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vrm.4.40 "That pylon of palm tree is constructed as the easterly compass by Gods, and beyond that a completely golden mountain is there, namely the august Udaya Mountain, the Mountain Sunrise, beyond which it is all west.
vrm.4.40 The pinnacles of Mountain Sunrise will be touching heavens for their height is hundred Yojana s and that divine mountain greatly glitters for it is completely golden, and it is pedestalled with suchlike glittering mountains.
vrm.4.40 "That Mountain Sunrise will be splendorous with well flowered and beautiful saala, palm, Tamaala, and Karnikara trees which are completely golden in hue and which will be glittering similar to sun.
vrm.4.40 "On the apex of that Mountain Sunrise there is another pinnacle with one Yojana width and ten Yojana s height named Saumanasa, which is completely golden and very firm.
vrm.4.40 "On the top of that Mountain Sunrise, and even in its cave and forests of that island Ravana is to be searched, together with Seetha.
vrm.4.40 "The eastern aurora glows redly because the golden hue of Mountain Sunrise imbricates the resplendence of the beneficent Sun.
vrm.4.40 "In the beginning Brahma, the Creator, ordained this Mountain Sunrise to be the gateway for the earth to heaven, and even as the rising place for the Sun, as such this is verily said as the eastern quarter of the compass.
vrm.4.40 "Beyond Mountain Sunrise the eastern quarter is impassable.
vrm.4.40 "You shall comeback within a month on finding out Vaidehi and the residency of Ravana after your reaching Mountain Sunrise.
vrm.4.67 impetuosity shall I venture to start with the Sun who starts his journey of the day from Mountain Sunrise, and shall I go to Mountain Dusk before Sun, and again shall I venture to comeback even before the sundown towards the same day s flaming Sun when he is garlanded with flaming sunrays around him in midday, that too without my touching the land.

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