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vrm.5.6 Hanuma the commander of Vanara army with great radiance went for the intellectual Suka s house, for Sarana s house, and in the same way for the house of Indrajit.
vrm.6.11 Suka and Prahasta followed suit.
vrm.7.14 Accompanied by his six counsellors Mahodara and Prahasta, Maricha, Suka and Sarana, and the heroic Dhumraksha eager for encounter the graceful Ravana, elated with his strength sallied out, as if consuming all creatures with his wrath.
vrm.7.14 And as the wind scattereth clouds, the small remnant of Yaksha army was scattered by the redoubtable councillors of Ravana Mahodara, Suka, etc.
vrm.7.18 And thereat considering him as defeated, Suka proclaimed this all round; and from delight cried aloud, Victory unto Ravana And then devouring the Maharshis that were present at the place of sacrifice, Ravana, satiated with their blood, again went to the earth.
vrm.7.19 And brought down by Anaranya, his Ravana s councillors Maricha, Suka, and Sarana with Prahasta, took to their heels like unto dear.
vrm.7.24 Vritra, Danu, Suka, Sambhu, Nishumbha, Sumbha, Kalanemi, Prahlada and others, Kula, Vairochana, Mridu, Jamala, Arjuna, Kansa, Kaitabha, and Madhu used to impart heat like the sun, appear resplendant like the rays, move about like air and pour showers like Indra.
vrm.7.26 Thereupon the highly powerful king Mandhata, with sharpened shafts, assailed Prahasta, Suka, Sarana, Mahodara, Virupaksha, Akampana and other foremost heroes.
vrm.7.32 And encircled by Maricha, Prahasta, Mahaparshva, Mahodara, Akampana, Nikumbha, Suka, Sarana, Sanghrada, Dhumaketu, Mahadangstra, Gathodara, Jambumali, Mahahrada, Virupaksha, Suptaghna, Yajnakopa, Durmukha, Khara, Trisira, Karaveeraksha, Suryashatru Mahakaya, Atikaya, Devantaka, Narantaka, all those gifted with great prowess, there entered the battle field, the highly powerful Sumalin, Ravana s maternal grandfather.
vrm.7.36 Delighted at her beauty and having spoken highly of Narmada like unto Ganges he addressed his ministers Suka and Sarana with gestures, saying "Behold, having rendered the earth pale, with his many rays, the sun, emitting parching heat,is in the sky.
vrm.7.36 Hearing the words of Ravana, Prahasta, Suka, Sarana, Mahodara, Dhrumakshya and other councillors descended into the waters of Narmada.
vrm.7.37 Thereupon being anxious to learn the cause of the rise of the river, the Dasagriva, with his right finger, hinted Suka and Sarana.
vrm.7.37 Being commanded by Ravana, the two brothers, the heroic Suka and Sarana proceeded towards the west by the aerial way.
vrm.7.37 Beholding that dreadful spectacle, the Rakshasas Suka and Sarana came back and approaching Ravana communicated all unto him.
vrm.7.37 Hearing the words of Suka and Sarana, Ravana exclaimed "This is Arjuna" and proceeded to fight with him.
vrm.7.37 And the lord of Rakshasas proceeded against Arjuna with Mahodara, Mahaparshva, Dhrumakshya, Suka and Sarana.
vrm.7.37 Thereupon being enraged and displaying their own prowess Suka, Sarana and other ministers of Ravana began to destroy Arjuna s soldiers.
vrm.7.37 Beholding Prahasta fallen, Maricha, Suka, Sarana, Mahodara and Dhrumakshya led away from the battle field.

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