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vrm.1.57 "In this meantime there is a veracious king named Trishanku, an enhancer of Ikshvaku dynasty, and one renowned for his self conquest.
vrm.1.57 b, a "Oh, Raghava, an idea sprang up in the mind of Trishanku to perform a ritual by which he will go to heaven with his own body.
vrm.1.57 Thus repudiated Trishanku went to southerly direction in search of orchestrators for the purpose of realising that task, such a phantasmal ritual that enables him to go to heaven with his body, and that king hjas gone to the sons of Vashishta.
vrm.1.57 a Trishanku" has indeed gone to the place where the sons of Vashishta are protractedly expiating, and there he visited the hundred noble souled sons of Vashishta, who are supremely self luminescent and superbly self refulgent by their ascesis.
vrm.1.57 b, "On reaching nigh of those noble souled sons of the indoctrinator, namely Vashishta, Trishanku reverenced all of them sequentially according to their age, but with a little down faced owing to abashment, and spoke to all of those great souled ones making palm fold in supplication.
vrm.1.57 Thus Trishanku entreated the hundred sons of Sage Vashishta.
vrm.1.58 "On hearing the sentence of Trishanku, oh, Rama, the hundred sons of sage Vashishta infuriately said this to that king.
vrm.1.58 But transgressing him how do you approach another branch of the same tree of wisdom, when that very tree rejected you? So the sons of Vashishta have started to denounce Trishanku.
vrm.1.58 Thus, the sons of Vashishta refuted Trishanku.
vrm.1.58 So Trishanku bade farewell to the sons of Vashishta, but.
vrm.1.58 That is the curse issued by the sons of Vashishta to Trishanku.
vrm.1.58 What is the purpose of your visit, oh, great mighty prince Trishanku, oh, brave lord of Ayodhya, you are accurst to the state of profaner.
vrm.1.58 Thus Trishanku started tell his sad tale.
vrm.1.58 Thus Trishanku prayed for the grace of Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.59 Vishvamitra", the son of Kushi, piteously spoke this mellowly sentence to king Trishanku who spoke thus, and who in reality attained a state of profaner.
vrm.1.59 Oh, Trishanku, the legatee of Ikshvaku s, you are welcome.
vrm.1.59 Thus Vishvamitra solaced Trishanku.
vrm.1.59 "On saying thus to Trishanku that great resplendent Vishvamitra ordered his highly righteous and astutely brilliant sons to organise the arrangements for the ritual.
vrm.1.60 Sage Shataananda continued his narration of Trishanku s legend.
vrm.1.60 This legatee of Ikshvaku dynasty is well know as Trishanku, a righteous and benevolent one.
vrm.1.60 b, As such, let the Vedic ritual be conducted intending and enabling Trishanku, the legatee of Ikshvaku, to go to heaven by the ritualist prowess of Vishvamitra, therefor you conduct yourselves and you all preside over it.
vrm.1.60 b, a "Then all of the Gods who are invited to partake of the oblation have not come forward to receive their allotments, and then the great saint Vishvamitra, obsessive with fury, furiously lifted up a wooden oblational scoop, and said this to Trishanku.
vrm.1.60 Vishvamitra said so to Trishanku.
vrm.1.60 b, a "Once the sage Vishvamitra said those words, oh, Rama of Kakutstha, that king Trishanku soared to heaven with his mortal body, before the very eyes of other sages.
vrm.1.60 b, a "On seeing Trishanku s entry into the realm of heaven, Indra, the subjugator of Paka, spoke this sentence together with all the multitudes of Gods.
vrm.1.60 Oh, Trishanku, you have not yet made heaven as your haunt, hence retrace your steps.
vrm.1.60 b, a "When Mahendra said so, Trishanku loudly exclaiming at the ascetically wealthy Vishvamitra saying, save me, save me, and fell down from heaven.
vrm.1.60 b, a "On hearing the exclamatory sentence of Trishanku who is shouting it loudly, Vishvamitra assumed an abnormal anger and also said, wait.
vrm.1.60 I have promised to this king Trishanku that he will ascend to heaven with his mortal body, and I am not interested to make it untrue.
vrm.1.60 Let there be eternal heaven to Trishanku with his mortal body.
vrm.1.60 Trishanku will also remain in the circle of stars you created, but upside down, for Indra s indict cannot be annulled, and he will be gleaming like a star and similar to any celestial.
vrm.1.60 a According to their wont to circumambulate someone who has gone to heavenly worlds, all the stars will suppliantly circumambulate this best king Trishanku, who has achieved his ends and who has become an acclaimed one with your tour de force.
vrm.1.61 "Oh, manly tiger Rama, on giving farewell to those sages who came at his invitation and who have started to go back after the ritual of Trishanku is over, then that great resplendent Vishvamitra spoke to all of the sages who are forest dwellers that remained with him.
vrm.1.61 While depending on this southern quarter this gross hindrance has cropped up for my ascesis in the shape of Trishanku s ascent to heaven, hence we will go to another direction, and there we continue ascesis.
vrm.1.70 Pruthu is the son of Anaranya, and Trishanku is Pruthu s son, and the highly renowned Dhundumaara happened to be the son of Trishanku.
vrm.2.41 Trishanku, Lohintanga, Brihaspati as also Budha and all other planets assumed a menacing aspect and got stayed with the moon.
vrm.2.110 From Prithu was born the Emperor Trishanku.
vrm.2.110 "To Trishanku was born a son, the highly illustrious Dundhumara.
vrm.6.4 The royal sage Trishanku, our paternal grand father, born in the high souled Ikshvaku dynasty, is purely shining as a star in front, along with his family priest.

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