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vrm.1.1 b, a Rama" met the vanara Hanuma on the banks of Lake Pampa, and upon the word of Hanuma Rama indeed befriended Sugreeva.
vrm.1.1 "That highly dynamic Rama detailed to Sugreeva, and even to Hanuma, all that has happened from the beginning in general, and the abduction of Seetha, in particular.
vrm.1.1 b, a "On listening all that has happened from Rama, that vanara Sugreeva befriended Rama where the witness for that friendship is flaring fire, for it alone is auspicious.
vrm.1.1 b, a "Then that woeful king of Vanaras Sugreeva woefully informed Rama about his saga of feud with his brother Vali in reply to Rama s query, in friendship and in its entirety.
vrm.1.1 "Then Rama solemnly promised Sugreeva to eliminate Vali in retaliation to his foul deeds in respect of Sugreeva and of probity as well, and then that vanara Sugreeva started to tell about the sinews of Vali.
vrm.1.1 b, a Sugreeva" always remained doubtful about the powers of Raghava and by reason of confiding in Raghava s prowess for himself, and by reason of making Raghava to confide in the powers of Vali, Sugreeva has shown him the massive remains of Rakshasa Dundubhi, which is similar to a great mountain.
vrm.1.1 yet Sugreeva s confidence remained apathetic.
vrm.1.1 "Again Rama ripped seven massive trees called sala trees with only one great arrow, which not only rived the trees but also rent through a mountain, and to the nethermost subterranean of earth, in order to inculcate certainty in Sugreeva.
vrm.1.1 "Then Sugreeva s heart is gladdened by that act of Rama and also at the prospect of his own success, and then that great Vanara confiding in Rama advanced to the cave like Kishkindha along with Rama.
vrm.1.1 "Then that best Vanara Sugreeva whose body hue is golden war whooped at the entrance of cave like Kishkindha, by which loud shouting there emerged Vali, the king of Vanaras, out of that cave like Kishkindha.
vrm.1.1 Vali" came out only on pacifying Tara, his wife, who deterred Vali from going to meet Sugreeva in a combat, as she doubted that Sugreeva must have come with Rama, and then Vali met Sugreeva head on.
vrm.1.1 "On eliminating Vali in combat upon the word of Sugreeva, then Rama established Sugreeva alone for that kingdom as its king.
vrm.1.1 Sugreeva" being the ablest among Vanaras summoned all of the Vanaras and sent them forth in all directions in search of Seetha, the daughter of Janaka.
vrm.1.1 "Then, Rama along with Sugreeva and other Vanaras has gone to the seashore of Great Ocean, and when Ocean god is unyielding to give way, then he started to put the Ocean god to turmoil with his arrows, as with Surya who puts an ocean to turmoil with his sunrays.
vrm.1.1 "Then on boarding Pushpaka Aircraft again after leaving the hermitage of Bharadwaja, and telling episodes jovially to Sugreeva and others about the events in the days of his exile in forests, while flying overhead of the very same places, Rama went to Nandigrama, where Bharata is available.
vrm.1.3 Also going to Mountain Rishyamuka, meeting Sugreeva and generating confidence in Sugreeva, befriending him and the duel of Vali and Sugreeva.
vrm.1.3 Also thus Vali s elimination and establishing Sugreeva on throne of Vanara kingdom, grieving of Tara, the wife of Vali and empress of that kingdom, and as consented Rama s stopover during the days of rain.
vrm.1.3 The wrath of Raghava, the Lion, at the delay caused by Sugreeva, and Sugreeva s foregathering of all troops, and sending them to all quarters, and Sugreeva s description of earth s topography to Vanara troops.
vrm.1.17 Indra procreated the lord of vanara s, namely Vali, who by his physique is like Mountain Mahendra, and the highest humidifier among all the humidifiers, namely the Surya, procreated Sugreeva.
vrm.1.17 b, a All of the Vanaras stood by the brothers, namely the son of Indra Vali, and the son of sun Sugreeva, and even with the Vanara generals like Nala, Neela and Hanuma et
vrm.3.72 Sugreeva, who is vengefully reneged by his brother Vali, the son of Indra.
vrm.3.72 That self respectful valiant Sugreeva is living on the Mountain Rishyamuka, a best mountain available in the lambent fringes of Pampa Lake, along with four other vanara s.
vrm.3.72 He that Sugreeva is a masterful one among vanara s, highly
vrm.3.72 Oh, bold one, you go straight from here to that great mighty Sugreeva, and oh, Raghava, on going from here now and promptly you fraternise with Sugreeva.
vrm.3.72 as a lowly simian, why because that Sugreeva is a valiant one, a guise changing wizard and presently he is in the need of a bolsterer, and if you render help he will be obligated to you for ever.
vrm.3.72 b, Now you two are capable enough to effectuate the desired task of Sugreeva, isn t it.
vrm.3.72 Sugreeva is the son of Riksharaja, and the direct son of Surya, but Vali trespassed against him.
vrm.3.72 Wary of Vali s onslaughts Sugreeva is wandering around Pampa.
vrm.3.72 b, a Oh, Raghava, right away and candidly you make that Vanara Sugreeva, a wanderer in the forest, sheltering himself on Mountain Rishyamuka, as a friend of yours taking an oath on your weapon besides the Fire witness.
vrm.3.72 With his expertise that straightforward Vanara Sugreeva is indeed conversant with all of the strongholds of anthropophagite Rakshasas in the world in their entirety.
vrm.3.72 Whether that unreprovable ladylove of yours, Seetha, is located on the tops of Mountain Meru s peaks, or abiding on the planes of nadir of the earth, he that defiant one among fly jumpers, Sugreeva, on entering there and annihilating the Rakshasas, he again bestows Seetha to you.
vrm.3.72 So Kabandha continued his advise to Rama regarding Sugreeva.
vrm.3.73 b, a Sugreeva" dwells in that cave along with four other Vanaras, and at times he will be available on the peaks of that mountain, even on its bluffs and cliffs, for he is a terrified Vanara.
vrm.3.73 And staying in the sky he pointed out at the side of Mountain Rishyamuka, and then he reiterated, "you befriend Sugreeva.
vrm.3.74 Those two, Rama and Lakshmana, while seeing several of the ticketed trees on mountains which have nectarous fruits on them moved forward to see Sugreeva.
vrm.3.75 a Thereby, where Mountain Rishyamuka is beaming forth at its nearby, on which that right minded son of Surya, Sugreeva, is living along with four other vanara s, always frightened by the fear from Vali, we will go to her, to that spectacular Lake Pampa, come on, Lakshmana.
vrm.3.75 I am also hasty to see that best one among vanara s, Sugreeva, for my enterprise called search for Seetha is under his aegis, isn t it.
vrm.3.75 son is the highly valiant Sugreeva, thus he is renowned, and he presides over that mountain.
vrm.3.75 b, b That best one among men Rama, said this way, oh, Lakshmana, you make a headway for that chief of Vanaras, Sugreeva.
vrm.4.2 On seeing them the wielders of best weapons and audacious ones, two brothers and great souls, namely Rama and Lakshmana, Sugreeva became ambiguous.
vrm.4.2 He that righteous Sugreeva considering his own strength and weakness is much agitated, and along with all the other Vanaras too are frightened.
vrm.4.2 On seeing Rama and Lakshmana then that chief of Vanaras Sugreeva with much dreadfulness said this to his ministers.
vrm.4.2 Then on seeing the great archers Rama and Lakshmana the ministers of Sugreeva have gone from that mountain terrace to another high peaked mountain.
vrm.4.2 Then the group leaders of Vanaras quickly arrived as they fled, at that lofty Vanara group leader Sugreeva, the chieftain of Vanaras, gathering around him there
vrm.4.2 Then the ministers of Sugreeva, assembled on that best mountain and gathered around the chief of Vanaras Sugreeva, and all stood with their adjoined palms.
vrm.4.2 Then Hanuma, the ablest sentence maker, said this sentence to Sugreeva who is dismayed with fear doubting Vali s mischief.
vrm.4.2 By whom you are bewildered at heart and running away, oh, the best Vanara Sugreeva, I do not see that cruel looking, cruel Vali here.
vrm.4.2 From whom your fear is spurted, oh, gentle Sugreeva, that elder brother of yours, who is an evildoer and the one with harmful intent.
vrm.4.2 So said Hanuma to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.2 Sugreeva thus hearing entirely to all the propitious words of Hanuma spoke to Hanuma this opportune sentence, positively.
vrm.4.2 Sugreeva thus spoke to Hanuma.
vrm.4.2 Thus Sugreeva said to Hanuma.
vrm.4.2 Thus this way ordered by Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras, Hanuma, the son of Vayu made up his mind to go there, where Rama and Lakshmana are.
vrm.4.2 That marvellous Vanara Hanuma agreeing for the words of that inaccessible and very much frightened Sugreeva, and on respectfully replying him saying that, ‘I will do accordingly.
vrm.4.3 Mindful of the words of noble souled Sugreeva, Hanuma took his flight from Mountain Rishyamuka to where Raghava s are
vrm.4.3 The best Vanara Hanuma spoke soft wordily, as desired by Sugreeva, to those candidly resolute ones, on making reverent obeisance to both of them.
vrm.4.3 one named Sugreeva, somebody virtuous and worthily one among Vanaras is expelled by his brother Vali, and he is roaming all over the world sorrowfully.
vrm.4.3 Delegated by that great soul and the king of important Vanaras Sugreeva, I have come here and by name I am Hanuma, another Vanara.
vrm.4.3 He that righteous Sugreeva is desiring friendship with you two, and know me as a Vanara and his minister, the son of Vayu.
vrm.4.3 I had to come here from Mountain Rishyamuka in an ascetic’s form only to appease that Sugreeva, and I can wend my way by my will, and wear any guise as I wish.
vrm.4.3 He is the minister of that noteworthy soul and king of Vanaras, Sugreeva.
vrm.4.3 Soumitri, with this minister of Sugreeva, the knower of sententiousness and a pleasant worded one, and one with friendliness you exchange pleasantries with that enemy destroyer Hanuma.
vrm.4.3 When said thus by Rama, wise worded Lakshmana spoke to that Vanara and the minister of Sugreeva, namely Hanuma, the son of Vayu, who is equally a wise worded one.
vrm.4.3 The virtues of that great soul Sugreeva are known to us, oh, scholarly Vanara, we for our part are in search of that lord of fly jumpers Sugreeva alone.
vrm.4.3 As you communicated the words of Sugreeva, oh, gentle Hanuma, by them and by your words we indeed wish to do accordingly.
vrm.4.3 On observing that operative sentence of Lakshmana the Vanara Hanuma is gladdened, as seen from his composure, and kept his mind at ease at the prospective victory, and then he wished to materialise the pact of friendship between Rama and Sugreeva, at the earliest.
vrm.4.4 rejoicingly recalled in his mind that Sugreeva s effort is going to fructify.
vrm.4.4 Conceivable is the retrieval of the kingdom by that great souled Sugreeva.
vrm.4.4 and for which deed, this purposive Rama has come, and that deed desired by Rama is also achievable by Sugreeva, and thus all this has came by.
vrm.4.4 One named Danu, son of Diti, who acquired Rakshasa hood by curse had said that Sugreeva, the chief of Vanaras, is a capable one, and he even said, that great valorous Sugreeva can know about the abductor of your wife.
vrm.4.4 myself and Rama, we now have our recourse to Sugreeva alone.
vrm.4.4 He who gave away riches in charity, who obtained unequalled renown and who himself was the lord of this world earlier, now accepts the lordship of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.4 Who was a patron of virtue and who himself was a shelterer, to whom Seetha is the daughter in law, such a shelterer’s son Rama is now taking shelter under Sugreeva.
vrm.4.4 such a Raghava, my mentor, is now seeking refuge with Sugreeva.
vrm.4.4 Vanaras lord Sugreeva.
vrm.4.4 One who is rebuffed by sadness, and even agonised by it had already sought refuge, hence it is apt of Sugreeva to do favour in Ramas’ respect along with other vanara commanders.
vrm.4.4 Intellectuals of your kind, who have conquered anger and senses are to be seen by the chief of Vanaras Sugreeva, for your advent is Godsend.
vrm.4.4 He who is made as an enemy, very muchinsulted, and abrogated from kingdom by his own brother Vali, that Sugreeva is roaming about forests
vrm.4.4 He that son of Surya, Sugreeva, will render help to you two, joining forces of our like Vanara s in searching Seetha.
vrm.4.4 Thus Hanuman on speaking melodious words with politeness, also said to Raghava as, “good, we may now approach Sugreeva.
vrm.4.4 needless is telling untruths to such a valiant son of Vayu, Hanuma, isn’t it! So said Lakshmana to Rama Then he that very intelligent son of Vayu Hanuma, took those two valorous Raghava s to go to the king of Vanaras Sugreeva.
vrm.4.4 On discarding the ascetic s semblance that estimable Vanara Hanuma obtained his own Vanara s form, and mounting those two valiant ones onto his back he proceeded towards Sugreeva.
vrm.4.4 Hanuma, the extensively renowned heroic son of Vayu with pious mind and highly audacious nature, is then gladdened like the one whose difficult deed is just accomplished, thus he gladly travelled to that mountain where Sugreeva is abiding, along with Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.4.5 Hanuma on going from Mountain Rishyamuka to Mountain Malaya, has reported to the king of Vanaras Sugreeva, about the two valiant Raghava s.
vrm.4.5 "Oh! great discerner Sugreeva, this is Rama.
vrm.4.5 oh, stubbornly valiant Sugreeva, this virtuously valiant Rama arrived along with his brother Lakshmana.
vrm.4.5 Hanuma thus advised Sugreeva.
vrm.4.5 On hearing Hanuma s words Sugreeva, the chief of Vanaras has become presentable and gladly spoke to Rama.
vrm.4.5 Thus Sugreeva proffered friendship to Rama.
vrm.4.5 Rama is gladdened at heart on listening all those words well said by Sugreeva, and then clutched Sugreeva s hand in his, and ardently abiding by the vow of friendship he embraced Sugreeva, grippingly and happily.
vrm.4.5 decorated, worshipped with flowers, then gladly and devoutly placed that fire in between Rama and Sugreeva.
vrm.4.5 Then those two performed circumambulations to that well glowing ritual fire, and thus, Rama and Sugreeva entered into the pact of friendship.
vrm.4.5 b, a Sugreeva rejoicingly said to Raghava, "you are the amiable friend of mine, henceforth our mirth or miseries are same for us.
vrm.4.5 And then Sugreeva snapped off and spread a fully flowered tree branch of sala tree with many leaves, and sat on it along with Rama.
vrm.4.5 b, a Then that delighted Sugreeva with his sweet words, and with his eyes quavering in happiness, replied Rama softly.
vrm.4.5 b, a When thus said, that resplendent and righteous one being the patron of virtue Rama replied Sugreeva, as though laughing off.
vrm.4.5 Thus Rama inculcated confidence in Sugreeva.
vrm.4.5 On hearing Raghava s words that are appeasing for his self, Sugreeva is very completely satisfied and said this fine sentence.
vrm.4.5 During the friendly conversation of Rama and Sugreeva, the left eyes of Seetha, Vali and Ravana that bear similitude with lotuses, golden orbs, and fireballs respectively have fluttered equally.
vrm.4.6 Then Sugreeva who is gladdened again spoke to Rama of Raghu s dynasty, "My best minister and this servant of yours Hanuma informed me of the reason for which you have come to uninhabited forests along with your brother Lakshmana, and that while living in the forest, and when you and this courageous Lakshmana are not her alongside a Rakshasa stole your wife Maithili, the daughter of Janaka, wailing as she was.
vrm.4.6 thus said Sugreeva to Rama.
vrm.4.6 Then Rama said to that pleasant talker Sugreeva, "Get them quickly, my friend, what for you are delaying.
vrm.4.6 Thus said Sugreeva then entered the cavernous cave of that mountain quickly, to fulfil the yearning of Raghava.
vrm.4.6 Then Rama sadly asked to Sugreeva, "tell me Sugreeva, towards which country that ferocious looking Rakshasa abducted my dear one dearest than my lives, as spotted by you.
vrm.4.7 Thus said by Rama in agony that Vanara Sugreeva with his palms adjoined, and with tears rolling in eyes and also voice trembling with tears said this to Rama.
vrm.4.7 Thus said Sugreeva to Rama.
vrm.4.7 Sweetly solaced thus by that Sugreeva Rama dabbed his face with the edge of cloth, which is covered fully with tears.
vrm.4.7 Lord Rama steadied himself in his own nature by the words of Sugreeva, and on embracing him Rama said this sentence to him.
vrm.4.7 Sugreeva", a friendly obligation that which is to be done, a benefiting, befitting and a timely one too, is what you have performed with your friendly advise.
vrm.4.7 Then on hearing the words of Rama Sugreeva along with his Vanara ministers is gladdened, especially of Rama promise.
vrm.4.7 On hearing the word of that intellectual, highly capable one and the best king among kings, namely Rama, he that Sugreeva, the chief among the Vanara heroes, thought at heart that his manoeuvre to surpass his dominant brother Vali is accomplished.
vrm.4.8 Sugreeva is gladdened and satisfied too by that sentence, and said this sentence to Lakshmana s elder brother, Rama the valiant one.
vrm.4.8 Sugreeva thus extolled Rama and his friendship.
vrm.4.8 "That is thus only," said Rama before Lakshmana, which Lakshmana is sagacious, resplendent and who vies with Indra, about what is said by Sugreeva, which Sugreeva is by now soft natured in his looks, doffing off his jittery look.
vrm.4.8 Then on seeing Rama standing there with greatly mighty Lakshmana, Sugreeva cast his sight with his bolting eyes around that forest.
vrm.4.8 He that lord of Vanaras Sugreeva has then seen a well flowered sala tree not far off from there, covered with some leaves and bedecked with honeybees.
vrm.4.8 And Sugreeva broke off one branch of that sala tree that is with many leaves and a well charming one, and spreading it out for Rama, he sat on it with Raghava.
vrm.4.8 Then to him, who by now is comfortably sitting on a flowery mat laid by the bestrewn flowers of sala trees on that best mountain like a quiet ocean, to such Rama who by his very presence delights hearts, that gladsome Sugreeva said this in friendship with his gentle and gracious words that fluttered with happiness while he spoke.
vrm.4.8 Thus Sugreeva appealed to Rama.
vrm.4.8 Thus said by Sugreeva, the resplendent and virtuous Rama, the patron of righteousness replied Sugreeva as though laughing off the task.
vrm.4.8 "These are my arrows winged from pinion of the hern, oh, highly fortunate Sugreeva, these that are decorated in gold sparkle sharply like the Thunderbolts of Indra, and they are begotten from the reed forest of Kartikeya, ends tied with Eagles feathers for fins, smooth are their nodes, sharp are their tips that pierce sharply, and these will be like enraged snakes.
vrm.4.8 Rama said so to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.8 On hearing Raghava s words, the lord of Vanara force Sugreeva attained much happiness and said, good, good.
vrm.4.8 So said Sugreeva to Rama.
vrm.4.8 Sugreeva said this much sentence with tears abusing his eyes and his voice is unable talk aloud since it is equally abused by tears.
vrm.4.8 Sugreeva courageously controlled the sudden haste of tears that came up hastily and suddenly like a river in the presence of Rama.
vrm.4.8 He that bright Sugreeva controlled those tears, and on wiping his fortunate eyes, but sighing heavily he again started to speak this sentence to Raghava.
vrm.4.8 So said Sugreeva to Rama.
vrm.4.8 Hearing all that is spoken by Sugreeva, Rama asked, "What for chanced the enmity? I am interested to listen, in its reality.
vrm.4.8 "Be glad to say in belief, Sugreeva, before I take aim with my bow, and even before I release the arrow, and even before silencing your enemy.
vrm.4.8 Rama assured Sugreeva in this way.
vrm.4.8 Thus said by the great souled Rama, Sugreeva is very much rejoiced along with four of vanara s available in his attendance.
vrm.4.8 Then with a pleased countenance Sugreeva started to tell Rama about the cause of the enmity, it all it truthfulness.
vrm.4.9 Then Vali said to me, "Now you stay here on the alert, Sugreeva, at the entrance of this hole till I return on destroying the enemy in a fight on my entering this hole.
vrm.4.9 So said Sugreeva to Rama.
vrm.4.10 "Wherefore I did not get a reply though I repeatedly shouted, Sugreeva, oh, Sugreeva.
vrm.4.10 Sugreeva requested Rama thus.
vrm.4.10 When he is requested thus by Sugreeva, that virtuous and resplendent Rama started to tell Sugreeva, the words that abide by virtue, as though trivializing the task on hand.
vrm.4.10 Rama assured Sugreeva thus.
vrm.4.10 Hearing that sentence of Rama, which is enhancing happiness and self esteem, Sugreeva is very gladdened and further said this great sentence.
vrm.4.11 Sugreeva started to adore and extol Raghava on hearing the words of Rama that are inculcating happiness and pride.
vrm.4.11 Thus Sugreeva started extolling Rama.
vrm.4.11 Thus Sugreeva started telling Dundubhi s episode to Rama.
vrm.4.11 Thus Sugreeva continued his narration to Rama.
vrm.4.11 Thus Sugreeva narrated to Rama.
vrm.4.11 Thus Sugreeva continued his narration.
vrm.4.11 Thus Sugreeva enquired with Rama.
vrm.4.11 When Sugreeva spoke that way Lakshmana a little smiled and asked him, "On performing which act do you confide in the possibility of Vali s elimination?" Then Sugreeva said to Lakshmana, "earlier Vali used to agitate each of the trees, one after the other, on many occasions.
vrm.4.11 So said Sugreeva to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.11 Sugreeva paused for a while on saying thus to Rama, for Rama s eye corners are reddened with anger towards Vali, and then Sugreeva again spoke to Rama.
vrm.4.11 So said Sugreeva to Rama.
vrm.4.11 On hearing that word of great souled Sugreeva, Rama smilingly replied that Vanara in his turn.
vrm.4.11 Thus Rama said to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.11 Saying so to Sugreeva in a comforting manner, he that dextrous, vigorous Rama, the elder brother of Lakshmana sportively flipped the skeleton of Dundubhi with his big toe, and flicked that withered body of the Rakshasa with his big toe itself to a ten Yojana distance without lifting his foot.
vrm.4.11 Then on seeing at the hurled body, and at valiant Rama who by now is like the blazing sun, again Sugreeva said this meaningful word to Rama in the presence of Lakshmana and other Vanaras.
vrm.4.11 So said Sugreeva to Rama.
vrm.4.12 On hearing the well spoken words of Sugreeva that expressed doubt about Rama s valour, that great resplendent Rama took up bow to inculcate credence in Sugreeva.
vrm.4.12 On seeing them the seven sala trees that are profoundly fissured, that best Vanara Sugreeva went into a stunning astonishment at the rapidity of Rama s arrow.
vrm.4.12 Highly gladdened Sugreeva made palm fold in that astonishment, kneeled while his ornaments dangled, and prostrated before Raghava with his head touching the ground.
vrm.4.12 Overjoyed with that deed Sugreeva said this to that virtue knower, the one who is proficient among all experts of missiles, namely the valorous Rama, who is just in his presence him.
vrm.4.12 Thus Sugreeva requested Rama.
vrm.4.12 That great percipient Rama embraced Sugreeva, which Sugreeva is pleasant in his look for he gained confidence by now, and who is an alternate of Lakshmana to partake Rama s affection, and then Rama said these words to such a Sugreeva in reply.
vrm.4.12 ""Let us quickly go from here to Kishkindha, oh, Sugreeva, you move in advance, and on going there you invite that Vali, one redolent of your brotherhood.
vrm.4.12 So said Rama to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.12 Sugreeva firmly tightened his girdle cloth for the duel and shouted boisterously for the purpose of inviting Vali for a duel, and his rapidity in shouting appeared as though to crack the sky.
vrm.4.12 Then a very tumultuous and awful fight occurred between Vali and Sugreeva, which is like the awful fight between the planets Mercury and Mars in skies.
vrm.4.12 For which reason Raghava could not differentiate between Sugreeva or Vali, for the same reason did not make up his mind to release his arrow, otherwise it would have been a deadening arrow, as confusion is the only reason for Rama.
vrm.4.12 Meanwhile Sugreeva is unable to spot out his benefactor Raghava as Vali whacked him down, and thereby he immediately fled to Mountain Rishyamuka.
vrm.4.12 Sugreeva is debilitated and enervated by Vali s thwacking till his limbs soaked in blood, and he entered the great forest of Rishyamuka as Vali chased him.
vrm.4.12 On seeing Sugreeva s entry into the forest of Rishyamuka, Vali said to him "you are let off for now.
vrm.4.12 Raghava also came to that forest, along with his brother Lakshmana and along with Hanuma, where that Vanara Sugreeva fled.
vrm.4.12 Seeing the arrival of Rama with Lakshmana, Sugreeva ashamedly turned his eyes down to earth and piteously spoke this without eyeing Rama "Showing your dexterity you encouraged me to invite Vali for fight, but you got me battered by my enemy, what is this done by you.
vrm.4.12 Rama replied that great souled Sugreeva who is speaking woefully with pathetic words in this way.
vrm.4.12 Sugreeva", by which reason I have not let off an arrow such as that of mine, that reason may be heard and let the anger be discarded.
vrm.4.12 Lakshmana", pick up this gaja creeper that is beautiful in its appearance and let this noble souled Sugreeva be garlanded with that.
vrm.4.12 Then Lakshmana plucked that gaja creeper with flowers growing at the foot of the mountain, and slung it like a garland around the neck of that Sugreeva.
vrm.4.12 n He that prosperous Sugreeva with that flowery creeper adorning his neck then shone forth like a black rain cloud against a backdrop of rich ochry colour of sunset, and with a train of Herons adorning that cloud like a garland.
vrm.4.12 He that Sugreeva whose physique became effulgent by that creeper garland is again emboldened by Rama s words, and he again advanced to Kishkindha with Rama, and reached it again.
vrm.4.13 That righteous Rama readying his great bow decorated with gold, and on taking blazing sun similar arrows that are victory oriented in wars, proceeded from Rishyamuka along with Sugreeva to the city ruled by the valour of Vali, namely Kishkindha.
vrm.4.13 Stern necked Sugreeva and the great mighty Lakshmana strode ahead of that great soul Rama.
vrm.4.13 On seeing other forest beings in that forest and Birds moving aloft in sky, those followers of Sugreeva quickly moved on.
vrm.4.13 While they are quickly going, Rama, the delight of Raghu s dynasty, saw there a clump of forest trees and he asked Sugreeva like this.
vrm.4.13 On hearing that sentence of that great soul Raghava, then Sugreeva described about the significance of that forest while proceeding on the way.
vrm.4.13 Thus Sugreeva started telling Rama.
vrm.4.13 Thus said Sugreeva to Rama.
vrm.4.13 That righteous Rama along with brother Lakshmana, Sugreeva and other Vanaras having worshipped those sages proceeded to Kishkindha well pleased at heart.
vrm.4.14 That forest lover with tumultuous voice Sugreeva cast his eye everywhere and assumed tremendous fury.
vrm.4.14 Then Sugreeva encompassed by his followers war whooped ghastlily, like a great cloud that emerged accelerated by gusty wind and that is thundering as though to rip the sky, inviting Vali for fight.
vrm.4.14 Then Sugreeva who is like the rising sun and whose stride is like that of a proud lion saw the adroit Rama and then said this sentence.
vrm.4.14 When thus said by Sugreeva that enemy destroyer and righteous Raghava said this word Sugreeva.
vrm.4.14 b, a Thereby to invite that Vali with golden pendant, oh, Sugreeva, you
vrm.4.14 Sugreeva.
vrm.4.14 b, a On hearing the words of Rama he that Sugreeva with golden yellow complexion blared a gruesome blare as though to completely rend the sky.
vrm.4.14 b, a By that sound of Sugreeva the splendour of Cows is marred and they are running helter skelter like the well born ladies who are mishandled by invaders due to the misrule of their own king.
vrm.4.14 b, c Sugreeva, the son of Surya, who is well known for cloud like thundering, and whose vigour is now reinforced by his bravery, then promptly released an oceanic roar like an ocean with splashing waves drifted by gales.
vrm.4.15 Then the illiberal Vali has clearly heard that outcry of his plain spoken brother Sugreeva from his palace chambers.
vrm.4.15 On hearing Sugreeva s outcry that is shuddering all beings Vali s insolence is diminished as high furore superimposed on it.
vrm.4.15 "Earlier Sugreeva came assaulting and inviting you for a combat, and you also have gone out and rendered him as a nonentity, and being battered by you he fled in all directions.
vrm.4.15 "I do not think that Sugreeva has come here unaccompanied, and on whom he is dependant must be an unflinching support foregathered by Sugreeva.
vrm.4.15 "By his nature Sugreeva is an expert and even so a clever one, and he does not enter into friendship with anyone without examining his mettle.
vrm.4.15 These two unassailable ones have chanced there at Sugreeva s place to fulfil the longing desire of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.15 "Oh, king, let Sugreeva be decorously and quickly anointed as prince regent, and oh, resolute one, let there be no hostility to your own younger brother.
vrm.4.15 b, a "Achieving unanimity with Sugreeva and solidarity with Rama by discarding enmity, in effect is appropriate for you, thus I deem.
vrm.4.15 b, a "This Sugreeva is your younger brother and you should be keen about him, isn t it.
vrm.4.15 b, "That boisterously voiced Sugreeva is indisputably an excellent kinsman of yours, and hence brace yourself with the fondness of brotherhood, as there is no other way out to you.
vrm.4.16 "I am incapable of withstanding that dumbly Sugreeva s bawling commotion desiring a brawling duel.
vrm.4.16 "You may do away with your perplexity as I will retaliate Sugreeva on my going there only to drive him and his arrogance out, but without letting his lives loose.
vrm.4.16 "My nerve and pace of combat will be insufferable to that malign minded Sugreeva, oh, Tara, you have offered your helping suggestion and you have shown all your friendliness to me, it is enough.
vrm.4.16 Then that celebrated Vali saw Sugreeva who is in golden ochre hue, whose girdle cloth is tightened for a fight, and who is with an air of self confidence, blazing like fiery fire.
vrm.4.16 That strong armed Vali who is highly provoked has also tightened his girdle cloth on seeing proximately available Sugreeva.
vrm.4.16 He that formidable Vali strongly tightening his girdle cloth too, and proceeded towards Sugreeva in a well timed manner uplifting fists to fight him off.
vrm.4.16 Even Sugreeva has come at that imprudent Vali with golden pendant, on
vrm.4.16 Vali spoke this word to that Sugreeva who is swooping down on him, whose eyes are reddened in fury, and who is an expert and expeditious in fighting.
vrm.4.16 So said Vali threateningly to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.16 Thus said, Sugreeva with high dudgeon said, "this fist of mine shall fall on your forehead plundering your lives.
vrm.4.16 Coming near instantaneously Vali hit him, whereby Sugreeva is enraged and became like a mountain streaming blood in its torrents.
vrm.4.16 But Sugreeva unhesitatingly uprooted a saala tree with his force and thrashed the limbs of Vali as with the thunderbolt thrashing a great mountain.
vrm.4.16 Those two, Vali and Sugreeva, with their sensational energy, triumphing zeal, frightful physiques, swiftness as good as the Divine Eagle Garuda, vigilance in exploring perilous body parts of one another, ravagement of their own enemies fought frighteningly, like the sun and moon in the sky, which is inconceivable.
vrm.4.16 a But Vali being the possessor of might and vigour progressed and though greatly mighty is son of sun, Sugreeva, regressed.
vrm.4.16 b, a Sugreeva became retardant in aggression when Vali routed his pride and then he exasperatedly started searching for Raghava to counteract Vali.
vrm.4.16 Raghava has then seen the lord of Vanaras Sugreeva who is repeatedly eyeing all sides for help and who is even deteriorating in his enterprise.
vrm.4.16 On seeing the lord of Vanaras Sugreeva in a forlornness, then the refulgent and fearless Rama scanned for an arrow aiming to eliminate Vali.
vrm.4.17 "Concluding that those kingly characteristics will be obtainable in you, and even judging by the noble dynasty of yours, I have confronted Sugreeva though Tara dissuaded me.
vrm.4.17 "When you have not appeared before me when I confronted Sugreeva my concept was, it will be inapt of Rama to hurt me while I am combating with another combatant, besides, when I will be unvigilant in that fight… "Not known that your soul is put to death, not known that you are the unrighteous flag bearer of righteousness, to me not known that you are insidious like straw covered well.
vrm.4.17 "For which purpose I am killed, intending to do good to Sugreeva is incidental to it, you should have assigned me for that purpose in the first instance itself, and I would have brought that evil minded Rakshasa Ravana, the abductor of your wife in one day, that too without killing him in any fight, but by fastening him by neck, and I would have presented Maithili to you.
vrm.4.17 "The fact of Sugreeva s getting the kingdom after my going to heaven is proper, but the fact of your killing me in war, unrighteously, is improper.
vrm.4.18 "While the great souled Sugreeva is still alive, you with your habit of sinful acts have lustily misbehaved with Sugreeva s wife Ruma, who should be counted as your daughter in law.
vrm.4.18 "My association with Sugreeva is as good as that with Lakshmana, nevertheless it betided with an understanding to regain Sugreeva s wife and kingdom, and he will give succour to me.
vrm.4.18 "I gave a promise to Sugreeva at the time of befriending him in the presence of vanara s, and how is it possible for my kind to dishonour a given promise? "Thereby you have to infer that a befitting punishment is given to you, owing to all these great reasons that abound with virtue and with supreme value.
vrm.4.18 "You have firm convictions about practicable and impracticable procedures, and you alone are the protector of the good and punisher of the bad, hence treat both Sugreeva and Angada with equal compassion.
vrm.4.18 "Oh, lord of men, it will be apt of you to show the same kind of outlook towards Sugreeva, oh, king, even towards Angada, which you have for Bharata and Lakshmana.
vrm.4.18 "The fault occurring from my fault of maltreating Sugreeva may not light upon that self reproachful Tara, and it will be apt of you to see that Sugreeva will not look down on her treating her as the wife his rival.
vrm.4.18 a "Though Tara dissuaded me I met with my brother Sugreeva in a duel as though aspiring elimination at your hand.
vrm.4.18 "As Angada has always been conducting himself with you, thus he will conduct himself with Sugreeva and also even with me, without doubt.
vrm.4.19 "Or, your staying here is not good, oh, one with a pleasant visage, for those Vanaras of Sugreeva will promptly enter our strongholds on this day itself.
vrm.4.19 She saw Rama standing and abutting on his very powerful bow, and his younger brother Lakshmana, even at the younger brother of her husband, namely Sugreeva.
vrm.4.19 On observing her who is wailing like a female osprey, and even on looking at Angada who arrived there, a miserable remorse came upon Sugreeva.
vrm.4.20 "By which reason you have snatched away Sugreeva s wife, oh, chief of fliers, and even expelled him from Kishkindha, that is the reason why you got this result.
vrm.4.20 "The Time which is an undoubtable factor in respect of anybody has ended your life, definite is that, and that Time alone perforce brought you, who are otherwise an uncontrollable force, to the control of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.20 "My Angada is raised fondly, a brave one with gracefulness and one who is accustomed to comforts, but which will be the predicament he has to undergo when his paternal uncle Sugreeva gets into a fit of fury.
vrm.4.20 "Really, Rama has not only done a great deed of hitting you down, but he also achieved indebtedness towards Sugreeva, both in a single promise.
vrm.4.20 "Now, you are to your heart s content Sugreeva as you regain your wife Ruma, you may even wallow in the kingdom unworriedly as your enemy brother is silenced.
vrm.4.20 So said Tara to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.21 "Oh, lady, inspirit these two, Sugreeva and Angada, that are searing in grief, and if you acquiesce then this Angada will rule over the earth.
vrm.4.21 "Who am I either for conducting the Vanaras kingdom or to anoint Angada when Angada s paternal uncle Sugreeva is close at hand? Hanuma", this thinking of yours that Angada is to be crowned is really untenable, oh, best Vanara, father is the real defender of a son, but not the mother.
vrm.4.22 With his life force slowing down Vali respired slowly glancing everywhere, and he firstly saw his brother Sugreeva afore him.
vrm.4.22 Vali nodding at Sugreeva, who achieved triumph and became the lord of fly jumpers, amicably spoke this to him in an unambiguous tone.
vrm.4.22 Sugreeva", reckon me not by my iniquities, but reckon as one who is all the while forcibly hauled into this futurity owing to my impropriety and obduracy.
vrm.4.22 "Oh, valiant Sugreeva, it will be apt of you to make happen the word I am going to say even in such a situation in which now I am, and oh, king, even if that word of mine is infeasible.
vrm.4.22 hence oh, Sugreeva, you wear it.
vrm.4.22 Thus Vali spoke to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.22 Thus, that way when Vali spoke to Sugreeva with brotherly kind heartedness, Sugreeva again waned away forgoing his spiritedness, like the lord of stars, namely the Moon, when eaten away by the planet, namely Rahu, during lunar eclipse.
vrm.4.22 Quietened by Vali s words and conducting himself befittingly and attentively in the given situation, Sugreeva has then taken that golden chain only when Vali authorised him.
vrm.4.22 "From now on, observing time and place you have to tolerate pain or pleasure, endure mirth or misery on your going under the control of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.22 "Oh dextrous Angada, as to how I have entertained you in whichever way you conducted yourself with me, Sugreeva may not approve of such a puerile behaviour of yours, if you resort to it.
vrm.4.22 "Do not reach at his unfriendly ones, nor come near his enemies, oh, enemy destroyer Angada, you shall be in the control of Sugreeva attending to the purposes of your lord with self control.
vrm.4.23 You have gone into the control of Sugreeva and Sugreeva alone triumphed, oh, brave one, oh, enthusiast in adventures, oho, is it fated to happen this way.
vrm.4.23 Single arrow released by Rama has doubly benefited Sugreeva in this highly deplorable enmity between you and Sugreeva, as his ambition to become the king is fulfilled and his fear from your persecution, too, is evanished.
vrm.4.24 On seeing Tara who quickly deluged in a speedy and vast ocean of intolerable anguish, then that Vali s mighty brother Sugreeva regretted for the killing of his matchless brother.
vrm.4.24 While that kind hearted Sugreeva observed Tara for a moment he is despaired at heart, tears filled his face, and lamenting very much he slowly paced to the near of Rama, surrounded by his attendants.
vrm.4.24 On approaching him who is majestic, who is still handling his bow and snake like arrow, a distinguished person with all of his limbs adorned with great attributes that an emperor should have by birth, to such a Raghava who is standing nearby, Sugreeva spoke this way.
vrm.4.24 Thus Sugreeva said to Rama.
vrm.4.24 On hearing the anguished words of the younger brother of Vali, namely Sugreeva, the eyes of Rama, the best valiant one from Raghu s dynasty and the eliminator of valiant enemies, are moistened and he became perturbed for a moment.
vrm.4.25 While a similar disquiet of Sugreeva is prevailing over Rama and Lakshmana, Rama palliatively said this to Sugreeva, and even to Tara together with Angada.
vrm.4.25 So said Rama to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.25 At the close of Rama s sentence Lakshmana, the eliminator of braving foes, spoke this courteous sentence to the disconcerted Sugreeva.
vrm.4.25 Sugreeva", you attend to the funeral rites, to be performed subsequently along with those two, Tara and Angada, and arrange for the cremation of Vali.
vrm.4.25 Thus said Lakshmana to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.25 Speaking thus to Sugreeva that enhancer of his mother Sumitra s delight and the eliminator of braving foes, Lakshmana stepped off and stayed behind his brother Rama.
vrm.4.25 Thereafter Sugreeva along with Angada and others lifted up and then lodged Vali in the litter of the dead squalling woefully.
vrm.4.25 Thus setting that deceased Vali who is diversely decorated and adorned with garlands and cloths onto the palanquin, then Sugreeva, the king of best fly jumpers, has ordered, "let the funeral ceremony of this noble brother of mine be undertaken, befitting to his magnificence.
vrm.4.25 "In which way the grandiose of monarchical opulence will be conspicuous on earth when kings decease, in a similar way the Vanara s have to immortalise lord Vali now," Sugreeva ordered Vanaras in that way.
vrm.4.25 On performing services to the dead in the same way as ordered by Sugreeva, then all of those vanara s like Lt.
vrm.4.25 "What for you are not seeing the lord of fly jumpers Sugreeva, and these Lt.
vrm.4.25 Angada wailing along with Sugreeva, started to mount his father s body onto pyre in an involuntary way, as his senses are deluged under grief.
vrm.4.25 Those vanara s on coming together along with Sugreeva and Lady Tara, and then locating Angada in their front, they have offered water oblations to the soul of Vali.
vrm.4.25 He whose sadness evened up with that of Sugreeva, and who became one with Sugreeva in haplessness, that great mighty Rama effectuated the funeral rites of Vali.
vrm.4.25 On cremating Vali of lofty aplomb and manifest renown and whom the arrow of that Rama, the best of Ikshvaku dynasty has eliminated, Sugreeva then approached that Rama, who is with Lakshmana at his side, and whose flair equals a flaming fire.
vrm.4.26 The eminent ministers of tree branch animals then surrounded Sugreeva, who is very much seared in grief and who is still wearing damp cloths, as he just a while ago offered watery oblations to his deceased brother, stood accessible to him.
vrm.4.26 "Oh, lord Rama, this magnificent kingdom of deferential Vanaras who are armed with the teeth, and whose might is a privileged one since our might is not dependent on any weapons or other tactical warfare, except our own bodily strength and oh, Kakutstha, that which belongs to his father and forefathers, and that which is otherwise impossible for him to regain, Sugreeva regained such a kingdom with your grace.
vrm.4.26 "And if you empower, this Sugreeva will enter the propitious city Kishkindha along with a group good hearted friends, and he will get anointed procedurally with various essences and herbal extracts as its king, and thus he can revamp all the administration.
vrm.4.26 b, a "As and when the best one among Vanara s valorous Sugreeva enters the highly flourishing and statuesquely Kishkindha, he shall be enthroned in the kingdom, immediately and procedurally.
vrm.4.26 b, a Replying Hanuma thus, that knower of the etiquette Rama, also spoke to Sugreeva, who is rich in politesse and an imposing one by his might and valour.
vrm.4.26 b, "The four month period specified for rainy season has commenced, oh gentle Sugreeva, and this is Shravana, the first month of rainy season that brings many showers.
vrm.4.26 "This is not a time for any striving, hence you enter the propitious city Kishkindha, oh, gentle Sugreeva, and I for my part will stay on this mountain along with Lakshmana.
vrm.4.26 "On the advent of Kaartika month, october, say post rainy season, you shall do your best in the cause of Ravana s elimination, and this is our covenant, and hence oh, gentle Sugreeva, for now enter your mansion, be enthroned in kingdom as well, and exhilarate your friends.
vrm.4.26 a Thus when Rama countenanced that best vanara Sugreeva entered the charming city Kishkindha which is so far ruled by Vali.
vrm.4.26 b, a When the sovereign of vanara s Sugreeva has entered the city, very gladly thousands of vanara s have also entered and fenced off that lord of fly jumpers from all over.
vrm.4.26 All the inmates and ministers in Kishkindha then revered the lord of Vanara throngs Sugreeva with their head bent, and they have also prostrated before him with an assiduously polite attitude.
vrm.4.26 b, a Raising the rank and file members from their prostration, and on exchanging a word or two with them, that valiant and highly mighty Sugreeva entered the beautiful palace chambers of his brother.
vrm.4.26 b, a When that prodigiously venturesome arch vanara Sugreeva has entered the palace his cohorts anointed him as Gods would anoint the Thousand eyed Indra.
vrm.4.26 A white Parasol highly ornate in gold, long furred royal fans with golden handles that are the enhancers of celebrity are brought for Sugreeva s anointment.
vrm.4.26 b, They the Vanara s have then started to anoint that best Vanara Sugreeva according to the tradition, having appeased the eminent Brahmans with jewels, garments and delicacies.
vrm.4.26 On a splendid, choicest and finely upholstered throne with golden legs that is kept atop a rostrum that is shining forth with various flower tassels, Sugreeva is procedurally inducted to sit facing east to the chanting of Vedic hymns.
vrm.4.26 Then, Vanara s like Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha, Gandhamadana, Mainda, Dvivida, also thus Hanuma, Jambavanta have started pouring pure water on Sugreeva, which the best vanara s have collected from the rivers flowing to east, as well as to west, from each of the sacred declivity of rivers, from every ocean, and stored in golden flasks.
vrm.4.26 Thus those have anointed Sugreeva with those pellucid and well perfumed waters poured from golden vessels through the auspicious horns of bulls as revealed in scriptures and as great sages have defined, which anointment is like eight of Vasu Gods anointing the Thousand eyed Indra.
vrm.4.26 Hundreds and thousands of the great souled and prominent vanara s that are there, all of them have cheerily raised high hullabaloos while Sugreeva is anointed.
vrm.4.26 The best one among Vanaras Sugreeva graciously embraced Angada and anointed his as crown prince in order to effectuate Rama s word.
vrm.4.26 On the anointment of Angada those fly jumpers that have sympathy for him have acclaimed Sugreeva saying, well done, well done.
vrm.4.26 The valiant Sugreeva who is by now the king of Vanaras army, then apprised the great souled Rama about his grand anointment, and thus he not only regained his wife Ruma but also secured the kingdom, like the chief of divinities Indra.
vrm.4.27 Rama along with his brother Lakshmana reached Mountain Prasavana while the enthroned Sugreeva entered the cave city Kishkindha.
vrm.4.27 Rama, the faultless one and the elder brother of Lakshmana, who is the delight of Raghu s dynasty, and who made an accord with Sugreeva regarding cessation of activity during rainy season, spoke these significant and timely words to his humble brother Lakshmana who is the enhancer of prosperity.
vrm.4.27 "Further, oh, prince, hedged in charming groves that exquisite Kishkindha, the city of Sugreeva, will not be very far off from here.
vrm.4.27 "It is definite that the best Vanara Sugreeva must be surrounded by his friends, thus he must be exuberant, as he won an utmost prosperity in winning back his wife and winning the kingdom.
vrm.4.27 "Awaiting for the kind heartedness of Sugreeva, and for the kindness of the rivers in their abatement, I look forward for the autumn remaining true to your words.
vrm.4.27 Rama said so to Lakshmana, keeping Sugreeva in view.
vrm.4.27 "Oh, lord of people, Sugreeva will be effectuating everything you have desired and said, not later but soon, hence awaiting autumn you may please bear up these heavy rainfalls, besides bearing with the idea of disciplining the enemy.
vrm.4.28 Rama then on eliminating Vali and enthroning Sugreeva and when residing on the hinterlands of Mountain Malayavata Prasavana, spoke to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.28 "This mountain is full with its blooming Arjuna flowers, further fragranced by Ketaka flowers, and like Sugreeva, whose enemy is silenced, the downpours are anointing this mountain.
vrm.4.28 "The rainy season is unwinding and is with all the requisites of self contained conditions to enjoy oneself of, and Sugreeva devours all the pleasures on conquering his enemy, on being with his wife and staying in his great kingdom.
vrm.4.28 "On envisioning the impassability of these pathways, for certainly they are impassable, though Sugreeva was humble enough to send his Vanaras to search Seetha, by me nothing was uttered.
vrm.4.28 "Even Sugreeva has undergone difficulties muchly and entirely and after a long while he is in unison with his wife.
vrm.4.28 "Verily after a respite, realising on his own that the time has come close, Sugreeva also realises his requital on his own.
vrm.4.28 expectant of the generosity of Sugreeva and of these rivers.
vrm.4.28 Rama said so to Lakshmana, keeping Sugreeva in view.
vrm.4.28 "What all said by you and all this as required by you, oh, best king Rama, will completely be done by that Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras.
vrm.4.29 On observing clear sky on which back clouds and electric charges have disappeared, on which Saarasa Birds are vibrantly bustling and delightful moonshine is coated, and even on observing him whose riches are abundant, who has slowed down in accumulating probity and prosperity from the viewpoint of rectitude, highly engrossed in the course of unvirtuous profligates, whose heart is given to undisturbed privacy, and the one who on achieving his goals and dearest longings has turned away from other pursuits, who regained his choicest wife, and gained highly covetable Lady Tara, thus, who is always indulged in females, merrymaking day in and day out on a par with Indra, which Indra will be sporting with the cohorts of Gandharva and Apsara females, thereby he who is making much of his fortune on getting rid of other problems, besides, he who reposed the activity of kingdom in his ministers, yet, who does not make eyes at those ministers as he is doubtless of the kingdom which was once disrupted from his control, because, that kingdom is looked after well by the very same ministers, as such he is wallowing in promiscuity, such as he is, seeking the presence of such a Sugreeva, king of Vanaras and an explicator, and even on winning his grace, he who is forthright regarding norms of ethics, an exceptional knower of subtleties of transactions and the rubrics of duty and time, that golden tongued Hanuma, the son of Vayu, spoke sweet words that are reasonable, heart pleasing,
vrm.4.29 pragmatic, profitable, impressive, immaculate, imperative, and impartial, and which words are also inclusive of care and concern of Hanuma, on making a determination with a belief that Sugreeva will pay heed to his words.
vrm.4.29 Thus Hanuma appealed to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.29 On hearing the words of Hanuma that are validly demonstrated on time, Sugreeva whose soldiery is substantial, took a noble decision.
vrm.4.29 And the noble minded Sugreeva directed Nila, one of the commanders of vanara army, and who always strives to foregather vanara army, to foregather all of the Vanara forces available in all the directions.
vrm.4.29 Thus, Sugreeva, the king of best Vanaras on assigning the set up, and ordering Niila, the Commander of Vanara Forces, that glorious Sugreeva re entered his palace chambers.
vrm.4.30 On Sugreeva s entering the cave like Kishkindha, Rama who spent rainy nights on that mountain with much distress owing to the misery of yearning for Seetha, has seen the immaculate sphere of moon on silvern sky freed by ceasing rains, and even autumnal nights that are enamelled with moonshine, and thus he observed that Seetha is lost hopelessly, engrossed in lust Sugreeva is lost to world intractably, and furthermore time too is being lost irretrievably, and thus he became highly impatient and even swooned.
vrm.4.30 "Oh, dear sir, engage yourself in your mission with an undeterred spirit and with a good disposition of mind, and bring time under control with steadfastness and ideation, and the capabilities of your helpmates, say Sugreeva and others be gathered, and the basis for your achievements, say daily rituals towards Gods, be performed by you as your means.
vrm.4.30 "This is the starting time for invasions of the kings, but I do not even perceive Sugreeva, or his striving for any invasion as such.
vrm.4.30 "Dear departed, kingdom plundered, rendered homeless, and one in desperate straits, such as I am Lakshmana, king Sugreeva is not benevolent to me.
vrm.4.30 thus Sugreeva may be thinking of me.
vrm.4.30 "By these reasons, oh gentle Lakshmana, I am perhaps scoffed off by the spiteful king of Vanara s Sugreeva oh, the enemy blazer, Lakshmana.
vrm.4.30 "Oh, enemy blazer Lakshmana, such as you are, you enter Kishkindha and upon my word speak to that arch vanara Sugreeva, which stupid is tangled up in uncouth pleasures.
vrm.4.30 "But, oh, prince Lakshmana, Sugreeva is fully aware of my valour.
vrm.4.30 "For which reason this venture of eliminating Vali and its sequel is commenced, oh, the vanquisher of enemy capitals, Lakshmana, and the timeframe set for it, that king of fly jumpers Sugreeva is not recognising, as his ends are achieved.
vrm.4.30 "Frolicking with all in the council of ministers Sugreeva is absorbed in drinking alone, and he is not sympathising with us who are agonised by grief.
vrm.4.30 "Oh, great mighty Lakshmana, you may proceed to Kishkindha and let Sugreeva know through you as to how my fury takes shape, and oh, brave one, he may be told this word also.
vrm.4.30 Oh, Sugreeva, abide by your commitment.
vrm.4.30 "Oh, best one among men, Lakshmana, when the mission of searching for Seetha is scheduled in this way but hampered, you speak about all things that are appropriate for us and for Sugreeva even, oh, foremost one among men, hurry up, let there be no time lapse.
vrm.4.30 Otherwise, now driven by my arrows to death, and on going to Yama, the Time god s Inferno, you will see Vali Thus Rama appraised Lakshmana about his thinking of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.30 On clearly examining his elder brother Rama, who has become ruthlessly uncompassionate and pitiably prating, the mood of that intensively resplendent Lakshmana, who is an augmenter of Manu s dynasty, has become hostile towards the Vanara king Sugreeva.
vrm.4.31 When Rama of undeterred stamina has become pitiable while yearning for Seetha, overcome with grief while the search for Seetha is becoming futile, overwrought with anger while Sugreeva is reneging on his promise, to such an elder prince brother from a godlike king, his younger prince brother Lakshmana spoke in this way.
vrm.4.31 "As a forester Sugreeva will not abide by the conduct of gentlefolk, he is not appreciative of the fruits of incidental events like gaining kingdom and regaining wife occurring out of your deed of eliminating Vali, thus he will not enjoy the prosperity of the kingdom anymore.
vrm.4.31 "Unbearable is this anger that is tiding quickly, now I shall kill that unfaithful Sugreeva and the best braving Vanaras shall search for that princess Seetha, remaining under the command of Vali s son, Angada.
vrm.4.31 Rama, the slayer of braving enemies, spoke this well thought sentence that includes persuasiveness to Lakshmana who is with an irrepressible wartime anger, who has apprised his intention to slay Sugreeva, and who on taking his bow is now leaping at Kishkindha.
vrm.4.31 Lakshmana", as person with righteous conduct you are not supposed to understand this matter in this way, or undertake in this way, but you are supposed to adhere to those aspects of friendliness with Sugreeva and the affinity earlier existed in dealing with him.
vrm.4.31 "It will be apt of you to speak to that reneger Sugreeva with placating words rather than with caustic remarks, as his sin is no more than flouting the timeframe.
vrm.4.31 That right minded and well informed Lakshmana who is bent on doing only that which is agreeable and beneficial to his elder brother, then swallowing his exasperation and wielding a bow which is shining forth like the bow of Indra, and which is standing out like a peaking mountain proceeded towards the palace of the Vanara, namely Sugreeva, and with such a bow he appeared to be the peaking Mountain Mandhara and like the Era Ender.
vrm.4.31 Lakshmana the non defying adherer of Rama, a coequal of Brihaspati Jupiter, in intelligence, then mulled over the exact words of Rama to be spoken to Sugreeva, possible reply of Sugreeva on them, and his own sensible counter reply to them, enwrapped as he is in a furious fire fired up by the desire of Rama for Seetha, proceeded to Sugreeva s palace like an embittered whirlwind aided and abetted by a furious fire.
vrm.4.31 While his lips are quivering owing to rancour towards Sugreeva, Lakshmana saw formidable Vanara s at the outposts of Kishkindha.
vrm.4.31 Then on entering the palace of Sugreeva, some best ones among Vanaras have appraised about the arrival of Lakshmana, and even about his fury.
vrm.4.31 At that time, he who is in a lustful mood, who is in the company of Lady Tara and who is enmired in privacy, that foremost Vanara Sugreeva is unheedful of the words of those bold Vanaras who brought the message.
vrm.4.31 On envisaging Sugreeva s blunder and of his elder brother s expediency, that sensible one and fury restrained Lakshmana, again went into the restraint of fury on seeing the Vanaras.
vrm.4.31 With his eyes reddened in rancour that highly adorable Lakshmana sent a word through Angada, saying "oh, boy, let Sugreeva be informed about my arrival," and said this way.
vrm.4.31 "Oh, enemy destroyer Angada, oh, boy, you may say these words to Sugreeva, oh, enemy destroyer Sugreeva, distressed by the distress of his brother this Lakshmana has arrived in your presence and waiting at the door, oh, Sugreeva, the vanara, if you are interested it will be apt of you to listen to his advise, either by coming here or inviting him inside.
vrm.4.31 On hearing the words of Lakshmana Angada is muffled up in grief, and on arriving in the presence of his father Sugreeva he informed Soumitri" has come.
vrm.4.31 Bewildered in his perception at the very sharp words of Lakshmana, mighty Angada then has gone to the palace assuming a very sad face, and there he firstly saluted the feet of his father Sugreeva and then at the feet of Ruma, wife of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.31 Angada whose vitality is intense clinched himself to the feet of his father Sugreeva, and later clung to the feet of his mother Tara, and he even clasped the feet of his paternal aunt Ruma, and latching on to the feet of his parents then he stated to appeal to them about the message of Lakshmana.
vrm.4.31 Sugreeva, the vanara, who is bound up in drowsiness and dizziness could not comprehend clearly what Angada is talking about, as he is benumbed with intoxication, and even numbed down with the torpor of lustfulness.
vrm.4.31 With that uproarious noise of Vanaras Sugreeva came to his senses, but because of stupor his coppery eyes are helter skelter and his garlands and ornaments are topsy turvy.
vrm.4.31 On hearing the words of Angada two ministers who are agreeable in their advice and appreciable in their aspect have come along with him, and those two ministers of the king of vanara s, namely Plaksha and Prabhava, have appraised Sugreeva that Lakshmana has arrived to discuss variously about the prosperity and probity.
vrm.4.31 Those two ministers sitting around and nearby Sugreeva, who is seated like the king of Maruts, namely Indra, on appeasing him with meaningful and expressive words they spoke to him in this way.
vrm.4.31 Thus started the ministers to say to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.31 Thus the ministers advised Sugreeva.
vrm.4.32 On hearing the words of Angada along with those of his ministers, namely Hanuma, Plaksha, and Prabhava et al, also on knowing that Lakshmana is angered, that sensible Sugreeva stirred from seat.
vrm.4.32 On discriminating the pros and cons Sugreeva spoke this sentence to the strategist ministers, for he himself is an expert in strategies and a diligent one in carrying out those strategies.
vrm.4.32 So said Sugreeva to his ministers.
vrm.4.32 While Sugreeva is saying that way, the eminent Vanara Hanuma spoke with a dint of his own expediency, from among the Vanara ministers.
vrm.4.32 Thus Hanuma spoke to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.33 The grand palace of the king of Vanaras, Sugreeva, which vies with the palace of Indra is inaccessibly immured in a whitely mountain.
vrm.4.33 And the very bold Lakshmana unimpededly entered such a fascinating palace of Sugreeva, as with the sun entering a colossal cloud.
vrm.4.33 Passing through a set of seven courtyards in which carriers like palanquins, sedans, and even settees are spread over, that duty bound Lakshmana has seen the highly protected and prodigious palace chambers of Sugreeva, which is stuffed here and there with numerous golden and silver love beds and divans on which highly valuable upholstery is provided.
vrm.4.33 Or And the great mighty Lakshmana has seen many females in Sugreeva s palace with diverse features and prideful of their beauty and youth.
vrm.4.33 On observing the females of a worthy bloodline in the palace of Sugreeva, who are wearing garlands of worthily flowers, engrossed in making worthwhile flower tassels and even adorned with worthiest jewellery, he also made a mark of the chambermaids.
vrm.4.33 With that twang of the bowstring the king of fly jumpers Sugreeva is startled and jerked up from his exquisite seat as he ensured that Lakshmana has arrived.
vrm.4.33 Thus Sugreeva exclaimed.
vrm.4.33 As has been apprised by Angada earlier, and even now by the twang of bowstring, that vanara Sugreeva made up his mind about Lakshmana s arrival, and he has become whey faced.
vrm.4.33 The chief of Vanaras Sugreeva then staidly spoke this advantageous word to the exquisite lady Tara while his heart is bewildered with dismay.
vrm.4.33 Sugreeva thus spoke to Tara.
vrm.4.33 "Oh, prince, this not the time for angering, also your own people shall not be subjected to anger, and it will be apt of you to tolerate Sugreeva s fault because he is desirous of achieving results for you.
vrm.4.33 How in name can a meritoriously high minded being will show his anger on a relatively mightless inferior being, say Sugreeva, whose mightiest brother s mightiness and essence, say that of Vali, are deducted by none other but by your brother associated with you, and oh, lad, who goes into the control of fury, say of your kind, while he is restrained by his perfection, and a source of abstemiousness.
vrm.4.33 "I am aware of the fury of Rama, the friend of champion of the Vanaras, namely Sugreeva, I am also aware of the time lapse in the task, I am even aware of the folly we have committed, and what need be done in this matter, I am well aware.
vrm.4.33 "As to how the intensity of bodily pleasure seeking will be highly intolerable, I am aware even of that, and I am equally aware of those female vanara s with whom Sugreeva is now incessantly bound up with lust.
vrm.4.33 All right! If a man were to be voluptuary he will be inadvertent of place and time, isn t it! Then, how about ethicalities, or rights and wrongs? "He who shunned decency because of the vehemence of randiness, oh, the eradicator of braving enemies, and he who is delighting in lust is consorted with me, ergo condone your brother like Sugreeva, the protector of Vanara dynasty.
vrm.4.33 "Esteemed sages who take delight in their holy merit and pious asceticism, they themselves will be closely following the course of their desire fulfilment when entangled in lust, then how about this one, namely Sugreeva, being an impulsive Vanara, besides being a king, how he cannot wallow in enjoyments.
vrm.4.33 Sugreeva whose complexion is like that of rich gold is seated on an exquisite seat tightly hugging his wife Ruma, and that brave one has seen Lakshmana whose quintessence is never flinching, thus, that suspiciously wide eyed Sugreeva made sheep eyes at the furiously broad eyed Lakshmana.
vrm.4.34 On seeing the illustrious Lakshmana who entered unimpededly and infuriately, Sugreeva became one with agitated senses.
vrm.4.34 On seeing Lakshmana, the son of Dasharatha, who is exasperated and exhaling heavily, and who searing in the anguish of his brother is flaring up like a firestorm, Sugreeva hopped up from his golden seat and tottered like the highly decorated flagstaff of Indra, which will be wobbly before it is thrown to ground after the ritual.
vrm.4.34 While Sugreeva is jumping up stumblingly, stumbled with him are Ruma and the other females in tow, who are so far clinging to him, like the clusters of stars that spring up on the emergence of full moon in sky.
vrm.4.34 That fortunate Sugreeva whose eyes are bloodshot with drinking flurried towards Lakshmana adjoining palms in supplication, and became standstill at his nearby, like a lofty Kalpavriksha wish fulfilling tree.
vrm.4.34 Infuriate Lakshmana spoke to Sugreeva who like the star clustered moon is standing with his wife Ruma at his side amid other vanara females.
vrm.4.34 "Oh, Sugreeva, abide by your commitment.
vrm.4.35 Sugreeva" is not an unthankful one, oh, brave Lakshmana, a treacherous one no a flagitious one no an utterer of untruth no a duplicitous one, no, this king of Vanaras is not even that.
vrm.4.35 "Although he is a Vanara this Sugreeva has not dismissed from his mind even the favour Rama has done in his respect, oh, valiant Lakshmana, which in combat is impractical for others.
vrm.4.35 "By the beneficence of Rama, oh, the enemy scorcher Lakshmana, now Sugreeva is privileged with reputation, everlasting kingship of Vanaras, more so with Ruma and me as well.
vrm.4.35 "He who is overwrought and now undergoing natural bodily appetites, oh, Lakshmana, and who is overtired as he is absolutely discontent in the concupiscence, such as Sugreeva is, it will be apt of Rama to bear with him for a while.
vrm.4.35 "I beg for your grace, oh, virtue knower, in the interest of Sugreeva with all my equability, and you may dispel this clangour upshot in high dudgeon of yours.
vrm.4.35 "In the honour of Rama, Sugreeva will disown his wife Ruma, even me, even Angada, why us, he will disown whole kingdom with its riches, food grains, livestock and whatnot, as I can infer.
vrm.4.35 "On eliminating that worst Rakshasa Ravana, Sugreeva can bring Seetha together with Raghava, as with the coalescing of star Rohini with the Moon.
vrm.4.35 "Oh, Lakshmana, it is impossible to kill those Rakshasas, or that Ravana, the evil doer and abductor of Seetha, without any assistance, more so to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.35 "Determined to achieve the objective of Raghava this king of Vanaras Sugreeva has not bestirred himself while awaiting the return of those venturesome and very great mighty Vanara warriors who are sent out.
vrm.4.35 "According to the well organised groundwork earlier made by Sugreeva, oh, Saumitri, all of those great mighty Vanaras have to arrive here today itself.
vrm.4.35 "On staring at this angry face of yours, and on gazing at the angrily bloodshot eyes of yours, unsecured is the peace to the females of Vanaras chief, and with the fear caused at first by Vali s elimination we are all indeed premonished about such a happening in respect of Sugreeva too.
vrm.4.36 And when Lakshmana conceded to that argument of Tara, Sugreeva, the king of Vanara troops, got rid of his highly intense scare of Lakshmana, like the riddance of a dampened cloth.
vrm.4.36 Sugreeva, the king of vanara s, then ripped apart the superb garland which is so far enwreathing his neck, and which has several strands according several gratifications, and he also became sober as though the insobriety is ripped from his mind.
vrm.4.36 Sugreeva who is the most powerful one among all vanara s, then placatingly spoke this humble sentence to Lakshmana, whose prowess is most formidable.
vrm.4.36 Lakshmana is pleased with that great souled Sugreeva who is speaking thus, and said this he said to him, indeed, in friendliness.
vrm.4.36 In anyway, my brother indeed has a defender with him, oh, king of vanara s Sugreeva,
vrm.4.36 With this kind of preponderance and plainness you possess, Sugreeva, you are the only merited one to enjoy this unexcelled kingdom of Vanaras.
vrm.4.36 Before long, Sugreeva, dauntless Rama will be eliminating enemies in a war with you as his supporter, there is no doubt about it.
vrm.4.37 When the great souled Lakshmana spoke to Sugreeva in this way, Sugreeva spoke this word to Hanuma who is available at his side.
vrm.4.37 Sugreeva ordered Hanuma that way.
vrm.4.37 On hearing the order of Sugreeva, the king of vanara s, Hanuma, the son of Vayu has started to dispatch valorous Vanaras in all directions.
vrm.4.37 On hearing that command of the king of kings of Vanara s, Sugreeva, who is semblable with the Death god and Time god, all of the Vanaras have arrived with the terror of Sugreeva haunting them.
vrm.4.37 On going to the cardinal ground of Vedic ritual which was performed once, those vanara s fetched highly fragrant flowers in order to please Sugreeva.
vrm.4.37 Those quick paced Vanaras quickly reached Kishkindha just at that moment when Lakshmana is still with Sugreeva, and those Vanaras arrived at that place where Sugreeva is available along with Lakshmana.
vrm.4.37 Taking the medicinal herbs, fruits, and tubers along with them, all of those Vanaras obliged Sugreeva to accept fruits, tubers and herbs as royal gifts, and they also spoke this word to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.37 Thus the Vanaras said to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.37 On listening these words then the king of fly jumpers Sugreeva is gladdened and accepted the gifts brought from Himalayas from all of them.
vrm.4.38 On receiving all those gifts brought in by the Vanara s from Himalayas, Sugreeva dispersed them all with approbation.
vrm.4.38 On dispersing thousands of Vanaras who have effectuated their errand of summoning all Vanaras on the earth, Sugreeva deemed that his own aspirations and as well as those of that great mighty Rama are achieved.
vrm.4.38 Gladdening Sugreeva who is indomitably mighty and the indomitable one among all vanara s, Lakshmana spoke these courteous words to him, "oh, gentle one, if it please you, make an exit from Kishkindha.
vrm.4.38 a On hearing the courteous words of Lakshmana Sugreeva is extremely pleased and he indeed spoke this sentence to him, "So be it.
vrm.4.38 b, Sugreeva speaking thus to Lakshmana, whose person itself is auspicious, then bade adieu to Lady Tara and the other female vanara s.
vrm.4.38 Sugreeva shouted sharply saying, "come here," at the best Vanara adjutants and on hearing his call all of those Vanaras that are spared to see the ladies of palace chambers have come there swiftly with their palms adjoined in supplication.
vrm.4.38 Then the king Sugreeva whose refulgence is kindred to that of sun has said to those vanara s that have arrived there, "oh, vanara s, immediately position my palanquin before me.
vrm.4.38 And on seeing palanquin positioned at his nearby the king of Vanaras Sugreeva said to Saumitri, "you mount it, Lakshmana, be quick.
vrm.4.38 b, a Saying so Sugreeva got into that golden carriage which in shine is like the sun and which has many Vanara carriers along with Lakshmana.
vrm.4.38 b, a Sugreeva who achieved the kingdom of unexcelled magnificence has started out that magnificently to the high extolment of panegyrists, while a white royal Parasol spread overhead the palanquin, white fur fans fanning him from all over, and while conch shells are blowing loud and drums are drumming high.
vrm.4.38 b, a Sugreeva travelled thus surrounded with many hundreds of vanara s, who look confrontational and who wielded weapons, to the place where Rama is staying.
vrm.4.38 On reaching the province where Rama is staying in all his adoration to that place, the great resplendent Sugreeva descended the palanquin along with Lakshmana.
vrm.4.38 b, a When Sugreeva reached Rama he stood still with adjoined palms, and when he remained still with palm fold all the other Vanaras stood still with palm fold.
vrm.4.38 b, a Rama became exultant of Sugreeva on seeing the massive army of Vanara s which is just like a vast lake plethoric with buds of lotuses.
vrm.4.38 Raghava raised and tightly hugged the king of Vanaras Sugreeva, who has prostrated himself with his head touching the feet of Rama, with care and credit.
vrm.4.38 b, a After hugging Sugreeva that virtue souled Rama then said to him, "be seated.
vrm.4.38 Then on seeing Sugreeva who took seat on ground Rama spoke to him.
vrm.4.38 b, a "He alone is the king, oh, valiant Sugreeva, who always divides time for devoting himself to probity, prosperity and pleasure seeking.
vrm.4.38 Thus Rama spoke to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.38 b, a When Rama addressed him in this way, Sugreeva said these words to Rama, "oh, dextrous Rama, by your beneficence I have repossessed prosperity, popularity and this everlasting kingdom of Vanaras which are actually mislaid.
vrm.4.38 Thus Sugreeva informed Rama.
vrm.4.38 Then on seeing the perfect effort made by the prominent one among all Vanaras, Sugreeva, who is operating under his control, the eyes of valorous prince Rama are widened in jubilance, like the well bloomed blue lotuses.
vrm.4.39 Rama, the best proponent of probity, happily embraced Sugreeva with both of his arms and replied him who is speaking in this way suppliantly adjoining palms at Rama.
vrm.4.39 "In this way, oh, nice Sugreeva, that helpful nature which is decorously prevailing in you, ushering you for organising the worthwhile, will not be a wonder but natural.
vrm.4.39 Thus Rama is about to tell other things to Sugreeva, but.
vrm.4.39 Like that the most efficient vanara chief Taara, the father of Ruma and Sugreeva s father in law, turned up with another thousand crores of vanara s following him.
vrm.4.39 Dariimukha, the mighty commander then came along with a thousand crore vanara s and he stayed nearby Sugreeva drawing nigh of him.
vrm.4.39 The mighty, braving and highly resplendent Gaja came forth to the near of Sugreeva encompassed by three crores of vanara s.
vrm.4.39 A great resplendent one who is renowned by his name Jambavanta has then come with a brigade of ten crore Rikshas spreading around him and stood firm under the control of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.39 Dadhimukha, the salutary vanara chief then arrived at the near of that great souled Sugreeva encircled by a ten crore vanara s who are all blaring highly.
vrm.4.39 All those fly jumpers arrived by swinging, flying and thundering, and all of the Vanaras on earth have arrived thus, presented themselves and settled down around Sugreeva as if a number of clouds are cramming the sun.
vrm.4.39 While arriving those Vanaras made many a hue and cry of war, and those outstanding Vanaras who are armed with a pair of their own arms have informed the vanara king Sugreeva about their arrival by tilting up their heads as in roll call or in headcount.
vrm.4.39 As befitting to them the other vanara leaders have come together to meet Sugreeva, and on their meeting with Sugreeva then they stayed behind with their palms adjoined.
vrm.4.39 Then Sugreeva, the knower of rectitude, promptly informed about all of those paramount Vanaras to Rama as to who is who, and staying with folded palms he addressed the forgathered Vanara chiefs.
vrm.4.40 The lord of fly jumpers, king Sugreeva, who by now is replete with every means, then spoke to the tigerly man and the vanquisher of enemy s might, Rama.
vrm.4.40 Thus Sugreeva spoke to Rama.
vrm.4.40 While Sugreeva is speaking thus, Rama the son of Dasharatha heartily hugged him with both of his arms and said this word to him.
vrm.4.40 "Oh, gracious Sugreeva, whether Vaidehi is alive or not it shall be known.
vrm.4.40 Thus Rama said to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.40 When Rama said so, Sugreeva spoke in the presence of Rama and the observant Lakshmana, to a mightiest chief of fly jumpers, named Vinata, who is a commander of vanara army, who is like a mountain in his sheen and who thunders like a cloud.
vrm.4.40 Thus Sugreeva addressed the vanara s that are being sent to East under the leadership of Vinata.
vrm.4.41 On sending that great vanara force to east, Sugreeva started to send tried and true vanara s to south.
vrm.4.41 Sugreeva, the well informed and brave lord of Vanara troops, then beckoned Angada and the other prominent vanara s who are valorous ones with full fledged dash and dare, like the son of Agni Neela, and the exceptional vanara Hanuma, the highly vigorous son of Grandparent Brahma, namely Jambavanta, also others like Suhotra, Sharaari, Sharagulma Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sushena, Vrishabha, Mainda, Dvivida, Sushena, Gandhamadana, and the two sons of Ritual fire called Ulkaamukha, Ananga.
vrm.4.41 Sugreeva made the formidably mighty Angada as the chief of those valiant Vanaras forming search party and ordered southern direction for them.
vrm.4.41 The king of Vanaras Sugreeva gave a picture about some of the highly impassable countries available in southern quarter that need an introduction to those prominent Vanaras bound south.
vrm.4.42 On sending Vanaras to southern direction Sugreeva spoke to a vanara named Sushena who looked like a massive cloud.
vrm.4.42 On approaching and venerating that awesomely valorous Sushena, the father of Lady Tara, thereby his own father in law, king Sugreeva spoke this sentence while adjoining palms in supplication.
vrm.4.42 Sugreeva ordered the superb Vanara son of great sage Maricha, called Arcishman, to western direction, who is a surrounded with exceptional and braving Vanaras, a coequal to Indra in his resplendence, endowed with brilliance and bravery and whose speed equals that of the son of Vinata, namely Garuda, the Eagle vehicle of Vishnu.
vrm.4.42 Along with him Sugreeva also ordered the greatly mighty brothers of Arcishman i.
vrm.4.42 Thus, Sugreeva started to speak to vanara troops.
vrm.4.42 Sugreeva spoke thus to the Vanaras going to western direction.
vrm.4.42 On hearing the sentences of Sugreeva sedulously, then Sushena and the other important fly jumpers took leave of the king of fly jumpers, namely Sugreeva, and proceeded along with their individual troops to that western direction which is well cloistered by Varuna.
vrm.4.43 On sending his father in law, namely Susheshana, to westerly direction then the king of Vanara s Sugreeva, spoke to a valorous vanara named Shatabali.
vrm.4.43 That knowledgeable and the powerful one among all Vanaras, King Sugreeva, spoke words to Shatabala that are advantageous to himself, and beneficial to Rama as well.
vrm.4.43 Thus Sugreeva said to the Vanaras going to North.
vrm.4.44 Sugreeva expressly broached the topic of searching Seetha with Hanuma, as Sugreeva is decidedly determined about Hanuma, because that best one among Vanaras, namely Hanuma, alone is decidedly the achiever of purpose.
vrm.4.44 The king of all the residents of forest Sugreeva is well pleased to pick and choose Hanuma for the purpose, and spoke to the venturesome son of Vayu, Hanuma.
vrm.4.44 Thus Sugreeva said to Hanuma.
vrm.4.44 "This king of Vanaras, Sugreeva, is anywise definitive in his resolve reposed in Hanuma, and Hanuma is definitely resolute in achieving the task.
vrm.4.44 "Oh, brave one, your enthusiasm, vital force combined with your venturesomeness, and also the message of Sugreeva to you, are as if heralding achievement to me.
vrm.4.45 On calling forth all the fly jumpers for achieving the purpose of Rama s task the best fly jumper and the king of Vanaras Sugreeva spoke to all of them, "oh, best vanara s, you shall search all of this earth as I have detailed.
vrm.4.45 Sugreeva said so to all Vanaras.
vrm.4.45 a Understanding that arduous order of the king of Vanaras Sugreeva those best Vanaras started out covering the earth like grasshoppers.
vrm.4.45 Then on disposing the commanders of Vanara army to all directions according to their capabilities, that valorous king Sugreeva who is contented earlier by way of gaining his kingdom through Rama, is now gladdened to his heart s content for sending Vanara troops to all directions as a requital to Rama s help.
vrm.4.45 In this way when despatched by their king Sugreeva all the vanara lieutenants expeditiously started towards one s own direction.
vrm.4.45 Well motivated this way by the king Sugreeva those vanara lieutenants put their fortitude into boastful words and said, "we lead forth Seetha, we wish to kill Ravana.
vrm.4.45 Thus each individual vanara gave war whoops with the proper proud of his might in the audience of Vanaras king Sugreeva and departed.
vrm.4.46 When the chiefs of Vanara troops are on their way Rama spoke to Sugreeva, "Indeed, how do you know very well about the globe of earth in its entirety?" Then Sugreeva bowing down before Rama said, "I will narrate all vividly, and let my words be heard.
vrm.4.46 a Oh, king Sugreeva, now I remember how Sage Matanga cursed the king of Vanaras Vali at that time.
vrm.4.46 So said Sugreeva to Rama.
vrm.4.47 As commanded by the king of Vanaras Sugreeva all of the elephentine Vanaras essayed everywhere with post hast for a glimpse of Vaidehi.
vrm.4.47 All the Vanara commanders explicitly commanded by Sugreeva, very carefully searched all the provinces inclusive of their mountains, woodlands, and thick forests.
vrm.4.47 Counting the day of their starting as day one, those elephentine Vanaras returned to Mountain Prasavana within one month, hopeless of Seetha, and met Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras, who is with Rama awaiting the return of Vanaras.
vrm.4.47 Commander Vinata, the great mighty vanara, came back after searching eastern quarter as Sugreeva had advised, but without finding Seetha there.
vrm.4.47 Sushena, the father in law of Sugreeva, searching whole of western quarter along with vanara s, but not finding Seetha there, he came back when one month is completed, and approached Sugreeva.
vrm.4.47 All of the expeditionists have reached and venerated Sugreeva who is sitting along with Rama on the peak of Mountain Prasavana and spoke this to him.
vrm.4.47 Hanuma" is high born and exceptionally mighty, oh, Sugreeva, the king of vanara s, he will ascertain about Maithili, because the son of Vayu, Hanuma, resorted to the direction in which Seetha is taken away.
vrm.4.47 Thus, Vanara chiefs reported to their king Sugreeva.
vrm.4.48 Tara, and others to that province which Sugreeva has indicated, namely the south.
vrm.4.48 But not finding the daughter of Janaka or even her kidnapper Ravana there, those Vanaras who are the perfecters of that which is acceptable to Sugreeva, have entered another fearsome forest.
vrm.4.49 "We started a long time back and a great deal of time is lapsed, and Sugreeva is a severe disciplinarian, therefore let the search continued everywhere collectively.
vrm.4.49 King" Sugreeva is irascible and he is a ruthful persecutor too, oh, vanara s, we shall always be frightened of him, and of self reliant Rama as well.
vrm.4.49 "Let us all collectively search all of the places with forests, mountains and gorges as indicated by that self assertive Sugreeva.
vrm.4.50 a They reached the southwest peak of that mountain during their search and the time set by Sugreeva swiftly lapsed while they are overstaying thereat that Mountain Vindhya alone.
vrm.4.52 "A valiant one and the king of important vanara s known as Sugreeva is a vanara and the friend of that kingly Rama, and that vanara king expedited us.
vrm.4.52 We lapsed the time stipulated for us by the noble souled Sugreeva by our roving around in this cavity.
vrm.4.52 b, "Such as you are, a righteous lady, it will be apt of you to cross us over this cavity, as we have overextended the timeframe fixed by Sugreeva, whereby our longevity itself is threatened.
vrm.4.52 We are rendered as hesitaters with the fear from Sugreeva.
vrm.4.53 Which month is set as timeframe for the Vanaras by king Sugreeva that month passed off while the Vanaras are searching mountains, impassable areas and within the cavity concocted by the wizardry of Maya.
vrm.4.53 Then on seeing the treetops of spring season, weighty with flowers and enshrouded with hundreds of vines, they became incredulous with the fright of failing Sugreeva s timeframe.
vrm.4.53 On discussing among themselves they found that spring season has arrived, and they also found the purpose of timely messaging about Seetha to Sugreeva is lost, thus they plumped down onto the surface of earth.
vrm.4.53 "All of you are unparalleled in all tasks, all your asperity is renowned in all directions, and all of you have come impelled by that ochreish eyed Sugreeva keeping me as your helmsman.
vrm.4.53 "But in this matter of course, as the time set by Sugreeva is lapsed, it is appropriate for all of us forest dwelling Vanaras to voluntarily undertake fasting unto death.
vrm.4.53 "Instinctively Sugreeva is a tormentor and now he is institutionalised in lordship, thus he will not condone any of us as we will be as good as transgressors if we were to return.
vrm.4.53 Sugreeva" commits sin alone in our respect by killing all of us as we failed in the facts about Seetha, therefore it is pertinent to enter upon fasting unto, leaving off our sons, wives, riches and houses and homes, too.
vrm.4.53 "That king Sugreeva definitely and freakishly tortures all of us on our going back futilely, hence suicide at this place is justifiable for all us.
vrm.4.53 b, c "I am not anointed to crown princedom by Sugreeva, but I am anointed by the unbigoted Rama, the king of people.
vrm.4.53 b, a "That king Sugreeva who is already bound up in animosity with my father, and thus with me too, now on observing me transgressing his directive will decisively wish to liquidate me by a tyrannous victimisation.
vrm.4.53 "Instinctively Sugreeva is a hot tempered vanara and Raghava is interested in his beloved wife.
vrm.4.53 If we go back to Kishkindha now, on seeing us returning without completing our assignment, and with a thinking to satisfy Rama Sugreeva wishes to liquidate us without any doubt.
vrm.4.53 "It will be inexcusable for the culprits to pass at the sideways of lords, then where is the question of their coming into king s audience, and we should be barefaced to return because we are all the chieftains of Sugreeva who are coordinated and sent here.
vrm.4.53 "If we do not return to that champion Sugreeva on searching somewhere here for Seetha, or on our educing some information about her, we will rather enter the realm of Yama, the Terminator.
vrm.4.53 On hearing the words of fly jumpers, who are tormented by fear of Sugreeva, Lt.
vrm.4.53 "That highly impassable cavity is contrived by Maya and it is abundant with trees, water, eatables and potables, and there is no fear even from Indra in that cavity, nor from Raghava, nor from Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras.
vrm.4.54 Tara, like Indra who once listened to the un listenable teachings of Asura s mentor, namely Shukracarya, as that Angada is overly enervated to fulfil the concerns of the king Sugreeva.
vrm.4.54 Then Hanuma who is the scholar in all scriptures started to confederate the confidence of Angada with the present regime of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.54 Hanuma then rhetorically started to the schismatic secession of all those vanara s, who are desirous of avoiding Sugreeva and desiring a hideout, exemplifying the third ideation, namely the partition, among the four political ideations, viz.
vrm.4.54 When Hanuma made all of the vanara s to defect from Angada s idea of defecting Sugreeva, then Hanuma further overawed Angada with diverse and awesome orations containing the fourth ideation, namely the persecutory measures, employable by Sugreeva on defectors.
vrm.4.54 Such as we are, it will be impossible for you to sidetrack us from Sugreeva using tactics like placation, presentation or even persecution, isn t so!
vrm.4.54 "This matter of going underground into that Black Hole which you suppose as a hideout from Sugreeva, as you heard from Lt.
vrm.4.54 "But, if you return to Kishkindha along with us, and if you obediently become Sugreeva s flanker, he establishes you only in kingdom as before.
vrm.4.54 "Your paternal uncle Sugreeva s gleam is his honesty as he is free of dishonesty, his desire is affection as he is free of aversion, his dedication is staunch as he is free of prevarication, and he himself is exoneration as he is free from exploitation, thus in no way he liquidates you.
vrm.4.54 "He is your mother s well wisher, the strife of Sugreeva s life is for her only, more so, there is no other posterity to him than you.
vrm.4.55 On hearing the polite and righteous words of Hanuma, which are just yeomanly towards Hanuma s lord, namely Sugreeva, Angada said these sentences.
vrm.4.55 "Un deducible in Sugreeva are his steadiness, or harmlessness, or frankness, also thus salience, or even valiance, further more cleanliness of heart or soul.
vrm.4.56 a "He that kingly eagle Jatayu who is killed by Ravana is a happy soul, and he is even relieved from the fear of Sugreeva as he departed on the Avenue of Sublimity.
vrm.4.57 He has two generous and great mighty sons namely Vali and Sugreeva.
vrm.4.57 "Then Raghava made friendship with my paternal uncle Sugreeva, an intellectual autocrat, and Sugreeva got my father killed.
vrm.4.57 Since Sugreeva antagonised my father, my father interdicted him along with his ministers, and Rama killed my father Vali and anointed Sugreeva.
vrm.4.57 Rama" enthroned Sugreeva as the ruler of all vanara s and that king of all vanara chiefs expedited all of us.
vrm.4.57 "Though we are spearheaded by Rama and though we searched thereabouts for Vaidehi at the behest of Sugreeva, as with a nightly sunshine Vaidehi is unattainable for us.
vrm.4.57 "We who are all supposed to execute the order of our king, we have exceeded the established norm of timeframe, and for fear of fury from our king Sugreeva we sat down for fast unto death.
vrm.4.57 "When Rama along with Lakshmana, and even Sugreeva will be infuriated by our infringement of time, and even on our going to Kishkindha, as infringers there will be no survival for all of us.
vrm.4.59 Thereby, I reckon you as the best ones by your aptitude, fortitude and attitude, and as invincible ones even for Gods, hence Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras, shepherded you.
vrm.4.64 "Now, who is that great resplendent one who can vault over the ocean and who is he who can facilitate the enemy repressor Sugreeva to become truthful to his word.
vrm.4.64 "Who is that brave hurdler who can hurdle over a hundred Yojana distance, oh, fly jumpers, who is he who can even emancipate all these Vanara commanders from the great fear of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.64 "By whose benevolence we can unworriedly approach Rama, or even that irascible Lakshmana, or ruthless Sugreeva, as well.
vrm.4.64 "If someone among you is competent enough to jump over the ocean, that Vanara may now quickly give us all, a munificence, called a solemn impunity from Sugreeva.
vrm.4.65 That being so, for which purpose the king of Vanaras Sugreeva and even Rama are decisively decided on this task, it is impossible for us to marginalize this task.
vrm.4.65 If I am not proceeding to Lanka, nor any other Vanara is proceeding, then we have to undertake self immolation once again, isn t it! I do not perceive any secure protection for our lives on our going to Kishkindha without fulfilling the bidding of that resolute king of Vanaras Sugreeva.
vrm.4.65 Sugreeva is a lord who shows either forgiveness or furiousness immoderately.
vrm.4.66 king of Vanaras Sugreeva, or even to Rama and Lakshmana, as well.
vrm.4.66 b, Presently we are as good as dead, and among us presently you are the only one rife with competence and valiance, you are the other Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras, to us.

Continued to Part 2

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