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vrm.1.45 "Then a best Horse called Uchaisravas has emerged, oh, Rama, the best among men, and then a gem of a jewel, called Kaustubha, and like that Amrita, the Supreme Ambrosial elixir of Gods, have also emerged.
vrm.6.69 Narantaka mounted a white gigantic Horse, similar to Uchaisravas, adorned with gold ornaments and as swift as thought.
vrm.7.25 And beholding that foremost of gods the sun that primeval deity, without end or middle, having Uchaisravas as his carrier, the witness of the world and the lord of the universe, the foremost of Rakshasas, being overwhelmed with his rays, said to Prahasta O minister, do thou proceed at my behest and communicate unto him my orders Ravana hath arived here for battle do thou offer him fight.

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