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vrm.6.59 Ravana, decked with a diadem, who has brought Indra and Vaivasvata, is shining like the sun.
vrm.6.73 Now itself, Indra, Vaivasvata yama, Vishnu, Rudra, Sadhyas, Vaishvanara fire god, Surya and Chandra sun and moon can see my unlimited prowess, like the terrific prowess of Vishnu during the sacrifice of Bali.
vrm.7.20 Therefore, O great Brahman, intent upon slaying the Vaivasvata s son, I will go by this way which leadeth to the king the ofspring of the sun.
vrm.7.21 And burnt up by its energy, the most of Vaivasvata fell down in the field like unto banners of Mahendra.
vrm.7.22 Hearing his mighty shouts, that lord Vaivasvata knew that his adversary had gained the day and that his own host had been destroyed.
vrm.7.22 But Ravana, without at all feeling any smat, began to shower arrows on Vaivasvata s vehicle, resembling a downpour caused by clouds.
vrm.7.22 And the Death, growing still more wroth, addressed Vaivasvata saying; "Let me go.
vrm.7.22 Then with his eyes reddened that lord, Vaivasvata, wielded with his hand the infallible dart of time; while by him lay the redoubtable noose of time and the mace in its native shape resembling fire and the thunderbolt.
vrm.7.22 And on Yama being desirous of slaying Ravana, the great father manifesting himself spake unto Yama: O Vaivasvata, O mighty armed one, O thou of imeasurable prowess, this certainly must not be: Thou shouldst not with thy rod slay the night ranger; for, O the foremost of Devas, I have conferred a boon on him; thou shouldst not render false the words that I have uttered.
vrm.7.22 And with a delighted heart Vaivasvata along with the Devas led by Brahma as well as that mighty ascetic Narada, went to the celestial regions.

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