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vrm.1.3 Hanuma s killing the Rakshasi Surasa, and his seeing of Simhika, a rapacious creature of gigantic origin, which captures its prey by the shadow, and Hanuma s killing that Simhika, and his seeing the mountain of Lanka, called Mountain Trikuta, on which the state of Lanka is built, Valmiki described them all.
vrm.4.27 "Also see this river unusually sludge less, flowing from the wide of the cave and streaming eastward, spruced up with trees like Sandalwood, Tilaka, Saala, Tamaala, Atimukta, Padmaka, Sarala, and even with Ashoka trees, and it looks as if River Ganga is flowing in Trikuta.
vrm.5.2 That Hanuma with great strength crossed the insurmountable ocean without becoming tired and viewed the city of Lanka located on the peak of Mount Trikuta.
vrm.5.54 Standing there on the wonderful flat summit of Mount Trikuta, Hanuma the foremost leader of the Vanaras, having a garland of flames formed by his blazing tail, shone like the sun having a garland of rays.
vrm.6.2 and on our seeing that city of Lanka standing on a peak of the Trikuta Mountain.
vrm.6.39 The solitary peak of Trikuta mountain, which is so high as if touching the sky, all over covered with flowers entirely, resembling gold to an extent of eight hundred miles bright charming to look at, beautiful, glorious, majestic, inaccessible even by Birds, hard to be ascended by people may, even by the mind how much more by an act of walking?
vrm.6.40 Halting there just for a while and surveying the ten cardinal points, Rama saw the city of Lanka, which was beautifully constructed by Visvakarma, the divine architect on the top of Trikuta Mountain with nice arrangements and ravishing with enchanting groves.
vrm.6.44 By that great sound, which re echoed on all sides, the mountain Trikuta, full of caves, appeared to be uttering confused murmurs.
vrm.6.74 Standing on the summit of Trikuta mountain and pressing the foremost of mountains with his feet, that valiant Hanuma appeared like a second mountain.
vrm.6.74 Thereupon, the great souled Hanuma descended on that prince of mountains Trikuta in the midst of that army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.76 Suddenly struck by that arrow, that excellent Vanara possessing a splendour of Mount Trikuta, was perturbed, with his feet swaying to and fro and fell down throbbing.
vrm.6.123 O Seetha! Look at the City of Lanka, resting firmly on the mount of Trikuta, looking like a peak of Mount Kailasa and built by Viswakarma, the universal architect.
vrm.7.3 On the shore of the Southern sea there is a mount named Trikuta.
vrm.7.5 Once the king of the Devas, Indra, through the great Architect Viswakarma got the most magnificent and the most impregnable Lanka and as splendid as Amaravati of Indra, built on mount Suveladri, surrounded by mountain Trikuta, on the coast of the southern ocean.
vrm.7.6 There is a city named Lanka, stationed on the top of Trikuta, extremely diicult of entrance.

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