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vrm.2.91 Then, Deodars Palmyras and Tilaka trees along with Tamala trees transformed into hunch backs and dwarfs and joyfully arrived there.
vrm.3.60 As to how this best tree among all trees heareth the chorus of honeybees that singest around it, thereby this Tilaka tree clearly knowest
vrm.3.60 Maithili, a lover of Tilaka trees, as this shouldst have heard her.
vrm.3.73 and even trees like Dhanva, Naga, Tilaka, Naktamaala, blue Ashoka, Kadamba, Karaveera, Agnimukha, Ashoka, red sandalwood trees and Neem trees will be heart pleasingly shining forth in full blossom, that alone is an optimistic course for you.
vrm.3.73 b, a "Oh, Raghava, there you will see highly delightful and wide ranging trees like Tilaka and Naktamaala, and fully bloomed red and blue lotuses, as well.
vrm.3.75 Rama entered the area of that beautiful lake which is beaming forth with lotuses hemming in from inside, and trees like Tilaka, Ashoka, Punnaga, Bakula, Uddala, are hemming it from outside.
vrm.3.75 That Pampa Lake is wraparound with the trees of Tilaka, Citron fruits, Banyan, White trees, likewise flowered are flowery trees like Red oleanders, Punnaaga, shrubs of Malati and Kunda, likewise flowered are the trees of Madder, Nicula, Ashoka, and Seven leaved banana plants, and plants of
vrm.4.1 Lakshmana", observe the appealing tonality of Birds in the forest that calling out atop the flowered trees, that which is indeed furthering one s passion "That honeybee is quickly reaching these red flowers bouquets of Tilaka that are like his loved ones that are raising their faces with vigour
vrm.4.1 "Charming are the saplings of Bilva, and Madhuka, and plants like Vakula, Champaka, Tilaka, Naga trees are well flowered.
vrm.4.1 "Flowered are the trees like Hintala, Tilaka, and Naga trees, and they are enfolded by the flowered climber plants at their apices.
vrm.4.27 "Also see this river unusually sludge less, flowing from the wide of the cave and streaming eastward, spruced up with trees like Sandalwood, Tilaka, Saala, Tamaala, Atimukta, Padmaka, Sarala, and even with Ashoka trees, and it looks as if River Ganga is flowing in Trikuta.
vrm.5.9 Best women with disturbed sacred marks Tilaka on forehead became with displaced anklets, became with necklaces fallen off to side.
vrm.6.4 The Vanaras enjoyed the fruits of Champaka, Tilaka, mango, Praseka, Sindhuvara Timisa and Karaveera trees.
vrm.6.4 On the lovely mountain slopes, in blossom on all sides, Ketaki and Sindhuvara trees, the charming Vasanti, Madhavi creepers with flowers full of scent, clumps of jasmine, Chiribila, Madhuka, Vanjula and Vakula, Ranjanka and Tilaka, Nyavriksha all in flower, Mango, Patalike, Kovidara in flower, Muchulinda, Arjuna, Simsupa and Kutaja, Hintala, Timisa, Chirna and Nipa, blue Ashoka, Sarala, Ankola and Padmaka all these trees were crawled in excitement by the Vanaras who were delighted.
vrm.6.39 Thick with Champaka, Ashoka, Vakula Sala and palmyra trees, covered with groves of Tamala and Panasa trees, surrounded with rows of Nagakesara trees, Lanka looked splended on all sides like the city of Amaravati reigned by Indra with green lawns and variegated avenues and with beautiful trees of various kinds like Hintala, Arjuna, Nipa Saptaparna in full flowering, Tilaka, Karnikara and Patal whose crests were laden with flowers and which were intertwined with climbers laden with multi coloured flowers and red tender leaves.
vrm.7.114 Both of them were adorned with many excellent fancy articles, picturesque houses, charming palaces and many beautiful and high Tila, Tamala, Tilaka and Vakula trees.

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