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vrm.1.56 "That reverential sage Vashishta then upraising his Brahma baton, which is like the other baton of the Terminator, spoke this sentence furiously.
vrm.3.11 come out as I digested and sent him to the hellish residence of Terminator.
vrm.3.19 "You are gifted with boldness and braveness, a whimsical rover, a guise changer by your wish, a coequal of Terminator, but to whom you have gone and by whom you are led into this kind of plight.
vrm.3.19 While she is saying like that Khara vengefully summoned fourteen great mighty Rakshasas that are similar to the Terminator.
vrm.3.22 "Control your tears and cast off your despair too, for I will send Rama to the abode of the Terminator along with his brother.
vrm.3.22 He whose voice is thunderous and whose rancour escalated speedily, and who is hastening forward like the Terminator intending to destroy his enemy, that Khara repeatedly hurried the charioteer shouting at him loudly like a overwhelming cloud that is going to storm stones.
vrm.3.28 When charioted Khara came to the presence of Rama with bow in hand and ready for a close combat, that Rakshasa appeared to all beings as the Terminator handling his noose.
vrm.3.29 "As to how the Terminator wielding noose is enough to take away all the lives in all the three worlds, handling my mace I am enough for detracting your life from you.
vrm.3.29 When that monstrous mace similar to the halter of the Terminator is swooping down, Rama smashed it to smithereens with his arrows while it is still sky rocketing.
vrm.3.32 An invincible one either for Gods or Gandharva s, or to sages with exalted souls, or even to any other entity worth its name, whose appearance itself is catastrophic, and who is sitting identical to the Terminator, as though that Terminator himself is sitting with a wide gaped mouth, at such a Ravana Shuurpanakha saw.
vrm.3.37 "With the bow stretched to his ear becoming a gaping mouth spouting flames, arrows becoming tongues of fire spewed forth from that flaming mouth, he that Rama the reified Terminator will become fierce and insufferable when he wields bow and arrows, and oh, dear boy Ravana, it will be inapt of you to at once draw pretty nigh of such an annihilator of the armies of enemies, on discarding your kingdom, comforts and even the dear life of yours.
vrm.3.38 "If you wish to intimidate Seetha aggressively despite of my considerable preventing in all my good heartedness towards you, then your army will fade away, and you with your kinsfolk will emigrate to the world of Yama, the Terminator, for your life will be taken away by the arrow of Rama.
vrm.3.39 "From then on wards, I am indeed descrying Rama at this tree and at that tree, dressed in jute cloths and black Deerskin, and handling his bow like the Terminator handling a tether.
vrm.3.40 Ushered by the Terminator the king of Rakshasas Ravana, uncouthly spoke these unbefitting words to Maricha who had been speaking conducive and beneficial words of advise.
vrm.3.40 "The kings with infinite vigour embody five constituents forces of Fire, Moon, Rain, Terminator, and that of Indra, the Administrator of Natural Forces.
vrm.3.40 "Oh, nightwalker, thus the kings being great souls personify the sultriness of Fire, sternness of Indra, softness of Moon, suppleness of Rain, and harshness of Terminator, and therefore in all situations they are respectable and reverential.
vrm.3.42 What is appearing before you is the reflected image of mine, as I am already slain by the wand of Yama, the Terminator, the moment I conceded to your demand.
vrm.3.49 Immediately discarding the gentle form of a Brahman friar, that younger brother of Kubera, Ravana, assumed his own ferocious form which is similar to the form of Terminator.
vrm.3.50 "You are unconscious that you have presently bundled a lethally venomous serpent at the fringe of your attire, and you are equally unwary that the Terminator s lasso is presently loosened around your neck.
vrm.3.51 Now the Dasamukha Rakshasa Ravana infuriately took up ten deadly arrows that are similar in their shine to the Shafts of the Terminator, wishful of the elimination of his enemy.
vrm.3.51 "You are tethered for termination with the lasso of the Terminator, as with a fish that can go nowhere on its biting fishhook with a piece of flesh.
vrm.3.51 How do you untether yourself from that lasso of the Terminator, even if you go anywhere? "But, oh Ravana, the unassailable Raghava s of Kakutstha dynasty will nevermore condone your assailing this hermitage.
vrm.3.55 b, c That Dasamukha Ravana on speaking thus to Maithili, who is the daughter of Janaka, deemed that she is mine, as he has gone under the sway of the Terminator.
vrm.4.16 Then on tautening a venomous serpent like arrow in the bow, Rama started to draw out bowstring, whereby that bow attained a similitude with the Time disc of the Terminator.
vrm.4.19 "Return, oh, lady with a living son, and safeguard Angada, for the Terminator in the form of Rama is taking away Vali on killing.
vrm.4.33 Lakshmana has then seen him who is seated like the Sun in firmament on a choicest golden seat which is elaborated with worthiest upholstery, whose body is remarkable besides being spruced up with excellent ornaments, who is wearing exquisite garlands and robes, who is glorious with a marvellous appearance and even appeared as an unconquerable as with Indra, and who is presently enwreathed with vanara females who are also bedecked with precious ornamentation and garlands, and on seeing him Lakshmana with franticly bloodshot eyes appeared as the Terminator.
vrm.4.41 After that, farther from earth there is the most dreadful world of Pitris, namely the abode of Yama, the Terminator, and you need not consider going there.
vrm.4.41 "You can go or search only up to this point, oh, the best braving vanara s, as that world of Pitris will be encompassed with an alarming darkness, and it is the capital city of Yama, the Terminator.
vrm.4.43 "Accompanied with a hundred thousand forest dwelling Vanaras of your kind, and also with all of your ministers who the sons of Yama, the Terminator, you have to proceed.
vrm.4.53 "If we do not return to that champion Sugreeva on searching somewhere here for Seetha, or on our educing some information about her, we will rather enter the realm of Yama, the Terminator.
vrm.4.56 "Look! In the name of an eagle, the son of the Sun, Yama, the Terminator, has manifestly arrived at this area for the fatality of Vanaras.
vrm.4.61 "We are not in the know of southern direction which belongs to Yama, the Terminator, nor of south east which belongs to Agni, also not of west which belongs to Rain god.

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