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vrm.1.19 At the near end of almost completed ritual of mine two valiant and well trained Rakshasas, namely Maricha and Subaahu, are drenching the Altar of Fire with streams of meat and blood, from the sky.
vrm.1.20 even so, two very mighty Rakshasas called Maricha and Subaahu will cause devastating hindrances to rituals, instigated by him.
vrm.1.20 b, a Further, those saboteurs of your ritual namely Maricha and Subaahu,
vrm.1.20 b, a Maricha and Subaahu are well trained and valorous ones, hence I will proceed with all my friendly forces to war with either of those two Rakshasas, otherwise, I along with all my relatives implore upon you for your exoneration in my failure to comply my own promises.
vrm.1.30 Maricha and Subaahu are the monstrous Rakshasas that have come along with their followers and they have started to pour down spates of blood.
vrm.1.30 Thus saying to Lakshmana, as though to show his swift dexterity Rama, the descendent of Raghu dynasty, took up a very powerful missile called Aagneya astra, Fire missile, and darted it on the chest of Subaahu, by which that Subaahu is struck and fell flat on ground.
vrm.4.33 On the kings way Lakshmana has seen the exquisite mansion of Angada, likewise the lavish mansions of distinction pertaining to the other vanara chiefs, namely Dvivida, Gavaya, Gavaksha, Gaja, and Sharabha, Vidyunmali, Sampati, Suuryaaksha, Hanuma, and that of the noble souled Nala, and even those of Virabahu, Subaahu, Kumuda, Sushena, Lt.

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