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vrm.7.28 As the lion is not moved by the attack of a wolf, the elephant by that of a bull, the Sumeru by the king of Nagas and the great Ocean by the current of a river, so that great person was not agitated and said to Dasagriva "O vcious minded night ranger, I shall soon remove they desire for a battle.
vrm.7.37 Like unto Sumeru holding the earth with his thousand feet he obstructed the current of the river with his thousand arms.
vrm.7.40 Hanuman s father Kesari reigned in the mountain Sumeru which resembles gold by the inluence of the sun.
vrm.7.50 Like unto the mountain Sumeru beautified by the rising of the moon on its summit, Hanuman, the foremost of Vanaras, appeared graceful with the chain placed on his breast.
vrm.7.72 At that time only Narayana existed as the second Sumeru.
vrm.7.90 O Rama, the foremost of Raghu s race, like unto the moon renouncing the summit of the Sumeru mount that celestial wight got down from the seat in the car and engaged in devouring the dead body, and having taken enough flesh he got down into waters and duly performed ablution.

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