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vrm.2.63 I am born through a Sudra woman by a Vyshya.
vrm.7.87 O king, one Sudra, under the influence of vicious understanding, has begun devout penances within thy kingdom.
vrm.7.88 And searching that Sudra devotee here and there Raghava proceeded towards the west.
vrm.7.88 And even there he did not espy the Sudra ascetic and even the smallest iniquity was not seen there.
vrm.7.88 At thou a Brahman, or an irrepresible Kshatriya or the third caste Vaisya or a Sudra? Do thou speak the truth and thou shalt be crowned with auspiciousness.
vrm.7.89 I am a Sudra and my name is Sambuka.
vrm.7.89 The Sudra ascetic having said this, Rama took out of scabbard a beautiful sharp sword and chopped of his head therewith.
vrm.7.89 And that Sudra being slain, Indra, Agni and other Devas praised him again and again and showered flowers.
vrm.7.89 O descendant of Raghu, being slain by thee this Sudra hath been able to attain to the abode of the celestials.
vrm.7.89 O Raghava, with the death of the Sudra the boy has regained his life.
vrm.7.89 The Devas informed me that thou wert coming having slain the Sudra ascetic.

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