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vrm.2.91 Then, Deodars Palmyras and Tilaka trees along with Tamala trees transformed into hunch backs and dwarfs and joyfully arrived there.
vrm.4.37 The count of those vanara s who are basically domiciled at the coasts of milky ocean, the residents of Tamala woodlands, and those who feed on coconuts dwelling in coconut groves, and who have presently come from those places is uncountable.
vrm.6.39 Thick with Champaka, Ashoka, Vakula Sala and palmyra trees, covered with groves of Tamala and Panasa trees, surrounded with rows of Nagakesara trees, Lanka looked splended on all sides like the city of Amaravati reigned by Indra with green lawns and variegated avenues and with beautiful trees of various kinds like Hintala, Arjuna, Nipa Saptaparna in full flowering, Tilaka, Karnikara and Patal whose crests were laden with flowers and which were intertwined with climbers laden with multi coloured flowers and red tender leaves.
vrm.7.114 Both of them were adorned with many excellent fancy articles, picturesque houses, charming palaces and many beautiful and high Tila, Tamala, Tilaka and Vakula trees.

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