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vrm.3.11 Once upon a time verily cruel brothers Vaataapi and Ilvala were here together, and they the dreadful Asuras, they say, used to be Bhraman killers.
vrm.3.11 Then Ilvala used to make his brother Vaataapi into a ram, perfect that ram s meat into deliciously cooked food, and used to feed Brahmans according to obsequial rites and deeds.
vrm.3.11 When those Brahmans are surfeited with that ram s meat, then Ilvala used to shout loudly, oh, Vaataapi, you may come out.
vrm.3.11 quot Then on listening his brother s words Vaataapi used to lunge out bleating like a ram, tearing and rending the bodies of those Brahmans.
vrm.3.43 Rakshasa" Vaataapi who held ascetics in contempt was here earlier, and staying in the stomachs of Brahmans he used to come out by ripping their stomachs open and thus he was killing Brahmans, like a mare calf killing its own mother at its time of birth by ripping the womb of its own mother.
vrm.3.43 "On one occasion after some time, that Vaataapi avariciously obtained that great saint and the one who is endowed with effulgent, namely Agastya, as an eatable, but actually that Rakshasa has became an eatable to the sage.
vrm.3.43 "On observing the Rakshasa Vaataapi who is trying to assume his original form of Rakshasa in order to come out of his stomach, that godly saint Agastya spoke this to Vaataapi with a scornful smile.
vrm.3.43 Oh, Vaataapi, you have irreverently eradicated the best Brahmans in this world owing to your might, therefore I have assimilated you.
vrm.3.43 So said sage Agastya to Vaataapi.
vrm.3.43 Lakshmana", such a Rakshasa who is like Vaataapi will not be there any more.
vrm.3.43 He who disregards someone of my kind, who always abides in righteousness and who is self controlled, such a Rakshasa will be eliminated as sage Agastya has eliminated Rakshasa Vaataapi, if that Rakshasa happens to get at me.

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