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vrm.1.26 b, c Rama while being eulogised by the Suras and Siddhas for complete elimination of Yaksha s daughter, namely Tataka, stayed there along with the sage only to be awakened by the next days sunrise.
vrm.2.1 Even enraged Suras and Asuras could not defeat Rama in battle.
vrm.5.20 Suras" and Asuras defeated with broken flags by me in war many times are powerless to stand in an army against me.
vrm.5.27 Rama" with great glory is not possible to be defeated by Suras or by Rakshasas or by others like heaven not being conquerable by sinners.
vrm.5.33 Why?" "O auspicious lady! In whom are you born whether in Suras or in Asuras or in Nagas, Gandharvas or Rakshasas or in Yakshas or in Kinnaras?"
vrm.5.39 "While discharging his arrows, none can be seen either in men or in Vanaras or in Suras who are able to stand before Rama in battle.
vrm.5.46 "The three worlds including Indra, Suras, Asuras and humans are not fit to stand before you in the battle field.
vrm.5.47 That chariot was unassailable by Suras or Asuras.
vrm.5.47 Their unmatched get together in combat became a baffle to even the Suras and Asuras.
vrm.5.47 His swift moving prowess trembles even the minds of Suras and Asuras.
vrm.5.48 You cause anguish even to Suras and Asuras.
vrm.5.51 "Either Brahma the self existing god with four faces or Rudra with three eyes and the destroyer of Tripura, or Mahendra the god of atmosphere and sky as also the lord of Suras would not be able to protect the one to be killed by Rama in battle.
vrm.5.52 You are indeed excellent among all the Suras and Asuras in these matter.
vrm.5.52 Even Suras and Asuras cannot conquer you.
vrm.5.52 You conquered a multitude of proud Suras and Daityas together with their kings in battles several times"
vrm.5.52 "O Ravana who can gladden the hearts of Rakshasas! It is not proper for you, who are difficult to be conquered by even Suras and Asuras having sufficient prowess energy and courage, to crush the arrival of a war.
vrm.5.52 Ravana, the mighty and the eminent among the kings of Rakshasas as also the lord of Nisacharas and the adversary of the world of Suras, understood the cherished and excellent message of Vibhishana his brother with his due presence of mind.
vrm.5.59 "By the pride of those boons, those two heroic Vanaras harassed a great army of Suras and thereupon drank up Amrita, excited as they were with joy.
vrm.6.41 That army of Vanaras, guarded by Rama, Lakshmana and Sugreeva became even more invinceible than all the Suras and Asuras put together.
vrm.6.48 "Even Suras and Asuras along with Indra cannot vanquish there two heroes in battle.
vrm.6.74 Having uprooted that mountain, frightening the worlds together with the leaders of Suras and Asuras inhabiting them and being praised by many aerial beings, Hanuma sprang up into the sky and proceeded expeditiously with the terrible speed of Garuda the eagle.
vrm.6.76 But Kumbhakarna your father on his part is tolerating the Suras and Asuras.
vrm.6.84 If that Indrajit, the foremost of Rakshasas completes the sacrifice, he would not be visible even to the Suras and Asuras in battle.
vrm.6.90 That arrow had been presented to him, in the course of a dream, by Kubera, of immense glory himself, which was difficult to be conquered and much more difficult to be tolerated even for Suras and Asuras including Indra.
vrm.6.102 Getting rejoiced on observing that great battle, all the Suras and Asuras who had come to witness the conflict at that time, responded:
vrm.6.110 "This danger has come from a mortal to him, who did not conceive any fear from the Asuras or the Suras or even the Pannagas for that matter!"
vrm.6.110 "He who could not be killed by Suras, Yakshas and Asuras alike, could be killed by a mortal like one devoid of strength.

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