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vrm.1.11 Oh, great king the manly Tiger, he that Sage Rishyasringa be led here on your proceeding in person with staff and transport and on adoring him well personally.
vrm.1.16 And he is endowed with auspicious features and decorated with divine ornaments, in height he is like a mountain peak, and in valiance he is like an imperious Tiger.
vrm.2.92 "O, venerable sage! This miserable queen emaciated by grief and fasting, is the royal consort of my father, who you see resembling a goddess it is she, Kausalya who, as Aditi gave birth to Upendra, begot that Tiger among the heroes, with the great gait and pride of a lion that Rama.
vrm.2.101 "O, Tiger among men! You cannot disregard this unbroken kingdom, which is eternal, ancestral and honoured.
vrm.2.102 "Arise, O the Tiger among men! Let the traditional libations of water be offered to our father.
vrm.2.103 Holding together in the form of a hollow his palms full of water and turning his face turned towards the southern quarter and weeping the great prince pronounced the traditional words saying: O, Tiger among men! May this water without taint and incorruptible at the moment that I offer it to you, reach you in the region of your ancestors where you are.
vrm.2.105 O, Tiger among men! Thus should a pious man act, who seeks to harm none, who is obedient to his elders and who aspires to conquer the higher world.
vrm.2.107 "O, Tiger among men! Your illustrious mother of beautiful complexion consequently demanded these two boons from that cheif of men, for you the throne and for me the exile to the forest.
vrm.2.111 "O Bharata, Tiger among men! Giving up this formidable resolve, rise up proceed speedily to Ayodhya the best of cities, from here.
vrm.2.113 "O Bharata the Tiger among men and excellent among those having virtue and good conduct! There is no surprise that a noble trait prevails in you, as naturally as the water allowed to go, always settles downwards.
vrm.6.59 O, Tiger among the Rakshasas! Stay, stay! Having evoked such a displeasure to me, where will you flee and get an abandonment? Even if you seek refuge in the region of Indra or Yama or the Sun or Brahma or Agni or Shiva or in the ten regions, even in those abodes you will elude me from now on.
vrm.6.59 Thereupon, seeing Hanuman the Tiger among the Vanaras getting wounded by Ravana, Rama was transported with anger.

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