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vrm.1.3 Presenting his credential, the ring of Rama, to Seetha and his talk with Seetha, and also his witnessing the Rakshasi s scaring Seetha to oblige Ravana, and his witnessing Rakshasi Trijata narrating her bad dream, are all narrated in the epic.
vrm.2.32 "There lived a brahmana by name Trijata who was born in garga community and was reddish born in colour.
vrm.2.32 Up to the fifth gate, none in that society of men could obstruct this Trijata, who was equal in spiritual splendour with the sages Bhrigu and Angira.
vrm.2.32 That Trijata having approached the prince Rama, spoke the following words: "Oh, the most illustrious prince! I am a destitute, having many children in my family.
vrm.2.32 Embracing him, Rama of virtuous mind caused to be delivered to Trijata s hermitage the Cows up to that bank of Sarayu.
vrm.2.32 Thereupon, Trijata along with his wife accepted that flock of Cows and were delighted.
vrm.5.27 Then, seeing Seetha frightened by those evil ones, an Rakshasi named Trijata, sleeping till then, spoke these words.
vrm.5.27 Thus spoken to by Trijata all Rakshasis were frightened and spoke to that Trijata these words.
vrm.5.27 Listening to this utterance that came forth from the mouths of those Rakshasis, Trijata spoke at that time this word relating to the dream.
vrm.5.30 The valiant Hanuma also heard truly all those words of Seetha, Trijata and the threatening words of the female Rakshasas.
vrm.5.58 Trijata", rising from the midst of those female Rakshasas, spoke the following words Feed on yourself quickly rather than on Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, a virtuous woman and the daughter in law of Dasaratha who des not get destroyed
vrm.6.47 Following his orders, the female Rakshasas along with Trijata appeared before him.
vrm.6.47 The female Rakshasas along with Trijata made Seetha to ascend Pushpaka plane and proceeded to show her Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.6.47 Seetha along with Trijata, transported by that plane, saw all the Vanara troops who had been slain.
vrm.6.48 Kausalya" for her part, forever remains absorbed in the thought When shall I see Lakshmana and Seetha with Rama returned to Ayodhya having completed his vow of remaining in exile in the forest for fourteen years?" The Rakshasi Trijata spoke to that lamenting Seetha as follows "O, the god like lady! Do not despair.
vrm.6.48 After sending back that aerial car, Pushpaka which was as swift as the thought, the sorrowful Seetha was caused by Trijata to enter Lanka once more.
vrm.6.48 Thereafter, Seetha along with Trijata who descended from Pushpaka the aerial car, were caused by the female Rakshasas, to enter the Ashoka grove again.

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