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vrm.1.33 She is the daughter of Urmila.
vrm.1.71 Seetha for Rama, and Urmila for Lakshmana, let there be felicity for all.
vrm.1.71 a "My daughter Seetha is the bounty for bravery and in simile she is the daughter of the divine Providence, and thus the second one Urmila too.
vrm.1.72 Oh, king Janaka, these espousals of Seetha with Rama and Urmila with Lakshmana is behovely to each other s dynastical prestige and even it is befitting to the winsome charms of the brides and bridegrooms, but that being so.
vrm.1.73 say yes to Urmila, the one who is decided by me to be given to you.
vrm.1.77 Then the womenfolk of the king welcomed the highly propitious Seetha and the highly fortunate Urmila too, along with both the daughters of Kushadhvaja, namely Maandavi and Shrutakiirti, with pageantry and festivity.
vrm.2.118 "My younger sister Urmila, the virtuous lady of lovely looks was given as a consort to Lakshmana by my father himself.

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