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vrm.1.5 They kill the fattened and roaring Lions, Tigers and wild Boars with the might of their sharp weaponry, or even with the might of their own arms alone.
vrm.1.17 They are endowed with guise changing faculties, with bodily might and by their pride and might are identical to Lions and Tigers, and they are born free in their movement in forests.
vrm.1.17 b, All of those who are well versed in warfare and endowed with the might of divine eagle Garuda, used to thwart the pride of Lions, Tigers and great snakes just by their own prideful subjugation while they move about the forests.
vrm.1.24 "Various Vultures are screeching with fierce sonority, and Tigers, wild Boars, and Elephants render this forest atypical.
vrm.1.48 "These two youngsters, oh, sage, let safety betide you, striding like audacious Elephants and arrogant Lions, bearing a similitude to adventurous Tigers and adamantine bulls, and wielding quivers, swords, and bows, are valorous with their valour matching that of Vishnu, and with their eyes broad like lotus petals and with youthfulness in the offing they look like the exceptionally beautiful twin Gods, Ashwin brothers, by their physique.
vrm.1.50 b, a "These two youngsters, oh, sage, let safety betide you, striding like audacious Elephants and arrogant Lions, bearing a similitude to adventurous Tigers and adamantine bulls, and wielding quivers, swords, and bows, are valorous with their valour matching that of Vishnu, and with their eyes broad like lotus petals and with youthfulness in the offing they look like the exceptionally beautiful twin Gods, Ashwin brothers, by their physique.
vrm.2.25 "Oh, son! Let the great Elephants Lions with tusks, Tigers, Bears, terrible he Buffaloes with horns not to be hostile to you.
vrm.2.27 I can come to forest which is inaccessible, which is devoid of people, filled with various types of animals and inhaited by Tigers and Jackals.
vrm.2.29 "Oh Rama! Antelopes, Lions, Elephants, Tigers, Sarabhas, Birds, Yaks and all others which roam in the forest, run away after seeing your form, since they have never seen your figure before.
vrm.2.43 When will the city rejoice like an ocean swelling jubilantly on a full moon night to perceive the two princes who are Tigers among men come back from the forest? When will the mighty armed hero Rama enter the city of Ayodhya placing Sita in his front in the chariot as a bull would follow a cow? When will thousands of men shower the parched grains of paddy on the royal highway over my two sons Rama and Lakshmana the subduer of their enemies, entering the city? When shall I see the two princes adorned with splendid ear rings and armed with excellent bows and swords, entering Ayodhya like a pair of mountains crowned with peaks?
vrm.2.55 Deliberating thus, Rama and Lakshmana the Tigers among men who were highly intelligent, headed for the river Yamuna guarding Seetha still in front.
vrm.2.68 Perceiving a locality called Vishnu padam, Vipasa river, Salmali trees, rivers, ponds, tanks, pools and lakes, as well as seeing many kinds of Lions, Tigers, antelopes and Elephants, they proceeded by that broad lofty high way desirous as they were to execute the command of their master.
vrm.2.77 The two illustrious Tigers among men Bharata and Satrughna who had got up, appeared like two banners severally raised in honor of Indra soiled through rain and the sun.
vrm.2.92 "She, through whose fault, those two Tigers among men have to obtain a miserable existence and King Dasaratha deprived of his son, has gone to heaven this woman, who is irate, imprudent, arrogant, who esteems herself to be good looking, who is covetous of power, unworthy though noble to all appearance, know her to be Kaikeyi, my mother of wicked and sinful resolve, in whom I see the root cause of my great misfortune.
vrm.2.93 "Let the soldiers proceed quickly to explore the woods to find those Tigers among men, Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.2.93 "If it be not those two Tigers among men, the two princes, the scourger of their foes here, obviously there are other ascetics like Rama here.
vrm.2.94 "The mountain is filled with tame beasts of every kind, Tigers, Panthers and Bears, and is enlivened by a flock of many Birds.
vrm.2.103 Boars, Wolves and Lions, Buffaloes, Snakes, Monkeys, Tigers, Gokarnas and Gavayas two distinctive species of deer along with spotted Deer felt frightened.
vrm.2.119 While that night passed away, Rama and Lakshmana the Tigers among men finished their ablutions and took leave of the ascetics dwelling the forest, who had just poured oblations into the sacred fire.
vrm.3.2 Rama followed by Lakshmana has indeed seen that midst of the forest which is filled with very many animal herds, where the Bears and Tigers are frequenting, and whose trees, creepers, bushes are ruined, water ponds rendered unsightly, Birds song less, but where the swarms of crickets are whistling deafeningly.
vrm.3.2 He skewered three Lions, four Tigers, two wolves, ten spotted deer, and a big head of an Elephant with tusks and fouled with fat on an iron spear, and he is yelling with his deafening voice.
vrm.3.3 He that Rakshasa thus beaten very firmly by Rama and Lakshmana, then on grabbing those unwavering ones and manly Tigers with his arms, that furious Rakshasa wished to carry them away.
vrm.3.4 "Wild Bears, Tigers and Panthers aspire to eat me away.
vrm.3.5 And oh, manly tiger Lakshmana, those that are there in hundreds and hundreds around Indra, those youthful ones with their ear ornaments and swords in hands, with wide and broad chests, with club shaped arms, and clad in glimmering red garments, all are like Tigers, all are unapproachable, all of them are wearing ornamental chains on their chest place that are akin to flaring fires, and in their appearance, Soumitri, they always bear a look of twenty five year olds.
vrm.3.14 "And Hari s offspring are Lions and sagely/mighty Vanaras, while Sharduulii gave birth to Golangulas and Tigers.
vrm.3.46 "This is the dwelling place of Rakshasas, and no goddess, nor a Gandharva, nor a Kinnara can arrive here, but how you have come here? b, a "Here, Simians, Lions, Leopards, Tigers, likewise other predators, Bears, Tigers, Vultures will be moving.
vrm.3.52 All Lions, Tigers, animals and Birds have then gathered in herds from all over and ran rancorously and pursuantly shadowing the shadow of Seetha.
vrm.3.69 On getting at that cave those manly Tigers have seen a Rakshasi nearby that cave, who is massive in shape and misshapen in her face.
vrm.3.70 Oh, manly Tigers, by my providence you are revealed to me.
vrm.3.71 b, a "Such as I am, I have been eating the Lions, Elephants, animals, and Tigers that are on the move in this forest, hauling them in with both of my overlong arms.
vrm.3.73 "On your seeing the Bears, also thus the Tigers and even the exultant sapphire blue Rurus with black stripes there, you will discard your distress.
vrm.3.75 I have seen a highly astounding hermitage of self controlled sages, oh, gentle Lakshmana, in which the deer and Tigers are at home, and which is adored by divers Birds.
vrm.4.2 While those best Vanaras hopped everywhere they have frightened Deer, Wildcats and Tigers on that great mountain.
vrm.4.27 Mountain Prasavana is pervaded with noisily growling Tigers and beasts, mightily roaring Lions, compacted with diverse shrubs and creeper plants, overspread with many a kind of tree, thus it is adored by Bears, Monkeys, Baboons, and even by wild Cats, and that mountain which is always sanctifying and tranquil is like a heap of clouds in its shine.
vrm.4.40 Some other tribals who live on islands budging underwater as they are raw fish eaters and they are observed upon as horrific man Tigers i.
vrm.4.42 "Listening the sonorous sounds of waterfalls and rapids of that mountain, and construing them to be the roars of their opponent beasts, the Elephants, wild Boars, Lions, and Tigers will always be facing that mountain and roaring proud heartedly all around it, by which that Mountain Meghavanta itself appears to be roaring, proud heartedly.
vrm.4.48 Where there are no Buffaloes, no Elephants, no animals, nor even Birds or Tigers, or no other forest moving beings are there, for they do not have their feed there, they entered such a province.
vrm.4.50 Hanuma has searched in the caves of that kingly Mountain Vindhya, which are jammed in with Lions and Tigers, and even at the towering rapids.
vrm.4.60 Bears, Antelopes, Tigers, Lions, and diverse Reptiles and Snakes are following him at his heel, as with living beings following a donor, or all donating Brahma.
vrm.4.67 b, a Then that Vanara who is the son of Vayu and a selfsame of Vayu shinned up that towering mountain Mahendra, as he is an enemy subjugator about to subjugate the arch rival Ravana, where that mountain is hedged in with diverse flowers, its pastures are the sweethearts of deer, it is constrictive with diverse flowers of ever flowering, ever fruiting trees and with the flowers of climbers as well, and where Lions and Tigers are freely moving and ruttish Elephants love it, and where the flights of Birds are uproarious, and pent up
vrm.5.1 Hanuma went, like Garuda, in the sky served by clouds or streams of water, served also by Birds, tread by masters of music Tumburu and other Gandharvas, served by Airavata, borne by Lions, Elephants, Tigers, Birds and serpents, decorated by clear Vimanas moving with great speed, shone by fires with thunderous jolt equal to that of Vajra the weapon of Devendra, decorated by people with good deeds, people with great luck who conquered the heavens, served by the God of fire carrying great quantities of oblations, shone by planets, stars, moon, sun and starlets, occupied by groups of great sages, Gandharvas, Nagas, Yakshas but unpopulated by humans, clear and all pervasive, served by the Gandharva king Vishvavasu, roamed by Elephants of Devendra, the path of the moon and the sun, the auspicious one, a wide canopy of the earth constructed by Brahma, served in various ways by excellent courageous groups of Vidyadharas.
vrm.5.17 Hanuma saw horrible Rakshasis, dark complexioned ones, angry ones, those who like quarrels, ones wearing big darts, mallets and clubs of Iron, with faces like those of Pigs, Deer, Tigers, Buffaloes, Goats, she Foxes, with feet like those of Elephants, Camels, Horses, with heads sunk into bodies, with single hand and single foot, those ears like that of Donkeys and Horses, those with cow ears, those with Elephant ears, those with Vanara ears, and some others without nose, those with horizontal nose, those with crooked nose, those with Elephant like nose, toes with nose fixed in forehead, with feet like those of Elephant, those with big feet, those with cow like feet, those with hair on their feet, those with big heads and necks, those with big nipples and big stomach, those with big eyes and mouths, with long tongues and nails, and also the a face like that of a she goat, those with Elephant like face, those with face like that of a cow, those with face of a she Pig, those with faces like those of Horses, Camels, Donkeys, those with horrible appearance, Rakshasis carrying pikes and clubs in their hand, angry ones, those who like quarrels, those with high teeth, with hair color like that of smoke, with horrible faces, always drinking liquor, always desiring meat and liquor, with body smeared by meat and blood, with meat and blood as food, whose appearance made hair to stand up, sitting around a great tree with huge trunk.
vrm.5.35 Rama and Lakshmana, the two Tigers among men, very anxiously desirous of seeing you and searching all over the earth, came in contact with us.
vrm.5.38 "For what reason, even Lakshmana the tormentator of enemies, the mighty man and the valiant man does not protect me, by taking the command of his elder brother? Those two Tigers among men, Rama and Lakshmana, with a sharpness equal to that of wind and fire, even if they are unconquerable by Rakshasas too, why are they neglecting me?" "There is not doubt that I would have committed a great sin, for which reason those two brothers Rama and Lakshmana the tormentators of enemies, even when capable are neglecting me.
vrm.5.39 "You can see soon those valiant Vanaras, with their claws and tusks as weapons, having the prowess of Lions and Tigers and looking like lordly Elephants, coming together.
vrm.5.48 That Indrajit, alike Indra, ascended a chariot with unchecked speed and yoked with four sharp toothed Tigers, having their swiftness similar to Garuda the king of Eagles.
vrm.5.56 The mountain was exquisite with creepers and trees, having caves inhabited by Lions, spread over with a number of Tigers and endowed with sweet roots and fruit trees.
vrm.5.68 You can see soon those valiant Vanaras, with their claws and tusks as weapons, having the prowess of Lions and Tigers and looking like lordly Elephants, coming here together
vrm.6.4 There were delightful wells with stairs and ponds in that mountain, sought after by Chakravaka Birds, frequented by Karandava Birds, crowded with water Fowls and Cranes, visited by Boars and Deer, haunted on all sides by Bears, Hyenas, Lions and many dreadful Tigers.
vrm.6.27 Some of the Vanaras are tawny coloured, some are white coloured and with nails as their weapons having four tusks, with nails as their weapons having four tusks like Lions, difficult to be approached like Tigers, resembling fire, like unto serpents vomiting poison with their very long coiling tails, resembling Elephants in rut, equal to mighty mountains and making great thunderous sound like that of clouds.
vrm.6.35 Cats" mate with Tigers, Pigs with Dogs, Kinnaras with Rakshasas and men.
vrm.6.41 Those Lions among the Vanaras, possessing the teeth of Tigers, taking hold of trees and rocks, waited delightedly for the signal to fight.
vrm.6.51 Clad in mail, mounted on chariots that were magnificently dressed with flags and decorated with bands of pure gold, harnessed to mules of many heads or steeds of exceeding fleetness or Elephants in furious rut, some other excellent Rakshasas went forth like veritable Tigers.
vrm.6.59 eyes, with heads of Tigers, Buffalo mighty Elephants, deer and Horses, under an excellent white canopy with slender ribs and shining like a moon, he who is the humbler of the Gods themselves, shining like unto Rudra amidst the genii, is the suzerain Lord of Rakshasas there.
vrm.6.60 Entering that beautiful cave inlaid with diamonds and gold, those Tigers among Rakshasas beheld Kumbhakarna, of terrific prowess, who was sleeping.
vrm.6.73 Some rode on the back of Elephants, some ascended excellent Horses, Tigers, scorpions, Cats, Donkeys and Camels, looking.
vrm.6.75 The fire raging on all sides burnt blankets and rugs made of the hair of animals, whisks made of the hair of the tails, the skins of Tigers, many Birds, palaces inlaid with pearls and gems and various kinds of stores of arms.
vrm.6.99 He released sharp arrows, having the heads of Lions and Tigers, those of buzzards and Crows, even of Vultures and faloons, as well as those of Jackals and wolves, arrows with their mouths wide open, having the heads of venomous snakes with five heads, bringing fear.
vrm.6.102 The mountain, with Lions, Tigers and swaying trees, was trembled.
vrm.6.126 Rama", thereupon, entered that large, terrific and solitary forest of Dandaka, which had been trampled by Elephants and extensive with Lions, Tigers and Deers.
vrm.7.36 Her waters were being agitated by Buffaloes, Deer, Tigers, Lions, Bears and Elephants distressed by heat.
vrm.7.113 Besides many thousand birds, moving in the sky, Lions, Tigers and Boars went before the army.

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