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vrm.1.2 A while after the departure of Narada to heavens, Valmiki proceed to the riverbanks of Tamasa, which are not far off form River Jahnavi i.
vrm.1.2 Then Valmiki drew nigh of River Tamasa s riverbanks, and on beholding an un filthy strand of that river, he spoke to his disciple available at his side.
vrm.1.2 I will enter only this best ford of Tamasa River.
vrm.2.45 While those brahmanas were crying thus with a view to persuading Rama to return, the river Tamasa appeared there, as though retarding the progress of Rama Thereafter Sumantra the charioteer too released the Horses, tired as they were, from the chariot and quickly making them roll, allowed them to graze not very far from the bank of Tamasa once they had drunk water and had their body washed in the river.
vrm.2.46 Then Rama taking his position at the banks of Tamasa river and looking at Sita, spoke to Lakshmana as follows
vrm.2.46 Seeing that bed made of leaves of a tree on the bank of Tamasa river with the help of Lakshmana, Rama along with his wife laid down on it.
vrm.2.46 While Lakshmana was thus recounting Ramas excellences to Sumantra, keeping awake that whole night at the bank of Tamasa river, the sun rose.
vrm.2.46 At a good distance from Tamasa river, whose banks were crowded with herds of Cows, Rama passed that night there with the citizens.
vrm.2.46 Rama mounted the chariot with all necessaries like bow, armor, quiver, spade, basket, and so on and crossed the swift flowing Tamasa river, thickly set with whirl pools.
vrm.6.99 He employed very highly terrific and exceedingly frightful mystic missile called Tamasa, which began to consume all the Vanaras, who started falling down on all sides.
vrm.7.55 There is a picturesque hermitage of the high souled Valmiki situate on the Tamasa on the other side of the river Ganges.

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