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vrm.2.91 Twenty thousand more women, who were radiant and adorned with gold, gems, pearls and corals came from the region of Kubera.
vrm.4.42 b, a Twenty" four crores of mighty and atrocious Gandharva s whose glow is similar to the fire and who can change their guise at their wish are living there on that mountain Paariyaatra.
vrm.6.71 Twenty quivers, ten terrific bows and eight bow strings, golden and reddish brown in colour, are abiding in his chariot.
vrm.6.102 That Ravana, having Ten faces and Twenty arms, holding a bow tightly in his hands, looked like Mount Mainaka.
vrm.7.106 During the day do ye sing, in your sweet voice, Twenty sections out of many I have laid in the Ramayana consisting of many slokas.
vrm.7.107 The citizens and villagers speaking thus with one another Kusa and Lava chanted Twenty sections beginning from the first, pointed out by Narada.
vrm.7.107 The great ascetic Valmiki has composed this poem consisting of a hundred stories and Twenty Four Thousand slokas.

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