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vrm.1.27 a Raghava", I am going to give the highly divine Danda disc Punisher disc next, oh, best one among men, Dharma disc Virtue disc, and like that kaala disc Time disc then oh, brave one, Vishnu disc similarly oh, dextrous Rama, Indra disc and Thunderbolt missile the best trident pertaining to Shiva the missile called Brahma shira Brahma crest the missile called the Aishiika missile Grass Blade missile, and that way oh, Raghava, I am going to give the unexcelled and highly formidable missile called Brahma missile.
vrm.1.46 "Oh, Rama, then that foetus wailed clamorously while being sliced with Thunderbolt that has hundred cutting edges, and then Diti woke up.
vrm.1.46 Indra" humbly folding his palms that are still handling his bloody Thunderbolt spoke to Diti, oh, lady, you have become impious when your braid touched your feet and when you have gone to sleep in midday, and you vow is thwarted.
vrm.1.56 "He also launched the missiles called Drainer and Ripper, and the highly unconquerable Thunderbolt, even the lassos of Brahma, Time and Rain Gods.
vrm.3.2 "Indeed, that which anger was there to me on Bharata when he desired kingdom, that anger I will now release on Viradha, as Indra released his Thunderbolt on the mountain.
vrm.3.3 The best wielder of weaponry Rama ripped that spear apart, which is akin to the Thunderbolt of Indra, and that which is like a blaze in the sky, with two arrows in the sky itself.
vrm.3.3 Shattered by Ramas blazing shafts that spear fallen on ground like the boulder mass of Mountain Meru when it is shattered by Indras Thunderbolt.
vrm.3.4 When his arms are mutilated that Rakshasa similar to a dark cloud is frustrated, fainted, and fell onto ground, like the mountain demolished by the Thunderbolt of Indra.
vrm.3.12 "The bow, these two quivers, arrows, and the sword, oh, Rama, the endower of grace, receive and wield them to triumph over the Rakshasas as Indra would wield Thunderbolt.
vrm.3.23 b, a "If I am infuriated I can eliminate even the king of Gods, wielder of Thunderbolt and a trekker on ruttish Elephant Iravata, namely Indra in a war, then why talk about these two humans.
vrm.3.26 Then on surveying that great Rakshasa force which is eliminated by Rama in that staggering war, Khara then marched on to reach Rama in a huge chariot, as with Indra who will march upraising his Thunderbolt.
vrm.3.30 As with fall of Vritra or fall of Bali who are eliminated by Indra with his Thunderbolt, or as with the collapse of Namuchi who is eliminated by the same Indra just with forth or foam, Khara too is brought down.
vrm.3.48 "Oh, Rakshasa, un mirrored is the prettiness of prettyish Shaci Devi, and one may live long on forcibly snatching her away from the hands of the wielder of Thunderbolt, Indra, but to him who intimidates or abuses me or women like me, there will be no Moksha, release from the cycle of rebirth, even if he has consumed Amrita Ambrosia.
vrm.3.50 Let not the disastrous and glowing fire like eyes of Rama, which transmogrify so when he assumes fury, burn you down as the Thunderbolt of Indra once burnt the Vritra.
vrm.3.51 "You mean minded Ravana, you abduct her whose husband wields arrows that touch off like the Thunderbolt of Indra, and this spite of yours is definitely for the destruction of all the Rakshasas.
vrm.3.71 b, a "But the Thunderbolt that has a hundred cutting edges and that which is launched from Indra s hand has rammed by head and thighs into my body.
vrm.3.71 b, a By the impaction of Thunderbolt disarranged are my thighs and head, thereby my mouth went into my stomach.
vrm.4.3 And these awesome bows are polished with odd things are smooth, and they are brightening like the gilded Thunderbolt of Indra.
vrm.4.34 "Definitely you are not envisaging the Thunderbolt similar arrows from the bow of the best one from Ikshvaku dynasty, Rama, thereby you are enjoying luxuries joyously without giving a thought to Rama s mission even at your heart.
vrm.4.51 Indra", the Administrator of Worlds and destroyer of enemy citadels, on taking His Thunderbolt eliminated Maya, when that eminent Danava was engaged with an Apsara, a paradisiacal Apsara, called Hema.
vrm.4.54 "Indeed, once Indra thudded his Thunderbolt on this very underground illusory place, but that act was indeed a trivial deed for that Thunderbolt made a single Rakshasa sized aperture to eliminate a single Rakshasa, Maya, which we now call Riksha bila, Black Hole, nevertheless Lakshmana will splinter whole of this Black Hole with his acute arrows, as if it is leafy bowl.
vrm.4.54 "There are numerous iron arrows with Lakshmana that are kindred to Thunderbolt of Indra, whose punch will be equalling that of Thunderbolt and Lightning Flashes, and which are the splitters of mountains.
vrm.4.66 Oh, mighty Vanara, even on seeing you who are coming near the vault of heaven, Indra is captivated by anger and by his effulgence he catapulted his Thunderbolt at you.
vrm.4.66 On scrutinising that you are unhurt even after hit by Thunderbolt, oh, ablest Hanuma, the Thousand eyed Indra kind heartedly gave you a choicest boon saying that your death occurs only by your own volition.
vrm.4.67 I will fetch that Elixir from the hands of Self created Brahma, or from hands of Indra even if he is wielding his Thunderbolt just on fleetly triumphing over him.

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