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vrm.1.1 "Then, Rama along with Sugreeva and other Vanaras has gone to the seashore of Great Ocean, and when Ocean god is unyielding to give way, then he started to put the Ocean god to turmoil with his arrows, as with Surya who puts an ocean to turmoil with his sunrays.
vrm.1.17 Indra procreated the lord of vanara s, namely Vali, who by his physique is like Mountain Mahendra, and the highest humidifier among all the humidifiers, namely the Surya, procreated Sugreeva.
vrm.3.14 "Oh enemy destroyer Rama, I took birth from that Aruna, the charioteer of Surya, and my elder brother Sampati too, hence know me as Jatayu, the son of Shyenii.
vrm.3.63 "Oh, Surya, you are the knower of performed and unperformed deeds in the world, a wittnesser of good and bad deeds in the world, tell me, who am woefully writhing, to where my ladylove strolled, or is she stolen.
vrm.3.72 He is a capable adventurer, a courageous exploiter and incomparable one in intrepidity and a brave one in incursions, and his personality will be coruscating ever and anon, for he is the son of Surya.
vrm.3.72 Sugreeva is the son of Riksharaja, and the direct son of Surya, but Vali trespassed against him.
vrm.3.75 a Thereby, where Mountain Rishyamuka is beaming forth at its nearby, on which that right minded son of Surya, Sugreeva, is living along with four other vanara s, always frightened by the fear from Vali, we will go to her, to that spectacular Lake Pampa, come on, Lakshmana.
vrm.4.4 He that son of Surya, Sugreeva, will render help to you two, joining forces of our like Vanara s in searching Seetha.
vrm.4.14 b, c Sugreeva, the son of Surya, who is well known for cloud like thundering, and whose vigour is now reinforced by his bravery, then promptly released an oceanic roar like an ocean with splashing waves drifted by gales.
vrm.5.54 Leaving the house of Vibhishana, Hanuma of great splendour, went successively to the houses of Rashmiketu, Surya shatru, Hrasvakarna, Damshtra, Romasha the Rakshasa, Yuddhonmatta, Matta, Dhvajagreeva the Rakshasa, the terrific Vidyujjihva, Hastimukha, Karala, Pishacha, Shonitaksha, Kumbhakarna, Makaraksha, Yajnashatru, Brahmashatru, Narantaka, Kumbha as also the evil minded Nikumbha and burnt the houses.
vrm.6.9 Then, Nikumbha, Rabhasa, the exceedingly strong Surya satru, Suptaghna, Yajakopa, Mahaparshva and Mahodara, the unconquerable Rakshasas Agniketu and Rasmiketu, then the powerful son of Ravana named Indrajit endowed with great energy, Prahasta and Virupaksha, Vajradamshtra who was extraordinarily strong, Dhumarksha and Atikaya and the Rakshasa by name Durmukha, carrying iron clubs, sharp edged spears, spikes, darts, javelins and axes, bows with excellent arrows and swords shining like a vast expanse of water, and who were all extremely enraged, and flaming as it were with glory, those Rakshasas rose up and spoke to Ravana as follows.
vrm.6.12 I shall do battle with the two brothers, even if they are Indra and the Surya or the Agni and the Vayu or Kubera and Varuna.
vrm.6.73 Now itself, Indra, Vaivasvata yama, Vishnu, Rudra, Sadhyas, Vaishvanara fire god, Surya and Chandra sun and moon can see my unlimited prowess, like the terrific prowess of Vishnu during the sacrifice of Bali.
vrm.6.100 When that missile was made defunct by the great souled Rama, Ravana with his coppery eyes in anger, employed a missile presided over by Surya sun god.
vrm.6.105 "An off spring of Aditi, the progenitor of all, Surya the sun god and the provocator of acts in people, the courser in the sky, the nourisher of all iwth rain, the possessor of rays the golden, the brilliant, having golden seed whose energy constitutes the seed of the universe and the maker of the day.
vrm.6.105 Seeing Rama with a delighted mind, and becoming most exhildrated on foreseeing the death of Ravana, Surya, the sun god, standing in the middle of a troop of Devas, exclaimed, "Hasten up.
vrm.6.123 Surya shatru was killed and another Rakshasa called Brahma shatru was too killed.
vrm.7.42 And Surya too journeying arrived there.
vrm.7.42 Thereupon Indra begot on her a son named Vali for he originated from her hairs and Surya begot on her another son, who was named Sugriva for he originated from her neck.
vrm.7.42 And having engaged Hanuman, Vayu s son in the service of Sugriva, Surya too went back to the sky.

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