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vrm.7.17 This one named Vedavati was born in the Krita age; and in the Treta age, for compassing the destruction of that Raksha, she was born in the Maithila line of the high souled Janaka.
vrm.7.44 At the end of the golden age and the beginning of Treta Yuga the deity Narayana shall assume a human form for the benefit of men and Devas.
vrm.7.87 Thereupon at the end of the golden age, Brahmana s understanding became loose and the Treta Yuga set in.
vrm.7.87 And those men, intent upon austere penances, that were born in he Treta age, were more powerful and greater devotees than hose in the former age.
vrm.7.87 But in the Treta age the Brahmanas and the Kshatriyas were equally powerful.
vrm.7.87 Thus in the Treta age, not beholding prominence of the Brahmanas greater than that of the Kshatriyas, Manu and other religious leaders of the time composed the Sastra describing and letting in the four divisions of castes.
vrm.7.87 In this wise the Treta age was proliic with virtues of the four Varnas, and many pious sacrifices and was shorn of iniquities.
vrm.7.87 And for houses and farms that were the property of the former age, people of the Treta Yuga were possessed by envy, the outcome of the quality of darkness.
vrm.7.87 And with the heading of impiety on earth during Treta, the soiled sin of untruth appeared.
vrm.7.87 Duing the Treta age the Brahmanas and Kshatriyas engaged in austere penances and the Vaisyas and Sudras engaged in serving them.
vrm.7.87 O foremost of kings, at the end of the Treta age, Vaisyas and Sudras being fully overpowered by the sin of untruth, the Brahmanas and the Kshatriyas also grew feeble.
vrm.7.87 O king, even in the Dwapara, devout penances for Sudras woe considered as impiety, what to speak of the Treta age.
vrm.7.89 Whereto Agastya replied, saying "Hearken, O Rama, how I did obtain this ornament in the Treta age.
vrm.7.90 O Rama, in Treta age, there was a huge forest extending over hundred Yojanas divsted of animals and men.
vrm.7.110 In the golden age only the celestial wind used to blow and it now blew even in the Treta Yuga and forsooth it was a matter of exceeding surprise.

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