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vrm.1.2 That epic which is with uncomplicated compounds, conjunctions and conjugations, and which has expressive sentences that are well knit and led evenly and sweetly, and that legend of the best one from Raghu s dynasty, namely Rama, which also includes the extermination of the Ten headed evil named Ravana, that may be listened as narrated by the sage.
vrm.1.63 Ten years have rolled by as if they are just a day and a night.
vrm.5.36 Is Rama worthy of honour, suffering from pain just because of me? Will he liberate me from my sorrow, without fixing his mind on something else? I hope Bharata, having a brotherly affection, will send for my sake, an army furnished with banners, guarded by the ministers, consisting of Ten Anikinis elephants, chariots, Horses and foot soldiers which were terrific in appearance.
vrm.6.3 Ten thousand Rakshasas all carrying darts in their hands and warriors contending with swords, who are difficult to assail, are positioned at the eastern gate.
vrm.6.22 The Devas and Gandharvas, saw Nalas bridge, having a width of Ten Yojanas and a length of Hundred Yojanas and which was very difficult to be built.
vrm.6.60 Ten thousand Rakshasas surrounded him all at once.
vrm.6.102 That Ravana, having Ten faces and Twenty arms, holding a bow tightly in his hands, looked like Mount Mainaka.
vrm.6.126 Ten" crores of Vanaras were accordingly commanded by the great souled Sugreeva and sent to all the four quarters.
vrm.7.9 And his sire resembling his grand father named him,saying, As this one hath been born with ten necks,he shall be called Ten necked.
vrm.7.9 And then there arose the sounds of Excellent Excellent And in that extensive forest those exceedingly energetic ones, Kumbhakarna and the Ten necked one grew up, and became the sources of anxiety to people.
vrm.7.9 Seeing him, the Rakshasi Kaikasi flaming up in energy, coming to the Ten necked one, represented to him, O son, behold thy brother, Vaisravana, enfolded in efulgence ;and, albeit of equal fratenity, behold thee in this plight I Therefore, O Ten necked one, O thou of measureless prowess, do thou so strive that thou also, my son, may be like Vaisravana himself.
vrm.7.9 Hearing that speech of his mother, the powerful Ten necked one was wrought up with exceeding great ill will,and he vowed then, I truly promise unto thee that I will be equal to my brother in energy, or excell him in it.
vrm.7.9 And influenced by that passion, the Ten necked one with his younger brother began to perform rigid acts, with his mind fixed on asceticism.
vrm.7.10 And the Ten necked one passed ten thousand years without fare.
vrm.7.10 O Ten necked one, said the Great father, I am well pleased with thee.
vrm.7.10 Thereat, the Ten necked one, bowing down his head unto the deity,said with a delighted heart, his words falteing with ecstacy, O Reverend one, creatures have no other fear than that of death ;and enemy there is none that is like unto death.
vrm.7.10 Thus accosted, Brahma spoke unto the Ten necked one, Thou canst not be immotal.
vrm.7.10 Thus addressed by the creator, Brahma, the Ten necked one, O Rama, standing before him with joined hands, said, O lord of creatures, I would, O eternal one, be incapable of being slain by Suparnas and Nagas, Yakshas, Daityas, Danavas and Rakshasas, and the Devas ;for, O thou that art worshipped by the immortals, anxiety I have none from any other beings.
vrm.7.10 Indeed, I deem as straw creatures such as men etc Thus accosted by the Raksha the Ten necked one that righteous souled one, the Great father, along with the Devas, said, O foremost of Rakshasas, what thou sayest shall come to pass.
vrm.7.10 Having, O Rama, said this unto the Ten necked one, the Great father again spoke, Hear !I, having been gratified, will confer on thee a fresh boon.
vrm.7.10 As soon as the Ten necked Raksha had spoken thus, the heads that had been offered as sacrifices into the fire, rose up again.
vrm.7.10 Having said this unto the Ten necked one, the Great sire of all creatures addressed Vibhishana, saying, O Vibhishana, gratified have I been by thee, whose intelligence is established in righteousness.
vrm.7.11 And Prahasta, going back, joyfully spoke unto the high souled Ten necked one, seated with his counsellors and his younger brothers, The city of Lanka isnow empty.
vrm.7.11 Thus addressed by Prahasta, the redoubtable Ten necked one entered the city of Lanka with his brothers and forces and followers.
vrm.7.11 And having been installed, that night ranger the Ten faced one dwelt in that city ;and that city teemed with night rangers resembling dark clouds.
vrm.7.12 And seeing him accompanied by his daughter, that night ranger the Ten necked one asked him, saying, Who art thou that wanderest alone in this forest devoid of men as well as deer ?And art thou accompanied by this one having the eyes of a young deer Thereat Maya, O Rama, answered that night ranger, when he had asked this, Listen.
vrm.7.12 But, my child, how can I know thee now ?Who art thou? Thus addressed, the Raksha humbly said, Ten necked by name, I am the son of the ascetic, Paulastya, who was born as the third son of Brahma.
vrm.7.12 Well thereupon the Ten necked answered him, O Rama.
vrm.7.13 Thus addressed, the Ten neked one, with his eyes reddened in wrath, rubbing his hands and knashing his teeth, said, O messenger, I have learnt what thou hast uttered.
vrm.7.14 And then struck with maces and clubs and swords and darts and Tomaras, the Ten necked one dived into that deep of a host.
vrm.7.15 And seeing Dhumrakhsa wounded and down, bathed in blood, the Ten necked one rushed at Manibhadra in the encounter.
vrm.7.15 And the Ten necked one successively assumed the shapes of a tiger, a boar, a cloud, a hill, the ocean, a tree, a Yaksha and a Deva.
vrm.7.15 And then, O Rama, seizing a mighty weapon the Ten necked one, whirling the same, brought that redoubtable mace down on the head of the bestower of riches.
vrm.7.16 And the Ten necked one saw the great golden wood of reeds.
vrm.7.16 And the lordly Nandi,undaunted, addressed the sovereign of the Rakshasas, saying Desist thou O Ten necked one Sankara; spoteth in the mountain ;and now He is incapable of being approached by every one Suparnas, Nagas and Yakshas Devas;, Gandharvas and Rakshas Hearing Nandi s speech, Ravana, wrought up with wrath, his eyes coppery, and his ear rings shaking, leapt down from Pushpaka.
vrm.7.16 Thus accosted by his councillors, the Ten faced one, bowing down to him having the bull for his standard, began to hymn him with various Soma hymns; and the Raksha passed away a good thousand years in lamentations.
vrm.7.19 Having vanquished Marutta, that lord of Rakshasas the Ten faced one eager for encounter, began to range the capitals of the foremost monarchs.
vrm.7.20 Ten necked one enquired after his welfare as well as the occasion of his visit.
vrm.7.20 Then the reverend sage Narada spoke Unto the Ten necked one, Who save thee can forsooth go on that journey ?Verily, O irrepressible one, O destroyer of foes, the way leading to the city of the lord of the dead is dificult of access.
vrm.7.20 Thereat laughing, the Ten faced one said to the saint resembling a mass of white clouds, This is done.
vrm.7.21 And according to the measure of their might his Ravana s councillors great heroes all, as well as the Ten faced one himself with might and main, faught with trees and crags and hundreds of blocks of buildings.
vrm.7.22 But seeing that car capable of striking terror into folks, the Ten necked did not expeience any agitation, nor did fear enter his heart.
vrm.7.24 There the Ten necked Rakshasa beheld a highly picturesque house adorned with networks of pearls, having gateways crested with Vaiduryas, golden pillars and; abounding in pavements.
vrm.7.24 O Ten necked lord of Rakshasas, O thou having long arms, what desire of thine may I satisfy ?Do thou tell me what for thou hast come hither.
vrm.7.26 The Ten naked Rakshasa said to him Do thou give me battle.
vrm.7.26 Being thus addressed, he, laughing, said to the Ten necked Rakshasa If thy life is not dear unto thee, do thou fight with me, O Rakshasa.
vrm.7.113 Once upon a time Yudhajit, the king of Kekaya, sent into the high souled Rama, Gargya son of his own preceptor Angiras a Brahmin saint of unmitigated prowess; and with him he sent, as tokens of affections, gifts of Ten Thousand horses, numberless Blankets, various jewels, diverse clothes and well washed coverlets.

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