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vrm.1.75 "Oh, best one among men, out of the two longbows Gods gave one to restive Tryamvaka, God Shiva for a combat with Tripura, and oh, Kakutstha, that bow alone is the annihilator of Tripura, the Rakshasa.
vrm.5.51 "Either Brahma the self existing god with four faces or Rudra with three eyes and the destroyer of Tripura, or Mahendra the god of atmosphere and sky as also the lord of Suras would not be able to protect the one to be killed by Rama in battle.
vrm.5.54 The high souled Hanuma, the swift Vanara scorched the city of Lanka, as Rudra scorched the city of Tripura.
vrm.6.71 The Rakshasa, tormented by Lakshmanas arrow, then trembled violently as when the terrific town gate of Tripura City, built of gold, silver and iron in the sky, air and earth by maya for the asuras was struck by Shivas arrow.
vrm.7.6 And coming to that enemy of Kama and foe of Tripura the three eyed Deity, the gods, with their voices faltering through fear, represented with joined hands, O reverend one, the creatures of the lord of creatures are being sorely troubled by the sons of Sukesa, given to harassing their foes, swolen with insolence on account of the boon conferred on them by the great father, Our asylums, constituting our refuges, have been divested of their power of granting shelter; and driving of the deities from the etherial regions, they are sporting there like the immortals.
vrm.7.16 I have also, O destroyer of Tripura, received a long lease of life from Brahma.
vrm.7.21 And enraged, Ravana resembling Rudra himself, in fight drawing his bow to his car, discharged that shaft even as Sankara had discharged at Tripura.

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