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vrm.2.94 "This mountain of Chitrakuta with its abundance of roots fruits and water is more beautiful than Vasvankasara better known as Alaka the capital of Kubera, Nalini the capital of Indra better known as Amaravati and Uttarakuru the country of eternal beatitude.
vrm.3.73 "On crossing over that parkland, oh, Kakutstha, another parkland with blossomy flowers is there, which replicates the heavenly Nandana gardens, and a replica of Uttarakuru, an all endowing province.
vrm.4.43 "The females of Uttarakuru province will be handsome and youthful and they are rich by their attributes.
vrm.4.43 b, "All the inhabitants of Uttarakuru have carried out good deeds in earlier births, hence they are accorded with paradisiacal pleasures now.

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