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vrm.1.1 Hanuma" on presenting the remembrancer, an emblematic ring of Rama to Seetha, also on delineating the sad disposition of Rama to her, thus on solacing Vaidehi, he started to smash the welcome arch of that beautiful Ashoka gardens.
vrm.1.2 b a "The adventures of valorous Rama along with Lakshmana, and the misadventures of Rakshasas, known or unknown in every detail, and even the plight of Vaidehi which is either revealed or un revealed so far, and whatever legend that has happened, all that will also be known to you, even if it were to be unknown, as yet.
vrm.1.3 The killing Rakshasas like Khara, Trishirasa and the upsurge of Ravana thereby, and also killing Rakshasa Maricha, and Ravana s abduction of Vaidehi, likewise.
vrm.1.3 Sending Hanuma to meet Bharata, for he avowed to self immolate if Rama were not to come in time the coronation festival of Rama disbandment of all military troops of Vanaras Rama s ruling his kingdom to the delight of his subjects, and the desolation of Vaidehi too.
vrm.3.2 He shouted a tremulous blare, as though to tremor the earth, and seized Vaidehi with his arms and gone afar, and then said this way.
vrm.3.3 When that Rakshasa is thus struck, then he placed Vaidehi down from his arms, hauled up his spear, and very angrily rushed towards Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.3.4 On hearing Vaidehi s that utterance those valorous ones Rama and Lakshmana speedily busied themselves in eliminating that evil minded Rakshasa Viradha.
vrm.3.5 "Stay for a moment Lakshmana along with Vaidehi, until I know clearly about that resplendent one on that chariot.
vrm.3.8 Then they all, Vaidehi, Rama and Lakshmana, on worshipping sacred fire and deities dutifully in the shelter of the sages in that forest and on seeing the dawning sun, they are reft of their blemishes, and then they approached Sage Suteekshna speaking this sentence gently.
vrm.3.9 To Rama, the scion of Raghu and her husband, who started out when permitted by Sage Suteekshna, Vaidehi spoke this with friendly words.
vrm.3.10 On hearing all of the words said by Vaidehi, in adoration of her husband, he who abides by virtue alone that Rama replied Janaki.
vrm.3.15 "In which place Vaidehi, likewise you and me too can take delight, where the woodland is scenic and the water is pleasurable, and where a water lake, ritual firewood, flowers, and the sacred grass are available in proximity, oh, Lakshmana, such a place may be searched out.
vrm.3.18 "Punning in any way with the base and brutish is inapposite, oh, gentle Saumitri, mark note of Vaidehi, somehow surviving
vrm.3.24 "Hence, wield your bow, keep arrows ready at hand, and taking Vaidehi with you seek shelter in a impassable cave of a mountain overgrown with trees.
vrm.3.31 "Agreed! I wish to go alone early in the morning with a charioteer and I delightfully wish to lead Vaidehi into the elegant city Lanka.
vrm.3.34 "You too will become a groveller at the arrows Lover god in case you now see Vaidehi with a face shining like full moon.
vrm.3.37 Rama" s proper resplendence is protecting Vaidehi.
vrm.3.39 "While I was wandering in Dandaka forest as an abuser of virtue, then I reached Rama who by then has assumed the rectitude befitting to a saint, and I even reached the great fortunate Vaidehi and top speeded chariot rider Lakshmana.
vrm.3.40 "On becoming an amazing silver potted golden deer you move in front of Seetha in the hermitage of Rama, and on verily alluring Vaidehi you can go away as you like.
vrm.3.40 "On seeing you as a wholly illusory golden deer curiosity arises in Vaidehi, and indeed she tells Rama, bring that one quickly.
vrm.3.40 "When Rama is diverted from hermitage, Lakshmana as well, I will carry off Vaidehi effortlessly like the Thousand eyed Indra who once carried off Sachi Devi.
vrm.3.42 "On deluding Vaidehi it is apt of you to go as you please, and I will bring that Seetha of Mithila, however defiant it might be.
vrm.3.42 Adopting such an exquisite and heart stealing form which is amazingly dappled with the colours of diverse ores, that Rakshasa ambled all over there freely with the bearing of a real deer in order that Vaidehi might be deluded, and he moved forward onto the pastures.
vrm.3.42 b, a What is more, Vaidehi with her felicitous eyes came towards trees yearning for plucking the flowers in the same instant.
vrm.3.43 Those manly Lions Rama and Lakshmana thus bidden by Vaidehi came there exploring that place and then they saw that Golden Deer.
vrm.3.43 b, Lakshmana", behold this enthusiastic delight of Vaidehi.
vrm.3.43 "This comely Vaidehi will be sitting on that invaluable golden skin of that gem of a deer along with me.
vrm.3.43 Lakshmana", see how Vaidehi s percept is overtaken by Deerskin.
vrm.3.45 a, b "Oh, Vaidehi, your husband is an impossible one for vincibility by Pannagas, Asuras, Gandharvas, Devas, Danavas and Rakshasas, no doubt about it.
vrm.3.45 "And you are an entrustment, oh, best lady Vaidehi, as the great souled Rama has entrusted you in my security, as such I do not dare to leave you off now.
vrm.3.45 Therefore Vaidehi, just do not bother about it.
vrm.3.45 b, Women" by their nature are unbound by the etiquette of decency, whimsical, cantankerous and they tend to become the artificers of vicissitudes, and oh, Vaidehi, the daughter of Janaka, indeed unbearable are this kind of words that are much the same as burnt iron arrows thrust in between my two ears.
vrm.3.46 Quickly taking hold of intervallic time then the ten headed Ravana approached Vaidehi adopting an aspect of a sanyaasi, a meandering Brahman friar.
vrm.3.46 That sanyaasi is now cloaked in smooth silky saffron, his head hair is neatly tufted, sandals are wooden, umbrella is on right shoulder, and on his left shoulder a shaft of sanyaasi is shouldered, onto which his handy water vessel is hooked, and he proceeded towards Vaidehi in a mien of meandering sanyaasi.
vrm.3.46 a As with a pitchiest gloom overcoming the sunless and moonless lively eventide, that great mighty Ravana came over to Vaidehi in that forest, when she is without two of the brothers, namely Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.3.46 In the meanwhile the Dasamukha Rakshasa Ravana, who is all the while waiting for some lapse of Rama, neared Vaidehi in the getup of a sanyaasi.
vrm.3.46 b, a That disgraceful Ravana made advances in a graceful mien of Brahman almsman to Vaidehi who is thinking over her husband, like the slow moving Saturn making advance to Star Citra which will be ominous.
vrm.3.46 b, a Like a wellspring shrouded by grass, enshrouded in a decent getup of a Brahman friar, in a trice Ravana leeringly stood before of Vaidehi, the admirable wife of Rama.
vrm.3.46 While standing before her then Ravana eyed at the auspicious wife of Rama, whose lips and teeth are fine, visage is shiny like a full moon, and who is presently tortured by her tearful lamentation and sitting in the straw cottage, and he approached that lotus petal eyed Vaidehi who is dressed in ochry silks, as that night walker is gladdened at his heart for her solitude.
vrm.3.46 b When the wicked minded Ravana praised her in this way, Vaidehi the princess from Mithila has seen him who has arrived in the getup of Brahman and started to revere him with all the respects affordable to a casual guest.
vrm.3.48 Vaidehi who is spoken thus is infuriated on her part and with her eyes bloodshot spoke these bitter words to the king of Rakshasas in that lonely lace.
vrm.3.49 Then he whose voice is strident that Ravana lifted her up by her waist and got Vaidehi up on the air chariot intimidating her with bitter words.
vrm.3.50 Jatayu who is slumbering away craned and stared on hearing the voicing of Seetha and then he saw Ravana and even Vaidehi.
vrm.3.50 "If Rama of indefatigable deeds firstly eliminated Khara who is stationed at Janasthana, and who transgressed for the sake of Shuurpanakha, tell me what in actuality is the highly overstepping behaviour of Rama in that matter, whereupon you are stealing off with the wife of such a lord of world? "Instantly deliver up Vaidehi.
vrm.3.50 Nevertheless, on taking Vaidehi you cannot abscond safely.
vrm.3.50 "It will be incapable of you to forcibly abduct Vaidehi when I keep an eye one her, as with the defilement of definitive Vedic scriptures by the logicians, dialecticians, materialists and suchlike non believers, with their conjectural logic.
vrm.3.51 Now Ravana who is with his devastated bow, devoid of chariot, dispatched are his Horses and departed is his charioteer, and such as he is, he on grabbing Vaidehi by her torso, or, placing her on the lower end of his torso, jumped to earth.
vrm.3.51 Ravana who is aggrieved and convulsed in fury hit back Jatayu with his palm while firmly clutching Vaidehi onto his left flank.
vrm.3.51 Jatayu, the lord of Birds, being a vanquisher of enemies outstripped Ravana and ripped off ten left arms of Ravana with his beak, with which left arms Ravana is clutching Vaidehi, in order to release her from his clutches.
vrm.3.51 On seeing Jatayu fallen on earth and dampened with blood Vaidehi fell into a fit of weeping and ran towards him as if he is her own relative.
vrm.3.52 That sovereign of Rakshasas, Ravana, rushed towards Vaidehi whose garlands and jewellery are muddled up and who is bawling like an orphanized one.
vrm.3.52 While Vaidehi is insulted thus, entire world together with its mobile or sessile beings became chaotic, and there chanced a blanketing of a blinding blackness, and waft less is the Wind and shine less is the Sun.
vrm.3.52 With the rustles of Vaidehi s jewellery that lord of Rakshasas shone forth like a shipshape blue black cloud with rumbles and undulating lightning.
vrm.3.52 Slid from the left foot of Vaidehi her anklet adorned with gems fell down onto the plane of earth like an electric annulus with its sparky sparkles.
vrm.3.52 She that Vaidehi who is so delicate like reddish leaflets of trees made that blackish bodied lord of Rakshasas, Ravana, well and truly lambent, herself becoming a golden girdle girded around the Elephant like Ravana.
vrm.3.52 On seeing Vaidehi who is being abducted thus, magnificent Sun in firmament is saddened, and lowly weakened is his sunshine, palely whitened is his sun disc, and faintly deadened is his solar constant.
vrm.3.52 b, a She who is looking searchingly at the plane of earth for Rama or Lakshmana, and truly bawling in high pitched but mellowly voice calling Rama", Lakshmana", and whose hair lengths are tousled, and whose felicitous vermilion mark on her forehead is smudged very untidily, that Dasamukha Rakshasa abducted such an uncompromising husband devout, Vaidehi, only for his self ruination.
vrm.3.53 On saying this much and other exacting words, Vaidehi who has gone onto the flank of Ravana, indeed lamented lamentably as her dismay is coalesced with her distress.
vrm.3.54 Vaidehi has not seen any rescuer while she is abducted, but she has seen five prominent vanara s staying on a mountaintop.
vrm.3.54 That ocean being the abode of Rain god is highly flustered when Vaidehi is being abducted over it, and its waves became topsy turvy and its Fishes and great marine Reptiles remained shilly shally.
vrm.3.54 b, a "Whosoever speaks unpleasant words to Vaidehi in the least, either unknowingly or knowingly, her life becomes unpleasant for herself.
vrm.3.55 On continually musing upon Vaidehi Ravana is tormented with the arrows of Kamadeva, thereby to lay eyes on Seetha he post hastily entered the beautiful palace.
vrm.3.55 On flaunting his best palace in its entirety to Vaidehi that dirty minded Ravana spoke this sentence to Seetha in order that she may be tempted on her own, lustily.
vrm.3.55 b, a "Oh, Vaidehi, enough is this embarrassment of yours presuming that your consorting with me is detrimental to scriptural canons, oh, empress, what that is approaching you in the form of queen hood is absolutely compatible with the tradition.
vrm.3.56 She that Vaidehi who is haggard by anguish boldly spoke to Ravana when he addressed her in that way, duly placing a blade of straw in between herself and Ravana.
vrm.3.56 a Vaidehi on speaking those highly caustic words angrily to Ravana in this way, she that Maithili spoke no more in that matter.
vrm.3.57 As yet undevoured by Rakshasas would Vaidehi be safe?
vrm.3.58 On seeing dreary Lakshmana coming into the void of forest devoid of Vaidehi, then the virtue souled Rama, the son of Dasharatha, has asked him impatiently.
vrm.3.58 "She who has come in tow with me to Dandaka forest when I started for peregrination, whom you have now deserted and came here, oh, Lakshmana, she that Vaidehi, where is she? "When I have become forlorn with the forfeiture of my kingdom and when I was rushing for Dandaka forest she stood with me as a partaker in my woes.
vrm.3.58 She that comely Vaidehi, where is she? "Without whom I am disinclined to live even for a moment, oh, valiant one, such a Seetha who in simile is like the daughter of deities and who is my life force, where is she?
vrm.3.58 Vaidehi" who is dearer to me than my lives, will she be alive somehow! Oh, valiant Lakshmana, this peregrination of mine, will it not become futile, someway! "When I am dead for the sake of Seetha and when you get back to Ayodhya lonesomely, and when Kaikeyi s wishes are accomplished thus, oh, Soumitri, will she be comfortable, somewhat! Kaikeyi" is with her son, with a kingdom, and further her purposes are achieved, oh, gentle Lakshmana, and because of the death of her son will my austerely mother Kausalya humbly get into the servitude of Kaikeyi, anyhow!
vrm.3.58 "I wish to get at the hermitage again if only that Vaidehi of good conduct is alive in hermitage, else, oh, Lakshmana, if death has already conducted her out of hermitage I too will give up my lives here itself.
vrm.3.58 "Say Lakshmana, whether that pietistic Vaidehi is alive or not? Or, on your becoming unmindful of your guard is she consumed by Rakshasas, either?
vrm.3.58 "I hope that Vaidehi has also heard that voice which is similar to that of mine, and I hope frightened as she is she might have also hastened you, and I hope you also have come to see me, that hastily!
vrm.3.59 This is what I said to Vaidehi" Thus Lakshmana is informing Rama.
vrm.3.59 "Though I said thus, while her volition is overly besotted for you, Vaidehi said this tartly word to me outpouring tears.
vrm.3.59 "When Vaidehi spoke to me thus I hurriedly came out of hermitage to you with anger reddening my eyes and trembling my lips.
vrm.3.61 On seeing the vacant threshold of the hermitage and empty cottage of straw, also at the leaf mat seats that are utterly shattered, and not finding Vaidehi even on watchfully eyeing everywhere Rama shrieked loudly, and then on clasping the winning shoulders of Lakshmana he said this to him.
vrm.3.61 Oh, Lakshmana, possibly where can be Vaidehi? Or, to which place she has gone from here? Or, Soumitri, who stole her away? Or, who has gorged up my ladylove? Oh, Seetha, if you have concealed yourself under trees wishing to poke fun at me, enough is your fun and games, get in touch with me now, as I am highly anguished.
vrm.3.61 On exploring everywhere on that mountain Rama said to Lakshmana, oh, Soumitri, here on this mountain I do not descry auspicious Vaidehi.
vrm.3.61 But, oh, sensible brother, I do not descry Vaidehi who is loftier than my lives.
vrm.3.64 nervousness, namely Vaidehi, has got round to, or where that frailty is, that place is really incomprehensible to me.
vrm.3.64 She that River Godavari has not informed Rama about Vaidehi just out of fear on recalling the mien and manoeuvres of malefic minded Ravana, lest Ravana may drain her away.
vrm.3.64 In the absence of Vaidehi, oh Lakshmana, really what is that unpleasant word I have to say to Vaidehi s father king Janaka, also thus to Vaidehi s mother in law and my mother Kausalya, when I meet them! a Which Vaidehi is the remover of all my sadness who am a destitute of kingdom and surviving in forests on forest produce, such as she is,
vrm.3.64 In forest I gave them to Vaidehi and she tucked these very flowers in her bun.
vrm.3.64 b, a This way when Rama is highly infuriated and who appeared to burn down anything just with his eyes, then he has seen on the ground gigantic footprints of a Rakshasa, and the footprints of Vaidehi, who appeared to have run
vrm.3.64 See Lakshmana, many beads of jewellery and many bits of garlands of Vaidehi have indeed fallen down, and oh, Soumitri, they are strewn around.
vrm.3.64 I think Lakshmana, guise changing Rakshasas would have ripped and rived Vaidehi, or divided her into pieces, or they might have gluttonised her.
vrm.3.64 A deadly clash has occurred here, Soumitri, while two Rakshasas were clashing between themselves on account of Vaidehi.
vrm.3.64 b, Whether Vaidehi is taken away or taken in by some unknown being, oh, gentle Lakshmana, then who are the Gods who can possibly be benignant to me in this world.
vrm.3.66 Whether Vaidehi is stolen or slain, oh, brave one, it will be inapt of you sadden like this as with any other commoner without tracking her
vrm.3.67 On beholding him who is like a mountaintop in his gleam, Rama said to Lakshmana, "This one has gluttonised Seetha, the princess from Vaidehi, there is no doubt about it.
vrm.3.68 b, c Impractical is your anguishing for the daughter of Janaka, as you will delight yourself with Vaidehi in no time, on killing that Ravana in the vanguard of a war.
vrm.3.69 and you will reach Vaidehi shortly.
vrm.4.1 without finding that Vaidehi.
vrm.4.1 "I live along for sure, Soumitri, if that slender waisted Vaidehi basks in this benignant breeze of Pampa along with me.
vrm.4.1 Lakshmana, when can I hear that conversation of Vaidehi that will have smiles and wits in between.
vrm.4.6 Lakshmana", see this upper cloth and these ornaments too of Vaidehi, shed from her body and dropped onto the ground while she is being abducted.
vrm.4.28 like the squirming of penitent Vaidehi in the grasp of Ravana.
vrm.4.29 "Hence, the task of our friend is delayed, oh, enemy destroyer, searching for Vaidehi is Raghava s mission and let it be done.
vrm.4.29 "He fulfilled an exceptional cherish of yours without much doubting for the forfeiture of his own life, hence we search for his wife Vaidehi anywhere on earth or even on skies.
vrm.4.30 But on getting consciousness in a moment, that thoughtful king Raghava started to think of Vaidehi who is abiding in his heart, though not at his side.
vrm.4.39 "That knavish Rakshasa Ravana deceitfully carried off Vaidehi for his own extinction, as Anuhlaada carried off Sachi Devi, the daughter of Puloma.
vrm.4.40 "Oh, gracious Sugreeva, whether Vaidehi is alive or not it shall be known.
vrm.4.40 "Only on knowing about Vaidehi, also about the dwelling place of Ravana, I will order for the timely action at that time, that too, after deliberating with you.
vrm.4.40 You have to scout thereabout for Vaidehi as well as for Ravana, at those beautiful ghats, say littorals of that Shona River, and in the amazing forests alongshore.
vrm.4.40 "Ransack that mountain s peak, even thereabout the rapids and caverns of that mountain for Vaidehi, and even for Ravana.
vrm.4.40 "You shall comeback within a month on finding out Vaidehi and the residency of Ravana after your reaching Mountain Sunrise.
vrm.4.41 "It will be apt of you to return quickly on knowing the course of Vaidehi after thoroughly searching all these places in their entirety, and even in those other places you happen to see, whether I have mentioned them or not.
vrm.4.42 a "Oh, outstanding Vanaras, you shall search for Vaidehi proceeding with two hundred thousand Vanaras, say two lakhs, and Sushena as your leader.
vrm.4.42 Vaidehi" is to be searched on the delightful cliffs of that Mountain Cakravaan and also in its spacious caves, together with Ravana, and search for her here, there, and everywhere.
vrm.4.42 "There on the delightful cliffs and spacious caves of that Mountain Varaaha, including that city Praagjyotisha, Ravana shall be searched together with Vaidehi.
vrm.4.42 "On all those mountains, lakesides and riversides Vaidehi shall be searched together with Ravana, far and wide.
vrm.4.42 "You shall return within a month on knowing about Vaidehi and also about the residency of Ravana, or on your reaching Mountain Astagiri, say Mountain Dusk.
vrm.4.43 "Let Ravana be quested after in the segments of woods, at waterfalls, and even in caverns of that mountain, together with Vaidehi.
vrm.4.43 Ravana" shall be searched on Mountain Kailasa, and even in the caves of nearby mountains which will be shining like moon, together with Vaidehi.
vrm.4.43 "Thereby, oh, Vayu like and Marut like vanara s, on your seeing the princess born in Videha kingdom, namely Vaidehi, an extremely desirable task for the sake of Dasharatha s son Rama is considered as done.
vrm.4.47 As commanded by the king of Vanaras Sugreeva all of the elephentine Vanaras essayed everywhere with post hast for a glimpse of Vaidehi.
vrm.4.52 "The king of all the world and one similar to Mahendra and Rain god, such an illustrious Rama of Dasharatha entered Dandaka forest with his bother Lakshmana, even along with his wife Vaidehi, but Ravana coercively abducted his wife from Janasthana.
vrm.4.53 The timeframe is lapsed and Vaidehi is unspotted.
vrm.4.56 "You all have heard in its entirety what deed the kingly Jatayu has done wishing to do good to Vaidehi.
vrm.4.56 "By the ending of Jatayu and by the end of Dasharatha, also by the purloin of Vaidehi, all of the Vanaras are piled into a predicament.
vrm.4.57 "Among Ikshvaku s there is a great charioteer, a king for the entire world, a peerless person, and he is the son of Dasharatha, namely Rama, and abiding by his father s directives and opting for righteous course of conduct, he moved into Dandaka forests along with his brother Lakshmana and even with his wife Vaidehi.
vrm.4.57 "Though we are spearheaded by Rama and though we searched thereabouts for Vaidehi at the behest of Sugreeva, as with a nightly sunshine Vaidehi is unattainable for us.
vrm.4.58 a Therein that Lanka pitiable Vaidehi wearing ochry silk sari is lodged in the palace chambers of Ravana, highly sentineled and baulked by Rakshasi s, and you can find king Janaka s daughter Maithili in there.
vrm.4.58 For sure, you will return to Kishkindha on your finding Vaidehi, and on your becoming productive of you objective.
vrm.4.59 I will now narrate as to how I have listened about the abduction of Vaidehi, by whom it is said to me, and where that wide eyed Seetha is.
vrm.4.62 On knowing Seetha s plight Indra gives a nectarean food for Vaidehi, which food is renowned to be Nectarous and unattainable even by Gods.
vrm.4.67 and I avouch that I will descry Vaidehi.
vrm.7.52 Thereupon he said to the beautiful Sitaresembling a celestialdamsel Vaidehi" signs of pregnancy are manifest in thee.
vrm.7.52 Believe me, O Vaidehi, that thou shalt undoubtedly go there to morrow.
vrm.7.59 Thou hast come under my shelter, O Vaidehi be thou consoled.
vrm.7.110 Because Vaidehi formerly underwent a trial in the city of Lanka before the Devas I brought her home.

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