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vrm.2.14 Truth" is one word and is Brahma.
vrm.2.14 Truth indeed is the knowledge imperishable.
vrm.2.21 Truth is established in righteousness.
vrm.2.77 Even Sumantra, who knew the Truth, raising up Shatrughna and pacifying him, told him about the origin and dissolution of all beings.
vrm.2.109 Hence, the kingship has the Truth as its essence.
vrm.2.109 The world is established in Truth.
vrm.2.109 Truth is the highest virtue and is stated to be the origin of heaven.
vrm.2.109 Truth" is god and all virtues follow truth.
vrm.2.109 "Gift sacrifice, oblation, austerities performed and the scriptural texts have the foundation in Truth.
vrm.6.117 "You are Brahma, the imperishable, the Truth abiding in the middle as well as at the end of the universe.

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