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vrm.2.41 Stars ceased to twinkle.
vrm.3.23 Stars sprang up with the brilliance of fireflies though it is not night, and at that moment fishes and waterfowls stood still in lakes, lotuses have dried up, flowers and fruits have dropped from trees as though it is night.
vrm.4.35 Tara with her visage that shines like the Lord of Stars, namely the Moon, then spoke to the son of queen Sumitra, namely Lakshmana, who while he is speaking is as though blazing with his own resplendence.
vrm.6.12 "I will obtain maximum prosperity, while abiding with you, as Indra obtains properity while abiding with Moon, Planets and Stars as well as Maruts.
vrm.6.23 O, Lakshmana! Look! Stars enveloped in enormous dust, appear to announce a dissolution of the world.
vrm.6.105 "He is the controller of all lunar mansions, Planets and Stars, the creator of all and the resplendent among the splendid.
vrm.7.27 I shall now describe the region higher than that where resides the Moon, and the extent whereof is counted by eighty thousand leagues There dwells the Moon encircled by Stars and Planets from whom proceed hundreds and thousands of rays which light up the worlds and conduce to the pleasure of all animals.

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