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vrm.2.4 After the citizens left, Dasaratha who was efficient in taking decisions pertaining to place and time of ceremonies, again conferred with the ministers and decided thus: Tomorrow" will be a day when the constellation of Pushya would be in the ascendant.
vrm.2.7 Tomorrow" on the day of Pushyami star, king Dasaratha is going to anoint the fault less Rama for the princely kingdom.
vrm.6.25 Tomorrow", at break of day, you will see my arrows demolish the city of Lanka with its ramparts and arches as well as the army of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.25 "O, Ravana! Tomorrow, at break of day I will cast my dreadful anger on you and your army as Indra wielding a thunderbolt casts the thunderbolt on Rakshasas.
vrm.6.126 Tomorrow, when the moon will be in conjunction with the asteroid, Pushya you will be able to see Rama, without any obstacle.
vrm.7.78 Tomorrow morning I shall proceed to the dreadful West.

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