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vrm.1.42 a Thousands" of years have rolled by while Bhagiratha stood practising his severe ascesis, oh, dextrous Rama, and then the lord and master of all beings, namely god Brahma, is well pleased with that great souled king s ascesis.
vrm.1.53 Thousands of silver dishes and hollowware fully replete with daintily soft drinks, like that full with sugar candy preparations, and with preparations that comprise all the six tastes have come up together with delectable foodstuffs made out of treacly dumplings of cane sugar.
vrm.2.83 Thousands of Brahmanas, well composed, renowned for their virtuous conduct, versed in sacred scriptures and riding on bullock carts, accompanied Bharata.
vrm.2.91 Thousands of servants, slaves, youthful women and those in the army on every side, clad in new raiment, became very much contented.
vrm.2.94 Thousands" of herbs of this Chitrakuta mountain, glittering with their lovely light, are sparkling like points of fire.
vrm.3.25 Thousands of Rakshasas are noticeable hither and yon, killed, fallen and enfeebled, and slashed, gashed and ripped.
vrm.5.43 Seeing the edifice burning, that Hanuma killing those hundred Rakshasas, like Indra killing Rakshasas with his thunderbolt and gloriously staying in the sky, spoke the following words: Thousands" of Vanaras like me, possessing gigantic bodies of strength, were sent on the orders of Sugreeva.
vrm.6.8 O, king of Rakshasas! Thousands of Rakshasas able to change their form at will courageaous appalling terrifying to look at and firm in their purpose can wear human body approach Rama without embarrassment and all speak to Rama as follows.
vrm.6.21 Thousands of waves, so large resembling Vindhya and Mandhara mountains, jumped up from the sea with its crocodiles and sea monsters.
vrm.6.24 Thousands of divisions of hordes of Rikshas and Vanaras
vrm.6.33 Thousands of Horsemen carrying darts in their hands are seen.
vrm.6.33 Thousands of soldiers equipped with armor are marching quickly hither and thither.
vrm.6.107 Thousands of all the Danavas and Pannagas, inhabiting in the Patala region in the agitated oceans, felt disturbed.

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