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vrm.1.14 Three hundred animals are tied to the ritual posts, along with the gemlike best ritual Horse of that King Dasharatha.
vrm.1.43 b, a "Discerning her egotism god Shiva is infuriated, and then on his part that Three eyed god Shiva thought to pent her up in the tufts of his head hair.
vrm.5.39 "How indeed can those troops of Vanaras and Rikshas or Rama and Lakshmana can cross that great insurmountable ocean?" Three" beings viz.
vrm.5.68 Three beings viz.
vrm.6.26 Three thousand crores of excellent Vanaras, who are formidable of impetuous valour and vigour, surround him who is marching ahead and follow in his goot sets to destroy Lanka.
vrm.6.59 Though he was able to lift up Himavat, Mandara and Meru mountains as also the Three Worlds with the Gods, he could not raise Lakshmana the younger brother of Bharata.
vrm.6.87 Three" faults produce destruction.

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