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vrm.1.20 are similar to Death god and the descendents of the earliest Rakshasas and subverters of rituals, namely Sunda and Upasunda, no, I cannot spare my son, in any case.
vrm.1.25 "When that bright girl is growing up into a youthful beauty her father Suketu gave her to Jambha s son Sunda as wife.
vrm.1.25 "But when Sunda is eliminated by sage Agastya s curse, she that Tataka wished to retaliate that eminent sage along with her son Maricha.
vrm.6.47 Hanuman, Angada, Nila, Sushena, Kumuda, Nala, Gaja, Gavaksha, Panasa, Sanuprastha and the mighty Jambavan with Sunda, Rambha, Shatabali and Prithu all these Vanaras, armed with trees, reorganized their ranks, stood alert, surveyed the quarters of the sky up and down and on every side and, even if a grass stirred, they exclaimed, It is a Rakshasa!

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