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vrm.7.15 And then at a distance, the lord of riches, mace in hand, accompanied by Sukra and Praushthapada and Padma and Sanka saw Ravana in the field.
vrm.7.69 Yayati, the son of Nahusha, was greatly distressed on hearing of the fire of the preceptor Sukra.
vrm.7.69 In this wise, according to the custom of the Kshatriyas the king Yayati took upon himself the imprecation of the preceptor Sukra, but he did not forgive him.
vrm.7.93 Thereupon during spring, in the month of Chaitra the king arrived at the picturesque hermitage of the preceptor Sukra.
vrm.7.93 At that time, Sukra s daughter, matchless in beauty and grace, was walking in the forest.
vrm.7.93 Hearing the words of the vicious souled Danda, maddened with lust, Sukra s daughter humbly said O king of kings I am the daughter of the preceptor Sukra of unwearied actions and my name is Arajas.
vrm.7.94 Hearing the words of the preceptor Sukra, the inmates left the hermitage and lived in places beyond the limit of Danda s territories.
vrm.7.94 Hearing the words of the Brahmana saint and preceptor Sukra, Arajas sorrowfully said to her father it shall be done.
vrm.7.106 Like unto the two Aswins following the moral precepts of Sukra, the two princes, placing those wonderful counsels of Valmiki in their minds, spent the night with a heart stricken with curiousity.

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