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vrm.3.20 b, a Then Raghava took up his bow, arched it, and aiming at the targeted Rakshasas released arrows as Indra would release his Thunderbolts.
vrm.3.26 With those arrows that have golden tailpieces and sharp barbs, and that are dazzling like fuming ritual fires Rama felled the Rakshasas, as Thunderbolts of Indra will be felling gigantic trees.
vrm.3.65 b, c If, oh, king, you with your traits of sincerity, solidarity, simplicity, and scrupulosity are not going to get back Seetha, then you may you may put whole of the universe to turmoil with the torrents of your arrows which have swift egress as they are with golden handles which are stuffed with eagle feathers, and which mirror up the Thunderbolts of Mahendra in their
vrm.4.5 b, a "Unfailing are these arrows of mine, scorchers like sun, sharp ones tied with eagle feathers, similar to Indra s Thunderbolts, sharp are their point and straight is their egress, similar to enraged snakes, and these arrows of mine will be speeded up to fall on that vicious Vali.
vrm.4.8 "These are my arrows winged from pinion of the hern, oh, highly fortunate Sugreeva, these that are decorated in gold sparkle sharply like the Thunderbolts of Indra, and they are begotten from the reed forest of Kartikeya, ends tied with Eagles feathers for fins, smooth are their nodes, sharp are their tips that pierce sharply, and these will be like enraged snakes.

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