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vrm.5.1 Hanuma saw that animal with a horrible face and thought: "This animal with a strange appearance, with great strength attracting shadow, is indeed the animal that had been told by Sugriva.
vrm.5.2 "Only four great Vanaras can come here the son of Vali Angada, Nila, myself and the wise king Sugriva".
vrm.6.1 Who is able to capture that citadel, by assault, that is exceedingly dangerous to be attacked and which is powerfully guarded by Rakshasas, but one whose courage and valour are equal to Hanumans? A great act of service has been done by Hanuman to Sugriva thus by exhibiting his strength corresponding to his pace.
vrm.6.1 Through the discovery of Sitas retreat by this faithful messenger, Hanuman has fulfilled the task entrusted to him unfalteringly to the satisfaction of Sugriva and hence there was no diminution to his self.
vrm.6.1 After reflecting a while, Rama the great scion of Raghus, again spoke as follows, Sugriva the ruler of Vanaras too listening attentively.
vrm.6.17 Sugriva the valiant of Vanaras, who was difficult to be overpowered, having seen Vibhishana, the fifth one along with four others, became thoughtful along with Vanaras.
vrm.6.17 Having thought for a moment, Sugriva spoke these sterling words to all those Vanaras and to Hanuman in particular.
vrm.6.17 That great and highly intelligent Vibhishana, halting in the sky itself, saw Sugriva and those Vanaras and spoke to them in a loud voice as follows: There is a Rakshasa called Ravana, the king of Rakshasas, having a bad conduct.
vrm.6.17 The swift paced Sugriva, having heard the words of Vibhishana, spoke more hurriedly to Rama, in front of Lakshmana as follows: Belonging to the enemy force, here is an adversary taking us unawares, who unexpectedly has come here to slay us at the first opportunity like an owl destroying Crows! O, annihilator of enemies! You ought to be aware of the design, distribution, leading of the army and the secret service of the Vanaras and also of your foes.
vrm.6.17 The chief of army Sugriva, who knew how to speak expressed thus hurriedly to Rama, who was skilled in oratory and thereafter entered into silence.
vrm.6.17 Hearing those words of Sugriva, the exceedingly strong Rama addressed as follows to the Vanaras in front of Hanuman staying near by: The very reasonable words uttered by Sugriva about Vibhishana were heard by you too.
vrm.6.17 Seeing your perseverance and the improper conduct of Ravana as well as hearing about Vali having been killed and Sugriva anointed as king, he deliberately came here, with a desire to obtain the kingdom of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.20 Thereafter, an energetic Rakshasa named Shardula came and saw the army, commanded by Sugriva, which was drawn up in a battle array.
vrm.6.20 Going quickly, speak fearlessly to king Sugriva on my behalf, according to my command, in an excellent and gentle voice, as follows:
vrm.6.20 Proceeding in the sky for a distance continuously over the ocean, Shuka then stood up in the sky itself and spoke these words to Sugriva: Shuka repeated all the words the wicked Ravana had told him to say to Sugriva.
vrm.6.20 O, Sugriva, rich in courage and possessing great strength and valor! What am I to tell Ravana, whose nature is to cause world to cry? Hearing the aforesaid words, the mightily strong Sugriva the king of Vanaras and the foremost among them, with a merciless mind then spoke to the blame less Shuka, Ravanas spy, as follows:
vrm.6.20 Thereafter, Angada the son of Vali and the foremost of the Vanaras spoke as follows: O, Sugriva the highly intelligent! He is not an ambassador.
vrm.6.20 Commanded then by the king Sugriva, the Vanaras jumped up, seized and bound him, who without defence, wailed loudly.
vrm.6.22 Thereafter, Sugriva on his part spoke to Rama, the truly brave man as follows: O, valiant man! This ocean, the abode of alligators, is indeed
vrm.6.22 Rama the glorious and righteous man, wielding a bow along with Lakshmana together with Sugriva, went in front of that army.
vrm.6.22 That army of Vanaras, which crossed the ocean by the bridge constructed by Nala, was encamped by Sugriva at a shore having many fruits
vrm.6.23 All those excellent Vanaras, together with Vibhishana and Sugriva making roaring sounds surged forth for the destruction of the audacious enemies.
vrm.7.39 Thereat, Tara, her father Sushena and the Prince Sugriva said to the king ofRakshasas O lord of Rakshasas, he is not present here, who shall be able to withstand thee.
vrm.7.39 There like Sugriva Ravana spent a month.
vrm.7.40 What more, had not Hanuman, the friend of the king of Vanaras Sugriva, been in my company who could have brought Sita s intelligence ?Why did not Hanuman, although wishing welfare unto Sugriva, reduce Vali to ashes like so many creepers on the occasion of his quarrel with Sugriva ?Methinks, Hanuman was not cognisant of his own prowess then ?And therefore he did stoop to witness the miseries of Sugriva the king of Vanaras who was dearer than his life.
vrm.7.41 Hearing the whole history, Rama, the descendant of Raghu, said to Agastya "O Reverend Sir, Riksharaja is the name of the father of Vali and Sugriva but thou hast not told me the name of their mother.
vrm.7.42 Thereupon Indra begot on her a son named Vali for he originated from her hairs and Surya begot on her another son, who was named Sugriva for he originated from her neck.
vrm.7.42 And having engaged Hanuman, Vayu s son in the service of Sugriva, Surya too went back to the sky.
vrm.7.42 Thus Riksharaja was both the father and mother of Vali and Sugriva.
vrm.7.43 Rama having said this Agastya said "O thou having long arms, thus in the days of yore the bith of Vali and Sugriva was brought about O king, I shall now again relate to thee another divine theme.
vrm.7.46 And having their eyes expanded with delight the Vanaras, with Sugriva, the Rakshasas with Vibhishana, the kings with their councillors, and all other assembled pious Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, and Sudras, delightedly espied Rama.
vrm.7.47 Many kings, Vibhishana, Sugriva, Hanuman and many others adorned the assembly and Rama excelled Indra, the lord of the Devas, in splendour.
vrm.7.49 Having delightedly accepted those gifts Rama in return made presents of them unto the successful king Sugriva, Vibhishana and other Rakshasas and Vanaras by whose help he had achieved victory.
vrm.7.49 Having placed on his lap the long armed Angada and Hanuman, the mighty car warrior the lotus eyed Rama said to Sugriva Angada" is thy good son and Hanuman is thy wise councillor.
vrm.7.49 O Sugriva, these are always engaged in my well being and in giving me good counsels.
vrm.7.49 Blessed is the king Sugriva and blessed are the friends like yourselves".
vrm.7.50 Thereupon the highly effulgent Rama, the descendant of Raghu said to Sugriva :"O gentle one, proceeding to the city of Kishkindha, hard to be got at by the Devas and Asuras, do thou reign there undisturbed with thy councillors.
vrm.7.50 Do thou, O Sugriva, protect lovingly the highly powerful Hanuman, Nala, thy father in law Sushena, the mighty Tara, irrepressible Kumada, the powerful Neela, the heroic Satabali, Mainda, Dvivida, Gaya, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sarava, the irresprcssible and powerful king of Rikshas Jambavan, Gandhamadana, valiant Rishava, Supatala, Kesari, Sarabha and Sumbha these and other heroic Vanaras who dedicated their lives to my service.
vrm.7.50 Having said this and embraced Sugriva again and again Rama addressed Vibhishana with sweet accents.
vrm.7.50 And my only request to thee, O king, is that thou mayst with love remember me and Sugriva.
vrm.7.50 Both Sugriva and the virtuous souled Vibhishana embraced Rama and three of them were beside themselves with tears.
vrm.7.104 And according to their desire he said to Lakshmana "O thou having long arms, do thou soon send an emissary to the high souled Sugriva, communicating unto him Do thou come here to enjoy festivities in the company of all those highly powerful Vanaras and bears, under thee ;may good betide thee.
vrm.7.104 And the highly powerful Vanaras with Sugriva and Brahmanas engaged in the work of distribution.
vrm.7.105 The high souled Vanaras, with Sugriva, being self controlled engaged in attending upon the Brahmanas.
vrm.7.121 Apprised of Rama s determination of going to heaven, Vanaras, born of the Devas, Rishis and Gandharvas taking Sugriva before them, came there to see Rama.
vrm.7.121 The highly powerful Sugriva too saluting Rama said: "O lord of men, having placed Angada on the throne I have come hither.
vrm.7.123 Sugriva shall enter into the Sun s region.

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