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vrm.5.6 The best among Vanaras Hanuma went for the house of Jambumali and for the house of Sumali.
vrm.6.111 "As though fast asleep, why are you not replying to me, the granddaughter of Sumali the Rakshasa who was clever, endowed with extraordinary prowess and never retreated in battles, tormented with grief as I am?" "Arise, arise! Why are you lying down, though subjected to a fresh insult? The sun s rays have penetrated deep into Lanka today, without any fear.
vrm.7.5 They were named Malyavanta, Sumali, and Mali.
vrm.7.5 And Sumali s wife, of face like the full Moon, named Ketumati, was dearer to him than his life itself.
vrm.7.5 O mighty king, do thou, gradually, know the offspring that were begot by Sumali on Ketumati, Prahasta, and Kampana, and Vikata, and Kalikamukha, and Dhumraksha, and Danda, and the redoubtable Suparswa, and Sanhradi, and Praghasa, and the Rakshasa, Bhasakarna, and Raka, and Pushpotkata, and Kaikasi of luminous smiles, and Kumbhinasi these are known as the offspring of Sumali.
vrm.7.5 Do thou, O master, listen to me as mention to thee, Raghava,the offspring that Sumali s younger brother begat on her, Anala, and Nila, and Sampati.
vrm.7.6 I am Vishnu, I am Rudra, I am the king of the Devas, I am Yama, I am Varuna, I am the Moon, I am the Sun, flattering themselves in this fashion, Mali and Sumali and the Rakshasa Malyavan as well as those going before them, are annoying the gods, breathing exhilaration of martial spirits.
vrm.7.6 Thereat Sumali and Mali, hearing the words of Malyavan, said unto their eldest brother, like the Aswins addressing Vasava, We have studied, performed sacrifices, practised charity, and obtained riches ;and attaining long health and long life, we have established sterling righteousness in our path.
vrm.7.6 But fast bound with the noose of Death, the Rakshasas, proud of their strength, disregarding these omens, march on, and do not stay their course, Malyavan and Sumali possessed of prodigious strength, going before the Rakshasas, like flaming fires.
vrm.7.7 And on the Rakshasa army having been broken in consequence of the beating it got at the hands of Narayana, Sumali with showers of shafts resisted Hari in the encounter; and as a mist envelopes the Sun, he envoloped him with his arrows.
vrm.7.7 And Vishnu cut of the head flaming with ear rings of the charioteer of the shouting Sumali ;and thereat the horses of that Rakshasa aimlessly strayed hither and thither.
vrm.7.7 And with his bewildered steeds Sumali wanders like a person deprived of patience, whose senses are under a hallucination.
vrm.7.7 And on Sumali s car being drawn at random by his steeds, Mali, taking his bow and equipped therewith, dated at Vishnu s car and assailed that mighty armed one as he was descending on the field of fight.
vrm.7.7 Seeing Mali slain, Sumali and Malyavan, burning in grief, led precipitately towards Lanka along with their forces.
vrm.7.8 And seeing his elder brother driven by the wind produced by the wing s of that bird, Sumali along with his forces, made for Lanka.
vrm.7.8 O best of the Raghus, these Rakshasas of celebrated prowess, related to the race of Salakantankata, remained under the leadership of the Rakshasa Sumali.
vrm.7.8 All those exalted Rakshasas going under the name of Paulastya that had been headed by Sumali, Malyavan and Mali, were stronger than Ravana.
vrm.7.8 And that powerful Rakshasa, Sumali, afflicted with the fear of Vishnu, along with his sons and grand sons for a long time ranged the nether regions, and the lord of riches resided in Lanka.
vrm.7.9 After a while the Rakshasa named Sumali, coming up from the nether regions, began to range all over the earth.
vrm.7.9 And seeing that one resembling an immotal and like unto fire, journeyng on, Sumali struck with amazement, entered the nether regions from the earth.
vrm.7.11 Coming to know that his daughter s sons, Ravana and his two brothers, got powerful boons form God Brahma, Sumali shed all his fear of Vishnu.
vrm.7.11 Finally making up his mind he said unto Sumali: "O revered senior, know that Kubera is like a brother unto me and even like a father.
vrm.7.11 Afraid of speaking further on that Sumali went away disappointed.

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