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vrm.5.54 That Hanuma, of great splendour, then leapt to the houses of Vajradamshtra, Shuka and Sarana, the intelligent.
vrm.6.8 Thereafter the very strong Vajradamshtra, beset with great anger, took hold of a terrific iron club smeared with flesh and blood and spoke as follows: What work for us with that pitiable and miserable Hanuma, when Rama along with Lakshmana and Sugreeva who are difficult to be conquered exist? Now itself, with this iron club, killing Rama, Lakshmana and Sugreeva after perturbing the army of Vanaras, I shall come back.
vrm.6.9 Then, Nikumbha, Rabhasa, the exceedingly strong Surya satru, Suptaghna, Yajakopa, Mahaparshva and Mahodara, the unconquerable Rakshasas Agniketu and Rasmiketu, then the powerful son of Ravana named Indrajit endowed with great energy, Prahasta and Virupaksha, Vajradamshtra who was extraordinarily strong, Dhumarksha and Atikaya and the Rakshasa by name Durmukha, carrying iron clubs, sharp edged spears, spikes, darts, javelins and axes, bows with excellent arrows and swords shining like a vast expanse of water, and who were all extremely enraged, and flaming as it were with glory, those Rakshasas rose up and spoke to Ravana as follows.
vrm.6.44 The unconquerable Yagnashatru, Mahaparshva, Mahodara, the giant bodied Vajradamshtra, both Shuka and Sarana all those six having been beaten by Rama on their vital organs with a flood of his arrows, retreated from the battle and somehow survived for the rest of their life.
vrm.6.53 Polluted by anger, with long and burning sighs, he addressed the cruel and mighty Vajradamshtra, a Rakshasa as follows "O, warrior! Go ahead as the head of the Rakshasas and slay Rama the son of Dasaratha, as also Sugreeva and his Vanaras!" "So it be" answered the leader of the Rakshasas who was a conjurer and departed with many divisions of the army that surrounded him.
vrm.6.53 Adorned with colourful bracelets and a diadem, Vajradamshtra set out immediately, wielding a bow and well covered by an armour.
vrm.6.53 Ever after seeing these portents Vajradamshtra of exceeding prowess and sharpness, shored up courage and being fond of battle, set out for the combat.
vrm.6.53 Tremendously frightening the Vanaras in the battle by his arrows, Vajradamshtra moved himself in the battle field like Yama moving at the time of dissolution of the worlds, wielding a noose in his hand.
vrm.6.54 The devastation of his army through Angada s prowess filled the mighty Vajradamshtra with anger.
vrm.6.54 Thereafter, under the eyes of Vajradamshtra, all his army of Rakshasas were killed and broken up by the Vanara troops.
vrm.6.54 Seeing the Rakshasas terrified with fear and decimated by the Vanaras, that powerful Vajradamshtra, his eyes red with anger, bow in hand, penetrated the army of Vanaras, sowing panic among them.
vrm.6.54 Thereafter, in his fury, the vigorous Vajradamshtra dispatched those Vanaras with arrows resembling wings of an eagle that flew straight to their target and pierced seven, eight, nine or five of his opponents simultaneously, thus destroying them.
vrm.6.54 When he beheld those Vanara troops fleeing in disorder, Angada the son Vali exchanged glances of hatred with Vajradamshtra.
vrm.6.54 Both Vajradamshtra and Angada fought against each other like a lion and an Elephant in rut.
vrm.6.54 Thereafter, that Vajradamshtra knocked the mighty Angada at his vital organs with his arrows resembling hundred thousand flames of fire.
vrm.6.54 With all his limbs drenched in blood, the mighty Angada having a terrific prowess threw a tree on Vajradamshtra.
vrm.6.54 Witnessing the strength of Vajradamshtra, Angada that lion among the Vanaras seized hold of a large rock and emitting a shout, threw it on him.
vrm.6.54 As the rock descended, that vigorous Vajradamshtra leaping down from his chariot, armed with his mace, stood waiting unperplexed, on the battle field.
vrm.6.54 Meanwhile, the rock thrown by Angada, falling into the forefront of the battle, then crushed the chariot with its wheels shafts and Horses Thereafter, Angada the Vanara, seizing another large peak of a mountain adorned with trees, threw it on Vajradamshtra s head.
vrm.6.54 Beginning to vomit blood, Vajradamshtra became fainted, clenching his mace convulsively and breathing heavily for a moment.
vrm.6.54 Regaining his consciousness, Vajradamshtra the Rakshasa was very much enraged and hit Angada full on the chest with his mace.
vrm.6.54 The mighty Angada assaulted the giant head of Vajradamshtra with a well sharpened and stainless sword.
vrm.6.54 Struck by the sword, that charming head of Vajradamshtra, with his limbs drenched in blood and eyes rolling, fell into two pieces.
vrm.6.54 Seeing Vajradamshtra having been slain, the Rakshasas, deluded with fear, fled panic stricken towards Lanka, harassed by the Vanaras with their down cast faces, their heads bowed in shame.
vrm.6.55 Hearing that Vajradamshtra was killed by Angada, Ravana spoke the following words to the General of his forces who, with joined palms, stood near him.
vrm.6.89 The valiant Nikumbha, the mighty Kumbhakarna, Kumbha, the Rakshasa called Dhumraksha, Jambumali, Mahamali, the highly swift Ashaniprabha, Suptaghna, Yajnakopa, a Rakshasa named Vajradamshtra, Samhadri, Vikata the destroyer of enemies, Tapana, Manda, Praghaasa, Praghasa, Prajangha, Jangha, Agniketu who was difficult to be conquered, Agniketu, the valiant Rashmiketu, vidyujjihva, Dvijihva, Suryashatru, Akampana, Suparshva, Chakramali, Kampana and the mighty Devantaka were also killed.
vrm.6.123 "Both Yuddhonmatta and Matta, the foremost of Rakshasas, as also Nikumbha and Kumbha the sons of Kumbhakarna, as also the strong Vajradamshtra, Damshtra and many Rakshasas were killed.

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