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vrm.1.3 also the palaver of Surpanakha, the Rakshasi, and defacing her, likewise.
vrm.5.24 Thereafter a Rakshasa woman named Surpanakha spoke these words: "That which was spoken by Ajamukhi, is desirable to me.
vrm.6.94 All female Rakshasas who lost their husbands, sons and kinsfolk met at one place, stricken as they were with sorrow, wailed as follows: "How did the old and ugly Surpanakha, of sunken belly, approach, in the forest, Rama who is charming like the god of love?" "How strange that on seeing that Rama of tender youth, endowed with extraordinary strength and devoted to the welfare of all created beings, that ugly woman Surpanakha who deserved to be condemned by the people, was stung with excessive lust?" "How that ugly faced Rakshasi, who is bereft of all virtues, dared to make love to Rama, who is full of virtues, endowed with great bodily strength and who possessed a charming countenance?"
vrm.6.94 "For the sake of that Surpanakha, Ravana built this huge enmity.
vrm.6.126 "Thereafter, a female Rakshasa called Surpanakha sought the presence of Rama.
vrm.6.126 "Tormented by the incident of destruction of Rakshasas, the foolish Surpanakha sought refuge with Ravana.
vrm.7.9 Then was born she that, having a frightful visage, goeth under the name of Surpanakha ;the righteous Vibhishana is the youngest son of Kaikasi.
vrm.7.12 Then that Rakshasa bestowed his sister, the Rakshasi Surpanakha, on that lord of the Danavas and king of the Kalakas Vidyujjihva.
vrm.7.23 in law, the husband of Surpanakha, the mighty Vidyujjihva possessed of terriffic strength; as that Rakshasa in the encounter was licking the limbs of Ravana s followers.
vrm.7.29 There he goverened without thorns and Surpanakha too also resided in the forest of Dandaka.

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