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vrm.7.66 Beholding the frolicsome and beautiful Urvasi, Varuna attained to an excess of delight.
vrm.7.66 Thereat Urvasi, with folded hands, said "O lord of Devas, Mitra himself has already invited me for the same.
vrm.7.66 Being stricken by desire Varuna said to Urvasi "I shall discharge my vital energy into this pot if thou dost not wish to live with me.
vrm.7.66 Hearing those sweet words of the Patriarch Varuna, Urvasi was highly pleased and said "Do what thou hast said.
vrm.7.66 Urvasi having said this, Varuna discharged his vital energy into the pot.
vrm.7.66 Thereupon Urvasi approached Mitra.
vrm.7.66 Thereupon being thus placed under the influence of curse Urvasi went to Pururava, The king Pururava was the begotten son of Budha He reigned in the foremost of cities Pratishtana.
vrm.7.66 He begot on Urvasi a highly powerful and beautiful son by the name of Ayu.
vrm.7.66 In this wise Urvasi, having beautiful teeth, eyes and brow, remained on earth for many years and then returned to the region of Indra after the period of curse had been over.
vrm.7.67 Before the vital energy of Varuna was thrown into the pot Mitra discharged his own on Urvasi s account which was the source of Agastya s birth.

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