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vrm.2.118 "O, Seetha! It is so said that you were won by the illustrious Rama through a process of your self choosing Svayamvara
vrm.2.118 Then, Seetha obediently answered, saying "Hear me" and began to truly narrate that tale of Svayamvara to the virtuous woman, Anasuya.
vrm.2.118 "After reflecting thus deeply, the thought came to him, I shall inaugurate a Svayamvara, a process of self choosing marriage, for my daughter.
vrm.2.118 "I was given thus to Rama in that Svayamvara, a process of self choosing marriage.
vrm.2.119 It has been indeed heard by me how all that Svayamvara, the process of self choosing marriage took place.

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