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vrm.1.24 "And Raghava, that malevolent Tataka is always destroying the inhabitations at Malada and Karusha.
vrm.1.24 b, a "She lives about one and half Yojana distance from here, and by which reason this became the forest of Tataka, owing to her gruesome activities, for that reason only a headway is to be made, to eradicate her and her activities.
vrm.1.24 b, a "Indeed, none is able to enter this sort of province, Rama, destroyed by the hazardous and invincible unearthly being who turned into a Rakshasi, namely Tataka, hence you have to make the provinces habitable.
vrm.1.24 "As to how that ghoulish Tataka destroyed this entire forest, rendering it as a devastated place, without refraining from it even today, all that is narrated.
vrm.1.25 "Gladdening at his ascesis, Rama, then the Forefather Brahma gave him a gemlike daughter who is renowned by the name of Tataka.
vrm.1.25 "Then after sometime that yakshii Tataka delivered an indomitable son named Maricha, who by curse became a Rakshasa.
vrm.1.25 "But when Sunda is eliminated by sage Agastya s curse, she that Tataka wished to retaliate that eminent sage along with her son Maricha.
vrm.1.25 a "Highly infuriated sage Agastya even cursed Tataka saying, forthwith divested of this form of a beautiful female, oh, great yakshii, you shall become a man eater with your form distorted, face contorted, and shape monstrous.
vrm.1.25 "Frenzied by the curse and convulsed in fury she that Tataka is thus vandalising this auspicious province, in which sage Agastya once sauntered.
vrm.1.25 Thus said sage Vishvamitra to Rama regarding Tataka s elimination.
vrm.1.26 On hearing the words of that unfaltering sage about Rakshasi Tataka, Raghava, best man s son who is firm in his vows, reverently adjoining his palms replied the sage.
vrm.1.26 "Such as I am, I will undertake the primary duty of eliminating Tataka, according as the follower of father s words, and according to the instruction of a Brahma scholar, such as your are, without a doubt.
vrm.1.26 By that sound the inhabitants of Tataka forest are startled, and even Tataka is stupefied by that sound, and she is intolerably infuriated at it.
vrm.1.26 While Rama is still speaking that way, convulsed in anger Tataka roaringly rushed towards Rama alone, swinging her arms.
vrm.1.26 Flinging up dreadful dust on those two Raghava s, Tataka baffled them for a while with a massive cloud of dust.
vrm.1.26 b, a That best sage is satisfied with Rama and gladdened for the eradication of Tataka kissed the forehead of and then said this sentence.
vrm.1.26 On listening sage Vishvamitra s words, Dasharatha s son Rama, comfortably stayed that night there in that forest of Tataka.
vrm.1.26 On that very day alone that forest of Tataka too is released from the curse, and it shone forth like the luxurious heavenly garden of Kubera, namely Chiatraratha.
vrm.1.26 b, c Rama while being eulogised by the Suras and Siddhas for complete elimination of Yaksha s daughter, namely Tataka, stayed there along with the sage only to be awakened by the next days sunrise.
vrm.1.27 Then, on staying that night there in Tataka forest, on the next day morning the greatly renowned sage Vishvamitra, smilingly and wording sweetly spoke to Rama.
vrm.1.28 "What is this cloudlike picturesque thicket shining forth not very far away on this side of mountain, with animals spreading over it, and embellished with numerous kinds of Birds that have pleasant callings it is highly soul delighting, thus, my inquisitiveness is growing very much to know it, what is this, really! "By the nature of happy environs at this place, oh, eminent sage, I understand that we have come out of the extremely alarming forest of Tataka, but oh, god, whose hermitage s threshold is this, kindly tell me all.
vrm.1.75 "Oh, valiant Rama of Dasharatha, your valour is bruited as a sensational valour, and sensational is your smashing of Shiva s bow, also thus I have thoroughly heard about your others deeds like elimination of Tataka et cetera.
vrm.3.31 On going to the hermitage of Maricha which is at a distant place Maricha the son of Tataka received Ravana and venerated that king of Rakshasas with sweetmeats and savouries that are unavailable to humans.
vrm.3.36 Maricha s heart sank with scare as he is aware of Rama s valour when he was in the great forest of Tataka, thus suppliantly making palm fold he started telling about factuality of Rama to Ravana, which is beneficial both to Ravana and to himself, as well, if only Ravana is heedful of it.
vrm.3.42 Tataka s son Maricha said "All right" to Ravana, and then both Ravana and Maricha mounted the chariot as they would emplane an Aircraft and swiftly journeyed from the surroundings of Maricha s hermitage.

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