, on keenly seeing Rama whose resplendence equals the brightness of the sun, said that much and remained silent when his mouth has dried up.
vrm.4.18 Thus, Vali who is hit down by arrow and who is collapsing humbly spoke exacting words that contained probity, meaningfulness, and expedience, to Rama.
vrm.4.18 Thus said Rama to dying Vali.
vrm.4.18 Vali is much distressed at heart of hearts when Rama has said categorically in that way, whereby, deriving certitude about rightness he found no incorrectness with Rama.
vrm.4.18 Vali is thus saying to Rama.
vrm.4.18 Vali who like an Elephant plumped in slough continued to say slowly, with tears fully impeding his throat and with an agonised moan, on keenly observing Rama.
vrm.4.18 On saying thus to Rama that vanara, Vali the lord of Vanaras paused for a while.
vrm.4.18 b, Rama consoled Vali with words that are agreeable to savants and that contain the essence and meaning of rightness, while Vali is with an evincible perspective of righteousness by now.
vrm.4.18 And Rama spoke to Vali this way.
vrm.4.18 Thus Rama spoke to Vali.
vrm.4.18 On hearing the agreeable and assertive words of that great souled Rama, who is the treader on the path of rightness and an absolute crusher of enemies in war, Vali, the vanara, spoke these well disposed words to Rama.
vrm.4.19 That great vanara king Vali who is sprawling agonised by arrow, and to whom Rama gave a reply with well reasoned words did not find any other reply to be given to Rama.
vrm.4.19 He who is heavily thrashed with trees, whose limbs are variously cracked with boulders, and whom Rama s arrow finally vanquished, that Vali fainted at the time of his breathing his last.
vrm.4.19 Tara, wife of Vali, heard that the tigerly Vanara Vali perished in fight by the arrow released by Rama.
vrm.4.19 Nearing those Vanaras that are already distressed at the fall of Vali, and that are highly frightened by Rama, and that are fleeing as though Rama s arrow is still tracking them down, Tara spoke to all of them, distressed as she is.
vrm.4.19 "Return, oh, lady with a living son, and safeguard Angada, for the Terminator in the form of Rama is taking away Vali on killing.
vrm.4.19 "Shattering trees and massive boulders that Vali hurled at him with thunderbolt like arrows Rama felled Vali as if by thunderbolt.
vrm.4.19 "When that tigerly fly jumper Vali whose brilliance is similar to Indra is killed all this vanara force felt defenceless and fled.
vrm.4.19 "Let the city of Kishkindha be safeguarded and let Angada be anointed, and when Vali s son Angada is enthroned all the fly jumpers will stand by him.
vrm.4.19 Saying thus she started to wail and convulse in agony, and slapped her head and chest with both of her hands while she speedily rushed towards Vali.
vrm.4.19 She saw Vali who is a flinger of loftiest mountains as with Indra flinging his thunderbolt, who is a blaster as with great gusty winds, and who is a roarer as with a cluster of great black clouds.
vrm.4.19 He who is like a sanctum that is hitherto worshipped by all people, that is decorated with flags and demarcated with podia, but just ravaged by an eagle for the sake of a snake which sneaked into that sanctum, and Tara saw such a Vali plumped on the ground.
vrm.4.20 Tara is agonised when she saw the elephentine and mountainous vanara, namely Vali, reduced to no more than an uprooted tree, and she wailed fretfully with grief scorching heart.
vrm.4.20 Or Rama" s killing Vali when he is fighting with another is unbefitting in its method, and he too is not at all worried for doing such a highly deplorable deed.
vrm.4.20 So said Tara to Vali.
vrm.4.20 Thus Tara wept for Vali.
vrm.4.20 That Tara with her unblemished complexion is seated in the close proximity of her husband along with other vanara females, and weeping pitiably in that way, she decided to self immolate, and thus she flounced down onto ground where Vali is slouching.
vrm.4.21 "You are aware that the coming and going of beings, in their subtle forms of earth, water, fire, air and space into this mortal life and back is uncertain, thereby the prudent ones have to perform auspicious worldly deeds here in this world, say, the funeral of Vali.
vrm.4.21 "In whom hundreds and thousands of Vanaras are harboured and astir, for they have reposed their confidence in him alone, that Vali has arrived at his end.
vrm.4.21 "By which reason this Vali conducted himself judiciously, observing friendliness, courteousness and forgivingness, by that reason alone Vali is going to a domain in heavens which he righteously conquered for himself, and it is unapt of your sorrowing for him.
vrm.4.22 With his life force slowing down Vali respired slowly glancing everywhere, and he firstly saw his brother Sugreeva afore him.
vrm.4.22 Vali nodding at Sugreeva, who achieved triumph and became the lord of fly jumpers, amicably spoke this to him in an unambiguous tone.
vrm.4.22 "Such as I am, I am indeed forgoing my life, kingdom, and this immense prosperity and even the unenviable glory which adduces that Vali is unkillable, right away.
vrm.4.22 Thus Vali spoke to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.22 Thus, that way when Vali spoke to Sugreeva with brotherly kind heartedness, Sugreeva again waned away forgoing his spiritedness, like the lord of stars, namely the Moon, when eaten away by the planet, namely Rahu, during lunar eclipse.
vrm.4.22 Quietened by Vali s words and conducting himself befittingly and attentively in the given situation, Sugreeva has then taken that golden chain only when Vali authorised him.
vrm.4.22 On giving away that golden pendant, and on seeing his son who is available nearby, readying himself towards his end that is setting in, Vali affectionately spoke to Angada.
vrm.4.22 Vali thus spoke to Angada.
vrm.4.22 "And by the impetus of whose great rapidity flowers available in forests and woodlands used to shower on him in torrents and enwreathe him from behind, that Vali is no more, and now who has got such an impetus? b, a "By which great souled Vali a ferocious duel was given to the Deva, namely the great armed Golabha, which did not cease either in the daytime or night till Vali felled Golabha, that Vali is no more.
vrm.4.22 b, "Thereafter, in the sixteenth year Vali unquestionably felled Golabha, and on killing that evil minded Golabha with his zigzag teeth Vali accorded fearlessness to all of us, how such a Vali is felled now?" Thus the Vanaras raised hue and cry.
vrm.4.22 But when that fly jumper s brave lord Vali is killed, those fly jumpers have gone into a freneticness in that matter of Vali s killing, as with the Cows becoming frenetic when their husbanding bull is killed while moving in a great forest that is riddled with a lion.
vrm.4.23 Then that renowned Tara closely whiffed that face of Vanara s king Vali and spoke these words to her dead husband.
vrm.4.23 Then the Vanara chief Nila extricated that arrow which is stuck in the chest of Vali, as with the extraction of a firmly wedged sparkling snake from the cavity of a mound.
vrm.4.23 b, a The sparkle of Rama s arrow while it is being extracted from Vali s chest is much the same as the sparkles of more brilliant sunrays that are extracted by the end of daytime, when the sun is sinking beyond the summit of dusky western mountain, and as contrasted with the hue of dusk.
vrm.4.23 a The blood streams flown out of the gashes of Vali fell everywhere like the streams of water flowing from a mountain saturated with coppery mineral ores.
vrm.4.23 when he is paying resects to you, as earlier? Thus Tara is addressing Vali in her anguish.
vrm.4.24 On seeing Tara who quickly deluged in a speedy and vast ocean of intolerable anguish, then that Vali s mighty brother Sugreeva regretted for the killing of his matchless brother.
vrm.4.24 "In the first instance I have agreed for the elimination of my brother owing to my anger, intolerance and as I was subjected to too much ignominy, but now, oh, best one from Ikshvaku s, when the chief of Vanaras Vali is put to death, I am painfully remorseful.
vrm.4.24 "Indeed, oh, brave Rama, whether killing one s own brother will be self torturous? Or, taking pleasure in kingdom on killing that brother will be more? Or, the distress ensuing that killing will be the most? Without truly discriminating these cruces, even if one has one s own own avarice in prospect, who is he that is going to take pleasure in killing his own highly honoured brother? Excepting me! "Killing me is not in the intent of Vali violating his probity, but my intent has become evilly life taking, violating my own probity.
vrm.4.24 "I was whining for a time when Vali thrashed me with a tree branch, as if with a schoolmaster s cane, but later on comforting me he said this to me, do not do this again, this daring me to fight you back.
vrm.4.24 "I think this body of great might Vanara commanders is withstanding its lives in a halfway, oh, Raghava, just because of me and this Angada who is searing in anguish, for it is half dead with the death of Vali.
vrm.4.24 On hearing the anguished words of the younger brother of Vali, namely Sugreeva, the eyes of Rama, the best valiant one from Raghu s dynasty and the eliminator of valiant enemies, are moistened and he became perturbed for a moment.
vrm.4.24 The body language of Tara which is so far disconcerted by the grief felt for Rama s perfect hitting, felling and achieving his object in war, namely Vali, is now disoriented to anger on seeing the very same Rama, as she is a self respectful lady.
vrm.4.24 "Oh, brave one, kill me too with the same arrow with which you have killed my dear husband, and on getting killed at your hand I wish to reach his near, as Vali takes no delight without me.
vrm.4.24 "Though Vali with eyes like unblemished lotus petals reaches heaven he looks around for me, and not finding me there, he does not have a romance with Apsara s though they will be in amazing costumes and wear red coloured towering tiaras.
vrm.4.24 "Even though Vali is in heaven he will derive despair and despondency without me, like you, who are despondent and despaired on the pleasant stretches of mountainsides of that best mountain Rishyamuka, as you are without Seetha.
vrm.4.24 "How a virile person derives discomfort without his woman, that much you know, isn t it! Because you are aware of it, you kill me let not Vali get any discomfort when he does not find me.
vrm.4.25 "That king of fly jumpers Vali departed from here on attaining his own nature of subtle soul, and he obtained pious fruits connected with his one time actions befitting to a king like, friendliness, courteousness, and forgivingness required of a king.
vrm.4.25 "That great souled Vali did not care to safeguard his own lives in combat, and by virtue of his own rightness of a true combatant unworried of his life, he acquired heaven.
vrm.4.25 Sugreeva", you attend to the funeral rites, to be performed subsequently along with those two, Tara and Angada, and arrange for the cremation of Vali.
vrm.4.25 "Order at once for substantial dry firewood, likewise for finest sandalwood, for the purpose of the exequies of Vali.
vrm.4.25 "Let suitable, proficient and sturdy Vanara s be at the ready as the bearers of the litter of the dead to carry away Vali.
vrm.4.25 On seeing such a sort of palanquin Rama said to Lakshmana, "Let Vali be taken away quickly and funeral ceremony be undertaken.
vrm.4.25 Thereafter Sugreeva along with Angada and others lifted up and then lodged Vali in the litter of the dead squalling woefully.
vrm.4.25 Thus setting that deceased Vali who is diversely decorated and adorned with garlands and cloths onto the palanquin, then Sugreeva, the king of best fly jumpers, has ordered, "let the funeral ceremony of this noble brother of mine be undertaken, befitting to his magnificence.
vrm.4.25 "In which way the grandiose of monarchical opulence will be conspicuous on earth when kings decease, in a similar way the Vanara s have to immortalise lord Vali now," Sugreeva ordered Vanaras in that way.
vrm.4.25 Tara and others, have promptly started out hemming round Angada, keening over their dead relative Vali.
vrm.4.25 Then all the female adherents of Vali came together and wept saying, oh, brave one, oh, brave one.
vrm.4.25 b, a Lady Tara on seeing at her husband Vali recumbent on the bier of the litter of the dead, she then brought his head onto her lap, and wailed painfully.
vrm.4.25 Thus Tara mourned for Vali.
vrm.4.25 While Tara is enwrapped in the grief for her husband and wailing that way, then other female Vanara s, who are equally haggard by grief have lifted her up and took her away from the body of Vali.
vrm.4.25 On cremating Vali procedurally those best fly jumpers arrived at the propitious river with auspicious waters to offer water oblations to the departed soul.
vrm.4.25 Those vanara s on coming together along with Sugreeva and Lady Tara, and then locating Angada in their front, they have offered water oblations to the soul of Vali.
vrm.4.25 He whose sadness evened up with that of Sugreeva, and who became one with Sugreeva in haplessness, that great mighty Rama effectuated the funeral rites of Vali.
vrm.4.25 On cremating Vali of lofty aplomb and manifest renown and whom the arrow of that Rama, the best of Ikshvaku dynasty has eliminated, Sugreeva then approached that Rama, who is with Lakshmana at his side, and whose flair equals a flaming fire.
vrm.4.26 a Thus when Rama countenanced that best vanara Sugreeva entered the charming city Kishkindha which is so far ruled by Vali.
vrm.4.28 Rama then on eliminating Vali and enthroning Sugreeva and when residing on the hinterlands of Mountain Malayavata Prasavana, spoke to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.29 "You are a helpful one even to those that are unhelpful to you, oh, king of Vanaras, then why repeat about him who helped you in getting your kingdom, and even in killing your enemy, Vali.
vrm.4.29 Or "Even if Rama did not help you in getting your kingdom and killing Vali you have to render your help to Rama, for you are a beacon of friendship and you are a helpful one without seeking any requital.
vrm.4.30 "For which reason this venture of eliminating Vali and its sequel is commenced, oh, the vanquisher of enemy capitals, Lakshmana, and the timeframe set for it, that king of fly jumpers Sugreeva is not recognising, as his ends are achieved.
vrm.4.30 The path by which slain Vali has gone is not tapered off, as such do not tread Vali s path.
vrm.4.30 In a clash Vali is slain singly with my arrow, but I wish to slay you along with your kith and kin since you have transgressed truthfulness.
vrm.4.30 Otherwise, now driven by my arrows to death, and on going to Yama, the Time god s Inferno, you will see Vali Thus Rama appraised Lakshmana about his thinking of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.31 "As a forester Sugreeva will not abide by the conduct of gentlefolk, he is not appreciative of the fruits of incidental events like gaining kingdom and regaining wife occurring out of your deed of eliminating Vali, thus he will not enjoy the prosperity of the kingdom anymore.
vrm.4.31 Obviously his prudence is behindhand, isn t it! "Without any notion of requiting the beneficence you have accorded he is insanely involved in primitive pleasures, such as he is, let him see his elder brother Vali when slain.
vrm.4.31 "Unbearable is this anger that is tiding quickly, now I shall kill that unfaithful Sugreeva and the best braving Vanaras shall search for that princess Seetha, remaining under the command of Vali s son, Angada.
vrm.4.32 "On his part Raghava tossed off his fear distantly and eliminated Vali, whose valour equals that of Indra, only to fulfil your cherish.
vrm.4.33 How in name can a meritoriously high minded being will show his anger on a relatively mightless inferior being, say Sugreeva, whose mightiest brother s mightiness and essence, say that of Vali, are deducted by none other but by your brother associated with you, and oh, lad, who goes into the control of fury, say of your kind, while he is restrained by his perfection, and a source of abstemiousness.
vrm.4.34 "If you do not recognise what the noble souled Raghava has done to you, you will be instantly killed with incisive arrows enabling you to see Vali.
vrm.4.34 The path by which slain Vali has gone that path is not tapered off, as such do not tread Vali s path.
vrm.4.35 "This way Vali was saying and that king of Vanaras is well informed in these aspects, isn t it! But how Ravana mustered up these many troops is unclear to me, and I am saying what I heard from Vali.
vrm.4.35 "On staring at this angry face of yours, and on gazing at the angrily bloodshot eyes of yours, unsecured is the peace to the females of Vanaras chief, and with the fear caused at first by Vali s elimination we are all indeed premonished about such a happening in respect of Sugreeva too.
vrm.4.36 of inestimable help taken from him, as that lord is renowned by actions particular to himself, like daring and eliminating Vali.
vrm.4.36 Who is capable of repudiating such a lordly Rama, even by a fraction of one s own bravery, unless he is prepared to tread that kind of path on which Vali has gone.
vrm.4.39 Angada, the crown prince of Kishkindha, who matches his father Vali in valour has then turned up with a thousand Padma legions and a hundred Shanku legions of vanara s.
vrm.4.46 "When Vali repulsed the Buffalo shaped Rakshasa Dundubhi towards Malaya mountain, then that Buffalo entered the cave of Mountain Malaya, and even Vali entered therein wishing to kill that Buffalo.
vrm.4.46 Vali" then kept me at the mouth of the cave as I was an amenable brother, but Vali did not exit from cave even after one full year.
vrm.4.46 "Unhopeful of Vali s aliveness then I arrived in Kishkindha, and on getting the very magnificent kingdom of Kishkindha, and also Ruma along with Tara, I was peaceably staying there with friends.
vrm.4.46 Vali" then came back to Kishkindha on killing that great Rakshasa, and then I was spellbound in fear of Vali s killing me, and I gave back the kingdom to Vali owing to my deference to him.
vrm.4.46 "That evil minded Vali becoming highly perturbed at his senses furiously repulsed me further and further away, even though I was running away from him with my ministers, as he wished to kill me.
vrm.4.46 "Such as I was, who is repulsed by Vali, I was made to run away rapidly, and during that fleeing I went on seeing diverse rivers, forests and cities.
vrm.4.46 "I fled speedily when Vali repulsed me, but oh, lord Rama, when I returned he again made me to flee forthwith.
vrm.4.46 "While I was seeing the interiors of forest and mountains again I was made to run by Vali, who was setting upon me from within the interiors of those forests and mountains, and then I reached the western direction.
vrm.4.46 "Such as I was, on seeing diverse cities and the best mountain Astagiri, Mountain Dusk, I reached that excellent Mountain Dusk also, and since Vali is at my heel, I took to my heels, by a long way to north.
vrm.4.46 "Even at Himalayas, Mountain Meru, like that at the Northern Ocean, Vali drove me back, and when the clemency from Vali, or a shelter, or even a foothold on earth was indeterminable, then Hanuma, whose prosperity is his wisdom, said a word to me.
vrm.4.46 a Oh, king Sugreeva, now I remember how Sage Matanga cursed the king of Vanaras Vali at that time.
vrm.4.46 If Vali really enters the fringes of the hermitage of Sage Matanga, Vali s head gets splintered in hundred ways.
vrm.4.46 b, a "Oh, prince Rama, then Vali though reached Mountain Rishyamuka, he did not enter into its precincts at that time fearing Sage Matanga and his curse, oh, king Rama, thus this globe of earth is apparently and closely sighted by me in its entirety, and then I came into the cave of Rishyamuka and did not stir out.
vrm.4.48 b, a Angada, the son of Vali, then presumed him who is onrushing as Ravana and saying, he is Ravana.
vrm.4.48 b, a When Vali s son whacked him that Rakshasa spewed forth blood from his throat and fell onto ground alike an inverted mountain.
vrm.4.54 Hanuma considered Vali s son Angada indeed as having eightfold intelligence, fourfold tactics, fourteen traits.
vrm.4.54 Angada who is steadily brimming over with his spiritedness, mightiness, valorousness, and waxing like the moon starting from day one of White Fortnight of a month, who is comparable to Brihaspati, the Jupiter, in sagacity, who mirrors up his father Vali in intrepidity, but who is now assiduously attentive to the rebellious teachings of Lt.
vrm.4.56 "Just by giving boons to Kaikeyi, the quandaries like Rama s dwelling in forests along with Seetha and Lakshmana, as a result Rama s fury eliminating complete Rakshasas of Janasthana, and as a result Raghava s arrow exterminating Vali have come to pass.
vrm.4.57 He has two generous and great mighty sons namely Vali and Sugreeva.
vrm.4.57 My father Vali was highly renowned in the world for his bold acts, and he became the king later to my grandfather.
vrm.4.57 Since Sugreeva antagonised my father, my father interdicted him along with his ministers, and Rama killed my father Vali and anointed Sugreeva.
vrm.4.64 Who can capably consolidate that army of Vanaras, other than Vali s son Angada, or, other than Hanuma? None.
vrm.4.65 the son of respected Vali too, and oh, best Vanara, sheltered by you we are indeed capable of achieving the objective of our task.
vrm.4.65 When that highly scholarly Jambavanta has said thus, the great Vanara and the son of Vali Angada said this sentence in reply as an answer.
vrm.5.2 "Only four great Vanaras can come here the son of Vali Angada, Nila, myself and the wise king Sugriva".
vrm.5.13 Being distressed from the sorrow of Vali, being emaciated from grief, Tara also will not exist while the king Sugreeva is obtaining death.
vrm.5.16 For the sake of this Seetha, the wide eyed one, Vali of great strength has been killed, Kabandha also equalling Ravana in strength has been felled.
vrm.5.16 For Her sake Sugreeva obtained wealth of vanaras ruled by Vali difficult to be obtained and worshiped by the world.
vrm.5.31 Thereafter, Rama the conqueror of enemys cities and very strong man, killed Vali and gave away that kingdom of Vanaras to Sugreeva.
vrm.5.35 through the extremely effulgent Vali the brother of Sugreeva, consoled Sugreeva who was earlier expelled from the kingdom by Vali, for the sake of Ruma a woman.
vrm.5.35 That day when Rama and Sugreeva were together, both of them made an agreement that Rama would annihilate Vali and Sugreeva would arrange for a search of you.
vrm.5.35 Rama killed Vali the king of Vanaras there in a combat.
vrm.5.35 After killing Vali in combat by means of his strength, Rama made Sugreeva the king for the entire multitude of Rikshas and Vanaras.
vrm.5.35 An excellent Vanara named Angada, possessed of fortune, son of Vali and having great strength, taking one third of army along with him, set out in search of you.
vrm.5.35 O Seetha! Seeing all the excellent Vanaras sitting down and calmly awaiting for the approach of death, Angada was very much immerssed in the ocean of sorrow and lamented about your loss, the killing of Vali, the death of Jatayu and our practice of calmly awaiting for the approach of death in simply sitting down.
vrm.5.46 "Earlier, I saw the Vanaras of a great prowess like Vali and Sugreeva, the mighty Jambavan, Nila the Chief of army and so on like Dvivida.
vrm.5.51 "Thereafter, killing Vali in a combat, Rama installed Sugreeva on the throne as the lord of that troop of Vanaras and Rikshas.
vrm.5.51 "You may indeed know Vali, the foremost among Vanaras, previously.
vrm.5.51 Rama killed that Vali with a single arrow in battle.
vrm.5.51 "Recognizing the killing of Rakshasas in the forest of Janasthana, about the killing of Vali and about the friendship between Rama and Sugreeva, realize your own interest.
vrm.5.57 Then, seizing the hand of Angada, Vali s son, Hanuma sat down at a distinct spot in the charming forest of Mount Mahendra.
vrm.5.58 I also told him about the killing of Vali and requested him to come to a mutual agreement for helping me in that matters
vrm.5.58 Rama, the great lord along with Lakshmana made friendship with Sugreeva, whose kingdom was taken away by Vali taking Agni for a witness.
vrm.5.58 Killing Vali by a single arrow in combat, Rama made Sugreeva lord of Vanaras an emperor of Vanaras
vrm.5.59 The heroic Angada, the son of Vali alone, is sufficient to destroy all the troops of Rakshasas and even the Rakshasas who were their progenitors.
vrm.5.60 Hearing those words of Hanuma, Angada the son of Vali spoke as follows: "Even after our seeing of Seetha, it is not proper for us to approach the high souled Rama without taking Seetha with us.
vrm.5.63 Thus inspired by the high souled Sugreeva with confidence, that highly intelligent Dadhimukha, rising up, spoke the following words: "O king! Madhuvana was indeed not set free previously at any time by Riksharajas, your father, or by you, or by even Vali.
vrm.6.17 Seeing your perseverance and the improper conduct of Ravana as well as hearing about Vali having been killed and Sugriva anointed as king, he deliberately came here, with a desire to obtain the kingdom of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.20 Hence, You are worthy to be killed like Vali, along with your associates O, the king of Rakshasas! I am killing you along with your sons, relatives and other kinsfolk.
vrm.6.20 Thereafter, Angada the son of Vali and the foremost of the Vanaras spoke as follows: O, Sugriva the highly intelligent! He is not an ambassador.
vrm.6.26 "This Angada, a worthy son of Vali and always dear to Sugreeva, is coming forwards for Rama s interests, as Varuna is to Indra s.
vrm.6.26 "Surrounded by a large army, here stands the valiant Nala the creator of the bridge, next to Angada the son of Vali, prepared for the battle.
vrm.6.28 This garland along with a lady called Tara as well as the permanent kingdom of Vanaras were presented to him by Rama after having killed Vali Sugreevas brother.
vrm.6.37 Meanwhile, Rama the king of men and Sugreeva the Sovereign of Vanaras, Hanuman the son of Vayu, Jambavan the king of the Rikshas, Vibhishana the Rakshasa, Angada the son of Vali, Lakshmana, Sushena along with his kinsfolk, Mainda, Dvivida, Gaja, Gavaksha, Kumuda, Nala and Panasa, all having reached the enemy s territory, assembled to take counsel together.
vrm.6.37 "At the southern gate, Angada the son of Vali, surrounded by his mighty army, should oppose Mahaparshva and Mahodara.
vrm.6.41 Calling to his mind the duty of the kings, Rama who was eager to undertake what was to be done next, in concurrence with Vibhishana, summoned Angada the son of Vali and spoke as follows: Go my gentle Angada on my behalf and, passing thought the city of Lanka without fear and anxiety and Lanka without fear and anxiety and approaching Ravana the unfortunate Rakshasa devoid of sovereignty and who has lost his splendour because of his inclination to die admonish him in the following words: O, Ravana the Ranger of the Night! In your reckless arrogance, sages, Devas, Gandharvas, Apsaras, Nagas, Yakshas and kings have been oppressed by you.
vrm.6.41 I am the son of Vali, Angada by name.
vrm.6.41 Thereafter, the glorious Angada the son of Vali ascended the roof of Ravanas palace, which equaled the summit of a mountain in height.
vrm.6.43 The Rakshasa Indrajit of immense energy fought with Angada the son of Vali, as the Rakshasa Andhaka fought with Shiva the Lord of destruction.
vrm.6.44 All the Devas, both Rama and Lakshmana together with all sages were pleased with that act of the venerable Angada the son of Vali.
vrm.6.44 Indrajit, on the other hand, then was driven to a very terrible rage, as he was defeated in battle by Angada the son of Vali a dreadful Vanara.
vrm.6.45 Rama the scourger of his enemies ordered both the sons of Sushena, Nila the chief of Vanaras, Angada the son of Vali, the stron Sharabha, Dvivida, Hanuman, the very strong Sanuprastha, Rishabha and Rishabha skandha.
vrm.6.46 Thereafter, Indrajit the son of Ravana swiftly with his various arrows, struck Gavaksha the ruler of Golangulas and then Angada the son of Vali too.
vrm.6.50 Meanwhile, Sugreeva the king of Vanaras, possessing a great splendour and a mighty power, enquired saying, "Why is this army agitated, like a ship driven out of its course in water?" Hearing the words of Sugreeva, Angada the son of Vali replied, saying "Do you not see the high souled Rama and Lakshmana of the great chariot, those two valiant sons of Dasaratha covered with darts lying all bloody in a bed of arrows?" Thereupon, Sugreeva the Lord of Vanaras said to his son Angada: "To my mind, there is some othere cause why the Vanaras are bewildereed.
vrm.6.53 The courageous Angada the son of Vali, twice possessed of anger, killed all those Rakshasas in the battle, like a world destroying fire.
vrm.6.54 When he beheld those Vanara troops fleeing in disorder, Angada the son Vali exchanged glances of hatred with Vajradamshtra.
vrm.6.67 That Kumbhakarna of great splendour, as though bursting the hearts of all the Vanaras, laughed unnaturally as also awfully and spoke the following words to Rama: I am neither to be considered as Viradha nor Kabandha nor Khara nor Vali nor Maricha.
vrm.6.67 Those arrows, which chopped off the Sala trees and killed Vali the foremost of Vanaras, could not torment Kumbhakarna s body which was like a thunderbolt.
vrm.6.69 Angada the son of Vali, bereft of arms but only nails and teeth besides having a great splendour, approached Narantaka and spoke the following words: Stop! What can you do with these common Vanaras? Throw your javelin, having the sensation equal to a thunderbolt, towards my chest.
vrm.6.69 Thereupon, the great souled Angada, the son of Vali, clinching his fist and then with a force equal to death, rushed it against the chest of Narantaka.
vrm.6.70 Then, Angada the son of king Vali, struck by the iron rod, fell down on his knees on the earth, but again jumped up.
vrm.6.70 While Angada, the son of Vali was jumping up, Trishira struck him with three terrific and straight going arrows on his forehead.
vrm.6.76 The strong and powerful Angada, the son of Vali, with his wounded limbs, crushed his terrific bow, chariot and darts with his might.
vrm.6.94 Rama" killed the mighty Vali, the son of Indra looking like the black cloud.
vrm.6.98 Firmly holding that iron rod, which shone like the rays of the sun, with both hands and turning it around with force, Angada son of Vali, his eyes red with anger, hurled it on that Mahaparshva the Rakshasa, who stood at a distance, with an intention to kill him.
vrm.6.100 "That sinful Rakshasa, for whose sake, this army of Vanaras has been brought by me, Sugreeva has been anointed on the throne after killing Vali and for whose sake the ocean has been crossed and a bridge built on it, has come within the range of my sight in the battle field now.
vrm.6.107 Thought equipped with many arrows and well versed with all kinds of missiles, the valiant Rama, the augmentor of Kausalya s joy, then became thoughtful said to himself as follows: "What is the reason, these arrows by which Maricha, Khara, Dushana, Kabandha in Krauncha forest, and Viradha in Dandaka forest were killed, by which seven Sala trees and the mountains were burst, by which Vali was killed and the ocean shaken up all these arrows which provided immediate succour to me in battle, have proved of little efficacy in the case of Ravana.
vrm.6.123 "O Seetha! Here is seen the beautiful City of Sugreeva, Kishkindha, which is full of colourful groves, where Vali was killed by me.
vrm.6.123 Seeing the City of Kishkindha, which was earlier ruled by Vali, Seetha, who was feeling timid through love, then spoke the following courteous words to Rama.
vrm.6.123 "O Seetha! Here did I meet Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras and an agreement too was made by me for the killing of Vali.
vrm.6.124 "O Rama, devoted to virtue! Even the appearance of Maricha, the abduction of Seetha by Ravana, the sight of Kabandha, your arrival at the Pampa lake, your alliance with Sugreeva, how Vali was killed by you, the search operation for Seetha, the exploit of Hanuma, the tracing of Seetha, how the bridge, Nalasetu was constructed over the sea, how the City of Lanka was set fire by the rejoiced Vanara chiefs, how that Ravana who was the thorn in the side of Gods and how was arrogant of his might, was killed in battle, with his sons kinsfolk and his ministers as the Gods happened, how a boon was conferred by them on you all this is known to me by virtue of my asceticism.
vrm.6.125 Tell him about the abduction of Seetha by the mighty Ravana, my conversation with Sugreeva and the killing of Vali in combat.
vrm.6.126 Sugreeva had been banished in the past by the enraged Vali, his elder brother and as a result of mutual talks, affection deeply arose between Rama and Sugreeva.
vrm.6.126 "Having killed with the strength of his arms in combat, the mighty Vali with a colossal body, Rama caused the kingdom of Sugreeva restored.
vrm.6.128 The joyful Rama presented to Angada, the son of Vali, a bracelet worn on upper arm, conspicuously studded with cat s eye gems and adorned with jewels and gems.
vrm.7.22 Hiranyakasipu, the gracaful Namuchi, and Shamvara, Nishandi and Dhumketu and Virochana s ofspring Vali, and the Daitya Shamvu that mighty monarchs, Vritra and Bana ;and Rajarshis versed in all branches of learnings and Gandharvas, and mighty Nagas, and Sages, and Pannagas and Yakshas, and swarms of Apsaras and the Earth herself containing vasty oceans and mountains and rivers and trees, at the unrolling of a Yuga all these, O mighty monarch have I brought to dissolution.
vrm.7.39 After some time he arrived at the city of Kishkindha reared by Vali and invited him, wearing golden garland, to fight.
vrm.7.39 What Vanara else is capable of standing before thee ?However, O Ravana, Vali shall soon return after performing the Sandhya rites at the conluence of the four oceans; therefore wait here for a moment.
vrm.7.39 O Ravana, O Rakshasa, even if thou hast drunk Amrita, thou shalt at this very moment loose thy life, when the encounter with Vali shall take place.
vrm.7.39 Or if thou dost wish to meet with death do thou speedily repair to the southern ocean and thou shalt behold there Vali like unto fire placed on earth.
vrm.7.39 Hearing those words, Ravana, the aggrandiser of the triple world, remonstrated with Tara and ascending his flowery car went to the southern ocean and espied Vali, having red countenance like the rising sun, engaged in Sandhya rites with whole mindedness.
vrm.7.39 Thereupon having descended from his Pushpaka car he with silent steps approached Vali to bring him under his grasp.
vrm.7.39 Carelessly, like looking at pleasure, Vali saw him.
vrm.7.39 Having thought thus Vali remained silent for sometime and reciting incantations he waited there like a mountain.
vrm.7.39 Vali was seated with his back towards Ravana; still from his footsteps he perceived that he had come withinthe grasp of Ravana s army and he at once caught hold of him like unto Garuda holding a serpent.
vrm.7.39 Getting hold of Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, desirous of catching him, Vali and placing him under his arm pit Vali vehemently rose high up in thevelkinAnd he went away carrying him, scratching him again and again with his nails like unto winds scattering clouds.
vrm.7.39 Vali, in the welkin.
vrm.7.39 They thus following him, Vali.
vrm.7.39 The Rakshasas could not catch Vali but were rather exhausted by the stroke of his arms and thighs.
vrm.7.39 What to speak of animals made of flesh and blood anxious for their lives, even the mountains make way, when Vali goes.
vrm.7.39 Rising high op into the sky where even the birds cannot reach, Vali, the lord of Vanaras and gifted with great velocity, by and by finished his Sandhya rites above the oceans.
vrm.7.39 And having recited his prayers there also, Vali, the son of Indra, and the king of Vanaras, carrying Ravana, returned to the city of Kishkindha.
vrm.7.39 Having thus belaboured Ravana Vali at last made friends with him before fire.
vrm.7.39 Rama, Vali had unequalled and great strength.
vrm.7.39 Like unto fire burning down logs thou didst burn down Vali.
vrm.7.40 Thereupon Rama, being stricken with curiosity, with folded palms and humbly accosted Agastya, residing in the southern quarter, with pregnant accents, saying: Thou sayest that Ravana and Vali had unequalled strength but methinks theirs can not equal that of Hanuman.
vrm.7.40 What more, had not Hanuman, the friend of the king of Vanaras Sugriva, been in my company who could have brought Sita s intelligence ?Why did not Hanuman, although wishing welfare unto Sugriva, reduce Vali to ashes like so many creepers on the occasion of his quarrel with Sugriva ?Methinks, Hanuman was not cognisant of his own prowess then ?And therefore he did stoop to witness the miseries of Sugriva the king of Vanaras who was dearer than his life.
vrm.7.41 Hearing the whole history, Rama, the descendant of Raghu, said to Agastya "O Reverend Sir, Riksharaja is the name of the father of Vali and Sugriva but thou hast not told me the name of their mother.
vrm.7.42 Thereupon Indra begot on her a son named Vali for he originated from her hairs and Surya begot on her another son, who was named Sugriva for he originated from her neck.
vrm.7.42 Thus the two highly powerful Vanaras being born, Indra went back to his region having conferred upon Vali an un ending garland of gold.
vrm.7.42 Thus Riksharaja was both the father and mother of Vali and Sugriva.
vrm.7.43 Rama having said this Agastya said "O thou having long arms, thus in the days of yore the bith of Vali and Sugriva was brought about O king, I shall now again relate to thee another divine theme.

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