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vrm.7.30 Thereupon that foremost of twice born ones Usanas of austere penances, wishing the prosperity of the sacrifice, said to Ravana the Rakshasa chief "Hear,I shal relate to thee everything, O king ;thy son hath met with the fruits of many a sacrifice Agnistoma, Asvamedha, Bahusuvarnaka.
vrm.7.68 She was the more beloved of the two ;his other spouse was Devayani, grand daughter of Usanas.
vrm.7.92 O Rama, like unto Mahendra governing his kingdom of heaven under the guidance of Brihaspati, the preceptor of Devas, Danda, the grand son of Manu, governed his own kingdom with the help of Usanas.
vrm.7.94 Having said this, with eyes reddened with fire, Usanas, Bhrigu s son \to the inmates of his hermitage "Do ye all go and live outside this kingdom.

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