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vrm.4.1 Date palm trees, Uddalaka trees also.
vrm.4.42 "Oh, best Vanaras, conduct search in the Suraashtra, Baahlika and Candracitra provinces, including their extensive and delightful rural areas and spacious cities, as well as in their woods with Punnaaga trees, areas filled with Vakula, and Uddalaka trees and in their interiors, and even in the thickets of Ketaka trees.
vrm.5.1 After that great one who looked like a huge mass of clouds, alighted on the mountain peak of Lamba with wonderful lower peaks, abundant with various things and filled with Ketaka, Uddalaka and coconut trees.
vrm.5.14 That great Hanuma with joyful limbs, being on enclosure wall saw various trees such as Sal, beautiful Ashoka, Champaka full of flowers, Uddalaka, Naga, mango trees with their fruit in the colour of the snout of a Monkey, in full blossom at the start of the spring.
vrm.5.15 Punnaaga trees with flatted roots and in full blossom, Saptaparna trees Campaka and Uddalaka trees were shining.

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